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OK here´s the deal I have been thinking and came up with a story that would
revolve around the comics realm however due to problems with time
I havent been able to write it, publish it, etc., and due to the fact that
the comics heroes are so damn big from the point of density, psycology, etc.
I am calling for help by all of you who post and read msgs
at or newsgroups, the beginig
of the story, it goes as follows:




	It was a nice warm day, in the campus everybody was quiet and
	everywhere there was peace and calm save for the office of
	Dr. Mayers he was full in a investigation about the myth of
	Venus/Aphrodite the godess of love and sex he was just
	wondering that if in the universe through time he had gotten
	to see living myths such as Hercules, Thor, etc., living why
	Venus/Aphrodite couldn´t show up in this world full of marvels
	it became his obsession and in the days to follow he would
	discover something that would make the state, country, continent
	planet and even the very foundation of the universe tremble, he
	discovered a book that had a myth that told how to call upon
	Venus/Aphrodite, a myth that upon further investigation will show
	him how to bring the godess to this universe and timeline.

	All he needed was to cast an spell in a virgin girl born with
	a mark in her right breast, Dr. Mayers thought first "Yeah, right
	like if I could find a women between billions with a mark in her
	right breast" but upon further he discovered that it would be
	easy since there also was an spell to plant the mark he went to his
	house with the book and inmediatly seeked for his daughter she was
	sleeping however he knew that it was better for her that she was
	sleeping he began to cast the spell as he casted it he saw as her
	right and left tits began to grow up to the point that they
	trashed her daughter´s pajama after he read the last word of the
	second spell he saw as his daughter´s body grew became more lean
	got a shape to envy, etc, etc she inmediatly woke up but her voice
	was not what he was used to she spoke at least an octave higher than
	normal no doubt Venus/Aphrodite had been reincarned in the body of
	his daughter he read quickly the book to see if there was something
	to undo the spell he had just casted but before he could do something
	Venus/Aphrodite threw a beam that disintegrated him.

	Venus was alive again but she wasnt full power the millenniums she
	had spent away from her main source of power had weakened her 2
	much in order to regain full force and be the ruler of this and
	every realm she needed to be fed of sexual energy, u see whenever
	a couple do sex they release a energy a very powerful one, a energy
	she knew how to manage very well however if she was to regain
	full power fast she needed to receive the energy released not by
	humans but by superhumans and the like she glazed upon sky and as
	earth trembled she saw all its superhumans she saw inside their
	minds and discovered hundreds of fantasies waiting for the day
	they would become realities.

	Venus Laughed as she set to gain full power by making each of them


Ok. this is what I´ve made up this far now the rest is the hard part although
I have thought of some fantasies such as an all girl orgy in the xmen
departament I would need help to finish this since I am only strong in the
xmen departament I call upon the help of u all fellow writers  with
knowledge of comic and comic books heroes no


						The highlord

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