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Cliff was clearly the better poker player, having lost only his shirt and shoes
by the time the others were naked.  Christine offered him a blow job as payment
for losing the last hand, but Cliff knew by the way the Chris's had been eyeing
each other all night that he was the third wheel and that he should leave the
two kids alone.  

He guzzled his beer, grabbed another for the road, grabbed his shirt and
shoes, and was off.  The flashing lights in his mirror surprised him so much
that he damn near spilled his beer, but managed to hide it under the seat.

"I'll need to see your license and registration sir. Have you been drinking
tonight?  Not at all, eh?  Well I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the
vehicle."  When he opened the door, beer ran out onto the officers' shoes.  

As Cliff sat in the back of the patrol car, the cop searched his truck.  He
set three or four beer cans on the roof, and Cliff knew he could explain that
they were just returnables he hadn't redeemed yet.  But then the officer pulled
a baseball bat from the cab, looked at it closely, and walked back to the car. 
"Sir, can you explain why the end has been cut off that bat?  The reason I'm
curious is because we just investigated a crime scene yesterday where the knob
end of a baseball bat was found, and if that end matches that bat, you may be
in a bit of trouble."

Cliff mumbled something about needing a small round piece of wood to patch a
hole in a wall somewhere, but the cop stopped him.  "Sir, does any member of
your construction crew have long blonde hair.  There were a few strands of long
blonde hair in your cab."  "I see, a hitchhiker.  Does this receipt for a new
50' heavy duty extension cord belong to you? It does?"  "Sir, I don't think you
should try to explain any more until you've consulted with an attorney.  By the
way, if your new home is where I think it's gonna be, I hope they let you take
your grease gun with you.  'Cause I hear they don't treat rapists too well. 
And you know, they just switched to aluminum bats for the prison softball team.

"You have the right to remain silent.  Or you can tell me where to find your
accomplices.  Then I won't have to zap it outta you with my stun gun on your

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