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This story is full of all sorts of perverse and unlikely things. It 
includes all sorts of bizarre things, which happen to turn some people 
on. Things like bondage, non-consentual sex, exhibitionism, and even 
incest. Minors need not apply. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 
Delete from incoming box. (Like you'll listen if you're a minor... but 
at least you've been warned).

If this kind of writing causes you discomfort, if it bothers you or is 
even likely to bother you, please don't read it. Consider yourself 
warned. If you read it despite all these warnings and are offended, 
what the heck are you doing? Give yourself a shake.

I guess I should point out that this story is fictional. I have never 
figured out time travel and if I did, I suspect I wouldn't misuse the 
privilege nor would I engage in non-consensual sex or incest under any 
circumstances nor would I counsel anyone else to do so. These are bad 
things. <Does this really need saying? Isn't this common sense? Hello?> 
Any resemblance to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Also, let's be clear about this. Archiving of the story is OK. But 
charging money for it (including charging for access to any archived 
copies) isn't cool. Needless to say, giving me credit for the story is 
not an option. This work is copyrighted by the author subject to the 
above stated conditions.

This is a work in progress. I will continue posting it as long as there 
is interest (both yours and mine). Any comments, good or bad, are 
welcome. Suggestions for the storyline are also welcome.

If you are still with me, read on and please enjoy.

- crimson


Chapter 119 - Time Out Of Time


By Crimson Dragon (


She held her wrists out again expecting the handcuffs. She seemed 
almost eager to have the restraints, or perhaps she was simply more 
accepting of her treatment since I'd allowed her the clothing back.

Instead of attaching her wrists together, I grasped her right hand 
firmly in my left and walked with her, allowing her to open the 
bedroom door and lead the way out and into the hallway. If she was 
surprised at the fact that I hadn't handcuffed her, she didn't show 

As we approached the kitchen, I released her hand, and watched as she 
wiggled her fingers. She smiled at me, not quite understanding my 
mood. Her bare feet danced in nervousness on the hardwood of the 
entranceway to the kitchen.

"I feel like it's my birthday or something. Everyone in there is going 
to jump out and yell 'Surprise' when I walk in."

I smiled at her. "Maybe it is. Maybe they will," I spoke quietly.

She gave me a confused look, and waited with her hands at her sides 
for me to allow her to enter the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the kitchen door and motioned for 
Christi to enter. I watched as she walked into the kitchen, the sway 
of her feminine body exaggerated as she moved.

As I followed her, I noticed that the other women were scattered about 
the kitchen. Amy and Elizabeth were quietly talking at the table, 
their hands impeding them a little as they sat upright in the kitchen 

Jane was swirling around the kitchen, finishing up making sandwiches. 
Sheila was doing whatever she could at Jane's direction to help. Her 
bound hands making any chore difficult. But she didn't seem to mind as 
she moved her bare body around. Christi moved over to Sheila who was 
trying to carry a small tray of cookies behind her. Christi 
immediately took the tray and spoke a few whispered words to Sheila. 
Sheila looked a bit relieved and moved towards me, kneeling at my 

"Can a slave ask to have her hands released so that she can help with 
lunch?" she inquired with a sweet look on her face. The bruises had 
faded considerably from her features, but they weren't completely gone 
yet. She was still beautiful.

"Sweety. Go sit with Amy and Elizabeth. Christi can take over."

She looked a bit disappointed, probably hoping to be released even if 
it meant chores for her to do. She slowly climbed to her bare feet, 
with a helping hand from myself, and walked over to table, settling 
her bare bottom onto one of the hard chairs.

I leaned against he wall watching the activity. Jane and Christi 
quickly set the table with plates and trays of small sandwiches. As 
Jane fished pickles out of a huge jar, I couldn't believe the sights. 
Three women, completely nude from the tops of their heads to their 
pretty toes, handcuffed, talking like it was the most natural thing in 
the world. Christi, in her tight jeans and top, no underwear and 
barefoot. Jane in evening wear, her feet bare and moving against the 
tile. Busily making lunch. They were all just so ... exquisite, 
delicate creatures.

It was hard to believe what I'd put them all through over the last 
days. Pain. Humiliation. Sexual slavery. I closed my eyes and pictured 
them, just this morning, covered in syrup, sticky, eating without 
complaint, in a situation that just wasn't imaginable for most people. 
And they were here. Still alive. Still surviving. And unbroken. Even 
happy. I watched a quick smile flash across Amy's face as she laughed 
at something Sheila had said. The female of the species is a wondrous 

I took a deep breath.


