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Subject: In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Part thirty-five
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            In The Bank Manager's Cupboard.

                Part Thirty-five 

Copyright: 1986 thru 1997. Christine Stevenson.

Christine and Sadine were fascinated by the spectacle
of eroticism that now surrounded them. Marique and
Madam Kwai opposite each other, but consumed by their
own climaxes, each was ignorant of anything but David's
scarlet writhing posterior.

Karin and Catrina were still facing each other over
David. Karin was concentrating intently on the task of
administering the cane. Catrina admiring the skill, the
movement and impact. David on top of Brian, both of
them absorbing the force, David's searing agony and
Brian's humiliating discomfort.

Pippa and Adra were both acutely aware of the penalty
for failing, with the caning in the background to
remind them. Both of them were devoted utterly to
providing pleasure.

Lastly 'Table' and 'Toilet', 'Table' aware of his
Mistress' pleasure, consumed with jealousy and the
degradation of the buzzing presence of the Vibrator.
'Toilet' confined in silence, ignorant of everything
but his continuing debasement.

Christine and Sadine were in the perfect position to
appreciate all of this, together with the memory of the
ignominy that they had just subjected 'Toilet' to.

Karin collapsed into her armchair when her duties were
complete, Marique and Madam Kwai had been satisfied.

Catrina whispered something to Karin and left the
company. She was now ready to fully appreciate the
pleasure of using 'Toilet', and Sadine had said that
she could do so at her leisure. As she left she asked
Sadine to unlock David and Brian, and to send David up
to his room. "Cuff David's hands behind him please, and
do what you like with Brian," she suggested.

                       CHAPTER THIRTEEN.

After David had been sent to his room, his hands now
secured behind his back, Karin turned on the video
screen downstairs. Catrina had suggested the idea, she
was still in with the 'Toilet', but Karin told the
assembled company that they could expect to watch
Catrina in action shortly. Catrina was both an
exhibitionist and a sadist. She was pleased to have the
opportunity to perform in a way that would satisfy both

Sadine settled Brian on his back at her feet, using his
leather covered genitals as her footrest. Her stiletto
heels causing both pain and stimulation. Male
stimulation, she believed, should always be as painful
as possible.

Karin ordered Pippa to refresh everyone's drinks and
then to take up a standing position at her side.

Marique borrowed Sadine's idea and re-gagging Adra, had
her lie at her feet, using her breasts as cushions.

Christine opened her bag and took out her latest
invention. She sat on the sofa next to Madam Kwai and
they went into a conference about the items Christine
was explaining.

Christine's Faradic device was a broad belt designed to
strap around the waist of a slave. The belt contained
many batteries similar to those used nowadays in
instant camera film packs. The unit was controlled by a
remote radio control, somewhat like a dimmer switch.

On this occasion the belt was linked to two expanding
metal bands, like expansion watch straps. One was
designed to fit behind the penis head, the other around
the scrotum sack. When the device is switched on, the
electric current passes from one strap to another. Both
straps are switched to current receivers if required,
the current then passes from the belt, through the
lower torso to the genital straps.

As a Mistress becomes more experienced and skilful she
can vary the route and intensity of the current, thus
she can subject her slave to any level of pain or
pleasure she desires. She can, if she wishes, bring
about an orgasm without pleasure, quickly or slowly.
She can bring about repeated climaxes without break for
rest, something which the male of the species often
finds nauseating. The scope for female amusement is
virtually limitless.

Christine was enthusiastic about one aspect
particularly. The ability to drain a slave without
giving him gratification. "It's long been recognised,"
she explained, "that for health reasons the male needs
to expel his ejaculate, or he suffers from a condition
known as blue balls, not to mention getting uppity. The
frequency varies, but once a week should more than
suffice. With this device the male can be regularly
milked dry without allowing any lust or disrespect, let
alone pleasure."
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