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  John gripped my hips and pulled me back against him.  I felt his cock 
slip deep inside me as he held me tightly against him.  I released 
Greg's cock from my mouth as I felt Dave once again grip my hair and 
pull my mouth toward him. I heard him say as he pressed his cock to my 
lips, "Open up Jan, I want to fuck that hot little mouth of yours!"

  As I opened my mouth I felt him press forward and his cock bumped 
against the entrance to my throat.  I felt Dave grip the back of my head 
with both hands and he began to push his cock into my throat.  I heard 
him say to John, "Come on John..push...I have the tip of my cock in her 
throat and she needs a little encouragement to take the rest."

  With that John pulled back slightly and pounded his cock into me.  I 
felt Dave slip deeper into my throat and I gagged around his cock.  
Daveheld my head tightly against him as he continued to push his cock 
into my throat.  I could feel his cock swellingas he continued to push 
forward.  My eyes were watering and I struggled to breatheas his thick 
cock filled my throat.  I heard him whisper, "Suck my dick you hot 
little slut!"

  John kept pounding into my pussy and each time he did a little more of 
Dave's cock disappeared down my throat.  I felt John reach down around 
my hips and begin to rub his finger over my clit as he continued to 
plunge deep inside me.  As he did this, I shuddered with and orgasm.  I 
moaned loudly and convulsedas my orgasm hit me.  I heard Dave giggle as 
he said, "The bitch just came!"

  John continued to rub my clit as I relaxed and felt my body drifting.  
I felt my pussy clamp down hard on John's cock.  As I felt my body 
relaxing, I felt Dave slip his cock back slightly and then ram foward 
burying the entire length in my throat.  This jolted me back from my 
euphoria as my nose flared and my eyes widened as I struggled to 
breathe. I felt my throat clamping on Dave's cock as instinctively I 
tried to clear my throat of the cock that was choking me. I felt Dave's 
pubic hair pressed tight against my nose as he groaned his approval, 
"Ahhhh fuck she got it all! This hot little cunt just swallowed my whole 
dick!"  I heard GReg whisper as he moved close to my face to watch, 

  John had released my clit and was now fucking me with rapid strokes. 
As he did, my nose would bump against Dave's stomach.  Dave seemed 
content to just hold my head tightly against him and let John's thrusts 
and the movement of my throat milk his cock. John began pounding harder 
and I knew that he was close to cumming.  I heard him begin to moan as 
he began talking to me.  "You are such a hot fucking slut Jan! You want 
to drink his cum don't you? You are nothing but a cheap whore!" 

  I began to moan as his comments excited me.  Then suddenly I felt his 
slam deep inside me and I felt his cock twitch as he emptied his sperm 
inside me.  AS his orgasm ended, I felt him slip out of me. I could feel 
his cum dripping our of my pussy as he moved up to my face where Dave 
still had his cock buried in my throat. He said to Dave, "Get your prick 
out of my wife's throat so she can clean up my cock." I heard Dave and 
Greg giggle as Dave finally dislodged his cock from my throat. I gasped 
in air as Dave's cock slipped from my mouth.  Dave moved behind me and 
quickly sank into my sopping wet pussy.  John grasped my hair and pulled 
my head back as he began to jab his quickly softening cock at my lips.  
I opened my mouth and he slipped in..I could taste the mingled flavor of 
my own juices mixed with his cum.  I busied myself dutifully cleaning 
his cock as Dave began to pound my pussy as he worked toward his own 
orgasm.  I pushed John's semi-hard cock into my throat and slid my 
tongue our to lick his balls as he gripped my hair.  I heard him say, 
"You are a hot little cocksucker, Jan! You never get enough cock do 
you?"  I moaned around his cock as I delighted in his comments.

  I felt Dave plunge deep inside me as he began adding his sperm to 
John's.  I heard him gras as his cock twitched inside me, "Ahhhh fuck, 
thats it milk my cock you hot little cunt!"

  As his orgasm ended he pulled his cock from my pussy and moved up to 
my mouth.  "Com' on, move over and let her clean my cock too John!"
he said.

  As John pulled his cock from my mouth, Dave knelt down in front of me. 
He began rubbing his slimmy cock over my face as he said, "Do you like 
that? Do you like the feel of my cock on your face you cunt?" As he 
rubbed his cock against me I could smell my own pussy smell mixed with 
the scent of his sperm.  I looked up at him as he coninued to rub his 
cock across my nose and over my cheeks.  I smiled as I said, "Ohhhh yea 
I love the feel of your hot sticky cock on my face!" I gazed up at him 
as I dropped my head and ran my tongue over his balls tasting our 
combined juices still clinging to his sack. I nuzzled his balls against 
my nose smelling our scent.  Then I raised up and plunged my lips down 
on his cock tasing him.

  He finally coallapsed back and we all laid on the floor naked watching 
the video and drinking beer as we recovered.  It was already 12:30 am, 
but I had a feeling we were not through for the evening!

  After about an hour as we watched the scene on the video where I had 
both Dave and Kyle inside my pussy at the same time I noticed Greg 
slowly playing with his cock. John also noticed and said "Hey Jan why 
don't you give Greg a little head so that he can sample that hot little 
cunt of yours!"  Dave said, "Better yet why don't you give us all a 
little head!"

