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WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions
of sexual acts performed between consenting adults.  If you
are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of
literature offensive, then exit this file/message now.  (!)

"Stripper's Delight"

        (STRIP-DT.TXT * M/F, stripper, cons)

                Please archive as STRIP-DT.ZIP

   Written by: The Midnight Lurker



 IMPORTANT: The story, "Stripper's Delight", was originally
written and released in December of 1996.  This story here
is a completely revised version of the original, with new
happenings/events, and NEW CHARACTERS.  I, the author of
both versions, apologize for any confusion.  But I believe
this version will turn out to be better than the original.

                                    - The Midnight Lurker

"Stripper's Delight"  (filename: STRIP-DT.TXT)

    As Michael continued to sit at the edge of the stage,
sipping his drink, the emcee's voice suddenly boomed out
over the speaker system of the nicely-furnished downtown
strip club.
    "Time to introduce our next dancer.  All regular
customers of this fine establishment will recognize her...
She is the very lovely, and very popular... ASHLEY!  Let's
give her a big hand!"

    Michael smiled.

    It was time for `his` woman to perform.

    As the lights suddenly dimmed, causing an eerie darkness
to fall over the club, the audience quickly hushed and then
a bright spotlight shone down onto the curtain at the very
back of the stage.
    The curtain ruffled around for a moment, then Ashley
stepped out from behind it.  The spotlight caught her, and
the people throughout the audience gave the exotic dancer an
appreciative applause.

    Ashley looked stunning.

    She was wearing a black leather jacket, which was zipped
up fully.  Below the waist, however, Ashley had not done all
that much to conceal herself.  She had on a black pair of
thonged panties, a black garter belt and matching thigh-high
stockings.  Since the leather jacket was a bit small, ending
slightly above her waist, everyone had a clear view of her
panties and garter set.  The outfit was topped off with a
pair of spiked high-heels; black ones.  Her blonde hair,
very long and pretty, went down her neck and shoulders in
stylish waves.

    As Michael smiled once again, this time as he noticed
the vision of lovliness before him, a loud rock-music song
suddenly filled the strip club over the speaker system.  The
crowd cheered at the tune, a catchy one, and then the
stripper on the stage began her routine.

    Ashley twitched her hips in a seductive manner as she
started walking toward the center of the stage.  On the way,
she spun around in a full circle, and in the process,
unzipped the heavy leather jacket.  After opening and
closing it just as quickly, flashing her succulent breasts
to the audience, she stepped in front of a wooden chair on
stage and proceeded to lean backwards against it, using her
hands for support.  That only lasted for a few seconds,
though, as she snapped her head back and then stepped
forward, toward the front of the stage.  The young woman
held onto her jacket, keeping it closed, and then did
another seductive spin.
    Ashley stepped to the very front of the stage, close to
the audience, and started to gyrate her hips to the wild
music.  She turned to the right and danced, then to the left
and did the same thing.
    The woman turned and walked back to the center of the
stage, then faced the crowd with a huge smile.  She flashed
her breasts, this time even quicker than before, and
continued strutting and prancing around.
    Two quick spins were followed with three more flashes,
all in a row.  The crowd roared with appreciation when she
finally took the jacket off, placing it over her shoulder.
Her breasts were simply magnificant; large and firm, even
    As Michael watched the scene before him unfold, he could
not fend off a massive erection that was forming in his
slacks.  This happened to him every single time he came
here, to watch this blonde bombshell at work.  He was not
interested in any of the other exotic dancers.  He was only
interested in Ashley.
    A couple of the customers got up from their seats and
went over to the stage, then started holding up dollar bills
in their hands.  Ashley immediately noticed them, and she
strutted over to one, and threw the coat down behind her.
    Ashley bumped and weaved to the music in front of the
man, who was quickly joined by three others, all with money
in their hands.  The stripper continued grinding to the beat
while reaching out with one hand, and those men gave her the
money.  After giving them a smile and then a wink, she spun
on a high-heel and went back to the wooden chair.
    Ashley turned the chair around, so it was facing her, as
she faced the crowd.  She leaned forward and placed both
hands upon it, and bumped her hips from side to side, in a
beguiling manner.  She moved to the side of it, then raised
a high-heel and planted it upon the chair.  After lunging
forward several times, showcasing the side of her figure to
the approving crowd, the blonde dancer sashayed over and
picked up her leather jacket.
    Ashley swung it over her shoulder and continued dancing,
spinning around twice, then went back to the chair.  She
dropped the jacket and then sat down in the chair, the back
of it still facing her front.  She spread her thighs and
held onto the chair, then started rocking and bumping her
body, which brought yet another favorable response from the
predominantly male audience.

    Smiling for the most of the performance thus far,
Michael finally reached into his inside coat pocket and
pulled out a clip of money.

