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WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions
of sexual acts performed between consenting adults.  If you
are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of
literature offensive, then exit this file/message now.  (!)

"Tamara's Present"    (TAMARA-P.TXT * M+/F, gang, light D&S)

   Written by: The Midnight Lurker


    Tamara had been looking forward to this day for quite
some time.  The 26-year-old female, who lived her life as a
B&D submissive, had been promised by her Master Vince that
her deepest, darkest fantasy would finally come true today.
Tamara, who had been Vince's devoted slave for almost seven
years, had always fantasized about getting gang-banged by a
group of horny men.  As a show of gratitude for her faithful
subservience to him, Vince decided to help make this fantasy
become a reality for Tamara.  It would be his present to her.
    The submissive did not know exactly how Vince had found
and/or chosen the men who would gang-bang her.  She did not
know them personally - they would be strangers to her, Vince
promised.  Tamara really did not want to know them, either.
In all likelihood, this was going to be a one-time, sex-only
encounter.  It would be better if she did not know them.
However, Vince did promise her that all of the men could be
trusted.  That was all he told her about them, though.
    Since today was the big day, Tamara had gone to great
lengths to look her best.  After countless hours of applying
mascara, styling her hair and going through outfit after
outfit, the young woman finally emerged from the restroom.
She was dressed in rather skimpy clothing - a light blue
half-sweater which displayed her flat stomach and deep
cleavage in a luscious manner.  The 26-year-old was also
decked out in a black micro-miniskirt, along with matching
high-heeled shoes.  Of the five buttons on the sweater top
Tamara wore, only the middle one was buttoned.  Thus, it was
quite easy to tell that she was not wearing a bra underneath.
    The submissive stood 5-foot-7 and weighed 122 pounds,
with long, thin blonde hair and blue eyes.  She had a lovely
face, a toned body and an all-over suntan to boot.
    In her seven-plus years of being Vince's sex slave,
Tamara was well past the point of questioning his judgement.
Therefore, she had no worries at all about the men whom he
was bringing to the estate for the gang-bang.  It did not
matter to Tamara that all of those men would be strangers to
her.  Vince would not have invited them over if they posed
any sort of danger.  She was positive of that.  Since Vince
obviously trusted them, so did Tamara.
    "You go and wait in the rec room," the strict, older
Vince told his submissive.  "The guests should be arriving
shortly.  I want you to be ready for them."
    "Yes, Master," Tamara complied, before turning and
starting toward the rec room.
    The 48-year-old man watched her until she dissapeared
around the hallway corner.  Vince looked at his wristwatch
and then started walking in the opposite direction.  It was
almost time to get the festivities underway...

                           + + +

    Tamara had sat, rather peacefully, in the rec room of
the estate for nearly 30 minutes.  However, a sudden wave of
sheer excitement and anxiousness swept over her as she heard
several voices from just outside the closed door.
    Quickly, Tamara stood up from the chair and then almost
tripped over a high-heel while composing herself.  She had
been told earlier to act calm and collected... not jittery
or nervous.  However, she could not help feeling those ways.
Her deepest sexual fantasy was about to become a reality!
    "There she is," Vince said, pointing toward Tamara, as
he opened the door and invited three men into the rec room.
    The trio of men were all older than Tamara, but younger
than Vince.  They all looked at Tamara with wanderlust and
passion in their eyes.  Vince had told them that Tamara was
very beautiful, but none of them figured she could be THIS
beautiful!  She was better-looking than they had hoped for.
    Tamara had similar thoughts as she glanced at the three
guys who stood before her.  Jason was the most attractive of
the group.  He was the prototypical "tall, dark & hansome",
which endeared him to Tamara even more.  Those were her
favorite type of men.  Cliff, the oldest of the trio at age
41, had brown hair and a short, stocky build.  Richard had
dark hair and what appeared to be well-built muscles under
the white dress shirt he wore.
    As she continued to inspect them, Tamara noticed that
all three guys looked like what one would expect in a
professional businessman.  She wondered to herself if they
were corporate employees of Vince's, at his downtown
business.  He could definitely trust them, she thought...

    Over the next couple of minutes, Vince went over some
very strinct rules with the three men on what they could,
and could not do to Tamara.  Basically, he told them that
they could use her in anyway they saw fit, without hurting
her.  Vince gave all three men permission to fuck her in
any position or place (i.e. mouth, pussy, ass) they desired.
He told them they could go one-on-one, two-on-one or even
three-on-one.  Vince could stop the action at anytime he
wanted, although he didn't plan to.  His plan was to just
sit in a chair in the corner, and watch.
    This was Tamara's special present, and Vince did not
want to interfere unless he felt it neccessary to do so.

