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WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions
of sexual acts performed between consenting adults.  If you
are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of
literature offensive, then exit this file/message now.  (!)

"Cindy's Audience"

        (CINDY-GB.TXT * M+/F, gang, cons)

                Please archive as CINDY-GB.ZIP

   Written by: The Midnight Lurker


   "Wow, sweetheart!  You look incredible!"  David's jaw had
almost dropped to the floor once he saw his beautiful young
wife emerge from the bedroom.  David had never seen Cindy
dressed in something so tight and skimpy before - except
before or during their lovemaking sessions.  But this time
it was different, because David knew that his 25-year-old
wife would soon go out into public in that very provocative
and sexy outfit.
   "Thanks," Cindy smiled in return.  She did a pirouette
and added, "I'm glad you like it."
   "Like it?" David gushed.  "I LOVE IT!"

   Cindy's outfit consisted mostly of an aqua-colored top
and matching short-skirt, both of which were made of a very
thin, stretchy material.  Needless to say, the aqua-colored
outfit displayed the considerable and luscious curves of her
38d-24-35 figure.  Since the top was cut low, it displayed a
generous amount of Cindy's ample cleavage.  Her breasts were
very large and firm, without any sag or give in them.  Just
like the top, the short-skirt fit Cindy's body like a tight
glove.  It went down to the mid-point between her hips and
knees, and offered a wonderful view of her richly-tanned
long legs.  To complete the outfit, the beautiful young lady
wore a pair of white high-heeled shoes which accentuated her
firm, long legs even more.
   Cindy had long, stylish blonde hair which went down to
the center of her back.  Even without smiling, there was no
argument that Cindy had a beautiful face.  But she looked
even more appealing when she smiled.  Since Cindy was a
warm and pleasant person, the 25-year-old woman usually had
a happy expression upon her lovely face.

   David's eyes surveyed the incredible sight of his wife in
that outfit and surmised, "If I knew that you weren't headed
out for an acting audition, I'd take you back into the
bedroom and make wild love to you all day long."
   "Hmmmm," Cindy squealed, leaning over and pecking her
husband's cheek with a kiss.  "I'll have to take a rain-check
on that, for another day."
   "You better get going," David said.  "The last thing you
want to do is be late for this audition.  If you land this
part in the movie, that would be great."
   "The audition is not for another four hours," Cindy told
him.  "I just decided to get ready for it a bit early."
   "Early?" the man said, confused.  "Early?  You have to go
now, Cindy.  I don't want you here when the guys show up, to
watch the football game."
   "Why?" his wife giggled.  "Because you'll be talking
about 'guy things'?  Come on, I have no place to go for
four hours.  I definitely couldn't go to a book store or
the shopping center in this type of outfit.  Where else
could I possibly go?"
   "I don't want you here, honey, because the guys who will
be coming over to watch the game are a bit rowdy.  I don't
think you would like them."
   "Oh, listen to you," Cindy smiled, flipping her hand at
him.  "I won't like them?  I don't judge anyone because they
scream or hoot and holler when their favorite football team
scores a touchdown."  She paused and giggled, "If that was
the case, I'd have never married you!"
   David shook his head and returned, "No, you do not
understand.  I would just feel uncomfortable with you and
them here at the same time."
   "I'm not leaving," Cindy insisted, "until it's time for
the audition.  You can try to change my mind, but it won't
work."  She turned and started strolling toward the kitchen.
"Besides, I won't bother you guys.  Neither you nor your
friends will even know I'm here."
   As David watched Cindy's round ass jiggle and twich
seductively with each and every step, he mumbled to himself,
"Oh, I have a feeling they'll know you're here..."