    The move did not go unnoticed by Ashley.

    For as much as Michael had been watching her over the
past couple of months, Ashley had learned to watch him as
well.  It was a very simple reason why.  He tipped her very
good.  In fact, he tipped her better than anyone.  While
others would give her a few dollar bills at the very most,
Michael would sometimes give her a twenty dollar bill.
    Ashley glanced in Michael's direction for an instant,
then went back to concentrating on her routine.

    Her blonde hair whipped about wildly as she final chorus
of the song approached.  She leaned back, and then swiftly
slipped off the chair, and onto her knees.  The stripper
crawled on her hands and knees to the right side of the
stage, where she received tips from a total of nine guys.
She crawled to the front, and was awarded with five more
tips, and then finally to the right.  Instead of crawling
over to the group which had assembled on that side, she
instead went directly to where Michael was sitting.

    Michael smiled... then Ashley smiled back at him.

    Michael pulled a bill out of the clip, and handed it to
Ashley.  She took it and quickly glanced, hoping it was
another twenty, but it was a one.  She rose to her knees in
front of him, noticing the clip he held, and started bumping
and grinding her body for him.
    Michael gave her another bill, a single dollar, and then
another.  Ashley kept dancing, however, wanting bigger bills.
    She finally got one, and it shocked her.

    Michael gave her $100.

    Ashley looked at it for several seconds, stunned, and
then remembered that she had to finish her dance.  She
watched as Michael shrugged his shoulders and put the clip
back into his pocket.  Then, the blonde moved over to the
final group which had assembled for her, and collected the
last round of tips.
    The song came to a close and then the stripper stood up,
and looked down at Michael, bewildered.  She had never
received any bill higher than a twenty since getting a job
here - until tonight.  The hundred was a total and complete
shock to her.  It really was.

    "Let's give a big hand to Ashley, for a great
performance!" the emcee announced, and the crowd offered a
rousing ovation.
    That brought Ashley out of her thoughts, and she
suddenly smiled and waved to the audience.  She picked up
her jacket and blew a kiss to the crowd, as they continued
to cheer and whistle their approval.  She blew another kiss,
and yet another, before finally tossing the jacket over her
shoulder and strutting off the stage, behind the curtain.

    Once she was out of the audience's view, Ashley put the
jacket on and zipped it up, and quickly looked at her money.
She counted it, and the total came to $136.  $103 of it
came from Michael, whom she referred to as `The Tipping
Stranger`.  He had once given her $27, which was the prior
high she had received from any customer in tips.  Ashley was
still shocked at the hundred she held in her hand.  She was
completely dumbfounded.

    As Michael sat at his table, still nursing his drink
from before, he was bored.  The other dancers in the club
were beautiful, yes, but they did not draw his interest like
Ashley did.  Ashley was a goddess to him.  He had never
spoken to her; their only interaction during the past few
months was him offering money, and her taking it.
    But she was still a goddess to him.  Not only because of
the way she looked, but because of the friendly, energetic
smile she displayed each time while on stage.  Michael
simply sensed that she was a good person.  He had a mental
image of her; the way she is outside the club.  He imagined
that her regular style of dress did not suggest to others
that she was a stripper.  He bet that she dressed
conservatively, when outside the strip club.  He also
pictured her living in a nice, clean apartment, having a
good family and being an animal lover.

    "Who is that guy?" Ashley asked outloud, now in her
dressing room, still looking at the one hundred dollar bill.
She was speaking to herself.  "He comes here almost every
night, and tips me more than anyone else.  But at the same
time, he has never approached me, just to talk.  Never made
a pass at me.  He doesn't even tip the other girls...  Who
IS that guy?"
    No matter who he was, Ashley had always considered him
attractive.  He looked to be in his late 20's.  He was tall,
and appeared to have a strong, muscular build.  His face was
quite handsome, and he had a certain air about him.  An air
that hinted he was soft-spoken and quite nice.  She liked
those qualities in a man.

    The only reason Michael was still in the club was
because he hoped that Ashley had another performance
scheduled.  He wanted to watch her strip again.  She usually
had two performances each night, and he had just witnessed
her first.  Michael wasn't going to leave until Ashley had
finished her last routine for the evening.

    Minutes later, as a stacked brunette was dancing around
on the stage, Michael wasn't even paying attention.  He was
still seated at the table, but was now reading the daily
    "Excuse me..."

    Michael looked up suddenly, and much to his surprise,
found Ashley standing beside him!

