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    Alien Bikini Sex Slaves is a silly story involving sex between
Earth Women and Alien monsters.  This story leans more towards humor and comedy
than horror.  In other words,  this is not a story about young women dipped in
slime and being attacked by things with teeth.

This story is mine but feel free to archive,  print or share as long as you
don't make any money from it.  All comments are welcome by e-mail.  A picture
of some of the characters and information about how the story was created can
be found at

Alien Bikini Sex Slave part 3
By Shon Richards

As the flying saucer approached out of the sky,  the cows never noticed.  This
is because cows weren't familiar with the concept of altitude much less flight.
As a crimson beam of energy lashed out of the saucer and struck a member of
the herd,  the other cows merely kept chewing on stationary grass.  The cows
never once made a fuss as their companion had his internal organs ripped from
his body with strange force.  Cows were like that,  as well as being tasty.

Inside the now departing craft,  Soolan was not eating the exotic delicacy he
had paid for.  His bud-brother was enjoying the cow's best parts that was
included in their paid vacation's meal plan.  Soolan was headed towards the
holding area of the star attractions of their vacation.  He was heading very
fast,  since his last empathy bounding,  he had found it very hard to walk
without imagining something filling a hole between his legs.

Soolan lurched to the cell of the two earth girls and gazed at them through
the one-way wall.  The one he was empathy bonded to was called "Het-her"  and
she was currently arguing with the one called "Me-shell".  He looked with
fondness at the beautiful earth woman and wondered what it was that made her so
attractive.  He decided it was the way she was nibbling on her fingers. 
Pur'lecki have their sex organs located in their fingers,  and Soolan had never
seen a Pur'lecki female do something so taboo.

Watching them,  he realized that if he was going to do anything,  now would be
the time.  He passed his hands over the locks,  and tried to appear casual as
he walked into the room.  His casual demeanor dropped when the girls screamed
and he jumped,  holding his hands to block his face.

"What the fuck do you want?"  screamed Michelle.  She tried to stand up and
glare at him,  but her bound ankles and wrists just caused her to fall over. 
She wasn't hurt because she landed on her large silicon breasts.  

Heather yelled back "Cut it out Michelle!  Can't you see you've scared the
poor thing?"

"Fuck scaring him,"  Michelle retorted,  "I'm just going to kick his ass." 
She began the slow crawl towards the alien.

"Wait."  Soolan said.  "I mean you no harm,  I just wanted to speak to you
before the next event."

"See Michelle?"  Heather said while trying to sit upright,  "This is a nice
alien.  He just wanted to chat a bit."

Michelle however was not convinced.

"Can you tell us what they are going to do to us next?"  Michelle asked.  

Soolan's large black eyes looked away and studied the ceiling.  Finally,  he
summoned the courage to answer "They plan to unleash the Giant Insects of
Gothra on you two.  After you two are doused in an aphrodisiac of course.  Our
tour guide said that being raped by twenty aroused insects twice your size will
break your spirits."

"Holy shit!  I don't want to to be fucked by giant bugs!"  Heather screamed.

"Damn right."  Michelle answered.  "I am not having some big cockroach stick
his cock in me!  You tell your buddies we refuse to do it."

"But you already gave your consent when we asked earlier."  Soolan responded
with patience.  "Under galactic law,  your consent entitles us to do anything
we like,  as long as we wipe your memory later." 

Michelle and Heather tried to piece together a legal defence.  Failing, 
Michelle then tried the same technique that got her free cable at her dorm.

"Would you let us go if we have sex with you?"  she asked as she tried to
crawl seductively over.  Her ability to go from homicidal to sexy was

Heather's eyes briefly flickered with intelligence.  She ran her tongue over
her lips and parted her legs in invitation.  Sucking her flat stomach further
in,  she tried to smile like those kind guys at the photoshop taught her when
she couldn't pay her bill.

Soolan tried to explain that letting them go would forfeit his five thousand
credit deposit.  He also tried to explain that they needed to be decontaminated
before being let go,  but he didn't think they were listening when they pulled
his body to the ground.  He was horrified by the thought of these two powerful
earth women easily pushing his frail Pur'lecki body to the floor.  Not to
mention incredibly aroused.