   Over the next hour, David's group of friends made their
way to the apartment.  All of them were his co-workers and
were also very close to his age of 28.  Alex had blond hair
and a physically-fit body, thanks to many surfing sessions
at the beach.  Shawn's hair was brown and he had a slim but
strong body.  Kris had black hair and a handsome face, but
just an average build.  Tyrone had the best-looking body of
the group.  He was tall and attractive, and black.  An
African-American man, Tyrone was best friends with David.
   The four guests expected to come over to David's place to
get loud and rowdy for their favorite pro football team.
None of them expected to find a blonde bombshell like Cindy;
especially one dressed in such a tiny little outfit.  They
had never met David's wife before, and to no great shock,
were extremely impressed with Cindy's beauty.
   The young woman found herself giggling like a schoolgirl
with some of the forward comments coming from the men.  "Wow
David, where have you been hiding this?" one man said.
"What a fine-looking lady," another observed.  "Too bad
you're married, sweetheart," one of the men told her.
   David figured his friends were just kidding, so he
laughed while telling them to stop teasing his wife.  The
group finally relented, and made their way to the living
room.  The football game was just about to start.
   Nonetheless, the compliments from the guys made Cindy
feel very lightheaded and bubbly.  She liked her husband's
friends.  As a result, the blonde decided that she was
going to help them out until leaving for the audition.
   David protested at first, but Cindy nonetheless wound up
serving the guys drinks and snacks from the kitchen.  It was
her own idea, of course.  None of the guys objected to
having a "waitress" serve them food and refreshments.  This
way, they would not miss any action of the big game.

   Over the next hour, the young wife must have made her way
in and out of the living room 20 times.  Instead of watching
the television screen when Cindy was present, most of the
eyes in the room were now focused on her large, firm breasts
as they seductively bounced and wiggled with each step.  If
a set of eyes wasn't fixated upon her breasts, they were on
her sweet ass, watching it twitch while she moved along.
   "Why is your wife dressed that way?" Shawn asked David
once Cindy left the room.
   "She's an actress," David replied.  "There is an audition
later today, and she wants to look her best for it."
   "Whoooo weeee," Alex commented, shaking his head.  "If
they are choosing actresses based on looks - in that outfit,
your wife should be a lock for whatever role she wants."
The other three guests all nodded their heads in agreement.
   "Come on guys, watch the game," David insisted, shaking
his head with a tiny smile.  "Get your minds out of the
gutter!  That's my wife you're talking about!"

   A short time later, Cindy was preparing a bowl of popcorn
and some nachos when she heard a defeaning cheer come from
the living room - and not the television set.  "Those guys,"
she laughed to herself.  "The team must have scored a
touchdown."  The 25-year-old lady shook her head and added,
"Ahh, men.  Absolutely crazy for their sports."

   When Cindy went back out to the living room, all eyes
were on her again.  While the four guests had explored
nearly every subtle curve and shape of Cindy's hot body,
they all wondered what she would look like without wearing
that tiny outfit.  An erection shot up in less than three
seconds, in Alex's pants, once Cindy leaned over while
handing him a bowl of nachos.  Alex had received a clear,
unobstructed view down the middle of her deep cleavage.
   "I'm gonna go upstairs for a second," Cindy told her
husband.  "I'll be back soon."
   "Okay," David replied.
   Once Cindy turned and started walking toward the steps,
all four guests turned their heads and watched her ass as
it jiggled and swayed with each and every step.
   "Stop it, guys!" David admonished once his wife went
upstairs.  They all looked back at him.  "This is the last
time we ever have a football party at my place."
   "Ahh come on," Shawn said.  "You know, Dave, you're
enjoying this just as much as we are.  You like showing off
that hot wife of yours to us - it's like bragging."
   "I'm not showing her off!" David told them.  "I didn't
even want her to be here!  I asked her to leave earlier."
   "Bull..." most of the men chimed in, simultaneously.

   At this point, Cindy was making her way down the steps.
When she heard voices coming from the living room, the
woman stopped and decided to eavesdrop.

   "I'm glad she's here," Alex said with a toothy grin.  "I
much rather watch your wife than some football game."
   "Damn it, guys..." David sighed.  "Come on, stop..."
   "What kind of actress is she?" Shawn asked.
   "What do you mean?" David inquired.
   "What kind of films does she go for?"
   "Regular films," David told him.  "I think this movie she
is auditioning for today involves a night club scene."  He
paused and added, "Why do you ask?"
   Shawn shrugged his shoulders and replied, "She reminds me
of that hot blonde from the gang-bang movie we watched last
week at Alex's house."  Kris, Alex and Tyrone all nodded
their heads in agreement at that comment.  Meanwhile, still
on the staircase, Cindy's eyes grew wide at that statement.
   "Shut up, guys!" David told them.  "I don't want you
talking about my wife that way!"
   "We wouldn't mind gang-banging Cindy," Kris smirked.
   "GUYS!" David exploded.  "STOP IT!"
   "Dave would probably like to watch us do her," Alex joked.

   "I've always thought you could find the most fascinating
conversation while listening to men," Cindy remarked as she
made her way back into the living room.

