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{Vickie Tern}NEW TG: Makeover (2/2)   femdom, wife, M/m, F/m    

I looked down at it, and at his black, tangled pubic hair, coated
and streaked with my wife's dried cum.  And with his.  All this
time his prick was growing, and it now stood tall between his legs
like some massive tower, its foreskin slipping back even as I
looked down on it.  It was now as fat as my wrist!  Its plump
purple cock head brushed against my lips.  I tried not to
flinch away.

"My God!" I said.  I'd never seen such a cock!  It was more like a
horse's than a man's!

"Yes, Jennifer.  Many women make this their God!  Taste me,
Jennifer.  Lick me, Jennifer.  You know you want to.  Open your
mouth and lean forward."  

Could I rebel at this point?  Make a scene?  I leaned forward.

"That's it!  Ahhhh!  That's it, Jennifer! Lick me again.  Now 
take the head of my cock into your mouth, Jennifer.  
Your pretty red mouth!  Open wide!  And take hold of my
cock with your pretty hands, with your pretty red-tipped fingers,
Jennifer, both hands, and pull on it gently, gently, Jennifer. 
That's it!  And begin to suck on my cock, Jennifer.  Purse your
lips around me and suck.  Ahhhh!  That's it!"

I did it.  I couldn't help myself.  I didn't seem to have a mind of
my own.  My cheeks sank in, and for the first time my tongue felt
the strange velvety texture of a man's cock head   He tasted
familiar.  I puzzled it.  Of course.  This prick was covered with
Jessica's cum.  He tasted like Jessica.  

Then all of a sudden it hit me.  He tasted like Jessica.  But he
was also soaked in his own cum, the cum this very cock had been
pumping into Jessica's pussy over and over, all day today and
probably yesterday too.  The smell and taste was blended
with Jessica's, and they smelled and tasted so very familiar!  
What had Jessica done?  All the while I thought that my own 
skilled mouth and tongue were exciting her vagina to prodigious 
lubrication, it was never her cum, it was their cum!  She'd come 
home fresh from fucking him, and it amused her to allow me, her 
proper, lawful husband, to clean him out of her!  What a sucker 
I'd been! Their juices were spread over his genitals even now, 
I could see, clotted and matted on his shaft and his groin and his 
balls.  The slick gouts of their secretions squished as I began to 
pull and push on his prick with both my hands.  

Once again I was licking up the evidence of her infidelity, his
thick cloudy sperm laced with her clear secretions, but this time
directly, sucking his cock at first hand instead of at one remove. 
That was all I was good for, she'd told me often enough.  "Oh,
yes," she'd moan, as my tongue sank deep into her pussy and slurped
at the slick sap it found there.  "Suck on it!  That's what you're
good for!"  To give lip service to her betrayals.

I'd thought she felt affection for me each time I buried my face
between her legs.  But it was really only spite!  She'd been
avenging herself on me, because she'd decided I wasn't
man enough for her.

I felt cheapened, cheated, used.  As my resentment grew, a bleak
anger began to rise from deep within me.  And as that anger began
to feed on itself, I half-forgot what I was doing.  The outrageous
injustice of it!  The petty maliciousness!  The gratuitous
humiliation!  Did I deserve this?  How can I get even?  Tense, 
furious, I began to clench and pump and suck on Hal's massive prick.

Hal felt something profound happening, and began in
turn to push at me with his hips, to headfuck my mouth.  In a
mindless fury I brought my mouth down onto his massive prick as
hard as I could, to push him back, and he then thrust into me even
more strenuously!  His breathing and mine both grew shorter.  

That bitch, I was thinking!  My birthday present!  Sending me away
to get a Makeover and then to the Ball like Cinderella, eager to
geld myself into a lady by my own desire, to dream of grace and
beauty, all so she could feel free to fuck her brains out
uninterrupted in this very bed!  With a stud who even now thought
he was getting a great head job, I was sure of it, from Jessica's
best friend, the sister of the husband he had cuckolded how many
times whenever they met, how many times met, over how many
months?  Could I count that high?  I now pulled on that monster
staff with my mouth and with both hands!  It was now huge,
practically a baseball bat.  Infuriated, I sucked down deep onto
the thick head and as much of the shank I could reach.  My jaw
ached wide open, and my lips stretched full to contain and then
pulsate on him.  I couldn't help myself!  That nasty, spiteful
bitch!  Hal's whole body stiffened, and he half-lifted himself from
the bed.

