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This story is full of all sorts of perverse and unlikely things. It 
includes all sorts of bizarre things, which happen to turn some people 
on. Things like bondage, non-consentual sex, exhibitionism, and even 
incest. Minors need not apply. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 
Delete from incoming box. (Like you'll listen if you're a minor... but 
at least you've been warned).

If this kind of writing causes you discomfort, if it bothers you or is 
even likely to bother you, please don't read it. Consider yourself 
warned. If you read it despite all these warnings and are offended, 
what the heck are you doing? Give yourself a shake.

I guess I should point out that this story is fictional. I have never 
figured out time travel and if I did, I suspect I wouldn't misuse the 
privilege nor would I engage in non-consensual sex or incest under any 
circumstances nor would I counsel anyone else to do so. These are bad 
things. <Does this really need saying? Isn't this common sense? Hello?> 
Any resemblance to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Also, let's be clear about this. Archiving of the story is OK. But 
charging money for it (including charging for access to any archived 
copies) isn't cool. Needless to say, giving me credit for the story is 
not an option. This work is copyrighted by the author subject to the 
above stated conditions.

This is a work in progress. I will continue posting it as long as there 
is interest (both yours and mine). Any comments, good or bad, are 
welcome. Suggestions for the storyline are also welcome.

If you are still with me, read on and please enjoy.

- crimson


Chapter 118 - Time Out Of Time


By Crimson Dragon (


I could hear soft voices through the master bedroom door. I smiled, 
wondering what the girls were talking about in there. It didn't matter 
that they weren't obeying me.

I walked over to the business room, slipping the key into the lock as 
quietly as I could. I turned it, and entered in one motion. They were 
talking quietly. More Sheila talking from the floor and Jane softly 
crying. Sheila had sat up, her wrist still holding her to Jane's 
ankle. She paled as she watched me enter, knowing that I'd told them 
to be quiet before I left. She made to lie down into the position that 
I left her.

I watched her struggle with her instinct to say something. She 
succeeded and lay quietly. Jane's quiet crying was the only sound in 
the room.

I crouched down beside Sheila and began to release the cuff from 
Jane's bare ankle.

"Please." Sheila whispered.

I looked at her. Taking my lack of admonishment as a sign to continue, 
Sheila begged. "Please. She's hurt. Let her down. I know how much it 
hurts. Her arms hurt. She. She told me."

Jane shot a look at Sheila through her tears. Probably not wanting me 
to know how much she hurt.

I didn't answer Sheila and lifted her to her bare feet. I gently 
handcuffed her hands behind her back which she didn't protest.

"Sheila, honey. I need to talk to Jane. Will you go into the master 
bedroom with the others?"

"Will you let her down?"

"I'm going to let her down soon."

Sheila nodded, tears filling her eyes at her helplessness and she 
padded quietly towards the open door. I watched her as she moved into 
the hallway, and towards the other side. She'd have some trouble with 
the doorknobs with her hands cuffed behind her, but she'd manage. If 
not, she'd be smart enough to kneel in the hallway and not return 
until I asked her back.

I settled myself into the leather chair and gazed at the half dressed, 
crying girl in the middle of the room. I couldn't help but notice the 
contrast. Her having nothing and me comfortable with everything I ever 
wanted. Almost everything.

I mentally marked the timeline as I sat. I felt a brief crawling 
sensation in my mind as I did, but nothing serious. I didn't black out 


"Oh God. Please let me go. My arms. Hurt."

"I know, baby. I know."

"I didn't do anything to deserve this. Please. I'll do whatever you 
want from me."

"Will you kneel and listen to me?"

She managed to raise her head and look at me, incredulous that I'd 
even asked.

"You can tie me on my knees for all I care. Just let me down. I'll do 
whatever you want. You don't have to hurt me to have me."

I rose slowly from the chair and approached her. She watched, 
apprehension filling her face. She had no idea if I was going to 
punish her before letting her down or not.

I knelt in front of her, looking up into her teary face. Still looking 
into her eyes, I ran my fingers softly up under her dress, stroking 
her soft skin. Relishing her feel. I touched between her legs. Sopping 
wet. Her eyes were still glued to mine as she squirmed in her 
restraints, knowing that her body was betraying her again.

I rose, carefully untying the tether from the chain between her 
wrists. With a gasp the girl fell to her knees as soon as the support 
of the rope fell away. Her arms audibly smacked against her back. She 
was breathing hard and her eyes teared from relief. I knelt behind her 
and gently massaged her upper arms and shoulders. She moaned at the 
unexpected kindness. After ten or so minutes of that I crawled around 
front of her and adjusted her dress over her exposed breasts. She 
looked stunning kneeling there in her evening wear, tears still slowly 
dripping from her eyes.

"You didn't need to do that," she spoke quietly. "I. I appreciate it, 
but I know you didn't have to. Thank-you."

I didn't know if she was talking about the massage, or the dress.

"Janey. Sweetheart. I have to let you go."

"You just did."

"No. I have to let you all go."

My eyes began to tear, but I forced the wetness from my eyes. She was 
quick, probably the most perceptive of any of the girls.

"What happened?" she asked softly.

