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The following story contains sex, violence, and astonishing acts of perversion.
If you are squeamish about rape, go elsewhere.  
This story and its author are protected by copyright and by the 1 St. amendment
to the US constitution. If Your locale does not recognize the US constitution,
read no farther.

After he finished untying his unconscious former girlfriend, he left and didn't
look back. She won't be able to shit for about a month without thinking of me,
he thought as he pulled into the drive-thru convenience store.
The 40-oz. beer was going down smoothly as he cruised the back roads thinking
about where his next piece of ass was going to come from now that his steady
relationship was over. One thing was for sure, however: He vowed silently that
he would never beg and plead with a woman for anal sex again. It was what he
liked best, and if they wouldn't give it up willingly, then they weren't
qualified to be his girlfriend. And just maybe he'd take it anyway, even if
they weren't willing.
Off in the distance he could see the 4-way flashers of a car pulled off to the
side of the lonely country road. He rolled up behind the vehicle to offer
assistance. The driver was a brown haired woman in her early thirties. "Do you
know anything about car engines?" she asked pleadingly through the one-inch gap
in the window of her locked door.
"I know enough to leave them alone." he responded with a smile. "About all I
can offer you in the way of assistance is a ride to a phone. And as you can see
your a few miles from anywhere."
"Well then, it looks like I have no choice." she said, getting out of her car
and walking toward his.
He offered her a swig of his beer as they proceeded down the dark gravel road.
"No thanks. Do you always drink and drive?" she asked with a condescending
"I just broke up with my girlfriend." he replied, taking another swig.
"That's too bad. How come?"
"After four years we just now found out that we were incompatible."
"Really? Which one of you squeezed the toothpaste from the middle?"
"It was a little more serious than that, I'm afraid. It had to do with sex."
"Well, tell me about it. I know a little bit about sex. Maybe I can make a few
suggestions that might save your relationship."
"I wanted anal sex and she didn't."
"Well, you can't very well hold that against her. What girl in her right mind
would want a big fat dick stuffed up her ass! Maybe if you told her that you're
sorry you ever mentioned such a disgusting thing she'd forget about it."
"I don't think so." Cliff replied an edge of irritation surfacing in his voice.
He was pissed that this bitch would just automatically side with Dani.
"Oh, come on. She can't be mad at you forever just for asking for something
kinky! We all know what perverts you guys all are," she laughed. "What makes
you think she won't forgive you?"
"Just a hunch." Cliff knew that what he was about to say would take him past
the point of no return with this woman. He looked over at her so that he could
see the expression on her face.
"See, I tied her up and gagged her, and then I fucked her up the ass as hard as
I could with no lubrication. And when I was done I shoved a firecracker up her
ass and lit it, and watched her face twist up with agony when it exploded. So
do you think I should buy her flowers when I make this big apology?"
"Let me out, " she said in a normal tone, looking straight ahead, gripping the
door handle. "Pull over and let me out right here."
"No problem," he said, turning the car off the road onto a turkey trail that
ran off at an angle between two cornfields. "I think I'll get out too." He
checked the mirror to make sure that the car was out of sight of the main
roadway, then locked up the brakes suddenly, causing her to pitch forward and
lose her grip on the door handle. He then opened his door, hit the power locks,
got out and slammed the door shut. By the time she managed to get her door
open, he was waiting to help her out. "Let's take a little walk in the field,
babe. You're about to get corncobbed!"
She screamed and kicked as he pulled her along holding her firmly at the wrist,
actually dragging her at times when she lost her balance and fell while he
pulled her quickly into the tall rows of corn. She fought frantically as they
moved deeper into the moonlit field, but his adrenaline was flowing too, and he
was surprised when he noticed that he could hardly feel her punches. Suddenly
out of breath, he pushed her to the ground in a relatively clear spot. He knelt
over her body and brutally ripped off her thin blouse, followed by her bra
which left red marks on her flesh as he yanked it off her heaving chest. She
suddenly felt super naked and totally helpless. She knew no one had heard her
screams. She knew that he was stronger than she was. And worst of all she knew
that he was going to fuck her in the ass! She began to sob softly with despair
and offered no resistance as he turned her over and unzipped her long black
skirt, pulling it off. Her pantyhose came next, leaving her completely nude. He
quickly tied her left ankle with one end of the hose, wrapped it around a stalk
of corn several times, and then tied it tightly to her right ankle. His own
belt, wrapped around her body just below her tits, held her arms securely at
her sides. Then he was gone.