She looked up from her tray of sandwiches that she was placing on the 
table, her eyes questioning. If I was to tell her to make love to Jane 
on the floor, she would. No questions. No complaints. If I was to ask 
her to whip Amy's breasts for a few minutes ... she would. She'd 
protest. Try to avoid it. Try to offer herself. Any number of things. 
But she'd do it for me. Any of them would. I felt a tingle race 
through me.

"I think we are going to need a couple of chairs," I spoke to her.

She looked at me incredulously. I was implying that all of them might 
actually get chairs? At lunch time? Not make two of them sit on the 
floor, or worse eat off the floor like pets? She didn't move, her 
thoughts freezing her body.


She shook herself and looked at me again, her mouth open.

I laughed gently. "Yes, you all get to sit like human beings today."

She finally took a breath and scampered towards the dining room. 
Smiling, I watched as she struggled with the larger dining room 
chairs. Hugging them as if they were a person, using her whole smaller 
body to lift the things and bring them into the kitchen. She used her 
bare foot to push open the door.

After she was done, there were six chairs gathered around the small 
kitchen table. She had arranged the chairs with a little help from the 
three nude girls, such that one dining room chair had more space than 
the others. Presumably mine.

I looked at the girls. Jane had finished preparations, all the food 
was on the table. The girls were all standing demurely beside their 
chosen chair, waiting quietly.


She looked up a bit fearfully, afraid that she'd done something wrong. 
Something in my tone, I guess.

"Relax, silly female. Two things. You could have dragged them," 
meaning the chairs that she'd struggled to carry in here. Christi 
blushed a bit at that, realizing that she wasn't thinking. I 
continued, "And even out the chairs. You'll never have enough room 
like that." The girls chairs were really jammed together giving my 
chair an excessive amount of space. While I liked the image of them 
pressed together and a little uncomfortable, it wasn't necessary 
today. No need to have them unable to eat easily, constantly bumping 
elbows and other softer things.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Given past treatment, there was no reason 
for her to think that I would allow them more room at the small table. 
She was apologizing anyway, as though it were her fault for not 
reading my mind. After this morning, I suppose that I couldn't blame 
her for being careful and thinking any perceived transgression might 
be punishable. She quickly moved to separate the girls' chairs. She 
still left me more room, but I didn't push the issue.

I slowly moved to the chair intended for me and sat. The rest of the 
girls sat down as soon as I touched the chair. They were quiet, not 
really knowing what was happening. Except Jane probably had an inkling 
what my unusual mood was about.

A tremulous voice rose from beside me. Elizabeth spoke, almost 

"M-master? Are we. Is it," she stammered and finally found her tongue. 
"Was it your intention for some slaves not to eat?"

I looked at her quizzically. She looked down quickly, probably sorry 
she'd spoken at all.

I was a little confused by her question. She looked up quickly, saw 
the confusion and took a breath. She rattled her wrists trapped behind 
her bare back.

The light dawned on me. I smiled and reached forward, picking up a 
small egg sandwich. I touched it to her trembling lips. Obediently, 
she parted her lips and accepted the food into her mouth. I watched 
her chew slowly, comprehension dawning of her pretty face. She flushed 
a little, realizing that she was sitting next to Sheila who was 
similarly bound. Unless I relented and released her wrists, she was 
going to get fed by me. Or I would force Christi or Jane to lean 
across the table to feed her. Tears briefly brimmed in her expressive 
eyes, but she managed to control them. I guess just the image of her 
not even having the control to feed herself had washed over her. For 
me it was exciting, for her probably a bit humiliating.

I looked around the table at the four stunning faces watching my 
movements. Perhaps they were waiting for permission to eat.

"Jane? Share your fingers with Amy. Christi? You feed Sheila. And I'll 
take care of Elizabeth."

Taking that as a sign to begin, I watched as Christi hesitantly picked 
up a ham sandwich and offered it to Sheila. Seeing my gaze on her, and 
seeing the look in my eyes, she anticipated my next request. After 
Sheila had bitten off a small bite, Christi turned the sandwich to her 
own mouth and shared the food as well as her fingers. Jane watched and 
did the same. Soon, the women were eating slowly and talking softly 
around the table. I tried to remember to share with Elizabeth. The 
girl took whatever was offered to her from my plate. Sandwiches of a 
multitude of flavours and pickles. She seemed to enjoy all of them. She 
was happily talking to the other girls, and directing some questions 
to me. Asking to try some foods that I hadn't taken. I wasn't very 
hungry, but I did share my food, allowing her to request whatever she 
wanted. I figured if she was willing to sit there naked and cuffed 
being fed by me without complaint, then she deserved to eat whatever 
she desired.