    She had not changed outfits since her routine; the
ravishing blonde still wore the leather jacket, zipped up
though, as well as the matching panties, garter belt,
thigh-high stockings and heels.
    "May I sit down?"
    Michael's eyes grew big at her request, and he quickly
cleared his throat.  "Umm, yes.  Please.  Please do."
    Ashley pulled out a chair and took a seat across from
    "Thank you," she smiled.  "First, perhaps I should
introduce myself.  Well, I guess you already know."
    Michael smiled at her.  "Yes, Ashley.  You're introduced
to the crowd before every performance."  He paused.  "Oh, my
name is Michael."
    She extended her hand.  "Nice to meet you."
    Michael took her hand, and gently shook it.  Her skin
felt so soft and warm to him... he could have held her hand
    He released it, however, and she took it back.
    "Well Michael, let me be very forward with you.  I've
been working here for three months now, and almost every
night, you are here.  You tip me quite nicely, but do not
bother to tip the other girls.  Is there a reason for that?"
She paused, then interjected before giving him a chance to
reply.  "Oh, please!  Don't think I'm complaining.  I'm just
a little curious, that's all."
    He shrugged his shoulders.  "I'm not interested in the
other dancers.  Why should I give them money if I'm not
interested in them?"
    She nodded her head, but was still curious.  "I can
understand that.  But, why do you tip me so well?  No one
tips me like you."
    He shrugged his shoulders again.  "Because you're worth
more than a dollar or two, like most customers offer.  In
fact, you're worth more than what I tip you.  Much more."

    That statement actually made the bold stripper blush.

    "What makes you think that, though?" she grinned, still
    Another shrug.  "I like you.  That's all."
    She smiled at him.
    Her main intent in coming out here had still not yet
been resolved, however.  Ashley was concerned about the one
hundred dollar bill he gave her.  She thought it may have
been a mistake on his part.  Did he intend to give her a
twenty, but pulled out a hundred instead?  If so, did he
notice the mistake?
    Ashley figured that Michael was a very good customer.
If he had intended to give her $20 instead of $100, she knew
that there was only one thing which she could do.  That
would be the right thing.
    "Michael, you gave me a hundred dollar bill tonight."
    He simply nodded his head at her.
    Her face lit-up.  "You mean, you know?"
    "Of course.  Why?  Are you complaining?"
    She leaned back.  "No!  No, of course not!  I mean, I
was going to give it back to you, if it was a mistake..."
    He smiled at her.  "That's very nice of you, Ashley.
But, I did give you the hundred.  And I want you to keep
it.  I'm sure it will help you, in terms of expenses."
    Now, not only did Ashley think of this man as
attractive, but she thought of him as very warm-hearted and
friendly as well.
    The stripper smiled, in a reserved way.  "Can I ask you
    "Fire away."  He was also calm and collected.
    "How would you like to go out for a cup of coffee?  I
know a nice little diner about a block away.  Best coffee in
    He looked at her, surprised.  Was this blonde bombshell
actually asking him out on a date?
    "I thought exotic dancers were not allowed to meet
people or find dates through their work," he retorted.
"Company policy?"
    She grinned again.  "We're not.  But, I'm making an
    He paused, calm on the outside, but wild and happy on
the inside.
    "I'd love to, Ashley.  When?"
    She shrugged her shoulders this time.  "I'm scheduled
for another show in an hour.  But I can cancel it, and get
off work early.  How about meeting me at the diner in 30
    "Sure," he replied.  "But tell me how to get to it."
    She smiled at him.  "When you leave the club here, make
a left. Keep driving until you see a big diner sign.  It's a
block away. Just pull in there.  You can't miss it."
    "And you'll be there in 30 minutes?"
    "Yep," she grinned.  "Go there, find a booth to sit at.
Then I'll find you.  How does that sound?"
    Michael looked at his drink and then put it down on the
table. "Like a dream come true."  He got up, and stretched.
"30 minutes, Miss Ashley.  I'll be there."
    As she watched him leave the club, Ashley mumbled the
following words, under her breath:
    "I sure hope he makes a pass at me."

                           * * *

    Michael found the nice, roadside diner without a
problem, and ordered himself barbequed ribs, fried potatoes
and a cup of coffee.  He looked at his wristwatch once the
waitress brought his meal out, telling himself that it would
only be 10 minutes before Ashley was to arrive.  However, 10
minutes was too long.  He wanted to see her now.
    Michael could be very content in his dealings with
Ashley by simply watching her at the strip club each night
and then offering her a hefty tip.  But, since she had
initiated a conversation, and then asked him out on a
date... he now had broader horizons in mind.  He never
expected her to approach him and put the wheels in motion,
and he sure wasn't going to approach her.  Despite the
mental image he had of Ashley, Michael figured that if he
did introduce himself, she would just shake her head and
tell him to get lost.  He thought, how many guys at the club
ask her out on a daily basis?  Why would she choose him over
anyone else?

    But, she had chosen him.

    And she even approached him.