And then all of a sudden spurt after spurt poured into me.  He
came!  He deluged into my mouth.  I scarcely noticed!  In a blind
rage, I swallowed him mindlessly as fast as I could to keep from
drowning or choking.  His spunk leaked all around my stretched lips
even while I milked even more out of him with my fist!  It was
Jessica's taste all right!  My own wife!  Using me with such
contempt!  I couldn't blame Hal, he was as he was, a hot prick with
an easy pussy to plunge into.  A vindictive pussy!  But even as I
was gulping his sperm and swallowing it and then gulping air, and
Hal kept spouting more into me, ten, twelve, fifteen pulsing gushes
with no end yet in sight, I was thinking, how can I get even with

And it came to me!  I was a woman now.  As far as Hal was
concerned, anyhow, and Jessica wasn't ready to expose me.  How can
women avenge themselves on other women who betray their trust? 
They can return the favor and steal the other woman's man!  Hal
was an incredible man, with that cock of his, but still, only a
man, easily led by that same cock.  From the way he came on to me
the moment Jessica left the room, I knew I could seduce him away
from her at least long enough to empty his balls and deprive her of
any more pleasure this weekend, thank you!  Two can play that game!

I glanced up at him, and saw that he had no idea my furious
paroxysms were about Jessica.  He thought all that intensity was
passionate devotion to his prick!  He was leaning back now almost
in a trance, his eyeballs rolled back.  I realized only now that
with each spurt of cum he had been crying out guttural noises of
unspeakable joy.  He still hadn't caught his breath, but as he
glimpsed me looking up at him, he looked down and managed to gasp
"God, Jenny!  God!  You give great head!  The greatest!  The
greatest ever!  Never like this before!  Lady, you do get into it!"

Then while he was still floating in his euphoria, my
wet lips still sliding along his long cock, his breath returned. 
He said, "My God, Jenny!  You suck cock like there was no tomorrow,
no more ever again.  Your mouth is absolutely insatiable!  Whatever
can you be like when you fuck?"

I took my mouth from around his huge tool, and as it melted back to
become a fat sausage once again, I said in the most suggestive,
overripe voice I could muster, "That's for me to know, Hal baby,
and for you to find out if you can!"  For the first time since I'd
arrived home, was it hours ago?, I smiled.

Then as I slowly got up off my knees and sat down again in the
slipper chair, I had the satisfaction of seeing Hal reach for my
hand to assist me -- he was such a gentleman.  But there was a new
light gleaming in his eyes.  And I noticed that the extraordinary
tube of meat in his lap had reversed itself.  Incredibly, it was
rising to my new challenge.  Freshly slick and shiny, smooth and
slippery with my saliva and with his own fresh cum, it was once
again growing.  In fact it was already huge, judging by ordinary

But I'll handle it, I told myself!  Somehow!  I am going to fix
that prick so Jessica's quim  feels like a slab of sloppy
supermarket liver when he next gets into it.  She'd tried to fob me
off on Eric while she was fucking this man?  Well, right now I have 
a neat, tight, virginal ass, never entered, and I'm wearing my 
prettiest panties.  For Jessica, I'd thought when I put them on
this morning, but now they're for you, Hal.  And my cock and balls
are well hidden under that sanitary pad I put on this morning in
sisterly solidarity with Jessica, so my secret's safe enough.  Now
I'm going to get back at Jessica!  For the next hour I'm going to
make my ass a cock-hungry slut to this stud!  I'll empty those
balls so he needs at least a week to refill them!  Whatever it takes! 
That bitch!  I've got to do it!  

I was about to reach for the growth in Hal's lap, to lift him
gently by it, and turn him, and mount the bed so he could mount me. 
It was a wonderful power I felt at that moment, that of a woman who
knows she's desired.  But just then I realized I'd heard no sounds
from the bathroom for some time.  I paused and listened.  There
came a click on the door, and then it opened.  Jessica had
returned.  I muttered aloud "It's me now for the next hour, Hal
baby, not that cunt Jessica!  Can you deal with that?" 

Hal heard.  He broke into a slow grin, glanced at me and saw the
intensity of feeling in my face, decided it was for him and should
be rewarded and enjoyed, turned to Jessica, and said in a slow
drawl, "Well, honey, you sure took your time.  I'll bet there's
room for lots more of me in there now.  I figured you'd gone
downstairs to call Janice to set up something for tonight. 
Shouldn't you?  Or will your husband be home by then?"