Michelle put her bound hands around Soolan's huge grey head and buried him
into her breasts.  He struggled as she closed his only breathing opening and
Michelle held on tighter as he slapped at her hips and legs weakly. 
Fortunately for Soolan's life,  she let go of him and turned his body around so
Heather could go down on him.  Her arms were still bound by the magnetic cuffs
but it only helped to keep him pinned.

Heather crawled between his legs and pulled at his hips.  To her confusion, 
she couldn't find anything that looked like a waistband for pants.  When Soolan
howled as she pinched at his skin,  she realized that this was his nude body
and he didn't have a cock.  Heather brushed his hands away from her face as she
tried to find his dick.  She decided to explore by mouth as she kissed and
licked between his legs.  Her mouth ran moistly over his grey skin and still
she couldn't find anything getting hard.  He also kept sticking his fingers at
her face,  which was starting to piss her off.

She was becoming wet from her own attempts at finding a cock.  As she expanded
her oral search up his waist,  she remembered fondly the attack she enjoyed
earlier from the double cocked stud alien.  Spreading her bound legs as much as
she could,  she straddled Soolan's leg and humped herself with vigor.  His
textured grey skin felt wonderful on her starved sex.  Her pussy left a wet
trail on his leg as her mouth searched in vain for something on his body to

After ten minutes of the alien trying to put his fingers on her face,  Heather
angrily bit a six inch long finger.  Soolan's fingers stiffened in bliss and a
low moan echoed through the room.  Heather realized she had a cock in her mouth
and eased off the teeth.  She slurped on his long finger popping him through
her lips.  Soolan squirmed in pleasure as his fingers became alive in ways he
had never imagined.

"Hey Michelle,  this guy is some kinda finger freak,  give me a hand here. 
Better yet, take a hand!"  asked Heather as she ran her tongue between his

Michelle reached over and grabbed a hand,  Soolan's head still resting on her
bosom.  She examined his hands carefully,  half expecting to find some dirt or
some sort of alien crud.  She gave his fingers a hesitant lick.  Soolan
shuddered on her chest and she found his taste to be kind of minty.  Happily
she sucked his fingers into her mouth as a group and gave him a powerful

Soolan was captured in bliss as the two earth women indulged his secret wish. 
His fingers were slowly licked,  nibbled and touched by Heather so gently, 
that he would do anything to please her.  While Michelle was so violently
fucking his other hand with her mouth that he would of done anything to not get
her angry.  He squirmed on top of Michelle's body while Heather kept humping on
his leg.  Heather's moans mixed with the loud wet noises from the delights they
were performing on his hands speeded him on to his orgasm.

His skin shifted into multi-color flashings,  blinding the girls with the
intensity of his luminesce.  Heather gaged on a finger as her eyes tried vainly
to shut out his brilliance.  Her already lousy sense of balance was pushed over
the edge and she fell off his leg with a loud thump.  Michelle simply gaged on
the hand she had in her mouth.  Unfortunately,  she had deep throated him up to
his wrist and barely managed to get his hand out before she choked to death.

"Damn!  Where the hell did all those lights come from?"  asked a blind

"Heather is that you?"  asked Michelle loudly.  Since she was blind,  Michelle
was trying to compensate by being as loud as possible.

"Ahh,"  Soolan moaned happily.  "The new level of sensations that you have
brought me has made me indebted to you.  I shall facilitate your exodus from

"What did he say?  I hope he doesn't want to fuck again,  my eyes sting too
much for another screw."  asked Heather. 

"I'm not sure,  but I think he wants to help us leave."  answered Michelle.

"How can you be sure?"  Heather asked.

"Easy, "  Michelle said with a grin as she felt her bonds come loose.  "Most
guys usually offer to take me home after I blow him.  That's why I usually
insist they go down first."

"She is correct,  "  answered Soolan.  "I can easily undo your bonds and show
you the way to a lifepod.  There you can make your escape to your home planet."

"Wait a minute,  how are you going to undo our cuffs?"  asked Heather.  She
lifted her wrists towards Soolan to show how impossible it was to pull the
magnetic bonds apart.  Her mouth dropped in surprise as he reached forward and
pressed two buttons on the cuffs,  causing them to fall apart.