    At the club, Ashley persuaded her boss to give her the
rest of the night off.  He finally relented, and then Ashley
went back to the dressing room and changed into a normal
outfit.  She threw on a tight pair of hip-hugging jeans, a
white blouse and a red varsity jacket, from the college she
    After telling her friends at the club good-bye for the
evening, the vixen got into her car and drove down to the

    She was drawn to Michael, for whatever reason.  He was
attractive, yes, but that really did not matter to her.
Instead, what caught her eye the most was his friendly
nature.  He just seemed very nice and soft-spoken, and
polite too.  In fact, Michael was one of the few men she had
met at the strip club who was polite to her.  He was like a
real gentleman, unlike the roudy, loud customers who often
filled the club, with their whistles and lewd cat-calls.
    She had noticed that Michael would often sit at his
table at the club, very quietly, and show little emotion.
He smiled at her quite often, but that was basically it.
Other customers would scream and yell - hoot and holler.
But not Michael.  That was something new.

    But, she still wanted him to make a pass at her.

    After parking her car, and checking her make-up and
hair, Ashley walked inside the friendly restaurant and
noticed Michael sitting at a booth about 30 feet away.  She
watched him look up, and glance in her direction... but he
didn't seem to notice her.  A few seconds later, he looked
up again, and then noticed her.
    Ashley smiled as he stood up.  She strolled over to him
and the two exchanged warm pleasantries, then they sat down
together in the cozy little booth, across from one another.
    Michael had to stifle a laugh.  "I'm sorry for not
noticing you earlier.  I've never seen you in regular
clothes before!"
    Ashley giggled at his words.  "Oh, don't worry about
it."  She looked at his dinner, half-finished.  "Hungry, eh?
I think I'll order something to eat as well."  The blonde
motioned for the waitress, and then ordered a chicken dinner
and coffee.
    "This food is really good," Michael said, after the
waitress had walked away.
    "This is my favorite place to eat," Ashley offered, then
leaned closer to him.  "So, tell me about yourself,
    He took a bite of food, and looked at her.  "What do you
want to know?  You need to ask questions if you wish to
learn anything in this life.  That's my philosophy, at
    "Well, let's have this be mutual," she said.  "First, I
guess, how old are you?"
    "27," he replied.
    "27?" she confirmed.  "Hmmmmm.  I'm 23."
    Michael smiled at her.  "I figured that you were 22 or
23... somewhere around there."
    She paused, and then giggled while holding a hand to her
mouth.  "Michael, please don't take this the wrong way...
but I thought about it while on the way over here.  You're
not married, are you?"
    Michael looked at her, then smiled.  "No.  Not married.
Not even dating anyone."  He paused.  "Why do you think I'm
always at the strip club, watching you?"  He grinned again.
"Same question for you.  I don't think you're married, but
are you seeing someone?"
    "No," she replied, shaking her head.  "I was, a month
ago... but the relationship came to a bad ending."
    Michael was overcome with a sudden joy, because she was
unattached, although his demeanor on the outside stayed its
usual, calm self.

    There was a moment of silence - which Ashley broke.

    "What do you do for a living?  You know I'm a stripper,
of course.  I don't have a second job, or something like
that.  The club is my only means of living."
    Michael was about to speak, but held back.  He did not
want to tell her the complete truth about his job.

    At the young age of 27, Michael was the owner of the
largest, most powerful company in the entire state.  A few
years ago, while enrolled in college, he won the state
lottery - over 45 million dollars.  Since then, he had
started his own business - one that manufactured kitchen
appliances and cookwear.  The business kept growing, and
with a good customer base and advertising campaign, Michael
had earned and built himself a personal fortune which most
people could only dream about.
    However, being a wealthy man had its drawbacks.  It
seemed like all the women who knew how rich he was were only
interested in his money.  It seemed as though they would
pretend to like and care for him, but all they were after
was his money.  The routine had gotten tiresome to him, and
as a result, he rarely dated anymore.
    For whatever reason, Michael sensed that Ashley was not
that type of person.  However, at the same time, he did not
want to divuldge his true job position to her, nor his vast
amount of wealth.
    Not yet, anyway.

    "I work in management," he simply told her.  Not a lie,
but not the complete truth, either.  Before she could ask
him to elaborate on that, Michael quickly said, "I see you
have a college jacket on there. Is that from the university,
here in town?"
    She looked down at the varsity jacket, then back up at
him.  "Why, yes.  Yes it is.  I'm in Nursing."
    He smiled at those words.  "Nursing?  You want to be a
nurse?  I respect people in that profession.  Always wanting
to help others."
    "Thank you," she grinned, then paused.  "I'm only
working at the strip club so I can get through college.
College is expensive, you know."
    "I can imagine," he told her, the thought of him paying
her entire college tuition costs running throughout his
mind.  He could do it in a heartbeat, if he wanted.  It
would be a simple drop in the bucket for him.

