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tonytony3's  Maria's Revenge  (cheating, revenge)

“Go to Boston Center now, on 118.05”

“Center on 118.05 for triple X-Ray.”

I dialed the new frequency into COM 2, switched over to
that radio, pressed the mike switch on the yoke, and
reported in.

It was the expected response. “Roger, X Ray cubed, radar
contact.” Yeah, they saw me.

                  What an unusual day. Just four hours ago I
                   thought I’d be  spending another night in
                  Cleveland. Then, we had a breakthrough.
                  If I’d be willing to accept an equity interest in
                  the company, as  well as a bit less money, they’d
                 license my patent. “That way”, John
                 explained, “we’d be sure you’d be around when
                 we wanted you. You’d have a vested interest.”

                Damn right. It would make me truly independent,
                independent of   my wife’s family for that
                matter, and we’d live ‘happily ever  after’.

Hey, I’m within a hundred miles of home! Fly the damn
airplane,  stop daydreaming, plan ahead.

“Boston Center, Mooney six niner triple X Ray would like
lower, please.”

“Triple X, descend now to 7000 feet.”

“Triple X out of 11 for 7.”

Close the cowl flaps, pull an inch or so off the manifold
pressure, trim a bit nose down. . . there it is, a 500 feet a
minute descent. That’ll burn 8 minutes, and get me 24
miles closer.

           So, we signed the letter of intent. Our lawyers would
           see  to the details. I made a quick call home, and told
           Maria  I’d be home about 11 tonight. What a life!

           I called flight service: an Instrument Flight Rules
           plan would be needed: Rain and clouds and shit all
           the way. I filed a  flight plan, ETD in an hour.

           John’s wife offered to drive me to the hotel, and then
          to the  airport. You bet I accepted: a big mistake. She
          came up to the room with me, watched as I started to
          pack, went into the bathroom as I continued, and she
          came out, wearing only a towel,   just as I finished
          filling my garment bag.

            “You’re in the big leagues, now, Al. Time for some
           big league  perqs”, she said.

            Until then I was a faithful husband.

            But when she came closer to me, and my arms
            automatically went around her, and felt the towel on
            her back. The towel opened, and I touched her
            skin. Then only our  bodies close together  held the
            towel up, and I saw, in the mirror, her nude
            back, her naked ass, and those wonderful legs, and
            she said  “Don’t you like me?”, and stepped away,
            and then the towel was  gone, and her breasts were
            as lovely as her legs, and her waist
           was so slender, and her hips, and her figure, and. .  .

            and I couldn’t resist.

             She drove me wild, and then drove me to the Burke
            Lakefront  airport, and  drove out to the airplane to
             help keep me  dry, and then, after  preflight she
            climbed into the cockpit with  me to “Tuck me in”,
            and I was never sucked off like that before.

              I’ll have to change my night time pre-start
             check list. Let’s see, right after “verify gear switch
            is set to  down” I’ll add “Extinguish all interior
            lights, position pilot  seat fully aft, undo pants,
            have passenger test alternate joy stick for freedom
           of movement  and lick-off”,

              and. . .

I could still smell her, still feel her mouth, feel the sensation
of that first penetration. And,  I missed my scheduled ETD
by only a half hour! A life changing half hour. I don’t want
to be an unfaithful husband, as great as that sex was. I
won’t let it happen again.

Back to the real world. I had to call home. I pushed one side
of the headset off,  pulled out the cellular phone, and called.
There’s never a problem with cell phone connections when
you’re a mile and a half up in the sky.

“Maria, I’m 20 minutes out. Will you pick me up?”

“Sure, Al: be careful, viz is awful, it’s windy, and dark, and
raining. I’ll see you soon.” Maria’s a pilot, too. More than
that, she went through the bother to become a CFII: she was
licensed to teach, including flying on instruments.

ATIS, the automatic briefing broadcast,  confirmed what
Maria reported. 300 feet ceiling, a mile visibility, winds 140
degrees at 23 gusts to 35. It would mean flying the approach
to near minimums: as low as I care to go. Then, I’d have to
fly the airplane onto the ground in those cross winds.
There’d be nothing subtle about this landing.

“Triple X, continue decent to 3000.”

“X’s is out of  8 for 3.”

As expected, a few minutes later, the next hand-off: ”Triple
X, Boston Approach now, 122.25.”

“Twenty two, twenty five for X cubed.  See Ya.”

I twisted in the new freq on COM 1, switched radios, and
made the call.

“Approach, Mooney six niner triple X Ray out of 5 for 3,
with Hanscom information Bravo”, confirming I listened to
 the ATIS broadcast.

“Triple X, radar contact. Continue decent to 2,500, expect
an ILS to one one. Current ATIS information is Charlie.”

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