   All of the guys turned and looked at Cindy, their jaws
almost touching the floor in sheer embarrassment.
   "Uhh... we're sorry, ma'am," Kris said apologetically.
"We were just teasing your husband."
   "Ahh..."  David struggled to find the right words.  It
was difficult, since Cindy had a mean expression upon her
face.  "Honey, would you like it if I sent my friends home?"
   Her arms folded, Cindy tapped a high-heeled foot upon the
carpet while staring angrily at the group of men.  "I've
been real nice to all you guys, all afternoon, and this is
the thanks I get for it?  You compare me to some porno slut?"
   "We're sorry," Shawn told her.  "As Kris said, we were
just teasing.  Nothing serious.  Please, it was just a joke."

   Though angry on the outside, Cindy's insides were aglow
with heat and excitement.  No one had ever spoken about her,
at least that she knew of, in such graphic terms.  Those
nasty words actually made her hot!

   "Oh?" she commented, her anger loosening up.  "Was
everything that you guys said just a joke?"
   All of the men looked at her quizically.  David was the
one who broke the silence.  "What do you mean, honey?"
   The young wife shrugged her shoulders and replied, "What
was it you guys said?...  You want to... yeah, you want to
gang-bang me?  Right?"
   This time, everyone looked at her with shock.  But the
one most shocked was her husband, David.  However, Kris
broke the silence this time.  "We'd love to gang-bang you."
   "KRIS!" David exploded, in pure rage.
   "Would you like that, honey?" Cindy asked her husband.
"Would you like it if these guys gang-banged me?"
   David's demeanor changed from rage to stunned disbelief.
He looked at his wife - amazed at what she said.
   "You probably would," Cindy quipped, "since you spent
last weekend watching some gang-bang porno movie at Alex's
house."  She paused, surverying the stunned reactions around
the living room.  "I heard what you perverts said."
   "I'm gonna send these guys home," David said cooly.
   "You didn't answer my question!" Cindy remarked, raising
her voice.  "Would you like it if these guys gang-banged me?"

   "If you would like it, yes, I would," came the words from
David's mouth.  A second later, he could not believe he had
said that.  Cindy was HIS; she was his prize possession.  But
on the other hand, it had always been a deep-rooted fantasy
of David's to watch Cindy get fucked by a group of men.  He
often thought of what the scene would look like, while
watching adult movies of this particular genre.

   "If any of you guys want me, come and get me."

   The four guests looked at each other, then Cindy, then
each other again.  They were all shocked.  However, Kris
was the first one to take the initiative.  He stood up and
started walking over to her.
   "My pleasure, baby."
   David looked on in stunned silence as he watched Kris
take Cindy into his arms and smother her mouth with a kiss.
He saw a brief exchange of tongues, then looked at the other
guys.  They too, were staring at the scene in front of them
in sheer amazement.  David never imagined that he could sit
idly by and watch another man kiss his beloved wife.
   Cindy whimpered and nearly melted in Kris' arms as the
kiss grew stronger and deeper.  Kris snaked a hand between
their pressed bodies, and pawed away at one of her ample
breasts, hidden underneath the tight top she still wore.
Cindy squealed in arousal when Kris pinched one breast with
a hand and used another to paw her bottom.
   When Kris grabbed Cindy's short-skirt and pulled it up,
past her waist, everyone had a clear view of her perfect ass
and the string bikini-panties which hid less than 5% of it.
   At this point, David jumped up and demanded, "Let her go,
Kris!  She is MY wife!"
   "Hush David," Cindy admonished him, while breaking the
kiss.  "You said if I wanted to, I could have sex with these
guys.  Now sit back and enjoy the show."  Her mouth went
back to Kris' for another passionate kiss.

   Defeated, David sat back down on the sofa.  It was true.
He did give her permission to carry on with these guys.  His
husbandly side was screaming at him, telling him to stop the
scene before him from unfolding anymore.  On the other hand,
his erotic side was urging him to let it continue.  Slowly,
David's erotic side was gaining the advantage.

   Shawn got up and decided to join the action.  He walked
over to Cindy and Kris, who were still embracing one another
with their lips locked.  He nudged up behind Cindy and
pressed his bulging crotch against her backside.  The pretty
blonde sighed at the initial contact, then moaned as Shawn
wrapped his arms around her from behind.  His hands came to
rest on her massive breasts, and he cupped and squeezed both
through the top she wore in repeated succession.
   Kris brought Cindy down to the floor with him, his lips
still firmly attached to hers.  He cupped her ass with his
hands and pulled her body hard against his own, while
kissing her deeper.  Meanwhile, Shawn dropped to his knees
behind Cindy, and thumbed her tiny bikini-panties down.  He
slipped her white high-heeled shoes off, then flicked both
them and her bikini-panties away to the side.

