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Subject: Journey into Sexual Awareness (M/F, anal, humor)
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*copyright 1998*

Written by an adult for an adult in adult fashion.


      Three years ago I was a domesticated housewife, mother of three and a
full-time nurse.  I did everything that was expected of me, even to a fault.  I
had grown up in the Midwestern culture that had my role clearly defined.  But
that was three years ago.  Then mother nature took her course and my sexual
organs began rumbling and started to petition my brain that they were being
underused and not living up to their potential. 

     I had always had a healthy sex drive but I had limited myself to what my
defined role had said.  My husband, John,   God bless his soul was even worse
off then me.  We had experimented a little, and when I say experimented I mean
in an old-fashioned petri dish sort of way, let's put this on top of this and
see what develops after awhile.  Frequency and duration weren't really a
problem in this hypothesis but by way of variety, well let's just say I had out
done the missionaries.  

     Then along came my prime.  I had read it in all the text books, knew it
was coming but still wasn't aware the magnitude of it's power.  Somewhere along
age thirty-four there were sirens whirling, horns blowing, flags waving, my
god,  a veritable welcoming parade that with a booming airport speaker voice
said "You are now ready to test the boundaries of your sexual freedom".  Never
being one to ignore loud voices, especially those that spoke with such
authority, I agreed whole-heartedly.

     The question though was how to do this, so I hiked myself over to the
library.  I bypassed my usual fiction, gardening and cooking areas and went
straight to the erotic and sexual awareness aisle.  There was another woman
there who could have been my clone.  I even fancied that we were Stepford wives
about to be discovered.  That we had somehow survived the transformation from
human into robot.  She looked sheepishly down at the book in her hand.  I just
smiled attempting to make her feel comfortable.  My smile either made her think
I was coming on to her or showed her the error of her ways or both, doubling
her discomfort because she stuffed the book back into the shelf and with nose
in air, huffed by me.  I giggled to myself and thought oh well, the ranks of
Stepford wives gone amuck had just dropped to one.

     My curiosity got the best of me and I reached for the book she had
hurriedly returned.  It was a book of 101 sexual positions based on the
Kama-sutra.  I haphazardly flipped it open and began to fumble through the
pages just to look at the pictures.  Many of them I decided were arousing,
others would take the limberness of a gymnast and then the willpower of a
silent monk not to end up in full blown belly laughs but all in all I decided
it was a book to take home and show to John.

      With book in hand and the still left-over romantic flair from watching
Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella every year religiously I proceeded to set
the trap for my unsuspecting husband.  

     The evening was a go when the kids were all dispersed to individual
friends and family.  John was excited, not because he knew of my purchase or my
eager sex organs but because he knew we at least were going to add another
missionary strike to the bedpost tally.

     I cleaned, shaved, shampooed, fluffed and powdered til I was a walking
commercial for Lancome.  He came into the room,  pleased with my preparations
and was already sporting an erection.  He slipped into bed beside me and began
to kiss me.  Passion was there it just needed a boost.  So I pulled out the
book and said "look what I bought".  He looked at it as if the gates of hell
had just opened up and was pulling us both in.

     "What's wrong with the way we do things?"  I swear I heard a whine at the
end of things so it was more like thiiiiings.  

     "Nothing is wrong with it honey but it's like this,   if carrot cake were
your favorite dessert and you ate it every day, eventually you might want to
try the Dutch Apple pie, but it wouldn't mean that carrot cake wasn't still
your favorite."

     So he took the book and began to thumb through it.  His arousal which had
faltered for just a second began to twitch again and I thought I was home free.
 He came to a particularly involved picture and said " You are not getting me
to try that, no sex is worth a trip to the doctor".  My new found burgeoning
libido wanted to argue that point but I let it go.

     Finally I grabbed the book and turned to position 22.  I had always known
that A would fit into B but this was showing how A could also go into C.  My
"c" kind of liked the idea and began to moisten in it's avid approval.  I
showed him the picture and waited.  Long minutes passed, and I had already
begun to listen to the burning synapses between vagina and brain and was
casually fingering.

     He tossed the book to the side and said "I think we can do that!"  And
proceeded to place his hand over mine.  Lots of mutual groping and rabid
touching commenced.  The passion that had been only slightly kindled before now
burst into flames that would do a Fourth of July celebration proud.  There was
only some minor fumbling when we placed our bodies in the position of
doggy-style that had been illustrated.

     I had a few reservations but my pre-orgasmic body had already taken
control of the intellectual side and told it to take a much needed nap.  As it
turned out that was the only part of me that was sleeping.  The rest of me was
alive and hungry with the thought of doing what many thought of as taboo.  

     We took special care with pillows and positioning, and he must have asked
me six times if I were sure.  I finally said if I were any more sure I would do
the Bobbit and proceed without him.  He mustered up some resolve and realized
that even though I might feel some discomfort it was what I wanted and he could
certainly comply.

      Simple logistics told us that there would have to be some kind of
lubrication and I suggested finding hole B first.  He complied with fervor and
I nearly went from stoic control to blathering idiot.  When he finally decreed
it was time for the main attraction,   I was thoroughly prepared to do anything
the book had to offer.  I must admit his gentle nature came in handy at this
point as he breached the smaller opening with tenderness.  When he had
successfully broken through the virginal hole he hesitated and tried to control
his desire to simply thrust.  I sensed his need that mirrored my own and pushed
my body back along him until he was firmly ensconced to the hilt.   

     Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I heard a tiny voice say "Take that
libido!!" and then I was lost completely to sensation after sensation as he
began the rhythm of in and out.  My entire body was fraught with nerve endings
doing the "happy dance".  Nothing before had ever made me tingle to this
degree.  I didn't want the feeling to end and in contrast couldn't wait to
     John, was completely caught up in the melee and his groans and grunts went
from inaudible to resounding. I recognized the signals he wouldn't last much
longer so I reached under and answered the call by rubbing myself.
The orgasm that followed was the most completely body consuming that I had ever
had.  The spasms started in my nether regions and shattered throughout my body.
 Blazing trails that refused to die out until the point of exit which seemed to
be my toes and they actually curled.  John's was simultaneous and just as
powerful if groans that measure on the Richter scale were any indication.

     The next thing I knew the gates of hell had really opened up to let the
fire lick at my no longer virginal hole C.  Pain seared through me and all I
could think of was I should have put the book back and been a good Stepford
wife.  John must have recognized my howl of pain or it could have been my
distinct "get out" and he complied.  As soon as I was empty again the pain was
gone and all that remained was the incredible aftershocks.

     I decided right then and there that this journey into sexual awareness had
it's drawbacks but it's rewards far outweighed them.  Now that we had
successfully tried position 22,  with any luck John would give into positions
69-101 and eventually I could earn frequent user miles in that aisle at the


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