"That wasn't on there all this time was it?"  whispered Heather.  

"Of course they weren't."  snarled Michelle as she pushed her buttons with her
tongue.  The cuffs fell off easily with a loud CLANG.

Heather was still trying to piece it together as she undid her ankle bonds. 
"I think they were Michelle,"  she said,  "in fact I remember seeing them but I
was too afraid to try them."

"Shut up Heather!"  snapped Michelle.  "He must of made those buttons appear
by some trick."  Then she stared at Heather with malice in her blue eyes. 
Slowly she asked Heather  "Because if they had always been there,  we would of
gotten loose by now,  right?"

Heather wisely nodded.

The girls stood up and stretched their sore muscles.  Michelle took the time
to adjust her bikini top and straighten her long blonde hair.   Heather licked
her fingers and wiped smudges off her legs and ass.  Soolan watched fascinated
as the girls ignored him and preened.  He tried to explain some of the dangers
they might face but the girls ignored him as they commented on much damage
their hair had taken from the humidity. 

Finally,  the girls followed behind Soolan out of the room.  Heather was
clutching to Michelle in terror,  Michelle was merely trying see if there was
anything like a mirror around.  She was convinced her hair was awful,  and she
wanted to make sure so she could be in a really good rage.

"How much further?"  asked Heather after a full thirty seconds of traveling
the spaceship.

"There is no telling my Earth Delight,"  answered Soolan.  "It might take
hours to find, oh wait,  here we are."

The girls looked at the small door he pointed at on the floor.  It had been
designed for one of Soolan's race.  Which meant that it was created for a very
thin and very spindly creature.  Heather shoved Soolan down as she ran to the
door.  She immediately jumped through the hole and became stuck.  The portal
was so tight,  her breasts prevented her from squeezing in.  Even with Michelle
pushing,  her over-sized chest only allowed her to slide in an inch at a time. 
Michelle resorted to putting her foot on Heather's head and managed to get her
to at least get her nipples past the portal frame.

Elsewhere in the saucer,  Olaax and Weelaj had enjoyed their Earth dinner and
had returned to the monitoring room.  The two were in good spirits as few
things went down smoother than a cow's intestines.  Olaax turned on the remote
camera to check on the Earth women and stood in silence as he saw an empty

"Why does their holding cell have that open door?"  Weelaj asked.

"Oh that's very easy to answer most intelligent customer,"  Soolan
answered,  years of salesmanship skills being forgotten.   "It's because the
only other being with his freedom on this ship,  your bud-brother,  has
released the women and is probably trying to help them escape.  Which he will
only lose his deposit,  whereas I will lose my career and my company will have
to forfeit all out tourism rights.  We will also become the first company to
have EVER lost a prisoner,  insuring us a rare place in history!"

"Well send some Warbots after them or use some trained Hunter-Blobs.  A big
company like your's can afford those easy."  said Weelaj.

Soolan's fingers raced across the control panel franticly.  "The reason we are
such a successful business is that we don't waste credits on expensive
security.  We have never had a problem with a customer going irrational and
releasing the merchandise!"

"In fact,"  Soolan began,  his nostrils flaring with dread, "the best I can do
is unlock the door to some hostile creature and hope it will slaughter them. 
Now,  which creature is hungry enough to kill them quickly?"

"Kill them all?"  asked Weelaj.  "Even my Bud-brother?"

"Well if you could see your way to not protest,  I'm sure we could refund your
money for your trauma."  said Soolan.

"Well in that case, "  answered Weelaj thoughtfully,  "I would recommend that
big red rock looking thing there.  Soolan always freaks at that shade of red."

Soolan smiled for the first time since this incident began.  

"Excellent choice,  this is a Yokavian Reef Crawler,  a well armored and
thorough feeder.  When I open his cell,  it'll take him mere seconds to find
and eliminate our guests.  Our problems will soon be solved!"  

Back at the escape pod,  Michelle had finally pushed Heather through the
portal.  Now she was trying to think of how she could squeeze in when Soolan
screamed from behind her.

