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This posting is a little different. I wrote this piece about four
years ago and it was posted to the 'net at that time under the name
reddragon. Some people have expressed interest in reading older
writings that I produced. I recently ran across "Heat" on my hard
drive and since I don't have anything I'm ready to post this week, I
decided, against my better judgement, to subject you to this instead.
Technically it is a repost, not a new story. But I figure that anyone
who actually remembers the original posting deserves a medal. So I
marked it as new.

This story contains erotic situations outside of the normal bedroom
settings. It also contains descriptions of light bondage. I should
warn you that there isn't a lot of explicit sex. If you are looking
for that, there are tons of stories out there that can provide it.
This isn't one of them. If you are easily offended by stories that
have erotic content or any of the above situations, then I'd advise
you to avoid this one. I would also ask that minors not read this
story either.

Any resemblance between anyone and the characters described here is a
weird co-incidence. Same goes for the setting.

This story is a little less polished than my previous offerings, it
hasn't been proof-read and it was written a long time ago (as far as
I'm concerned anyway). It is also shorter than my other short stories
that you may have seen, and is really more of a glimpse into life than
a true story. I subject you to it as is. I hope that you can enjoy it
despite all that.

This story may be archived as long as access to it is completely free
of charge and it is not changed in any way.

Any comments will be welcomed at

- crimson

Heat [MF, cons, light bond, outdoors]
(C) 1994

By Crimson Dragon (
(formerly posted under the name reddragon) 

Even the ever present mosquitoes were silent. The sun beat down
relentlessly. Mist slowly rose from the still pond; the branches of
the surrounding glades had not even a hint of movement. The crystal
blue of the sky above only broken by the blazing ball of heat.

She gazed out the window, glad for the relief of the air conditioning.
She could hear the whine of the cicadas as they called out in protest
in the overpowering heat. Elvis singing his Memphis blues softly
behind her. She slowly ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.
She didn't really want to go out. But she needed to.

As she stepped out onto the rough wooden porch, the whine of the
insects sharpened. Immediately, sweat sprang to the surface of her
exposed body. She had dropped her clothing at the window as though it
were simply a burden. She reveled in the heat; let herself loose to
the sensations. The rough boards under her bare soles. The oppressive
heat soaking into her flesh. The smell of the pond, the grass, the
glades. She shook her hair free and stepped through the screened
doorway and descended the steps to the manicured grass below. She felt
free, like a child. She had shed her clothes, the comfort of the
house; she wanted her freedom. The blades of grass beneath her feet,
the humidity in the hot air. She took a deep breath and ran beneath
the boughs of the glades along the lawn towards the pond laughing at
her freedom, arms outstretched, legs pumping.

As she paused by the dock, she marveled at the simplicity of it. The
heat, the stillness, the smell of summer. She lightly stepped onto the
boards of the dock, and her splash broke the still of the afternoon.
She dove long under the water, breaking the surface with a gasp. She
floated, her hair fanned out in the quiet clear water. Cool.
Refreshing. Clean. Looking up, she saw him. Casually walking down from
the side of the house, watching her with a small smile on his face.
She smiled back to him, and stroked towards the deck. She climbed out
and stretched out on the dock letting the sun dry her body. She
waiting for him.

He knelt down on the dock by her head. His eyes roamed up her body;
her face and body wet and heaving with her exertion. Finally his eyes
rested on her face. She had not asked him, but he knew as soon as he
had seen her running to the pond. He was prepared for her question.

As she started to speak, he pressed his finger gently to her lips. He
raised his eyebrows and merely asked, "How long?" She whispered, only
an hour or two if he would bring her water and check on her. He nodded.

She rolled over onto her stomach, feeling the roughness of the dock
beneath her bare breasts and thighs. Raised herself to her hands and
knees, finally rising to her bare feet. They walked hand in hand
towards the nearest cypress. It was a large tree, its branches forming
a canopy, a shield from the overpowering sun. As they reached it, she
sank to her knees on the grass. The shade of the huge tree gave only
partial relief from the heat. The grass felt warm under her calves.
She held her hands up as if in supplication and her eyes lowered to
the green grass.

"You sure?" he asked. She nodded.

Prepared, he produced some rough cord from his back pocket and wrapped
her wrists gently in the cords. She tested the bonds, realizing that
they would not slip. She shivered despite the overpowering heat. She
stood up, allowing him to attach her wrists to a perfect branch just
above her head. Knowing she would be needing some water soon, he
turned to go. She called him softly. Murmured that she would like her
feet done too. Shaking his head, he knelt and quickly lashed her bare
ankles together. Not too tight, for she wanted to stay there for a
while. She tested the new bonds by pulling at her feet. She wasn't
going anywhere real fast.

