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Hi everyone,

  Thought I would send you some more of my experience...
  John and Dave brought the mattress out from the bedroom and laid it on 
the floor. They both then got undressed also. I lay down on the mattress 
and I watched as Simon moved between my legs and began eating me. Edward 
moved back to my mouth with his cock. I felt him rubbing the tip of it 
over my lips and across my cheeks. He then moved up and allowed me to 
lick and suck on his balls while he stroked his own cock. I felt Simon 
alternating between driving his tongue deep inside me to sucking and 
licking on my clit. As his tongue moved over my clit, I shuddered and 
moaned loudly as I  had my second orgasm. 

  As I was still shuddering with my orgasm, I heard Edward say to Simon, 
"Lets trade places, I want to fuck her!" I watched as Edward knelt 
between my legs and positioned his large cock at the opening to my 
pussy. I watched as he pushed his large cock in me...I could feel him 
stretching felt wonderful! I moaned loudly as he pushed his 
entire length in me!

  By now Dave and John had joined Simon and the clustered around my head 
rubbing their cocks against my cheeks and over my lips. I opened my 
mouth and I felt John push his cock in quickly. I tasted the familiar 
tang of his precum as he pistoned in and out of my mouth. I could feel 
the sticky trails of precum that Simon and Dave were leaving on my 
cheeks. As Edward continued to fuck me I raised my legs slightly and 
felt him enter me even more deeply. I felt simon put his hand on my head 
and turn me toward his cock. As I let John's cock slip from my lips I 
turned to Simon with my mouth open. I tasted the nutmeg flavor of his 
precum as he pushed into my mouth. I heard Edward say, "Her pussy is 
soooo tight!" Then Dave said, "Hey Ed, how about giving me a turn before 
you stretch her out?" As Edward removed his cock I felt empty and even 
after Dave put his cock inside me it didn't compare to the full 
sensation of Edward's cock. As Dave slid easily inside me, I heard him 
giggle as he said, "I think I am too late Ed, she isn't going to be 
tight for anyone else!" I felt Edward nudge my cheek with his cock and 
as I turned my head toward him I smelled the aroma of my own sexual 
excitment on Edward's cock. I opened my mouth and as he pressed into me 
I could taste my own juices mingled with his precum. He held his cock in 
my mouth and began stroking his own shaft with his right hand as he held 
my head with his left hand. Dave began pistoning in and out of my pussy 
and John reached down and began stroking my clit with his fingers. I 
shuddered and moaned once again as I had another orgasm. I vaguely heard 
Simon ask Dave if he could have a turn fucking me. As Dave withdrew his 
cock and moved back up to my face I felt Simon slipping his cock inside 
me. Dave began rubbing his wet cock over my face, I could feel the 
sticky, slimy combination of my own juices mingled with his precum as 
his cock slid across my face. As Simon began to really pound his cock 
into me, I released Edward's cock from my mouth and moaned loudly, "Fuck 
me hard....Ohhh that's it really pound me Simon!" I drew my knees Simon complete access to my wet pussy. Dave turned my face 
toward his cock and as I opened my mouth I once again tasted my own 
juices on his cock. He began rocking back and forth rapidly, and I could 
tell that he was close to cumming. I reached up with my left hand and 
cupped his balls. I could feel them tighten as his ejaculation was near. 
I removed his cock from my mouth and put my lips on the underside of his 
penis. As he rocked back and forth rapidly over my lips I would slip my 
tongue out and lick the underside of his cock. Suddenly Dave groaned and 
I felt his cock erupt. As his first jet of sperm shot onto the mattress 
and the side of my face, I quickly tried to get his cock back into my 
mouth. He fired again hitting me in the cheek and lips before I closed 
my mouth on his erupting cock. As the rest of his orgasm drained into my 
mouth I swallowed quickly, eagerly drinking his salty sperm.

  As Dave's orgasm was ending I felt Simon push into me deeply and begin 
to spasm as he emptied his cum into my pussy. I moaned around Dave's 
cock as I felt Simon's cock pulsing inside me. Dave fell back from my 
mouth and I said "Ohhh yes Simon...come on fill me baby!" I could feel 
his cock exploding ...filling me with his cum. Edward was rubbing his 
cock into the cum soaking my cheek and then he pressed his cock to my 
lips. As I opened my mouth to accept his cock, I could taste his precum 
mixed with Dave's sperm. As he began rocking back and forth in my mouth 
with his huge cock, I felt John slip his cock inside me and begin to 
fuck me hard and fast. With the speed and intensity of Johns' thrusts, 
Edward's cock slipped from my mouth and I moaned as I said "Come on 
baby...give it to me!" As he continued to pound into me Edward straddled 
my head so that his large balls were over my mouth. I watched as he 
stroked his own cock with his right hand, I let my tongue dart out and 
lick his balls as he continued stroking. He began rocking back and forth 
over my mouth with my lips and tongue run;ning all over his balls. 
Suddenly John slammed into me and I felt his cock pulsating as he added 
his thick cream to Simon's sperm.

  As he withdrew his cock from me Edward moved quickly into position. He 
began rubbing his cock up and down my pussy spreading the cum that was 
already leaking from my pussy. Then suddenly he slammed the entire 
length of his cock inside me. I gasped as I felt filled with his large 
penis. I could feel John and Simon's sperm shoot from me as Edward's 
cock filled me. Edward hooked his arms under my legs and held my butt as 
he began pistoning in and out of me. As he continued to fuck me he 
pulled my ankles up so that they rested on his shoulders. He moved 
quickly pounding his huge shaft in and out of me with long hard strokes. 
He felt wonderful!!
  Suddenly he pushed deep inside me and his cock began to explode. As 
his cock pulsed in my stuffed pussy, I shuddered...I think  orgasmed 
again! As he collapsed down on top of me, I felt his cock continue to 
spasm as he filled me with his sperm.

  Edward lay on top of me for a few minutes after his orgasm, and then 
he whispered in my ear with his Jamaican accent, "Hey girlie, you want 
to clean my cock for me?" 

  I giggled at his question, and said yes. He removed his cock half hard 
cock from my pussy and moved up to my mouth. As I opened my mouth he 
pushed his wet cock into my mouth. I tasted the combined flavor of my 
own juices as it mingled with Edward's John's and Simon's cum. As I 
sucked on him and milked his cock with my mouth he smiled down at me. AS 
he finally slouched down away from me he giggled and said "You are a 
wonderful fuck girlie!"

  I stood to go clean up and I felt a torrent of cum running down my 
leg. After I cleaned up, we all sat around naked eating sandwiches and 
drinking beer.

  John and I came home late on Sunday and John said Dave wanted to know 
if I would be interested in another business meeting in the future....I 
guess we will see!

I hope you enjoyed it......


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