  I slowly crawled over to were Greg was sitting and grasped his 
semi-hard cock. I began to pump it with my hand and slowly moved my 
mouth forward. I lightly kissed the tip of his cock and tasted his 
precum leaking from his shaft. I kissed my way down his cock until I 
reached his balls. As I kissed each one of them I heard Greg moan 
loudly. I licked them gently and slid my cock under him and teased the 
sensitive area between his balls and his anus. I felt him lifting his 
hips upward. I was amazed at how quickly his cock returned to a solid 
state. I moved my mouth up and slid my lips over the tip of his cock. I 
began to bob my head up and down on his shaft. I felt John slide over 
next to Greg and he said, "Me next Jan...come on suck my cock!" 

  I removed my mouth from Greg and moved over to John. Greg got up and 
moved behind me. I felt him push my hips forward as I began to bob my 
head up and down on John's cock. I felt Greg rub his hard cock along my 
pussy and then he slipped inside me. He began to push into my pussy as I 
continued to suck on John. Dave then moved over on the couch next to 
John and I heard John hiss to Greg, "Go on Greg really pound her cunt, 
she really gets off on you fucking her hard!" 

  Dave then grabbed my hair and pulled me toward his cock as he said, 
"Come on baby, help me get theis dick hard and I will pound you!" As I 
began stroking his cock I slipped the head into my mouth. Dave began 
pumping my head up and down on his cock as he gripped my hair. 

  I heard John say to Greg as he moved behind me, "How about letting me 
fuck my wife for awhile!" As Greg pulled out I felt John slide into me 
immediately. As he began to stroke in and out of me quickly I felt Greg 
move back up to the couch and nudge my cheek with his wet cock. As I 
released Dave's cock and turned to Greg he pressed forward sending his 
gooey cock into my mouth. I tasted my own juices mingled with the 
remnants of John's cum from our earlier fuck. As he began pumping his 
cock into my mouth I heard Dave say to John "OK John let me slip into 
that tight little pussy!" John giggled as he pulled out and said, "It 
is'nt so tight anymore..." As John pulled out, I felt Dave slam into me 
hard and I moaned around Greg's cock.

  Dave grasped my hips and began to pound his cock in and out of me 
quickly. As he was slamming his cock inside me Greg was arching his hips 
pushing his cockhead into the opening of my throat. I gagged slightly as 
I felt more of his cock push into my throat. As he held my head tightly 
I felt his cock begin to twitch and he began to explode in my throat. I 
gagged and convulsed as I struggled to back away from his cock so that I 
could swallow. Greg held my head tightly pressed to his cock and as I 
snorted to breathe I felt the stinging sensation of his cum filling my 
nostrils. As his cock twitched again Greg finally released his grip on 
my hair and allowed his cock to slip from my throat. As he fell back and 
withdrew his cock from my mouth I coughed and felt a torent of his cum 
escape from my mouth as I struggled to breathe.

  I heard Dave who was still pounding his cock into me say to Greg, "You 
dumb fuck you were supposed to cum in her already fucked her 
mouth!" I swallowed the remnants of his orgasm as I heard him say to 
Dave, "....but she has such a hot mouth...!"

  John moved back close to my mouth and as he grasped my hair and tilted 
my head back I gazed up at him and smiled with Gregs's cum still 
clinging to my chin and lips. He smiled back down at me and said, "You 
are such a fucking slut Jan, you have Greg's cum all over you!"  
"....and I love it!" I said as I continued to smile up at him.

  John began to rub his cock into the cum still clinging to my face as 
Dave began to really pound my pussy.  I then heard Dave say, "Hey John, 
I am about to blow my wad here, how about if I come on her face?" While 
I continued to look at John as he rubbed his cock against my cheek I 
smiled and said, "Yeah Dave do it, cum up here and cover me with your 
cum!" John giggled as he moved away from me to allow Dave access, "You 
are a nasty little slut Jan!" he said.

  I felt Dave pull his cock from my pussy and move quickly to my face. 
As John moved away, I turned toward Dave and gazed up at him as he began 
to stroke his cock quickly. I could see his cock was dripping with my 
juices and I smiled at him and said "Come on Dave cover me! Shoot your 
cum all over my face!" Suddenly his cock erupted and a burst of hot cum 
hit me directly on the nose and upper lip. I quickly opened my mouth, 
but Dave seemed more intent on covering my face than to having me 
swallow his sperm. His next tracer hit my left eye and ran down my 
cheek. I immediately clamped my eyes shut but I felthim shot another 
load onto my forehead and it also ran down over my eye and the left side 
of my face. I felt like I had been drenched. As Dave's orgasm ended I 
flet him move close and begin to rub his still hard and wet cock on my 
face. I could feel his sticky cum as it slowly rolled down my face. I 
kept my eyes clamped tightly shut and I heard John say "Jan you are a 
fucking mess!" I felt him moving closer to me as he said, "Open up your 
mouth hon, I am going to cum!" 

  I turned toward John just as his cock began to explode. I felt his 
first burst hit me in my right eye and slide down my cheek. As I opened 
my mouth wide for him I felt his second burst hit me in the upper lip 
and in my mouth. I then felt his cock slip into my mouth and as I 
clamped mylips around his cock I felt his shaft pulse twice more as my 
mouth was flooded with his cum. I just held his warm cum in my mouth 
savoring the taste. I heard him say, "MMMM that was good Jan baby!"

  As he slowly backed out of my mouth, I held my mouth open drooling his 
sperm down my chin. When his cock was completely free I tilted my head 
back and held my mouth open showing the remnants of his orgasm. I slowly 
closed my mouth and swallowed the sperm still in my mouth! I felt sooooo 

  As I collapsed onto my gack I used my fingers to clear the cum from my 
eyes. As I blinked to clear the stinging sensation from my eyes, I heard 
Greg say to John,  "You are right John, she is one hot fuck!"

  I hoped you liked my experience...


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