    After the instructions were finished, Jason, Cliff and
Richard all looked at each other.  None of them knew where
to begin with Tamara.  So they just looked at her...
    Seated in his chair, Vince peered over at his eager
submissive.  "Why don't you give them a little strip-tease
to get things started?" was his suggestion.
    "Yes, Master," Tamara obediently replied.  Since she had
a history in both dancing and cheerleading, Tamara could put
together a fairly sexy strip-tease.  She knew how to use and
move her body, to entice others.
    Going into 'stripper mode', Tamara stepped forward and
clicked both of her black high-heels together, then started
dancing and strutting her stuff.  The shapely young blonde
brought both hands to the sides of her large, firm breasts,
then ran them all the way down to her hips.
    A smile appeared on her face, just as massive erections
started forming in the trousers of all three guests/men.
    Tamara rotated her hips in a sensual, lusty motion as
she brought both hands up to her head and held them there.
She knelt down slightly, directly facing the men, and did a
little quarter-spin before continuing her dance.
    Tamara took a step backward and turned around, then
looked back over her shoulder and smiled in an innocent
manner while undoing the silver buttons on the front of her
micro-miniskirt.  All three guys were experiencing full
erections and fast heartbeats by now...
    Tamara slid the miniskirt halfway down her bottom,
exposing the upper half of a white G-string.  She continued
looking over her shoulder and offered a sexy pout while
twitching her hips for the horny trio.  Then she gave a
huge, happy smile, and let the miniskirt fall to the floor
in a heap around her ankles and feet.
    Tamara kicked the miniskirt off to the side and turned
around, now facing the men.  She smiled once more before
stepping back.  Then, the 26-year-old woman used her right
hand to undo the middle button of her blue half-sweater.
Since that was the only button which had been in use, the
sweater fell open, exposing her breasts to the three men.
    In a single motion, Tamara took the half-sweater off
while snapping her head back.  This caused her long, flowing
blonde tresses to fly and whip about wildly.  Jason, Cliff
and Richard all gawked at her full breasts.  They, like the
rest of her goddess-like body, had a deep, rich suntan.
    Tamara continued smiling as she started to gyrate and
bump her hips in erotic circles once again.  Dancing around
in nothing but high-heels and a white G-string was really
nothing new for her.  She did this quite often for Vince.

    "I can't take anymore of this," Cliff growled lustily,
as he stepped forward from the group and quickly approached
Tamara.  "I want you, and I want you now!"
    Immediately, Tamara's body was embraced and her mouth
engulfed by the 41-year-old man.  Cliff held her tight and
devoured her sweet mouth with his own, driving his tongue
deep inside for pleasurable kisses.  At the same time, both
of his hands ventured downward, then cupped and squeezed her
drumtight bottom.
    Tamara moaned against Cliff, a mixture of several
emotions running rampant throughout her.  This was the
first time she had kissed someone other than Vince in well
over seven years.  It was different to her.  Exciting, too.
At the same time, she knew this was the beginning of her
gang-bang fantasy.  That excited her more than anything.
    The vivacious blonde groaned in pure ecstasy as Cliff
leaned over slightly and attached his hungry mouth to one
of her plump nipples.  He eagerly sucked on the hard bud,
drawing it between his lips and into his mouth.  Tamara
arched her head way back and sighed, enjoying the feeling.
    Eventually, Tamara slid her hand between her body and
Cliff's, so she could stroke and rub his erection through
the trousers he wore.  Cliff moaned in response, then simply
kissed her harder, and with more passion.

    Meanwhile, Jason and Richard watched with interested
eyes as Cliff and Tamara carried on together.  Vince, on
the other hand, sat quietly in his chair... simply watching.