    It was only a thought at this point, though.

    He didn't want to tell her of his wealth yet.  He wanted
her to get to know him, and truly care for him, before
divuldging the whole truth.
    "Do you play any sports at college?" he asked.
    She shook her head.  "Not really.  I used to play
softball, in my freshman year.  I was a cheerleader for two
years, as well.  But now, I just concentrate on my studies,
and my job.  No time for sports."
    "Do you like working at the strip club?" Michael
    She puckered her lips together, and shrugged her
shoulders.  "Ehh, I guess it's okay.  Pays good money, I
know that.  But there are a lot of perverts who come in
    "Hopefully I'm not one of them," he chuckled.
    "No," Ashley grinned, "no... you're not.  If you were, I
would not be sitting here with you right now."  She paused.
"You said you're 27.  Do you live alone?  Have a roommate or
    Not counting his staff of maids and servants, "Yes, I
live alone.  Do you have a roommate, Ashley?  Live in a
dorm?   Or do you live with your parents?"
    "I have my own apartment," she replied.  "It's small,
but nice.  My family lives in Virginia.  I'm all the way out
here for college."
    "Then I take it that they do not know you're a
    "No way!" she gasped.  "My mother would freak out!"
    Michael laughed at her response, now viewing her as a
regular college girl with an irregular job... just trying to
get through life.

    Stripper or not, is there really anything wrong with

    There was another stretch of silence, and Ashley broke
it again.
    "Michael... you don't... you don't think any less of me
for being a stripper, do you?  I mean, when I tell some
people this, they freak out... they go ballistic.
Especially guys."
    He shrugged his shoulders.  "I think it's great you're a
stripper.  I love women who are not afraid to be free and
open.  And, besides that, you're doing it to help pay for
college.  Whether you make money as a waitress or a
stripper, it's still money.  And we all need it.  As long as
you make money, legally, it should not matter what type of
profession a person is in.  But, as I said, I think it's
great you're a stripper.  I respect you for being open."

    She smiled at his reply.

    Over the next hour or so, the two got to know each other
on a more personal basis.  Ashley went over her life story
in a roundabout way, and Michael did the same (minus his
lottery winnings and personal business). They shared some
laughs, and just had a wonderful time together.
    Ashley promised herself upon taking a job at the club
that she would never date anyone she had met through work.

    She had changed her mind.

    Twirling several strands her long blonde hair with a
finger, Ashley smiled at Michael as he finished his dessert,
chocolate pudding.  "How would you like to come over to my
apartment for a night-cap?"
    "Come over to your apartment?" he said.  "Well, I'd love
    She grinned.  "We can share a drink, and get to know
each other a little better.  I hope you don't object to
staying up late tonight?"
    He looked at her, and spoke in a strong tone, "Not at

                           * * *

    Michael drove a sporty Jeep, and he followed Ashley's
car in it to her apartment on the North end of town.  It was
very close to the university, so Michael figured that had to
be convenient for her.
    The two of them walked into the living room of the
quaint little apartment.  Despite owning a mansion, Michael
remembered his roots of living in a small apartment just
like this.  The living room had a sofa and television set,
along with some basic hardwood furniture, and an assortment
of plants.  The kitchen was nearby, as well as a small
dining table.  Off to the side were two closed doors.  One
had to be the bedroom, Michael thought, and the other was
either a restroom or a laundry area.
    As he looked around, the young man nodded and then
smiled.  "This is a very nice place you got."
    "Thanks," she said, placing her purse and overnight bag
upon the counter in the kitchen.  "Do you have an apartment
too?"  The young woman hung her jacket up on a coat hook.
    "Actually I own a house," he replied.
    "Wow," she said, walking back into the living room.
"You're lucky.  I can't wait to live in a house.  I grew up
in apartments and condos.  That's all my parents ever
wanted.  Where do you live?"
    "On the East Side."
    She nodded her head.  "That's a nice area.  Hey, would
you like a drink?  I've got some white wine and champagne in
the refrigerator."
    "Champagne?  I'd love some champagne."
    She shook her head at him.  "You haven't had too much to
drink tonight, have you?  I mean, you were drinking at the
club...  I don't want this drink to like, put you over the
edge or something."
    "I'm fine," he told her, which was the truth.  "Besides,
I only had one drink at the club, and I didn't finish it."
    "Okay," Ashley nodded, accepting his answer.  She went
back into the kitchen and poured two glasses of champagne,
then brought them out.  Michael took a seat on the sofa, and
Ashley proceeded to join him.
    "Cheers," she said, as they clanked glasses.
    Michael took a drink.  "This is good stuff."
    "Thanks," she said, sipping the champagne.
    Ashley set the glass down on the end table, and then
laid the side of her face against Michael's shoulder.  She
wanted him to make a pass at her.  "I'm so tired.  Been a
real long day.  First my studies... then my job."
    "Tired?" he asked.  "You want to go to bed?"
    Even though his question did not have a sexual intent,
Ashley looked up at him anyway, and then smiled.  "Love to!"

