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Hi everyone,

  Here is some more of my experience...

  Simon and Edward left shortly after, and Dave and John talked and had 
another drink while I went to take a shower. When I returned from the 
shower, Dave had already gone to his room for the night...which was fine 
with me because I was really hot after being with Simon and Edward. I 
was hoping John would help relieve some of my own sexual tension. John 
apparently had other thoughts however, because he told me to save my 
energy for tomorrow night and he went to sleep!!!!

  On Saturday I spent the day lounging around the pool while John, Dave, 
Simon and Edward worked out the final details on their transaction. At 
around 3:00 pm John came down to the pool to tell me I should go up to 
the room and start getting ready, because they had just finished signing 
all the contracts. John said that Simon and Edward were anxious to 
party. (So was I!!) He said that they would be coming to our suite at 
around 6:00 pm and that we were just going to order room service.

  Since we were not going out, I decided that would dress to really 
tease...I wore a tight fitting red mini is cut extremely low 
in the back and designed to be worn without a bra. I decided that since 
I wasn't going to wear a bra..I also didn't need panties either. I 
teased my short hair up (my slutty look) and put on my make up. When I 
came out of the bathroom John gave a low I knew that he 
approved of my outfit!

  John and I were having a drink when Dave, Simon and Edward arrived. As 
Dave walked in he said to John..."I see you have been warming Jan up for 
us!" I giggled as I said "John didn't need to warm me up....I am already 
hot!" I winked at Simon. As John fixed drinks for everyone, Dave called 
down and ordered room service and I put on a Michael Bolton cassette in 
my tape player. As the music came on I moved to Edward and began dancing 
very close to him. He turned to me and began dancing with me placing his 
hands on my hips as we swayed together. I raised my hands up to his 
shoulders and ran my hands over his chest...knowing that by raising my 
hands this way I was also raising the hem on my short dress. Soon I felt 
Simon swaying behind me pressing against me. He also placed his hands on 
my waist and I could feel his hard cock push against my butt as he moved 
slowly. I felt Simon's hands slide down my waist and over my thighs, and 
then as they travelled back up my thighs they raised my dress exposing 
my nudity. I felt his left hand slide up over my tummy as his right hand 
tickled my pussy. I shuddered and moaned in excitment as his finger 
brushed against my clit...Edward meanwhile pushed the straps of my dress 
down and as my breasts were exposed he cupped them with his hands. He 
leaned forward and began to kiss and suck on them. He then knelt on the 
floor and with me still standing Simon gripped my breasts from behind as 
I felt Edward begin to lick my pussy. I shuddered with orgasm, sagging 
back against Simon for support. As Edward continued to eat me I felt 
Simon's lips on my neck and on my right ear. I heard him whisper 
softly.."You are so beautiful my desirable!" I glanced over 
and saw both John and Dave sitting in chairs just watching intently.

  Edward began kissing his way back up my tummy, and as he stood up he 
pressed his lips to mine. I could taste my own juices on his lips and as 
he pushed his tongue deeply into my mouth I sucked on it. As we broke 
our kiss I slowly slunk to my knees between Simon and Edward..It was now 
my turn to provide the pleasure. I began to unfasten Edward's pants and 
as they fell to the floor, I was again amazed at the size of his cock. 
After stroking it a couple of times, I turned and began to unfasten 
Simon's pants. While I was doing this Edward quickly undressed. When I 
turned my attention back to Edward Simon also undressed...then I felt 
him unzipping the back of my bunched dress and struggling to get it over 
my head. As I gripped Edward's massive cock, I gazed up at him and 
giggled as I stroked it with both my hands. He smiled at me as I licked 
around the tip of his cock and I tasted his precum. I watched in 
fascination as his foreskin slid back and forth over the head of his 
cock with my stroking hands. I felt Simon kneeling behind me and 
fondling my breasts. We all heard a faint knock at the door, and before 
any of us could move Dave had jumped up and answered it. It was the bell 
hop delivering our food...As he entered the room we all looked at the 
shocked look on his face! He didn't take his eyes off of us as he pushed 
the cart into the room. Feeling a bit naughty I turned and placed 
Edward's cock back in my mouth. I am sure we made the highlight stories 
for him and his friends. He never took his eyes off of us as Dave tipped 
him and half pushed him back out the door...It was really pretty funny!
  We all laughed briefly...and then Dave said, "Does anyone want to 
eat?" I laughed as I replied, "I already am!" As I was still giggling I 
pressed my mouth back down on Edward's cock.

   I will send you the rest later!



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