When he returned a few minutes later, he had his beer and a toolbox from his
car. "Got some bad news for you, bitch. Since my girlfriend just drained by rod
with her ass about an hour ago, and since I've been drinking ever since, it's
gonna take quite a while to get me aroused. So I figured while I'm waiting for
my dick to get hard enough to ram up YOUR ass, I might as well punish you in
place of every girl who's ever hurt me!" While he was talking he stuffed her
whole bra into her mouth, securing it there with some duck tape from the
WWWWHAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!! Her back arched and her eyes bulged as
inconceivable pain seared through her backside. She twisted her head, looking
over her shoulder just in time to see what looked like a length of rubber
garden hose begin its arc toward her naked buttocks a second time.
WHAAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKK!!! She straightened her head and jerked her shoulders
forward as hard as she could, straining to inch forward.
WWWHHAACCCCCCCK ! ! ! ! ! ! She struggled still harder against her bonds. The
pain was excruciating.
WWHHAAACCCCCCCKKK ! ! ! ! ! ! She clenched her buttocks tight with all her
WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The pain grew as he whipped her ass harder and harder. She
screamed as loud as she could into her bra gag, and when he still wouldn't stop
she began to sob, hysterically at first, then softly as her buttocks began to
numb to the pain.
WWHHHAAACCCCCCCCCCKK ! ! ! ! ! She had quit struggling, letting her whole body
go limp except for the involuntary jerk at the moments of impact.
He soon tired of the vicious flogging, and as he stared down at her beet red
backside he thought up an even more outrageous torture for the helpless woman
to endure.
"Have you ever wondered why they call anal sex 'cornholing'?" He asked as he
broke off and shucked a large ear of corn from one of the stalks. "Let's see
how well this fits up there." He pulled one buttock to the side and pressed the
ear of corn firmly against her puckered virginal nether ring. She had no
strength to struggle, and was powerless to resist.
"NOOOOOOOO!!!  OH GOD!!!!!  ST P IT! IT HURRRRRTITS!!!! She screamed into her
gag as the corn was forced relentlessly into her butt. As soon as it was almost
all the way in, he reversed directions and pulled it back out to the tip, the
tight muscle bumping over each kernel along the way.
He pumped it in and out for a while until he sensed that her pain and
humiliation from the depraved act had diminished considerably, then he reached
for the drill in his toolbox.
It was a Black & Decker variable speed reversible model with a fully charged
battery pack. He locked in a 3/4 inch bit and held the corn cob tight as he
screwed the drill into it until the bit was buried all the way and the corn was
turning as he reved the drill. Then he re-inserted it up her ass and pulled the
trigger. Slowly at first, it began to turn in her hole, causing her
considerable discomfort.
What was he doing? She wondered as the corn spun deeper and deeper into her
body; deeper than before because he now no longer had to grip it with his hand.
She sighed with relief as her hole closed over the big end of the corn and he
released the trigger for a moment, causing the slow spinning to stop.
Then, with a sadistic grin, he pulled the trigger all the way. Her mind
exploded in shards of agony as the corn spun at top speed in her clingy bowels.
Her body convulsively pushed outward and the big end of the corn emerged from
her anus. She then clenched her buttocks tightly, and actually succeeded in
slowing the revolutions of the instrument of torture. When her body
involuntarily pushed the foreign object outward, it gained speed and was able
to screw back in. But when she clenched her buns tightly around it, she could
almost stop it from spinning.
As soon as he realized that she was gaining some control over her situation, he
pushed her legs farther apart, spread her ass open with his free hand, and
rammed the twisting phallus in and out until the yellow corn was beginning to
turn pink from blood. He stopped at that point, not wanting to splatter the
blood all over himself.
"Well bitch, now that you're not so tight-assed anymore, I'm gonna give you the
ultimate in anal penetration. Ready for a fist fuck?"
She felt his clenched fist pressing between her buns and pushing hard against
the sore gaping hole of her
 butt. She wanted to clench her sphincter shut to deny him entry, but her
muscle control was gone. She groaned in pain as his fist forced its way into
her tortured body through the rear entrance. As soon as her anus squeezed
around his thick wrist, he began to twist it back and forth; pull it in and
out; adding to her suffering. Then he unclenched his fist, opening and closing
his hand inside her.
Although he wanted to prolong her plight, his dick was hard and ready for some
action. This is one time when a chicks pussy will be tighter than her ass, he
thought as he suddenly yanked his hand out of her, causing her to yelp in
surprise as her damaged anal ring stretched to release the thickest part of his
fist. The welcome empty feeling only lasted about a minute as he shucked
another big ear of corn and rammed it deep up her ass. He quickly unbuttoned
his shirt and dropped his pants.
