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This is an erotic story involving futuristic Judges that are similar those
found in the movie Judge Dredd.  If you have no idea who Judge Dredd is,  don't
worry.  I wrote this so a total Dredd newbie could enjoy it simply as a future
setting bondage/domination story.  This story features dominating sex between
two women and a helpless male.  It also involves oral and anal sex.

This story is mine but feel free to archive or share as long as you don't make
any money from it.

If you like this story or would like to see one of the characters involved, 
please go to my website at so that
my counter can record your interest.  Comments are welcome by e-mail as always.

Judge Duty
By Shon Richards

Brian Buite locked his door as soon as his wife left.  He gazed out briefly on
Mega-city One before closing the blinds.  Even though he was on the
seventy-eighth floor,  he didn't want to take any chances with Peeping toms who
might turn him in to the authorities.  He shut off the vid-screen,  never
knowing what kind of surveillance the neilson people used.  His hands shaking
with excitement,  he pushed the large recliner up against the door as a final

Satisfied that he was safe,  he went into his closet and opened the hidden
panel.  Behind his collection of Play-Juve magazine,  was where he kept his
private obsession.  He pulled out a small plasti-steel box and sat it down on
the kitchen table.  Wiping his sweaty hands,  he navigated quickly through the
four combination locks.

The box finally open,  he lifted the lid slowly,  so he could absorb the
escaping aroma.  Inhaling deeply of the forbidden scents,  he reached inside
for the contraband he paid far too may credits for.  laying the small object on
the table before him,  he calculated he could make this stash last at least a
week.  Two weeks if he was strong enough not to consume it all.

Suddenly the door was being pounded on rapidly.  Startled,  Brian jumped out
of his chair and stared at the door in shock.  As he watched horrified,  the
chair in front of the door was shoved back with the sheer power of whoever was
coming in.  Now truly panicking,  he swept the illegal property into his box
and fumbled badly,  spilling the contents to the floor.  Ignoring whoever was
coming in,  he scrambled on the floor looking for where it fell.  He finally
found it after a torturous four seconds and reached for it.  Unfortunatly for
Brian,  a heavy green combat boot crushed his hand first.

"Freeze Perp!"  commanded a powerful yet feminine voice.

Brian looked up at his worst nightmare.  She was clad in a blue and green
padded kevlar uniform,  accented with gold elbow and knee pads.  Her shoulder
pads were were a blinding gold color,  yet he could make out the distinctive
eagle motif.  A cruel grimace was on her pale lips,  her eyes hidden behind the
mirror visor on her helmet.  Her gun was pointed right as his face,  but he
felt his eyes drawn to her chest.  A large gold shield on her left bosom said

"Oh drokk!"  he said outloud.  "A Judge!"

"Two judges maggot."  said a voice behind the one stepping on his hand.

He looked through Judge Crawford's muscular legs to see an identically clad
woman.  She was pulling out a data pad while slamming the door behind her. 
Brian thought of a dozen excuses for his crime but discounted them all,  from
what he saw of last week's riot,  Judges were not known for caring too much for

"Stand up Perp and prepare to be judged."  ordered Judge Crawford,  letting
off of his foot.  "Judge Schiffer,  what does Central have on this citizen?"

Judge Schiffer read aloud what scrolled across her screen,  the text mirrored
on his visor as it flew by.  "Citizen Brian Buite,  age twenty-nine with brown
hair and brown eyes.  Employed at Algae farm in M-block and married for two
years with no children.  First time offense,  and Judge Iman noted he has a
nice ass."

Judge Crawford turned him around.  "Yes,  this is him alright."

He heard Judge Crawford pick up his ill gotten gains and walk around to face
him.  Shoving the offending item in his face,  he winced out of fright.