   David quietly sat on the sofa, a mixture of wild emotions
still running throughout him.  That was his WIFE on the floor,
getting worked over by two guys.  But at the same time, his
cock was as big as it had ever been.  It was so erect and
hard that it felt as though it would explode in his pants.

   As Shawn rubbed and caressed her supple ass from behind,
Cindy broke the kiss with Kris and reached for his jeans.
In a hurried rush, she unbuckled his belt and then pulled
down his zipper.  Her delicate hand dove inside his jeans,
underneath his briefs, and gripped his rock-hard cock.
   Cindy squealed with delight as she pulled Kris' jeans
and briefs down, exposing his massive erection.  Soon, she
grasped the base of his cock and then slipped its fat, juicy
head between her moist red lips.
   Kris moaned in arousal as Cindy's blonde head started to
bounce up and down over his erection.  He looked down at her
and smiled, then glanced over at David and grinned at him as
well.  "You're a very lucky man, Dave," Kris announced.
"I'd give my right arm to have this lusty babe as my wife."
   On her hands and knees with her bottom perched in the
air, Cindy gave Shawn ample access to her pussy.  Behind
her, Shawn parted her slick pussy lips with two fingers and
then drove his tongue inside.  In response, Cindy sighed in
utter lust.  She had never taken part in two-on-one sex
before; this was definitely something new - and exciting.
   Shawn then grasped each side of Cindy's ass with his hands
as he buried his lips and tongue in her moist pussy.  Cindy
glanced back at him for an instant, but immediately resumed
sucking Kris' cock.

   "I can't wait until I get my hands on her," Alex said to
himself, sitting on an adjacent chair.  He had already undid
his pants and was openly stroking his erection.
   On the other hand, Tyrone sat still and watched the
action, but figured he would not get a piece of Cindy for
himself.  Tyrone was an African-American man, and though he
had tried for years, no white woman ever wanted anything to
do with him.  Tyrone was very attracted to white women -
especially ones with long blonde hair, like Cindy.  But if
no white female ever wanted to have anything to with him,
why would Cindy be any different?  That was Tyrone's line of
thinking.  He expected to just be a voyuer today.
   Nonetheless, Tyrone was enjoying the show before him.

   Cindy's head was bobbing up and down over Kris' cock at
warp-speed, while her hips were wiggling back and forth in
response to Shawn's oral work on her pussy.

   Neither Kris nor Shawn could believe what they were
doing.  They came over here to watch the football game with
David, but instead were in the process of making love to his
hot wife!  Even more, David was watching the action, too!

   A loud chrous of moans and gasps were coming from the
three individuals as the action got even more heated and
passionate.  Cindy was doing her best to swallow Kris'
monster cock right down her greedy little throat.  At the
same time, Shawn was feasting on the sweet recesses of
Cindy's juicy pussy.
   Kris had already come to the conclusion that Cindy was
giving him the best blowjob of his entire life.  No one had
ever given him a blowjob any better than this one, and she
wasn't even finished yet.
   However, Kris brought the blowjob to a close when he
could no longer contain himself.  His cock erupted in her
mouth, filling it with gush after gush of thick sperm.  Kris
sighed deeply at the discharge, and was amazed at the same
time by Cindy as she sucked and swallowed his fuck-juice
down her hungry throat.
   Still getting her pussy eaten from behind, Cindy slipped
Kris' shaft out of her mouth and lovingly licked away at
it.  Kris gasped at the sight of Cindy's beautiful face as
streams of cum dripped and dangled from it.
   "Did you like that?" she squealed at him.
   "Oh yeah," he sighed in return.  "Oh, I loved it, baby.
That was the best fucking blowjob of my life!"

   Cindy smiled and giggled, happy to draw such praise for
her sexual skills.