She spun around to see a horrible monster at the end of the corridor.  It was
as tall as she was,  but shaped like a red spiny boulder.   It screeched a roar
of challenge from a mouth that flashed sparkling gem-like teeth.  It had two
eye-stalks that glared at her briefly before retracting it's stalks and rolling
towards her.  It's long rocky spines scratched sparks on the walls as it
advanced.  It's speed was slow but the size of it's bulk in the narrow corridor
was daunting.

"Soolan!"  Michelle screamed,  "What should we do?"

"I don't know!"  Soolan whimpered from behind a crate.  "It's so,  so,  red!"

Realizing that he would be no use at all,  Michelle tried to think of a plan
as fast as she could.  In the four minutes it took the monster to reach her, 
she had decided to get a new haircut,  take a bubble bath when she got home and
try to seduce the pizza delivery boy.  But when she got her mind back to her
problem,  the creature was already on top of her.

Michelle fell under the weight of the rocky monster,  her ass smacking the
cold metal floor hard.  The monster pined her down with it's sheer mass and
size.  It's boulder body breaking apart slightly to form arms,  dropping gravel
onto Michelle.  It's jaws opened inches from her face,  mouth opening wide as
it contemplated where to start eating.  Michelle struggled but it's body was
too solid and hard to kick or punch.  She was also being over-whelmed by the
strong smell of strawberries that came from the creature.

Michelle's stomach growled almost as loud as the monster.  As the creature
leaned down to take his first bite,  she raised her head up to bite first.  His
hard body crunched easily under her teeth and Michelle was delighted to
discover that he tasted just like a fruit candy!  The creature screamed and
scrambled from her as she chewed a piece of him in her mouth.  Her courage
revived by her hungry stomach,  Michelle stood up and stalked the monster into
a corner of the room.  With a laugh,  she leaped on top of the frightened beast
and began devouring him in huge bites and swallows.

Watching this gross display of the food chain was Weelaj and a sobbing Olaax. 

"I thought the Yokavian Reef Crawler was going to eat them?"  asked Weelaj.

Olaax sighed and typed dejectedly on his control panel.  He read the screen
that appeared next and his large black eyes became even larger in shock.

"Apparently, " began Olaax.  "The Yokavian Reef Crawler's body is made
primarily of a substance called fructose.  Not only does this make his shell an
excellent storage system for him,  but it also makes him a delightful snack for
hungry humans."

"Well,  aren't we going to try something else?"  asked Weelaj.

"No,  the humans wisely opted for a 'daring escape' clause in their contract
at the Roswell Treaty."  answered Olaax.  "the clause states that only if a
human makes a run for it,  we are allowed only one chance at eliminating the
primate bastard.  My company agreed to the clause in exchange for the rights to
buy Hitler's brain.  So far Hitler's brain has generated ten best selling
intergalactic fiction novels while we have had no escapes.  Until now."

They paused to watch Michelle break off a few spines and throw them down the
escape hatch.  Then Michelle covered herself with the melted chunks of the
Yokavian Reef Crawler so she could slide easier into the hatch.  her glistening
though sticky body easily squeezed through the opening.

"So now what?"  asked Weelaj who was sorry his sextoy was going to get free.

"It's simple,"  said Olaax.  "We let them escape,  Soolan's deposit is taken
away and then we fly home to see if I will be allowed to leave the company with
all my digits." 

Meanwhile,  Soolan was saying his goodbyes to the Earth women.  He hoped he
was being heard because they were playing  with the fruity spines Michelle had
thrown in.  They were using them as edible dildos and the loud wet noises
echoed down the corridors.

"Goodbye my Forbidden Love, "  Soolan said with tenderness in his voice.

Heather tried to be kind to this creature who had saved them.  So she pulled
the eight inches of the spine out of her before she said goodbye.

She said "Look me up sometime and we'll get drunk together,  ok?"

Michelle only said "This better take us back to our home Cone-head or your ass
is grass!"

The lifepod ejaculated them from the ship and down to the unsuspecting Earth. 
Soolan watched from the window as they flew from view.  He thought about his
deposit that he'll lose once they found out he violated the tourism contract. 
He was depressed about that for only a moment.  What cheered him up was the
thought of going back home and teaching his wife-partner some of the tricks he
learned from the two Earth sluts.

The End

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