"So what is a law-abiding citizen like you doing with a drokking candy bar?" 
she asked.  before he could answer she continued "Don't you know that Snickers
brand candy contains real sugar and therefore a controlled substance!  Do you
have any explanation on how you obtained this  candy bar when we shut it down
seventy years ago? "

"It belongs to my wife!"  he tried.  "I just found it and was on my way to
report it!"

The bottom half of her face dropped into a frown.  Despite the terror he felt,
he noticed they were very pretty lips.  Too bad the only eyes he could see
from her helmet were his own bloodshot ones.

"Your wife's candy bar?"  she said quietly.  "Who do you think tipped us off
to your illegal activities?"

"Oh Grud"  he whispered,  his hopes melting away like chocolate on a Judge's

"Mildred Buite is currently serving two days in the iso-cubes for her
involvement in this crime."  read Judge Schiffer.  "Her tip also entitled her
to a weeks' supply of Chewy-sticks as part of our Squeal-and-Win contest."

"So we can add wrongful accusement to your charge of possession and using of a
controlled substance."  intoned Judge Crawford.  "Since this is your first
offence,  I am offering you a choice of six months in an iso-cube or two hours
community service.  Make your decision Perp,  we don't have all day."

Brian sweated under the options.  On the one hand,  an iso-cube is a small
cell with a bed,  toilet and food slot which provides his only human contact. 
Six months without even a pseudo-candy bar and nobody to talk to was a horrible

On the other hand,  he had heard stories that community service sometimes
involved becoming a live target for cadets learning to shoot.  And he had just
watched a man the other day serve community service by collecting overdue
library books.  He remembered the desperate look on that man's face as he
nursed a broken arm.

"What will it be Perp?"  barked Judge Crawford,  her fingers flexing her
LawGiver pistol.

"Give me, give service"  Brian said,  wincing as the words left
his mouth.

"Smart move Perp."  Judge Crawford said as she holstered her LawGiver.  "Now
drop your pants and remove any underwear."

Brian quickly complied,  imagining cruel social experiments involving public
nudity.  He threw his pants to the couch and drew his underwear off as fast as
possible.  He stood before Judge Crawford feeling even smaller than before.  

"For Grud's sake!"  exclaimed Judge Crawford.  "Look at the limp excuse he has
between his legs."

Judge Schiffer came up behind Judge Crawford's shoulders and frowned.   She
then pulled out her LawGiver and walked around behind Brian.  His knees
shaking,  he wasn't sure he heard what she said next correctly.

"You have exactly ten seconds to get your equipment erect Perp!"  yelled
Schiffer in his ear.

Brian was too stunned to comply at first,  but hearing the whine of the
lawGiver's AI urged him to erotic thoughts.  He knew the lawGiver was waiting
for the voice command that would designate which of the variable bullet
settings they would use on him.  As much as he tried to picture Miss Mega-City
One nude in front of him,  all he could really think about was wether it would
be an armor-piercing bullet through his chest or simply a barrage of auto-fire.

Judge Crawford tapped her foot impatiently and said "Might as well do it
Schiffer,  this Perp just doesn't have the ability.

"Agreed,"  Judge Schiffer said.  "Vibrate!"  she ordered her gun to Brian's

Suddenly he felt the nozzle of the lawGiver in his anus.  He squirmed briefly
but the stance of Judge Crawford dared him to move.  he stayed as still as he
could as the vibrating gun nozzle entered his ass.  The slow intrusion opened
him up and he felt a wave of erotic tension mixed with incredible
embarrassment.  His cock soon grew to life as Schiffer fucked his ass with the
vibrating gun nozzle.  He decided to blame his erection on the presence of the
two female judges and not on any deviant homosexual preferences.  Homosexuality
carries a stiff fine under the Judicial Code.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt something cold around his cock. 
Judge Schiffer was squeezing a black paste around the base of his cock from a
metal tube.  As he watched,  the paste hardened in seconds and formed a tight
metal ring on his cock.  The constriction was almost too tight but he didn't
think the Judges would care for his complaints.