   "I'm gonna fuck that sweet pussy of yours," Shawn said,
as he withdrew his lips and tongue from her slit.  But just
when he was about to get himself into the doggie-style
position, Shawn was yanked away by Alex.  Shawn looked at
him, angry.  "HEY MAN!  What are you doing?"
   "You and Kris have already sampled her," Alex told him.
"Now, it's my turn.  You can fuck her later, but I'm going
to fuck her NOW."
   Alex had already stripped off his shirt and pants, and
his cock was at full erection.  He dropped to his knees
behind Cindy as she stood on her hands and knees, then
fisted his cock and nudged it against her pussy.  Cindy
squealed at the sensation - this was the first time a
cock other than David's had touched her pussy since they
started dating more than six years ago.
   Alex grunted as he popped his erection into Cindy's tiny,
slick pussy.  In response, the young woman squealed again,
surprised at the sensations swirling throughout her.  Alex's
cock was definitely bigger than her husband's, she thought
to herself.  As a result, Cindy was going to enjoy this.

   On an adjacent chair, Tyrone felt very jealous.  For the
first time in his life, he really wished that his skin color
was white instead of black.  He wanted to get a piece of
Cindy for himself, but figured she would not go for it.
After all, no white woman had ever been attracted to him.
He figured that before the day was through, Cindy would take
care of the other guys in the room - all of whom were white.
Unfortunately, Tyrone figured, he would be left in the cold.

   Shawn sat still, fuming, as he watched while Alex started
to pump his cock in and out of Cindy's pussy.  He knew that
should have been him fucking her now - not Alex.  But Shawn
knew that there were other parts of Cindy's body which he
could explore and play with, while Alex pounded her pussy.
   Thus, Shawn crawled around until he was sitting in front
of Cindy, who was still in the doggie-style position, her
body rocking back and forth in tune with Alex's thrusting
hips.  Shawn reached underneath her, then palmed her large
breasts with his hands.  Cindy looked up at him and grunted,
then offered a charming smile.
   "My, what a fine pair you have," Shawn said as he pulled
the tight top up, exposing her large breasts.  Shawn tilted
his head and stared at the twin pair, liking the sight of an
erect nipple topping each of them.  Then, using his thumbs
and index fingers, he pinched both nipples.  Cindy squealed
in passionate delight - she loved all this attention!
   As Shawn continued to pay homage to Cindy's breasts, Alex
kept up the pace by pounding into her from behind.  He had
his hands firmly planted on her bottom as he thrusted his
cock in and out of her pussy, in the classic doggie-style
position.  Alex drilled her with all of his strength, his
hips pumping back and forth harder and faster than he even
previously thought possible.

   David sat on the sofa, with the same stunned expression
as before.  His cock was so hard in his pants that it hurt.
The repeated loud SLAPping sound, caused by Alex's heavy
balls hitting Cindy's upturned ass, reveberated throughout
David's ears and mind.  Watching his beautiful, angel wife
get hammered like this was the most exciting thing which had
ever happened to him.

   "I'M GONNA CUM!" Cindy screamed as Alex continued pumping
into her from behind, while Shawn still pinched her nipples.
   "CUM WITH ME!" Alex exclaimed.  "LET'S CUM TOGETHER!"
   Both individuals roared out in unequaled passion as they
experienced mutual orgasms.  Alex pumped his thick seed
into Cindy's willing pussy, mixing it with her own release.
The two shuddered together in shared lust for several
seconds, until Alex pulled away.  Next, the 25-year-old woman
collapsed upon the floor, her breathing ragged and heavy.
   As Shawn caressed Cindy's long, silky blonde hair, David
finally got up from the sofa and rushed over to his wife.
"Are you okay, sweetheart?" he insisted, fearful that she
may be hurt.  After all, she had collapsed upon the floor
and was gasping for breath.  He had never seen her this way
after a sexual encounter.
   "I'm okay," Cindy managed, in response to his question.
"But I'd feel a lot better if I could have some more cock!"

   David's jaw almost hit the floor because of her lewd
comment.  She usually did not talk that way.

   Cindy's head rose from the floor and she looked at her
husband.  "Hmmm, three guys have had me already.  You have
four friends here... which one am I missing?"  She glanced
around the room and gasped once her blue eyes found Tyrone.
   Tyrone gasped as well - due to the lust-ridden eyes which
Cindy intently stared at him with.  Was a beautiful white
woman actually hot for him?
   "What do you think about white pussy?" Cindy squealed as
she rose to her knees.  She started moving toward Tyrone, a
sexy smile on her face.  "Have you ever had sex with a white
woman before?"
   Suddenly, Tyrone's cock was bigger than it ever had been
before.  He never dreamed of that this scenario would take
place for real - not even in his wildest fantasies.
   "Ma'am," the polite-sounding man said.  "I've never been
with a white girl before - sexually speaking."
   Still walking on her knees toward him, Cindy flashed a
charming smile and said, "Would you like to?"
   "HONEY!" David exclaimed.  "You want to have sex with
Tyrone, too?"
   "Why not?" Cindy giggled.  "I've always had a thing for
black men."  She made her way up to Tyrone and stared
directly into his eyes.  "I find black men... ATTRACTIVE."