    Cupping her ass with both hands, Cliff pressed Tamara
forcefully against his body.  He was kissing with her great
intensity; his mouth was nearly smothering and crushing
hers.  But Tamara welcomed his passionate strength.  She was
quite used to it - Vince often used his strength during sex.
    Cliff broke the kiss and while gasping for breath, he
smiled at Tamara.  "I gotta taste that pussy of yours,
honey," were his lustful words.  "I LOVE eating pussy."
    "Oh," the young woman grinned.  "That's good, because I
LOVE having my pussy eaten!"
    Tamara dropped to her knees and then rolled onto her
back.  She spread both of her thighs and brought her knees
into the air, her feet flat upon the carpet, then smiled up
at Cliff.  The sexually-enraged man growled in response, as
he dropped down to his knees before her wide-spread thighs.
    Cliff quickly got rid of her white G-string.  Now all
the blonde had from keeping herself completely nude was a
pair of black high-heeled shoes.  The rest of her body,
however, was completely uncovered.
    Tamara moaned with passion as Cliff buried his face
between her spread thighs.  His lips and tongue went right
to work upon her sweet pussy.  Lapping and slurping away
upon Tamara's gooey love nest, Cliff grasped her hips with
both hands and held on tightly.
    Tamara continued to moan as she arched her back high
in the air, just before grabbing both of her breasts and
squeezing them.  Writhing around beneath him, Tamara placed
both hands on top of Cliff's head and ran her long, sleek
fingers throughout his brown hair.
    Cliff was in heaven.  As someone who really 'got off' on
eating pussy, he could feast on Tamara's sweet slit forever.
It tasted absoultely WONDERFUL to him!
    However, Tamara could not stand being eaten like this
forever.  To her, Cliff was an expert when it came to
performing oral sex on a woman.  She was already sure of
this.  Thus, an orgasm was building within her... quickly.
    Tamara's arms and legs flailed in various directions as
she screamed and cried in sweet release.  Cliff continued
lapping away, wanting to taste and swallow the love juice
which flowed from within her heated pussy.

    After just a few seconds of rest, the submissive was
ready for more.  She looked over at the other two men, and
noticed that Jason was already nude from the waist down.
His cock was erect too... so, Tamara crooked a finger at
him, and motioned for him to come over to her.
    As Cliff retreated, Jason approached Tamara, who rose up
to her knees to meet him.  She took his full erection into
her right hand and squeezed it roughly, then offered it a
full, sweeping lick with her tongue.  Jason arched his neck
back and looked up at the ceiling, while moaning in lust.  He
was glad Vince had given him this chance to be with Tamara...
    Tamara slipped his fat cockhead between her moist lips
and began with a gentle sucking.  She pumped away at its
base with her right hand, while kneading and twisting his
gentle testicles with her left.
    Tamara's head started to bob back and forth as she took
more and more of Jason's prick into her mouth.  Her eyes
were staring up into his as the blowjob quickened and became
more intense.  Tamara kept taking more of his massive length
into her mouth, and soon started making gagging noises as a
result.  Nonetheless, she continued swallowing more of it.
    Jason looked over at Vince, who was still seated in his
chair with a stoic expression.  Jason laughed in lust, then
glanced at his two friends before looking back down at
Tamara.  She kept sucking his cock in what could best be
described as an expert-like fashion.
    Suddenly, Jason growled as his cock erupted within the
submissive's mouth.  Prepared for such an onslaught, Tamara
tightened her lips around Jason's erection and started
busily swallowing the sweet cum as quickly as possible.  Not
wanting any of it to drip from her mouth, the young woman
guzzled his entire helping down her hungry little throat.
Tamara LOVED the taste of sperm.

    Jason withdrew his cock from within her mouth, but that
did not stop her from giving it a few final licks and
kisses.  She smiled up at him, her once-perfect blonde hair
and mascara now mused from all the heated action.  That did
not matter to her now, though.  The only thing which mattered
to her at the current time was getting some more cock.
    Richard obliged her, as he stepped forward, without a
single piece of clothing on anymore.  Tamara grinned at him,
then the man gently pushed her onto her hands and knees.
Richard dropped to his own knees behind her, positioning
himself just behind her upturned bottom.  He grasped her
hips with both hands, then prepared to penetrate her pussy
with his erection in the doggie-style position.
    Tamara squealed with lust as she felt Richard's fat cock
slip into her pussy from behind.  Then, she squealed once
more, as Cliff dropped to his knees in front of her, and
offered his cock to her mouth.  The gang-bang was starting
to happen for her!
    As Richard started to thrust in and out of her via the
doggie-style position, Cliff scooted forward and slipped his
erection between Tamara's willing lips.  She began to suck
away upon him, as Richard increased the speed and tempo of
his hard fuck-strokes.

    Off to the side, Vince was very happy inside.  He had
known for the longest time that Tamara's deepest fantasy was
to have sex with multiple men at the same time.  She was
such a good, devoted submissive to him - Vince simply
decided that Tamara DESERVED to have her fantasy come true.
Watching her with other men did not make him jealous.  Vince
knew that Tamara loved him more than anything - and nothing
would ever change that.  He loved her more than anything, too.