"I was playing, and I blacked out. I. I can't maintain this timeline 
much longer. It's a symptom of my losing control. If I don't stop 
this, at some point I'm going to blackout and never wake up. And I 
have no idea how much danger you or I are in."

She sat back on her heels studying my face. "I wish I could say that 
I'm sympathetic."

"I know. I don't expect you to be upset or anything. I just thought 
you should know."

"Why me?"

"Because you might understand. And you were always good to talk to."

"Are you going to tell the others?" She pulled at her bonds again.


"How long until you black out again?"

"Have no idea. Could be hours. Could be days."

"How much longer are you going to keep us."

"Not much longer."

Her eyes registered her perception. "You are going to have one last 
fling with us. Aren't you?"

I'd considered that on the way here. I'd decided on something a little 
different. I slowly shook my head and Jane's eyes betrayed her 

"You aren't going to use us all one last time before you have to let 
us go?"

"No, sweetheart. I'm going to give you all a choice. To a degree. I'm 
going to let you all decide if you want anything special before you 
go. You won't remember it, but you may as well get something you 
always wanted to do before you go. Doesn't have to be sexual. As long 
as it doesn't take too long. That's all. You might want to think about 


"When what?"

"When are you going to let us go?"

"By the end of today. Not much choice, I'm afraid."

She lowered her head. When she raised it again, she was fighting off 
tears. Not sure why.

"Can a slave beg for lunch? Or are you purposely making her wait? 
She's hungry."

I smiled at her. I wondered what she was going to ask for. This 
seventeen year old, gorgeous creature kneeling so docile in front of 

I had her get to her feet, and I released her bonds. She turned on her 
bare feet rubbing her wrists and biceps.

"How are your breasts?"

"God awfully sore. You didn't have to do that to me, you know. 
Whatever you asked, I would have done. Even this dress hurts now."

"How are the arms?"

"A little better."

"You think you can make lunch?"

"Depends what you want."

"Anything you would normally make."

"I can make sandwiches. Egg salad, or cold meat."

"Whatever strikes your fancy."

"You are really going to let us go?"

I nodded slowly. Not wanting to.

"I know what I want." And with those words she bent down quickly and 
kissed my forehead. In a whirl of black fabric, she turned on her feet 
and hurried to make some lunch for everyone, I could hear her bare 
feet whispering down the hallway and down the stairs.

I slowly rose to my feet and followed her but only as far as the 
master bedroom. I hesitated, but forced myself to turn the knob. I 
entered the room, glancing around. Sheila was kneeling in the center 
of the room, her bare body still on display. Idly, I wondered how much 
trouble she'd had with the doorknob with her hands bound behind her 
back. Amy was still tied into her chair, squirming slightly. Christi 
lay quietly on the bed looking at me. And Elizabeth remained 
exhausted, sitting at the end of the bed, arms outstretched, 

I made my way over to Amy's chair and knelt in front of her. I slowly 
ran my fingers up her calf and across her smooth thigh. She shivered, 
but didn't protest. She began to say something, probably wanting to 
beg again for her release, but then remembered her orders to keep 
quiet. She knew about gags and really didn't want another. She 
remained silent. I waited for a few minutes there, just enjoying the 
sight of her, and finally began to unknot the ropes holding her bare 
ankles. She sat still, breathing easier as she realized that she was 
getting a measure of freedom. After a few minutes, her limbs were free 
of the chair. She still sat quietly, not sure of my intentions. She 
was shaking a little.

I picked up a stray pair of handcuffs from the pack and motioned for 
her to come to me. She stiffly managed to rise out of the chair. She 
began to walk towards the bed where I stood, but realized that she 
hadn't been told how to move. Closing her eyes, she opted for safety 
and fell to her knees. She awkwardly shuffled towards me on her bare 
knees, finally ending up at my feet. She bowed her head.

"Turn around," I spoke gently to her. "Hold your hands behind you."

She looked up at me, tears forming in her eyes. She had done 
everything I wanted, including being bound to a chair for hours 
suffering female attentions. Rightly, she didn't deserve to be bound, 
and she knew it. She hadn't been free of restraints for a long time. 
But I had my reasons.

"It's not punishment, Amy. You've been a good girl," I tried to 
reassure her.

She looked up at me, begging with her eyes, silently asking why. I 
couldn't give her an answer. Not yet. Not getting a response, she 
resigned herself and turned slowly on her knees, her wrists held 
behind her bare back.

I bent and slipped the steel around her wrists, being careful not to 
tighten them into her skin.

"Go kneel with Sheila. Okay?"

Amy nodded silently, and began her slow journey to Sheila on her 
knees. I rose and walked over to where Elizabeth sat slumped at the 
foot of the bed.

I crouched in front of her. Her breathing was regular, her eyes 
closed. Her legs were drawn up, trying to make herself more 
comfortable on the floor. Her wrists were hanging loosely in the 

I touched her shoulder gently, whispering to her.

"Elizabeth? Sweetheart?"

The girl awoke with a start, but she wasn't as disoriented as I'd 
feared she might be. She pulled once at her restraints and then moaned 
a bit. She looked up.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled.