   Tyrone gasped in utter shock at her comment.

   "I... I... I'd love to have sex with you..." he mumbled.

   Tyrone's body stiffened and he sighed as Cindy reached
for his belt buckle and unlooped it.  She whipped his belt
off, then nearly tore open his trousers.  With her right
hand, she fished his erect shaft out from within a pair of
boxers, and squeezed it.
   "Oooooh, black cock..." Cindy squealed as she eyed and
held the huge monster.  The young woman gave the tip of his
shaft a lick and added, "I've always wanted a black cock..."
   All of the other men in the room watched with amazement
as Cindy's mouth opened and then closed over Tyrone's giant
cock.  They had never witnessed interracial sex before, but
were quickly becoming a fan of it.  Of particular interest
was the strict contrast of Cindy's white face and blonde
hair as they hovered over Tyrone's throbbing black shaft.
The extreme contrast in color nearly blew the men away.

   For the longest time, Tyrone had dreamed of one day
having sex with a beautiful white woman - especially one
with long blonde hair.  Now, that dream was quickly becoming
a definite reality for him.

   Tyrone sighed in lust as Cindy worked his shaft over with
her fabulous mouth and tongue.  She sucked and slurped away
at his slab of man-meat as if it was her sole purpose in
life.  Tyrone reached down and placed his hand on top of her
head, then lovingly caressed her long blonde hair as she
bobbed up and down over his massive member.
   While twirling his testicles between her fingertips,
Cindy looked up into Tyrone's eyes and smiled as she
continued sucking him off.  Tyrone grinned at her in return,
then shook his head in wonder.  Cindy was his "dream girl".
There was no doubt about it.
   "I want you to fuck me," the young lady squealed, rising
to her feet and then settling down in his lap.
   Tyrone's heartbeat went into extreme overdrive as Cindy
positioned his cock over her heated pussy.  The other men
watched with awe as Tyrone's black shaft slid up between
the folds of Cindy's white thighs.  The blonde let out a
squeal once the cock was in her all the way, then she
wrapped her arms around Tyrone's neck and vibrated in lust.
   In no time flat, Cindy was bouncing up and down upon
Tyrone's prick.  Their rhythmic fucking started slow, but
steadily grew faster and harder.  Tyrone had his hands at
Cindy's waist, grasping it, while she continued to ride him.
   The others could easily see that the man's massive cock
stretched Cindy's pussy lips to the absolute max.  David
wondered to himself if such a large cock would hurt her...
but apparently not.  He could tell by the lustful expression
upon her face that Cindy was enjoying every single moment of
having Tyrone's huge cock stuffed in her pussy.
   The intense action between the two lust-lovers hit a
fever pitch, then things started to slow down.  Tyrone
screamed at the very top of his lungs while jettisoning a
fresh batch of cum into Cindy's hungry pussy.  In response,
the wife-turned-slut buried her face against Tyrone's
shoulder and shuddered, experiencing an orgasm of her own.

   "HONEY!" David exclaimed seconds later, once his wife
finally slipped out of Tyrone's lap.  "HONEY!"  Not only was
Cindy's face covered with sperm, but it was also sliding
down her tanned thighs like a waterfall.  "Honey, I didn't
know that you had that type of sexual appetite!"
   Cindy giggled and shrugged her shoulders.  "I didn't
either... until now."  She let out a content sigh.
   David looked at his wristwatch.  "You only got an hour or
so until the audition starts.  I know you really need this
part... but there's no way you could make it there in time.
Look at you... you're a mess!  You have to wash up!"
   "Screw the audition!" Cindy exclaimed, dropping to her
knees in front of David.  She reached for his pants and undid
them, saying, "Who needs a job when they could fuck five hot
studs instead?"  Giggling with lust, Cindy slid David's hard
cock between her lips and started sucking on it eagerly.

                           - / -

   Instead of watching football, David's friends knew they
had something better to do on Sunday afternoons from now on.

                   "Cindy's Audience"
                       [THE END]

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