"There,  the inst-cuff paste will keep him serviceable for us."  said Judge

Judge Crawford nodded in agreement as she unzipped her bodysuit at the pants. 
"Good,  I despise a soft Perp,  they always try to waste precious time off
their sentence."

Brian wasn't listening to their legal discussion.  He was watching as Judge
Crawford unzipped her pants and pulled them down to reveal long shapely
muscular legs.  The pants hanged at her combat boots,  her holster belt hanging
on the chair.  Her pubic hair had been cut into a judicial eagle shape,  the
talons clutching the top of her pussy. Crawford turned and hoisted herself on
the kitchen table.  Then she lifted her legs up,  her sex poised to be served. 
Brian began to see an upside to community service.

Schiffer grabbed him by the hair and pushed him not unwilling to the table. 
Guiding his head through Judge Crawford's legs ,  she then slammed his head
right into her wet Bird of Justice.  Not needing to be told,  Brian began
licking hungrily at her sex.  It wasn't as good as a candy bar,  but he tried
to be as enthusiastic as possible.  Licking at her bare opening he imagined he
was eating a bowl of melted chocolate.  He darted his tongue in and out of her,
visions of devouring the insides of a chocolate egg dancing through his mind. 

Judge Crawford's boots came down on his back and squeezed him deeper into her.
Schiffer's hands wrapped in his hair grinded his face into his duty.  The
buckling of Crawford's boots kicked his back,  disrupting his illicit candy
fantasy with the force of the back of her heels.  He stopped eating as the pain
made him cry out but Schiffer's firm grip forbid him from stopping.  In fact it
was his nose being rubbed over Crawford's clit that made her cum in a spasm
that broke a table leg in her grip and caused fresh bruises on his back.  

Judge Schiffer dragged his head backward through Crawford's beautiful legs. 
Pushing him onto the couch,  he watched as Crawford lazily slid off the table. 
He watched with longing as the freshly eaten Judge pulled her pants back up. 
His  nose was red from the manual guidance Schiifer had given him and he was a
bit afraid of what he might have to perform for her.

"How did the Perp perform?"  asked Schiffer,  who was unzipping her pants down
the sides.

Crawford stood up and hoisted her pants up.  "He was adequate." she shrugged. 
"Not as good as that Juve-gang we busted last week,  but then who is?"

Schiffer grunted in agreement,  pulling her pants completely free of her body.
Brian fidgeted on the couch as Judge Schiffer flexed and stretched impossibly
long legs.  Her top was still covered in her uniform and her face still
obscured by her helmet,  but he was more than willing to fulfill his sentence.

Schiffer sat down on the couch beside him.  In one swift action,  she swiveled
her legs over him.  Brian wanted desperately to jump her,  but his fear of the
Judges kept him still as she laid back and spread her legs wide.  He nervously
turned his head and admired the the Judicial Badge shape of her pubic region. 
He wondered briefly if the triangle region of a women's sex is where they got
the idea for the shape of the Judge Badge.  He quickly banished the idea from
his head,  he was in enough trouble as it was.  His real concerns should of
been on the three candy bars he had hidden under that cushion.  

"What are you waiting for perp?"  barked Judge Sciffer.  "You have
approximately five seconds to mount me or it's three months in the iso-cube for
refusing community service."

Brian leaped between her legs,  feverishly pointing his cuffed cock at her. 
Maybe if he distracted her,  she won't notice the lump under the cushion.  He
slid his plasti-steel cuffed cock into her,  and tried to hump the drokk out of
her.  He held onto her gold plated shoulder pads as he rammed her again and
again.  He turned his eyes away from her face,  it bothered him too much to see
his own reflection in her helmet as he slammed her.  Her legs had his legs in a
death-grip,  not letting him even think about escaping.

"Stom!"  she yelled out disgusted,  "He's moving too slow Judge Crawford, 
help him remember his civic duty!"