This time as he turned to go, she let him. She tested the bonds until
he returned with a glass of water with ice. He ran the glass over her
forehead, cooling her. Smiling, he lowered the glass, and ran the cold
surface over her bare breasts and nipples. Crying out softly, she
tried to twist away. Unable to twist far enough to escape him, her
breath hitched as he only teased her with the icy touch and brought
the rim of the glass to her lips. She drank quickly. The tip of her
tongue emerged and deliberately licked the remaining water from her

He sat on the grass beside her and realized the simple beauty of the
day. The stillness, the heat. He could see why she was out here but he
would never fully understand her. What did she get out of this? Tied
to a tree, on a day like this? He shook his head. Strange. But it made
her happy. He knew he loved her. He would do anything for her.

He stood and walked over to her. Taking her head gently in his hands,
he kissed her on the lips. She responded feeling the roughness of his
clothing on her bare skin. The feeling of control, despite not being
able to move her arms and legs, was strangely reassuring. He broke the
kiss and slowly turned away. She wanted more, but was unwilling to
break the still to ask for it. Unable to follow, she turned her head
to watch him return to the house.

She relaxed in her bonds. Her sensations tuned to everything around
her. If she really strained she could even hear Elvis from the house
through the steady drone of the cicadas. Maybe he had turned up the
stereo a little. The frogs whined in the still air. She could smell
the water so close. She could nearly feel the water rising up on her
naked body as she imagined the freedom of swimming. She couldn't
return to the pond, but she didn't regret it. Peace washed over her as
she closed her eyes and waited.

She didn't remember sleeping, but she remembered dreams of far off
lands and heat. Heat. The day had gotten even warmer. She was glad she
had chosen a prison in the shade. She needed a sunburn like she needed
another commitment. She heard the screen door close and heard
footsteps coming down from the house. She turned her head and watched
as he moved across the lawn carrying two glasses of iced tea. She
pulled weakly at her ropes to relieve a cramp. He set the glasses on
the grass and slowly ran his hands down her back. Gently kneading out
the stiffness and soreness of staying in the same position so long.
His hands strayed around front, gently brushing her bare breasts and
lightly stroking the nipples. She felt herself responding immediately
to the touch, lightly gasping. His hands strayed down her front
tickling her stomach. And lightly stroking between her legs. She
wished that she could return the favour, but she wasn't about to allow
herself to be released yet. She got these ropes so seldom, that she
just had to enjoy it while she could.

His hands left her, leaving her flustered and sweating even more. He
raised the glass to her lips, insisting that she drink. She sipped the
tea gratefully; she had no idea that she was as thirsty as she was. He
kissed her again. Pulled back and looked into her pretty face. "Sure
you don't want out?" She shook her head and pulled at her wrists,
frustrated at her inability to reach him. He turned away once more,
retiring to the house to watch her from the window. She might enjoy
the sensations of the bondage, but there was no way in hell, that he
was going to leave her alone out here. Naked, vulnerable. He could be
at her side in seconds if required. But she knew her limits, her
desires. She wouldn't need him.

She just wanted to be alone. With herself. To where she retreated
while she was out there, was beyond his comprehension. All he knew was
that she needed it. She needed this once in a while, as an addict
needs his fix. As the bird needs its nest. As everyone needs someone
to love. She stood quietly, at peace. He envied her that and wished it
was as simple for himself. Did she love him? As he loved her? He
wasn't sure.

She was lost again. She wasn't tied to the large cypress any longer.
She was free. Exploring herself, her thoughts, her being. She didn't
quite understand this facet of her life. She knew that he couldn’t
hope to understand. But at least he didn't look at her like a leper
when she had first explained this aspect of her life. This was her
escape. She knew that it wasn't wrong. She lost herself again into her

This time, he had to wake her. She pulled herself up using the cords
on her wrists. She grimaced a bit at the pain in her hands. They had
fallen asleep. He pressed a glass of cool water to her lips. When she
was finished, he knelt down and released her ankles from their prison.
She realized the freedom and shook out each leg until the circulation
was fully restored to her bare feet. Her reached up and released her
wrists from the branch. Almost a ritual, she knelt in the grass and
offered her hands up to him, eyes downcast. He quickly removed the
cord from about her wrists and kissed the back of her hands. She rose
to her feet and shook her hands out restoring their circulation as she
had for her feet. She cried out softly as the pins and needles
attacked her hands. Hearing the cry and sympathizing with the pain, he
wrapped his arm about her shoulders and held her. She murmured
something that he couldn't quite hear.

After the pain had subsided, they silently joined hands and walked
slowly back towards the house. She turned halfway and gazed down to
her prison where she had been standing for hours. She could hardly
believe that she had done it again. But she felt relaxed now. In
control. Herself again.

She sat her bare bottom on the grass, pulling at his hand to join her.
She looked up into the sky and realized that it was getting darker.
The afternoon had turned to early evening. They sat together, her
nude, him clothed and watched the sky turn colour. She looked into his
eyes realizing that the sun was still setting there, too. Tears began
to fall gently from her eyes. Concerned he touched her face brushing
the tears from her cheeks. He held her, not fully understanding her
but knowing that she needed it.

"I love you," she whispered from in his arms. And everything was all

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