Finally, Elizabeth was full, and I didn't want any more. She 
obediently licked the crumbs off my fingers after we were done. I idly 
sat back, stroking her red hair, watching the other's still 
interacting. Christi and Jane still slowly fed the naked women and 

The girls got into an animated discussion of the relative merits of 
oral vs. conventional sex. I wisely refrained from entering the 
discussion and they continued as though I wasn't even there. But I did 
notice a gleam of mischievous intent in Jane's eyes. If I recalled 
correctly, she had initiated the discussion with some inflammatory 
comment. Considering that she was the only girl what had escaped oral 
sex with Amy this morning, it was actually ironic.

At last, the conversation began to show signs of weakness, and Jane 
rose to clear the table. Christi automatically followed, being the 
only other female free of fetters. She began to run water into the 

"Just clear the dishes. No need to wash them."

"Why? Are we moving again?" Christi turned off the water and joked 
with me. "You harbouring a run-out-of-plates-and-move mentality now?"

Jane had transferred most of the plates and trays to the counter 
beside the sink.

I didn't answer right away, and Christi's face became more worried.

"Or are you just anxious to play with us, again?" Christi whispered. 
Fear had begun to creep into her eyes despite her obvious efforts to 
remain casual.

I took a deep breath. "We're moving. Sort of."

Christi looked at me. All the girls looked at me, except for Jane.

Christi's lips moved gently. "Please. Master. We like it here. It's 
comfortable. We picked it. Please don't make us move again. I'll. 
We'll do anything you want. Please let us stay here."

"You'll do anything I want, anyway. Whether we move or not."

"Oh." Her face fell betraying her disappointment. I could see the 
resignation cross her face. If I wanted to move them, they didn't have 
a lot of choice in the matter. "I suppose you want us to pack all our 
chains and ropes and stuff."

"Actually no. I don't. I said we are moving. Sort of." This time I 
emphasized the 'Sort of.'

"I. I don't understand," Christi spoke quietly. The other girls didn't 
know what to think, letting Christi speak for them, for now. They just 
watched quietly, Jane closing her eyes and watching the floor. I could 
see the smile playing about her lips, the vixen, but she hid her 
involvement here well.

I took a deep breath and looked at Christi's deep blue eyes until she 
looked away, resigned that I'd explain to her when I was ready. Not 
much she could do about it.


Jane looked up with widened eyes, not expecting me to call her.

"Yes, sir," her mouth automatically formed the words.

"Tell them." I leaned back in the chair, crossing my arms across my 
chest and trying to keep my face neutral.

Her face dropped in surprise, but she recovered quickly. She looked 
around at the four intent faces staring at her. Waiting for her to 
speak. Confusion infused all the expectant faces. They didn't know 
what was coming, but they knew that this was far more important than a 
move from a hotel to a mansion. They could tell by my behaviour, by 
how they'd been treated over the last hour or so, and the look on 
Jane's face.

Jane took a deep breath, holding her hands to her face as though she 
was going to cry. Finally, the soft, almost whispered words fell into 
the silent room.

"We're going home," Jane whispered, tears running down her face. She 
caught her breath and continued to her stunned audience. "He's going 
to let us go. Today."

Amy whispered from her chair. "You. You're kidding. Please. Don't."

Tears had formed in all their faces. They knew instinctively that Jane 
wasn't lying, that she was telling the truth to them. That they were 
going to return to their former lives. Forgetting about this time, 
this place. What they'd all wanted since I'd dropped into their normal 

Almost as one, the girls surged out of their places. Had I ordered 
them to stay where they were, they wouldn't have listened. Their 
voices mixed together, laughing, crying, talking. They moved together 
with Jane overwhelmed in the middle. The two free girls hugged and 
kissed the bound ones, pressing their bodies together in a show of 
happiness and relief. They'd made it through. Sane. Even Sheila was 
excited and participating. Christi and Jane hugged fiercely, crying 
onto each other's shoulders.

I sat back, shaking my head, just watching them. I don't think I will 
ever see such a display of such relief and happiness as long as I 
live. The girls couldn't stop talking, asking Jane questions, 
overwhelming her.

I let them get it out of their systems, waiting patiently, quietly 
enjoying them. Finally, Jane extracted herself from the mob of girls, 
gently pushing them away from her. She walked slowly to where I was 
sitting and spoke slowly and somberly.

"I honestly thought that you were going to keep us forever. I thought, 
that you were maybe even going to kill us one day. I was sure of it. 
No matter what your reasons are, I for one want to thank you for this. 
Even if I have to wait a little longer yet."

She bent and kissed me on both cheeks and then full on the lips, 
holding my jaw firmly between her hands. Each girl, in turn, followed 
Jane. Kissing me the same way, Christi last, running her tongue softly 
over my lips before breaking away.