    Michael immediately caught the meaning and laughed.

    Ashley took his glass and placed it next to hers on the
end table.
    Then she hooked her arms around his neck, and brought
his mouth down to hers for a kiss...
    Both individuals moaned when their lips first touched.
For Ashley, she was glad to have finally found a man whom
she had a good feeling about.  Michael, on the other hand...
it was unbelievable for him.  He had watched this woman at
the strip club for months, and had erotic fantasies about
her as a result.

    Perhaps now they could be realized.

    Michael embraced the blonde goddess, pulling her closer
to him, pressing her full, firm breasts into his strong
chest.  Ashley moaned at the sudden rush of excitement as
the kiss intensified.
    Michael had slipped his tongue into her mouth, and found
her own tongue.  They brushed together, over and over, as
his grip around her body became stronger and stronger.
Ashley welcomed it.  She truly loved a good, forceful
    His tongue sought out and explored all areas of her
mouth; from the inner walls, to her gums and teeth, to the
area below her tongue.  He reached as far as he could,
trying to dive right down her throat.
    "This is a fantasy for me," Michael told her, once the
kiss was broken.  "It really is.  To be here with you, like
    "No, it's reality," she corrected him, offering another
    Michael brought his hands up to her face, and cradled it
while breaking the kiss off.  He proceeded to plant his
mouth against her neck, and then follow with a series of
licks and nibbles on the sensitive flesh.
    "Oooooh," the vivacious blonde cooed, enjoying the
    She liked them even more when Michael brought both hands
down, and massaged her breasts through the white blouse she
wore.  Both globes were just as firm as he had expected.  A
large bust was especially wonderful, in Michael's eyes, when
both breasts were firm too.
    He continued stroking her breasts, kneading their sides
with the palms of his hands, all the while kissing and
nibbling on her neck.  Ashley reached down herself, and
unbuttoned the stylish blouse she wore.  "Reach inside," she
begged him, gasping.
    Michael moved his hands past her open blouse, and
kneaded her breasts through a white bra.  He had seen her
topless on several occasions, at the strip club.  So he was
more interested in feeling and touching her womanly
blessings, than actually seeing them.

    For now, at least.

    Ashley slipped the blouse down, from her shoulders, and
Michael helped her take it off.  He proceeded to reach
behind her back, and unclasp the bra.  Ashley slid its
straps down her shoulders, and Michael whisked the bra off
in a hurry.
    His mouth, as expected, went from her neck directly to a
    Ashley arched her back and sighed in deep pleasure as
his mouth got to work upon one of her nipples.  She brought
both hands around his head, and started to weave her fingers
through his short brown hair.
    "Yesssss," the stripper sighed.  "That feels sooooo
    No one had ever brought her so much pleasure by sucking
on her breasts... Michael was an expert, in her eyes.  He
went from mound to mound, focusing most of his effort on her
nipples.  He softly bit them, trapping each between his
teeth and tugging gently.  He also sucked and slurped the
tips, causing them to harden even more, and stand out at
    "Let's go to the bedroom," she gasped, pushing his head
away from her breasts.  It was tough to do, but she did it.
"If we're going to have sex, I want to do it in the
bedroom... not out here, on the sofa."
    He smiled at her while getting up.  "I'm going to have
to change your mind on that, in the future."

    Ashley stood up, and grasped Michael's hand.  She led
him to one of the closed doors, and then opened it.  Inside
was a smallish bedroom, although the actual bed was big
enough for two.
    Ashley was topless (which was quite normal for her, you
know) as she stood before her new love interest.  She looked
at him, as he was still completely dressed... wearing a nice
business suit.

    The blonde smiled, and then dropped down to her knees.

