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"The Midnight Lurker" / "LM l"          A.S.S.M. Reference Guide

Revised: 7/8/1998

I have put together a small reference guide/story list for those
a.s.s.m. readers who are interested in my work.

I use two different "author names", and both portray different
types of erotic stories.

Most people around here would know me as "The Midnight Lurker",
which pretty much describes when and how I use the Internet.
Since I do a lot of posting, I guess I cannot be technically
described as a "lurker".  But on the other hand, this is the
only place I post, and I "lurk" a lot of different places!  I
thought it would be an appropriate handle.

As for the types of stories I write under "The Midnight Lurker"
monicker, most of them deal with gang-bangs and/or "loose"
women.  All of the stories involve straight male-female sex,
although in the gang-bang scenes... it can be six men piling
up on one woman!

My other author name would be "LM l".  That is "LM l", not
"LM 1".  Several people mistake the small L (l) for a one (1).
I pretty much keep the meaning of this a secret, although some
of my devoted readers and Internet friends I have met via
a.s.s.m. know what "LM l" stands for.  It's actually kind of
corny, so I won't divuldge its meaning to the entire public. :>

The ONLY type of story you will find under the "LM l" monicker
is male-female, STRICT romance with good, tasteful language.  I
sometimes let the language go in "The Midnight Lurker" stories,
but I stay pretty clean and tasteful under the "LM l" series.


"LM l" stories are true-life accounts of my fiancee and I.  I,
unlike some men, do not want others to think of my S.O. as a
sex object.  I treat my fiancee with respect and dignity in the
stories, and hope that comes across to the readers as well.

"LM l" stories are about love and devotion, not sex.  On the
other hand, T.M.L. stories are mostly about sex and pure lust.

Although my use of two monickers may be confusing to some
people, I employ them for the reasons explained in the above
paragraph.  If you like love and romance, check out an "LM l"
story.  If you enjoy lust and raunch, read a T.M.L. story.


              Story List, with brief descriptions :

Stories under "The Midnight Lurker" monicker -

 * "Ashley and her Boss" - This is one of my older stories.  It's
plot is simple; a secretary and her boss are taking part in a
sex-only relationship.  It has two parts.  Some long-time readers
may remember I planned a part three - but unfortunately, it never
came about.

 * "Cindy's Audience" - Out of all of my stories, this one is my
favorite.  Cindy finds out that her husband has an interest in
watching women get gang-banged.  David, her husband, is an avid
fan of adult movies with this genre.  Angry at first, Cindy then
decides that David can watch a woman get gang-banged before his
very eyes - HER!  Cindy takes on a group of David's friends while
he sits by and watches (and absolutely loves it).

 * "Elevator Heat" - This is one of my more popular stories,
although I, for one, do not like it.  This story was inspired by
a female reader who gave me some neat ideas and scenarios.  In
the story, a repairman is stuck in an elevator during a power
outage with a beautiful, popular female actress.  The actress
(who is completely fictional), is quite a snob at first, but
learns to like the repairman over time in the elevator.  If you
enjoy a long plot, this story is for you.

 * "Fill Her Up" - Very simple gang-bang story with a light D&S
theme.  Carrie, a submissive, is told by her Master to gang-bang
a group of his business associates.  She does so... and loves it.
Hey... who says all erotic stories need a detailed plot?

 * "Tamara's Present" - Extremely similar to "Fill Her Up", this
story also deals with a female submissive who gets gang-banged.
Except in this one, Tamara asks her Master if he could arrange
one, before he asked (or told) her to take part in one.  Who
needs a plot, if the sex is hot and juicy?

 * "Stripper's Delight" - If you like a plot, then this story is
for you.  A strip club patron takes a liking to a specific
female dancer, and shows his appreciation by tipping her VERY
well.  The dancer has a curiousity about him, too... and soon,
they get together and talk for the very first time.  This story
has a lot of plot and dialougue, but eventually winds up in the
bedroom... if I say so myself, a nice, complete all-around story.

As many readers know, there are a TON of "Suzi" stories which I
have written.  Instead of writing a description of each one, I
will give a general overview.

    * "Suzi Does Seattle"           Parts 1 & 2
    * "Suzi's Erotic Odyssey"       Parts 1 - 6
    * "Suzi's Insatiable Desire"    Parts 1 & 2
    * "Suzi's Birthday Bash"
    * "Suzi... Every Man's Dream"
    * "Suzi's Fulfillment"
    * "Suzi's Weekend"
    * "Suzi and Brett"
    * "Suddenly Suzi"
    * "SuziFest '98"

Basically, these stories deal with a (fictional) woman who has a
wild craving for sex.  Suzi enjoys being gang-banged, spanked,
put into bondage... she also craves anal sex, giving blowjobs...
just about everything a top/famous porn star has done on video.

These stories mostly deal with gang-bangs, but also have some
one-on-one encounters along with some seduction and very vivid/
visual scenes.  I tried to be very descriptive in some parts,
while not-so-descriptive in others.

The "Suzi" stories are, BY FAR, my most popular.


Stories under the "LM l" monicker -

Since all of these stories are very similar in both style
(romance), tone (tasteful) and characters (my fiancee and I), I
will be brief with their descriptions.

 * "Charmed Life" - One of my favorite places to make love is
in the shower... and this story describes such an encounter.

 * "Cabin Fever" - After an argument, the male character
(remember folks, that's me) goes to his boat at the marina.
The female character (my fiancee) soon shows up and they (we)
reconcile the differences, then have sex in the boat's cabin.

 * "Lisa" - My favorite story in the "LM l" series, "Lisa" is
an account of what took place after my fiancee got home from
work one day after dealing with frantic Christmas shoppers.  I
first give her a massage, then we make love on the sofa.

 * "Morning Delight" - A short story if there ever was one,
"Morning Delight" describes a "quickie" in the morning, after
a long evening of passion and romance.

 * "Surprise!" - I could not think of what to name this story,
but once you read it... you will understand why I titled it
"Surprise!".  While working in the garage one day, my fiancee
distracts me <g> ... then the action soon shifts to the bedroom.


That is my complete list of stories as of right now, although on
occasion, I will post stories which I did not write.

Do you want any of the above stories?

You can find them on a.s.s.m., as I post them all at least once
or twice each month.  Or, you can send me a story request via
e-mail at ... and I will do my best to
accomodate you.  I appreciate all feedback.

But the most convenient way for you to find my stories would be
to click your web browser toward The Velvet Playground.  It's
address is -

Although I am not affiliated or employed by that web site, its
owner has been nice enough to archive my work, and make it
available to the public, free of charge.  There, you will find
other stories as well, by various a.s.s.m. authors.

But if you do not have HTTP access or do not wish to go that
route, but want to get my stories anyway... drop me an e-mail.
I'll be more than happy to send them to you.

"The Midnight Lurker" ... also known as ... "LM l"

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