Amy looked over at me after Christi was done. Her bare skin shone 
clean despite her exertions this morning. Her hands pulled gently at 
the cuffs holding her.

"When?" she asked quietly.

"Soon," I answered her vaguely. Truthfully, I didn't know when they'd 
all be released.

Her face paled. "You want to hurt us one last time. Don't you?"

I looked at Jane who turned to Amy. She touched Amy's bare shoulder, 
turning the girl to face Jane.

"Sweety. He's done hurting us. He got that out of his system this 
morning. Those handcuffs are about as close to hurting as you'll get. 
He's going to let us go later today."

"Why not now?" Amy was understandably the most anxious to leave and 
get back to her real life. She'd been a bit of a firebrand since that 
day where she'd discovered what pain really was. A tongue clamp, a 
riding crop and some rope.

"Amy, honey. He does have some plans for us."

Amy paled. "Rape hurts some of us, you know?" she whispered.

Jane actually laughed. "Honey. He's not going to rape us. At least I 
don't think he is. Christi already gave him a tumble from what I 
heard." Christi blushed fiercely for some reason. "He. He's going to 
let us all do something *we* want to do. Something that we normally 

"I just want to go home," Amy spoke quietly.

Jane took a deep breath. "You are going to be here until tonight 
anyway, honey. Think about it. I'm sure there are limits here, but 
make it worthwhile being here. If he's going to let us do something 
for us, take advantage of it. Think about it."

Amy nodded in that way that says, 
I-don't-want-anything-but-to-go-home, but she managed a smile. At 
least her worst fears weren't being realized. At least it wasn't 
looking like she'd be raped or tormented any longer.

Christi looked like she was about to say something, but I cut her off.

"Girls? Remember that you are still slaves. There's just an end in 
sight. I don't want to see any last minute disobedience because I'm 
letting you go. Jane and Christi? Remember the clothes? Remember how 
you knew you were going to lose them if you didn't remember what you 
were? You did well with that, but remember that I can take potential 
freedom away as well."

The girls sobered a bit at the words. They all nodded grimly. It was 
probably easier for Elizabeth, Sheila and Amy to accept this, still 
being naked and handcuffed. I imagine it is tough not to remember that 
you are under control when you have no clothing and are restrained 
physically. But Jane and Christi had always been good at keeping me 
satisfied despite freedoms that I allowed them. I suspected that when 
I told them to kneel, all of them still would.

I shepherded the girls out into the hallway. They resumed their 
excited chattering as though I wasn't there. I guided them into the 
library where I had them kneel and carefully placed handcuffs on all 
of them. Jane and Christi looked hurt a bit, but I ensured that the 
bonds weren't tight and just restricted their motion a little. The 
nude women, I merely changed their hands from behind them to in front.

"Couldn't have done this before lunch, could you?" Elizabeth smiled up 
at me playfully.

"Then I probably wouldn't have had the pleasure of feeding you."

She blushed and accepted the cuffs over her wrists again.

I felt a bit drained and wanted a few moments to think.

"Alright. You all have free time for a while, but don't move out of 
these rooms. Okay?"

The women nodded, understanding. Christi and Elizabeth jumped 
immediately to their bare feet and headed for their books, not wanting 
to waste free time. Sheila more slowly climbed to her feet and began 
to scan the book shelves. Amy moved to the doorway and slipped into 
the stereo room.

Jane remained on her knees looking up at me.

"If you want company, I'll do whatever you need." Her expression told 
me that she would do anything I wanted, whether that involved her 
crying in pain, or held in my arms. Or she'd simply sit and talk.

"Thanks for the offer, Janey. I appreciate it. But I just want to 
think for a while."

"I understand," she spoke softly from the floor. She struggled to push 
herself to her bare feet. "Can I ask if I'm allowed in the dining 

An image of her stretched out on the windowsill in the still morning 
sun caught my mind's eye. Her feline form, breathing softly in sleep. 
With and without the evening dress, she flitted behind my eyes.

"Are you alright?" she asked worriedly. She'd never seen a blackout 
and she was understandably worried. Her life could be in the balance 
of another blackout and she was so close to going home.

I shook off the images with a smile. She didn't understand why I 
looked her up and down the way I did, but I nodded to her.

"I'm fine. And, of course you go to the dining room. Little kitten."

She gave me a strange smile making me wonder just how much she did 
know. In a swirl of black fabric, interrupted only by her pale bare 
feet she scampered away to her window.

I turned away and made my way slowly upstairs. I lay back on the bed, 
closed my eyes and let the images of the week flash through.

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