    Michael suddenly gasped as he realized Ashley was going
for his slacks.  She undid his belt in a hurry and took it
off, then slid his slacks and briefs down.  What appeared
was to her liking.
    "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen in my entire
life," Ashley whispered, a little stunned, while taking the
slab of man-meat into her hand.  She looked up at him, and
smiled once more.  "Wow!"
    Michael shrugged his shoulders at her.  "And you're the
most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life."
    Ashley continued smiling, his compliment swirling
throughout her.
    She held onto the base of his cock with her left hand,
then grasped his balls with her right hand, and proceeded to
swirl the gentle flesh between her long, delicate fingers.
    Michael threw his head back and sighed, in total
    Ashley's brown eyes were glowing with hunger, thoughts
of what it would feel like to get that beautiful monster
into her mouth.  She didn't want to wait any longer.
    The goddess opened her mouth and slipped the cock
    Michael continued to sigh, experiencing ultimate
pleasure, as Ashley started to s-l-o-w-l-y move her head
back and forth, her lips and teeth raking across his
sensitive meat in the process.
    The young woman looked up at her man, and enjoyed his
reactions. She was making him feel good.  That is what it is
all about for her.
    Ashley brought her left hand down to his testicles as
well, and that allowed her to take the entire length of his
manhood into her greedy little mouth.  She swirled her
tongue against his cock inside her mouth, particulary its
underside.  Michael continued moaning, simply loving the
sensations she was providing.
    Her mouth full of cock, Ashley looked up and made eye
contact with Michael, then offered a sweet smile.  The
27-year-old man groaned at the sight, and then shuddered as
Ashley began to steadily thrust his cock in and out of her
    She did not break eye contact with him, her head bobbing
up and down at a steady, but not fast, pace.  All the while,
her tongue slid in frantic circles around his shaft.
    Ashley pulled his entire cock out of her mouth, then
gently bit down on the very tip.  She applied a tad more
pressure, which sent a total shockwave of pleasure coursing
throughout Michael's body.  She released it, then bit down
again, causing the same result.  Applying the same pressure,
she slid his cock fully into her mouth, her teeth raking it
in the process.
    "I love cock," she said, looking up at him, after
pulling his meat out of her mouth again.  This time, she
held it before her face, and offered a long, sweeping lick
with her tongue.  "I just love it!"  She licked it again in
the open air, and again.
    Michael was trembling from the immense amount of
pleasure.  He was about to lose control of himself...  "Oh
sweetheart, I'm gonna cum..."
    "Do it down my throat," Ashley said, quickly placing his
cock back into her mouth.  One little squeeze with her
    Michael groaned as his cock erupted, the first wave of
cum shooting out and landing on the roof of Ashley's mouth.
She quickly swallowed it down, and then a virtual flood of
cum was jettisoned down her hungry throat.  More than she
    Ashley choked, something she had not done in years,
while trying to swallow the delicious liquid down.  She
persisted, however, and soon he had emptied himself into
her.  Ashley kept busy by "cleaning" his cock with her
tongue, making sure it was dry.

    As Michael looked down at her, his body full of
sensations, he took his suit and shirt off.  Ashley glanced
up at him, and admired his strong, well-developed chest
muscles.  She loved a strong chest.  They made good pillows,
she thought to herself.
    The young lady stood and wiped a stream of cum from her
lips with a fingertip, then sucked it dry.  She smiled at
her man, then dropped to the bed, and laid down upon her
back.  She spread her long blonde hair out beneath her, and
it fanned out over the mattress.

    What a beautiful sight, Michael said to himself.

    He sat down beside her, and reached for her skintight
jeans.  The eager gentleman unbuttoned the denims, and then
Ashley slid the tight garment down her shapely hips.
Michael, meanwhile, untied her shoes and took them off, then
proceeded to slide her jeans the rest of the way down.  Once
they were off, he tossed the faded jeans to the other side
of the bedroom.
    Ashley lay beneath him, and hooked the straps of her
G-string with both thumbs.  One thing Michael had never
seen, despite her job as a stripper, was her treasure box.
She never took her panties or G-string off during a
performance at the club.

    He wanted to see it.