"You're right," Jessica replied.  "I forgot!  I'd better now.  But
I'll be a while.  You know how Janice loves to talk."

Who was Janice?  One of those friends she's always seeing when I'm
paying no attention to her comings and goings?

"You two'll be OK for a while?"  She glanced at me, a little
sternly I thought.  "Getting to know each other, are you?"

"We'll be fine," Hal said, a little complacently I thought.  "It'll
be a while anyhow."  He was telling her he wasn't able to fuck
again right away.  I knew better.

"All right," Jessica said, now looking at me directly. 
"Magnificent, isn't he, Jenny dear?"  She came down hard on "dear,"
sounding exactly the way she did whenever finding fault with me as
her husband.  "Remember, look but don't touch.  If you have to, pick
on someone your own size!  You have to work up to someone like Hal,
honey.  And you'll never really be woman enough for him!" 

That's what you think, I thought, looking back at her calmly.  I
batted my eyes at her a few times but said nothing.  Hal chuckled. 
Jessica looked at me a moment longer, trying to reinforce her
warning I thought.  "Fix your lipstick, honey!" was all she said.
"You've smeared it!"  Then she left.

A moment later we heard a phone dialing down below in the kitchen,
and Jessica began to talk to someone, her words indistinct but her
voice playing arpeggios and tinkling with laughter now and then. 
She'll be some time, I thought.  She always is when she's in that
good a mood and talking that way.  I suppose she thinks Hal needs
to recover some more before she can resume with him. 

"Is that true, what she said about me?" I asked Hal?

"It could be, Jenny.  Your cunt doesn't open real wide?  It's never
celebrated itself with someone like me?"

I'd better begin fast and not look back!  "Hal, forget my cunt for
now! I want my ass wrapped all around that cock!"  Sound really
horny, I told myself, and he'll be all the more eager.  "Right now! 
I want to suck all of those juices into my ass.  There's lots of
room in there for that thing of yours, and for all the spunk in the
world!  But the opening's a bit tight.  Do you think....?"

He was eager now all right!  "Sweetheart, trust me, when we're
through your ass will feel as loose as a bed sheet.  Anything
slipped into you will feel like it was born there!"

Still, I felt a little apprehensive.  How exactly did this even the
score with Jessica?  Would I get torn up?  Who was revenging
himself on who?  Or herself?  Was this worth it?  

Hal took my hand tenderly in his and placed it on his dong, which
had finally become fully erect, and stood out like a young
stallion's.  I gripped it gently.  "That's it, little lady," he
crooned.  That mellifluous, persuasive voice of his had returned. 
"Feel familiar?  This is your old friend.  Ask your hands and your
mouth, they already know, don't they?  So does your tummy, doesn't
it?   Now all you need to do is slip off your panties and pull up
that pretty skirt and lie back here on this bed and relax and enjoy

His other hand took mine and lifted it as if he were a gentleman
about to lead me into my first dance at a grand ball.  Just as if
it were still last night.  With the same feeling of enchantment, I 
rose from my chair.  He turned me and settled me on my back on the 
bed, and then leaned over me.  

"Now, this cream I've got here will soothe you and help those
muscles relax.  Once it's between your cheeks I'll slip right past
those panties of yours and into your rosebud with no fuss or
trouble at all, Jenny honey.  Do you want to massage it in

I shook my head.  I felt helpless to move. It felt warm and
slippery as he slathered some onto my anus.   Then I felt a full
feeling, "comfy" was exactly the word for it.  

"You see, Jenny.  Already three fingers inside you, and all you
feel is nice, isn't that so?  Limp and loose as a goose.  I'd fist
you, but my cock 'll stretch you the same amount anyhow.  Ready?"

He lifted my legs to his shoulders gently, and snugged my knees
alongside his ears.  Then gazed down at me reassuringly.  Suddenly
I felt so vulnerable, so helpless.  I had to trust him.  There came
a dull poking on my anus. then more pressure, then more, then
suddenly the most overwhelming full feeling I have ever felt in my
life!  Was that him already inside me?  It was as if the most
enormous turd in the world were in there trying to get out, or get
in, and I groaned aloud.

"Now I'm in you, sweetheart, but just barely.  If you feel like
pushing, Jenny baby, just push!  That's how I'll get more of me
into you.  Just say when."