He scooted under her roughly until her soft breasts were pressed onto his
chest, his throbbing pecker straining toward her snatch like a heat-seeking
missile. He pulled the saliva soaked bra gag from her mouth and kissed her
roughly as he struggled to insert his dick into her tight dry pussy. The
passage was made particularly snug by the corncob in her ass, but it still
didn't take long for him to bury himself to the hilt.
Gripping her right ass cheek and pulling it to the side, he used his right hand
to thrust the corn dildo in and out of her sore bottom. He could feel it
rubbing against the sensitive underside of his penis through the thin membrane
separating her twin love channels. She groaned into his mouth and pulled her
face away, breaking the kiss. He jammed the cob in all the way and let go as
her ass ring closed around the big end. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and
pressed her lips angrily back to his. His tongue slithered into her oral
orifice as he moved his hand to her left ass cheek, gripping and massaging both
buttocks as he began thrusting in and out of her now dripping
 cunt hole. Then he rammed deep, squeezed hard, and sucked her tongue into his
mouth as his cum exploded deep in her womb.
She was still sobbing softly as he dressed and gathered up all his things,
including his belt which had held her arms tightly to her sides. "You should be
able to undo the rest yourself. You don't have to thank me for the ride, I'll
just take your cash for gas money." 
Suddenly, they both heard the unmistakable cocking of a shotgun as an armed man
in overalls emerged from the rows of corn.  "This here property is posted.  No
trespassin."  Said the farmer. 
"Shoot him!" she screamed.  "He raped me!"
"No I don't care much about that, little lady, I just care about my corn."
"Your corn!  What about your corn?"
"Well, what's on the end of that there drill motor, I believe that's part of my
crop.  And if I saw things right, there's another one hidden in your bunghole,
ma'am. So come on, push.  Out with it." Still pointing the gun at the rapist,
he bent down and rammed two big fingers up her ass, gripping and pulling out
the cob as she screamed at the fresh pain.  "Now how am I gonna sell these two
ears of corn.  There's people starving in, well someplace or another and you
damn kids are ruining food in some sort of kinky sex game.
"Sex game? Are you crazy?  He shoved corncobs up my ass and you call it a sex
game?  If you're not gonna shoot him, call the police!"
"I didn't say I wasn't gonna shoot him.  I just haven't decided yet."
"Look, I'll pay you for the corn, just let me leave then, OK?"
"So you wanna just leave, and you want me to call the police." Said the farmer,
glancing from fucker to fuckee.  "I'll tell you how we decide.  A little
contest.  You each get to eat an ear of the corn you ruined.  The first one
done, and I mean every last kernel, gets their way.  You can get the one on the
drill, and if you finish first, you go free.  And you darling, get the one I
just pulled out of your butt.  Lucky you, it's still warm.  Start anytime,
time's a wastin'."
He began to eat, tearing the slimy raw kernels from the cob.  She took a single
bite of hers and gagged.  "I can't. I can't eat this." She sobbed.  
"Then I Win, I win by default.  See ya!"
"Not so fast.  'Cause the lady's got such a purdy face, I'm inclined to give
her another option.  If you'd rather, missy, you can eat my dick instead of the
corn.  But the same rules still apply.  First one finished wins."  He unzipped
his overalls and sat on the ground at her face, still keeping the gun pointed
at the rapist.  
"NO FAIR! Why does she get special treatment?"  
"Would you like the option of sucking my dick?  I didn't think so.  No both of
you, start eating."
He ate, she sucked, both working hard to complete their task.  Within a few
minutes, the farmer was almost ready to cum, unable to resist her hot sucking
mouth.  But as he looked at the man, he saw the cob was bare, and the rapist
was about to declare victory.  Instead, the farmer made a SHHHH! Gesture toward
him, gently set down the gun, and silently waved good bye.  And just as she
heard the rapists' car start, spurts of semen began filling her mouth and
throat.  She pulled back, realizing that she had lost and not wanting to
continue this insane contest.  That suited the farmer just fine, he was content
to shoot the rest of his load onto her face and hair.
He helped her untie her legs, and they walked back to the road, and then toward
the farmers house in the distance.  "I know you're probably a little pissed at
me right now, but there really wasn't much I could do.  You see, the gun wasn't
loaded, and as for callin the cops, Hell, I don't have a phone.  I'd offer you
a ride to town, but my tractor don't have no headlights, so it'll have to wait
for mornin.  We do have runnin water though, so you can get yourself cleaned up
a bit. And we got a spare bed, so you can spend the night if you want, but only
on one condition.
"What's that?" she asked, expecting to be propositioned.
"Well we out here in the heartland try to raise our families proper.  Don't
want them gittin their heads filled with the kinky sex ideas that you city
folks come up with.  So if you spend the night, You gotta STAY AWAY FROM MY


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