    Michael reached for the G-string, but Ashley slid it
down herself. She smiled as he inspected her blonde patch of
curls with his eyes, and the tiny slit hidden below.
    Ashley boldly brought her own hands down, spread her
thighs, and then opened her slit so Michael could have a
better view.
    "What's the matter?" she grinned.  "Need an invitation?"
    Michael laughed gently, amazed at her brashness.  "Not
    He slid her G-string from her knees down, until it was
off, and flung it elsewhere.  Then he moved down, below her
on the bed, and positioned himself between her inviting
thighs.  Ashley released her crease when Michael touched it,
using two fingers to pry it apart.
    "Ohhhhh..." the blonde moaned, as Michael's mouth
started to explore her most private area.
    It didn't take long for his tongue to find its way deep
into her, and when it did, Ashley immediately started
rocking her hips back and forth, in an effort to increase
her pleasure.
    As his tongue continued to explore the deep confines of
her slit, Ashley started to moan and pant, and then grabbed
and held onto the headboard of the bed, using it for
    "That's it, baby!" she cried out, grinding her crotch
against him. "Keep doing it!"
    Michael retreated for an instant, then took her tiny
clit between his teeth and bit it gently.  Ashley's response
was immense.  She screamed out in pleasure, and her entire
body bucked beneath him. Liking that reaction, Michael
nibbled on her clit again, and received the same response.
    "You're going to make me EXPLODE!" she exclaimed, her
body now rotating in circles.
    Michael dug his tongue into her again, tasting the sweet
recesses, then pulled out and shoved three fingers into her.
 Ashley's body tensed and she sucked in a deep breath, then
she started to gyrate against his hand.
    Michael kept the fingers buried inside her as he found
her clit with his teeth once more.  He was intent on
"repaying" her for what she had done moments ago, to his
cock.  He bit down on her clit, which sent a tidal wave of
lust throughout Ashley's body.
    She cried and shuddered as his fingers wiggled around
inside her, his teeth working on her sensitive clit.
    He bit down again, and this time, did not release it
right away.
    "OOOOH!  OHHHHH MY GOD!" she screamed, and then his
teeth applied just a slight more pressure.  "OHHHHHHHHHH!
    He bit harder, hoping it wouldn't hurt her.
    "I'M CUMMING!" she screamed.
    Michael pulled his fingers out, but smashed his mouth
against her opening.  As the juices oozed out of Ashley, her
body still rocking, Michael clamped down on her womanhood
with his mouth.  He flicked his tongue across her clit, over
and over as she came, which only caused new and greater
sensations to shoot throughout her body.
    "Ohhhh..." Ashley moaned, about 30 seconds later, when
Michael's head finally raised from the joining of her
    He looked down at her, remembering that she is the
stripper who had filled his fantasies for so long.  And now,
to see her, to watch her reactions after an orgasm... an
orgasm that HE caused...
    "I'm in Heaven," Michael barely whispered.
    "Huh?" Ashley said in a groggy voice.
    He smiled down at her.  "Nothing, sweetheart."
    Ashley, still luxariating in the aftermath of sweet
orgasm, sighed and then looked up at Michael.

    "Fuck me," she whispered.  "Fuck me... PLEASE."

    Michael grabbed her lower legs and flipped them upward,
which caused Ashley's back to press down hard into the
mattress.  He hooked her legs over his shoulders, and she
responded by linking her feet together around his neck.
Michael grasped his cock, hard once again, and then
positioned himself to enter her.
    "I hope this is more than a one-night stand," he told
her, rubbing his cockhead against her clit.
    "OHHH YESSSS," she hissed, enjoying his caresses.  "It's
more than a one-night stand... I promise you!"
    Michael placed one hand on Ashley's hip, then used his
right hand to help forge his cock into her slippery,
velvet-like opening.
    "YEEESSSSS!" the blonde gasped, beneath him, her body
writhing in utter pleasure.
    Not wanting to waste any time, Michael started slamming
himself in and out of her.
    Ashley cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, but
everything felt good to her.  She liked it when sex became a
little rough.
    Michael was simply pounding her, her legs high in the
air, hooked around his shoulders and neck.  His balls
slapped against Ashley's bottom with each downward
cock-thrust, the sound vibrating through the bedroom and
little apartment.
    He was thrusting in and out of her at such a torrid
pace, that if it wasn't for a good, solid frame, the entire
bed may have broke and fallen to the floor.
    Ashley continued to cry, but experienced unique pleasure
at the same time.  She reached up and hooked her arms around
Michael's waist, and tried to push him down harder into her,
with her hands.
    The young woman eventually stammered out a sentence in
the middle of their intense coupling.  "I... DO-DON'T DON'T
    That only made Michael thrust himself in and out of her
even faster.
    Instead of crying, Ashley was now simply screaming.  No
one had ever made her feel so hot and excited.

    No one.

    Michael couldn't take much more of this, either.  Her
treasure cove gripped his cock like a vice.  It was
    "GIVE-GIVE IT TO M-ME ME-ME!" Ashley begged, screaming,
still being pounded.  "CUM IN MY PUS-PUSSY!"
    Michael growled, the stripper's brashness making him
even more excited, and then tightly grasped her hips with
both hands.  Ashley's back arched high on the bed, giving
him better access, and Michael's body tensed.  He growled a
second time, then emptied his seed into her and simply

    Five minutes later, as the two lay together in sweet
aftermath, embracing each other and letting out an
occasional sigh, Ashley kissed her man's neck and then
looked into his eyes.
    "Michael," she whispered, "I have a favor to ask.
Please don't tell anyone at the strip club that we're seeing
each other.  I'm fearful that I may lose my job... I'm not
allowed to find a date through work."
    "No problem," he told her, already knowing that fact.
"But I'm still going to visit you at the club each night,
and give you good tips.  You as a stripper... you're my
    She grinned at him, then planted a kiss upon his mouth.
"I believe this is the beginning of a long and beautiful
relationship.  I have a really good feeling about us."
    "So do I," Michael beamed.  "And, don't you worry your
pretty little head about anything.  I'M going to take care
of you from now on."                ~~~

                         [The End]


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