    The young woman's body was bouncing back and forth like
a pinball as Cliff and Richard relentlessly hammered away at
each end of her.  She liked it this way, of course, so no
harm was being done.  Forceful sex made her excited.
    Her mouth stuffed full of Cliff's erection, Tamara let
out a loud growl as she felt another orgasm brewing within
her.  Not only was Tamara physically excited, but she was
MENTALLY excited.  It isn't too often that a person's
deepest sexual fantasy comes true, you know.
    Tamara squealed in wild lust and her body went rigid as
another powerful orgasm ripped throughout her.  Nonetheless,
Cliff and Richard continued fucking her mouth and pussy,
respectively.  They kept doing so until each of their
cocks exploded.  In fact, it happened to them at the same
time.  As Richard's shaft filled Tamara's pussy with a nice
helping of jizz, Cliff's shot off in her mouth... giving her
yet another delicious, gooey drink.

    Tired but still wanting more, Tamara became very excited
seconds later when she saw that Jason was back for more.
Wanting to fuck her pussy, Jason got down onto the floor and
pulled Tamara down on top of him.  She lowered herself onto
his massive erection, then grunted with passion once it was
all the way inside of her.
    Jason reached up and pawed her breasts as Tamara started
to buck and writhe about as she bounced upon his cock.  This
afternoon was really a dream-cum-true for her... never
before had Tamara been so excited.  But the thing was, the
afternoon had just began!  Tamara knew that she would have
several more hours with these men before they would leave.
    "No matter how much I try, I can't resist any longer,"
came a voice from behind her.  Tamara looked, then squealed
as she saw her Master - Vince - standing there, completely
nude himself.  He had a jar of anal lubricant in one hand;
that could only mean one thing...
    "Let's see if you like double-penetration," Vince said,
smearing the lubricant across her puckered anus.  Cliff and
Richard both watched with lust, while Jason smiled as Tamara
continued bouncing upon his cock... as Vince prepared to
enter his submissive through 'the backdoor'.
    Tamara screamed in unparalled ecstasy as a second cock
entered her body.  Not only was there one filling her pussy,
but now there was another embedded deep within her ass!
    Vince gripped her hips with both hands and thrusted
himself back and forth in her anus as Jason pumped and
vibrated his hips in a continual upward motion.  The
centerpiece of an all-male sandwich, Tamara continued to
scream and cry in pure ecstasy.
    Richard decided to join in on the action as well.  He
dropped to his knees before Tamara's face, then shoved his
prick into her mouth.  Now she had three cocks to deal with!
    Tamara did the best job she could, considering the
heated circumstances, as she began to suck away upon
Richard's shaft.  Jason and Vince continued to thrust into
her pussy and ass, respectively.  Cliff was the only one who
wasn't getting any action right now.  But, he knew that
would soon change...
    Jason's cock exploded in Tamara's pussy like a stick of
dynamite.  He screamed as his fuck cream gushed out and
simply coated her insides.  Tamara wailed in lust herself,
experiencing yet another orgasm of her own.  However, Vince
continued pounding away at her vice-tight anus, as Richard
busily fucked her mouth.
    Once Jason slipped out of her pussy and rolled away,
Tamara could pay a little more attention to Richard.  So,
she sucked his cock harder... the submissive wanted to
swallow him right down her throat, and never let go!
    Vince growled as he whipped his cock out of her anus and
aimed it at her lower back.  He erupted too; his cream shot
out and covered her lower back and hips.  Eventually, he
backed off, and let his slave go one-on-one with Richard.
    Determined to swallow some more cum, Tamara rolled and
bobbed her head in circles as Richard pumped his cock in and
out of her mouth.  She soon got her wish, as Richard filled
her hungry mouth with gush after gush of thick, gooey sperm.
Tamara quickly swallowed - not wanting any of his delicious
juice to drip from her mouth.  She wanted to swallow it all!

    When Richard backed off, Tamara was finally left alone -
for the time being.  She collapsed onto the floor and sighed
deeply, then started breathing in ragged breaths.  After 10
or 15 seconds, she glanced back at Vince, who was with the
other men as they all stared at her.
    "Thank you, Master," she gasped.  "Thank you for making
my fantasy come true."
    "Your fantasy isn't over yet, dear," Vince calmly said.
"In fact, Cliff here wants to fuck you in the ass.  Are you
willing to take some more cock?"
    "With pleasure!" the submissive exclaimed.

                           + + +

    For the next four hours, Tamara was the centerpiece of
a wild fuck-fest.  All four of the men - Vince included,
simply had their way with her.  They sampled each and every
part of her hot body - especially her orafices.  It was just
a nonstop sex-a-thon.
    After Cliff, Richard and Jason finally left later that
evening, Vince felt very positive about the encounter.  The
Master liked the idea of watching his beloved submissive have
sex with other men more than he originally thought he would.
So much so...
    "Tamara dear," Vince said that evening before they went
to sleep, "how would you like to be gang-banged again?  I
can get those guys back for another encounter if you wish."

    In return, Tamara smiled gleefully at him.

                         [The End]



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