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Hi Eveyone,

  Thought I would share another one of my experiences with you...this 
one took place several months ago....

   Dave (John's boss) had asked John to bring me along on their business 
trip to Cleveland so that I could "entertain" the two clients that they 
were going to be meeting. To be honest with you I really did not know 
what to expect, but Dave had left no doubt by what he meant by 
"entertain"! He did not tell me or John anything else though, so when we 
arrived in Cleveland, he had made all the arrangements. He had reserved 
a two bedroom suite in a very nice hotel. He said that the three of us 
would be meeting the two clients for dinner and then we would come back 
to the suite to discuss business. He had asked me to wear something 
"provocative and daring". John always thinks that I look good in black 
so I wore a rather clingy satin evening gown that haas a thigh high slit 
on the left leg. I also choose not to wear any undergarments (no panty 

  We met our guests at the lounge in the hotel and had a quick drink 
before going for dinner. The two clients were Simon, a very handsome 
gentleman in his late 40's. He was about 6 foot and kind of slender. He 
had thinning blonde hair and a slight English accent. The other man was 
Edward...Edward was black (I have never been with a black man before). 
He was Jamaican, and he was very BIG...about 6 foot 4 inches tall and 
around 220 lbs. He looked to be in his late 30's. Dave introduced John 
and I as business associates of his and then we all went to dinner. 
After dinner Dave invited Simon and Edward up to our suite for drinks 
and to discuss business. As the guys discussed business it was obvious 
that Simon was the senior executive of the two clients. I sat quietly in 
my chair sipping a rum and coke and listened to the conversation. After 
about 45 minutes of their conversation, Simon glanced over at me and 
asked, "What role do you play in these negotiations?" I just smiled and 
Dave quickly replied, "Jan is in charge of personal affairs!" Then 
turning toward me he said, "Would you like to demonstrate your skills 
for Simon?"

  I slowly stood up and set my drink down as I walked over to where 
Simon was sitting, I gently pulled him to his feet and knelt down in 
front of him. I slowly ran my hands up his thighs and unfastened his 
pants. As I did this, all conversation in the room ceased. As I pushed 
Simons pants down and grasped his cock and began to stroke it I heard 
him moan and his legs wobbled slightly. I glanced up at him as he was 
smiling down at me and he said "I think I understand your role now!"

  I placed the tip of his cock in my mouth and I moaned around his cock. 
I could taste his precum already leaking from his tasted 
different, kind of like nutmeg...not salty at all! I felt his hands as 
they caressed my cheeks and chin and as he ran his hands through my 
short hair. I reached up with both my hands and gently cupped his balls 
as I drove my mouth down on his cock. I continued to moan loudly as I 
devoured more of his hard cock. Simon began rocking back and forth now 
pushing his hard shaft to the opening of my throat. I began to once 
again stroke his cock with my right hand as I continued to cup his balls 
with my left hand. I removed his cock from my mouth and pressed my lips 
and tongue to the side of his shaft as I continued to stroke. I drooled 
over his cock with my saliva and his precum making it wet and slippery 
to my stroking. I continued to gurgle and moan over his shaft, amking 
him believe that it was the most delicious thing that I had ever 
tasted...(It actually was pretty good!) I once again enveloped his cock 
with my mouth as I felt his grip tighten on my hair. I knew that he was 
about ready to explode, so I began moaning loudly again as I milked his 
cock with my mouth and my hand. Suddenly I felt his cock surge in my 
lips and my mouth was flooded with the first gush of his orgasm. I 
swallowed quickly as I felt him pump another load of sperm into my 
mouth. His cum also tasted like nutmegand as I gulped quickly I 
continued to moan loudly...letting him know how much I appreciated the 
wonderful taste of his sperm. As his orgasm ended I contuinued to suck 
and stroke his cock being sure to capture all of his sperm. I then 
slowly took his cock from my mouth and kissed it gently brushing it over 
my lips...

  As I finished, and as Simon stepped away I heard Edward ask Dave in 
his heavy Jamaican accent, "Hey man, she do that for me too?" Dave 
looked at me and I smiled..excited now I nodded my head yes!

I will send you more later....


PS....Do you think I should send it to BigHands??

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