Brian couldn't believe what he was hearing,  he was going as fast as he could.
His face was sweating as he threw every once of his body into her.  If it
wasn't for the constricting metal around his cock,  he would of came long

"Well, "  he thought to himself.  "If they think they make me fuck their sorry
judge assess any faster,  they are welcome to try."

He regretted those thoughts as Judge crawford placed a gloved hand on his ass.
"Vibrate"  she ordered her lawGiver.  Brian made the mistake of stopping,  his
fear paralyzing him.  In response for his lack of work ethics,  Judge Crawford
placed the vibrating nozzle right into his ass with any warning.  His hips
thrusted in reflex,  and Judge Schiffer's legs created the rest of the motion.

He was thrusting faster now,  desperately trying to escape the LawGiver's
intrusion.  His hips bucking in spasms,  his cock was painfully throbbing as it
ached to release into judge Schiffer's wet pubic shield.  Every few minutes
Judge Crawford would command the lawgiver to "shock"  and brian would then be
subjected to pulse searing electrical charges.  He stopped thinking about the
chocolate under the couch and  the sexy appeal of the faceless Judge he was
fucking.  All he was interested in was thrusting fast enough to avoid
experiencing any more options of the dreaded Judge weapons.

After what seemed like an eternity,  Judge Schiffer finally tensed and exhaled
one long ten second grunt.  Judge Crawford removed her weapon from his ass and
he felt instant relief.  A tap on his shoulder was all the prompting he needed
to pull his red swollen perpetrator out of iso-box.  He sat quietly on the
couch with his hands on his head and his legs spread as per Judge Crawford's

"He didn't do bad."  Judge Schiffer commented as she put her pants back on.

Judge Crawford grunted in agreement.  "He spent his two hours well.  Hopefully
You will remember this the next time you feel the urge for chocolate."

Brian nodded with the eagerness of the recently pardoned.  He knew the candy
bars under the seat must be melted beyond any recovery,  but he was relieved
they were undiscovered.

Judge Schiffer finished with her pants and pulled the data pad out again. 
"Your record now shows that you have completed your community service to
satisfaction."  she said.

"Just make sure we don't have to return again though Citizen."  Judge Crawford
threatened,  leaning down to breathe threateningly in his face.

"Yes ma'am."  he said quietly.  

He watched as they turned to leave and he stood up to walk them to the door. 
The pain of his cock made him stumble a little.  He looked down and saw that
his cock was blood red and throbbing helplessly from the cuff.

"Excuse me Judge Crawford,"  he said meekly. "Can you please remove your
insta-cuff now?"

Judge Crawford grimaced and walked back to him.  Removing another tube from
her belt,  she sprayed a fine mist on the black metal ring.  Instantly the
tension was released and he shuddered from the cool wetness of the spray.  That
was when he ejaculated.

He watched in horror as a stream of semen arced through the air.  Him and
Judge Crawford looked down to wear the white stream landed right on the inside
of her leg.  he began mumbling with horror as the sticky fluid showed up in
bright contrast on her dark blue pants.  

Judge Schiffer stepped up and whistled at the awful mess on Crawford's leg.

"Looks like the Perp didn't learn his lesson."  she commented.

Judge Crawford flicked her head up and stepped face to visor with Brian.

"Brian Buite,"  she yelled.  "I charge you with blatant defacement of a
Judge uniform!  How do you plead you low life stomm sucking perp!"

Brian was babbling as he stepped backward into the couch.  he was still
insisting it was a horrible accident when he sat hard on the couch.  His
protests died as a crushed and melted candy bar flew out from under the seat
and landed on Judge Schiffer's crotch.  The melted candy bar stuck to
Schiffer's groin obscenely before falling to the ground.

"That's two accounts of Defacing a Judge's uniform!"  Crawford barked.  "Two
years in the iso-cubes!  and don't you dare push us any further.!"

Brian protested his innocence in a cruel world all the way to the cubes.

The End

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