"Sorry for what?"

"For sleeping," her eyes widened as she realized the rest of the room 
was quiet except her. Her mind focused and she remembered her orders 
to be quiet. The girls were taking me seriously today. I couldn't 
blame them. "And for talking, just now. I'll be quiet."

"It's alright. You can talk. Just not loudly. I'm going to let you go 
from there, alright? I'm going to handcuff you like Amy and Sheila."

She numbly nodded, not even being fully awake yet. She didn't have 
much choice in how free or not free her body was anyway.

I reached up and stroked the soft skin of her face. I let my finger 
trace over her jaw and down her throat. I traced down between her bare 
breasts, and touched her belly. She shivered, but didn't protest the 
touches of her skin. She had been through a lot worse.

I reached up and released her left wrist from the cuff holding her. 
She pulled the hand in, and gently held it on her thigh. I released 
her right wrist by releasing the cuff attached to the bedpost. She 
just looked at me and spoke, "Front, or back?"

She was clearly hoping for front, but I had to disappoint her. "Back," 
I told her. Her eyes registered a bit of disappointment, but she 
squirmed her bare body around, reaching her knees. Mimicking Amy and 
Sheila, she held her wrists behind her and allowed me to attach them 
together with the chain. She pulled idly at her bonds, but satisfied 
with her helplessness, she turned herself back around to face me.

I gently kissed her cheek, which she again allowed without complaint.

"Jane's making some lunch and you're probably hungry. All of you. Head 
down. And you can talk between you. Tell Jane that she can talk to you 
as well. Alright?"

The faces around me brightened a bit, as they didn't have to worry 
about keeping quiet. All four began to rise to their feet, struggling 
against their restraints.

I rose, seeing that Christi had managed to rise to a sitting position 
on the bed. She was swinging her bare legs off the bed.

"Except you, Christi," I spoke gently to her. She looked up at me 
questioningly, but stopped her movements obediently.

She braved speaking.

"Please. I'm hungry too." She had made her voice purposely pitiful, 
like a hungry child being denied food. Perhaps she actually felt that 
way. And it tore at me. The vixen.

"I'm not punishing you. You'll get to eat, in a moment. I promise."

Her face brightened a bit at the promise and she slowly lay herself 
back onto the bed, wistfully watching the other three girls exit the 
room. The door closed quietly behind the retreating beauties.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at this woman that I knew 
so well. Her blonde hair cascaded over her bare shoulders. Her arms 
looked uncomfortable held behind her, but she wasn't complaining. Her 
full lips were slightly parted, her breath coming in short bursts. She 
stared back at me, not angry, not upset, not in accusation. None of 
the things she should have been feeling as I watched her. This 
beautiful creature that I had possessed for what seemed like forever. 
I idly wondered what she'd want before she left. If anything.

I silently motioned for her to sit up. She struggled with it, her 
abdomen straining with the awkward sit up that I'd demanded of her.

"What's the matter?" she whispered.

I couldn't tell her yet. "In time. I'll tell you."

"Something is the matter, then. I could feel it," her shoulders shook 
a bit as she craned her neck to try and look at me. My fingers fumbled 
at the knots holding the rope around her wrists.

"Is it me?" she asked tremulously. "Whatever I did, I'm sorry."

I was silent. Not knowing what to tell her.

Christi continued as her wrists were freed from their restraints. "I 
truly am sorry. Not because I'm afraid of punishment. I am. But you 
seem different. Quiet. Melancholy. And whatever I did to cause it, I'm 

I finished with her hands and she pulled them in front of herself, 
rubbing at her wrists. She slowly turned her body on her hands and 
knees, falling into an easy cross-legged position.

I looked into her deep blue eyes and spoke solemnly. "Christi, honey. 
Honestly. It isn't anything that you did. Everything is fine."

I tried my damnedest to get a smile onto my face. It shouldn't have 
been hard with her, nude, and available sitting there in front of me. 
But I knew I had failed when tears threatened to form in Christi's 

Instinctively, she threw herself forward and hugged me. I'm not sure 
what possessed her to do it, but it was right. I felt her bare body 
press itself into my clothes tightly. She held me for a few minutes, 
and then slowly backed away, falling back to her knees on the 
bedspread. Strangely I felt better somehow.

"Thank-you," I spoke quietly. Christi raised her pretty eyebrows at 
that. I don't think I'd ever thanked any of them for anything that 
they did. They were human, but they also had to be reminded of their 
status in small ways. She still looked a little worried, but she 
managed to speak.

"You're welcome. I know you can make me hug you whenever you want, but 
that one was real."

"I know."

She held her wrists out, close together, offering herself.

"Don't you want to get dressed first?" I asked her gently.

Her eyes brightened immediately as she was distracted from my state. 
She nodded her head slowly.

I lay back on the bed as she crawled off and picked up her discarded 
clothing. I watched her lithe body as she covered it, pulling the too 
tight jeans over her hips, and the top over her head. I marveled that 
she could look so perfect both nude and clothed. She smiled 
brilliantly at me as she stood there, waiting for my approval.

I smiled at her as I sat up and swung my legs off the bed. I was 
really going to miss her.

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