His cock was in me!  I felt an unexpected rapture suddenly blossom
out from it!  I'm a real woman! I said to myself.  I've got the
biggest cock in the world in me, and I've stolen my wife's lover
away from her, and now I'm going to fuck him to death!  It felt

"More!" I said in a choking voice, as if it were my throat and not
my ass that was now filled to the brim.  "More, Hal baby!  Fuck
me!"  I pushed my whole bottom toward him as best I could.  He
leaned forward, and then like a long freight train slowly moving
into a tunnel that giant prick entered me, little by little,
slowly, interminably it seemed.  Finally at long last I could feel
his thighs pressing against my rump.  

"Aaahhhhhhhh!" I sighed out in deep satisfaction.  "Full" was no
longer the word for how my bottom felt.  My whole body had expanded
around him!  Now I was complete!  Altogether a part of him, and he
was a part of me!  What bliss!  He began to withdraw, as gradually
and majestically as he had entered me, and I felt myself becoming
myself again.  But empty, because now I knew that I was no longer

Then it began again, the return to that marvelous fulfillment.  Of
a promise of ecstasy to come.  My anointing!  I groaned.  Then
again, louder!  When all of him had entered me and snugged into me,
I cried out my desire and joy!

That monster cock then set up a slow, sedate, steady rhythm,
stroking into and out of me, in and out.  Now at the furthest reach
of his in-stroke Hal's shoulders pressed heavily against my thighs
and lifted my hips even higher up, my ass pressed even closer
against his groin, and he plunged even deeper into me.  Then with
the outstroke the whole lower half of my body came down onto the
bed, and I felt vacated, emptied, but nostalgic with the knowledge
of his departure.  Then it happened yet again.  He returned, and as
he reached into the deepest part of my bowels and I felt him
pressing his whole groin against my ass I pushed as hard as I could
into him, with the most delicious little wiggle at the end of my
thrust, seeking...something nameless just beyond.  My cock stayed
flaccid underneath my sanitary pad, but I could feel further down,
deeper, that I was beginning to approach a climax I could not have
imagined.  It was as if my anus and bowels themselves were knotting
up and squeezing into my whole body the juices of pure pleasure.

We settled into that ecstatic rhythm, our two bodies become one,
glorious!  I opened my eyes.  All I could see at first was his head
between my nylon-stockinged thighs, his eyes tight closed, his hair
hanging damp over his forehead, his face concentrating intently. 
Then I caught a movement from the corner of my eye, and turned my
head, careful not to break my body's enchantment.  

There, sitting in the slipper chair alongside the bed was my wife
Jessica!  She was watching the two of us with relaxed curiosity,
altogether undisturbed by what she was seeing.

At that very moment Hal began his magnificent progress back into my
bowels, and I had to give him my full attention.  But when he began
to withdraw  I looked over at my wife again.  She didn't seem
irritated or jealous at all!  In fact there was no mistaking it,
she was gloating.  

Could I be wrong?  This wasn't at all what I had planned!  Nor what
she had planned for her weekend?  Was I misreading a scowl
of jealousy?  Was the pleasure her boyfriend was now
finding in my body, and I was finding each time my cheeks and hips
spread wide to accommodate that cock, was it bitter to her, a thorn
in her side?

Not at all.  To my shocked amazement, as she watched us in relaxed
ease, she smiled.  She was happy for me?

"He's really into it now, isn't he?" she said, apparently to me.

"Yes, he is," I said in between my sighs and cries and grunts of
satisfaction.  That wonderful feeling was now building and
building, reaching closer to...something nameless!  I didn't want
Hal to stop, not now, not ever.  I didn't mind rubbing it in.  "And
he's wonderful!" I added.  The more green-eyed the monster gnawing
at her, the better.  

Which may be why I didn't hear at first that Hal, on the deepest
pressure of his in stroke, my ass cheeks high up and pushing into
him, said on a wheezing grunt as he slammed that meat a last
fraction of an inch further into my vitals, "Yes!"  In fact I
didn't realize Hal had said "Yes" at all until he added, "He sure

"He bought it!" my wife responded to Hal.  "He really bought it!"

I was about to answer her "Yes" again when the full meaning of
Hal's unnecessary remark entered my understanding.  I opened my
eyes again, after wriggling the last excruciating deliciousness out
of the last ounce of pressure from Hal's sweet cock and balls, my
last wriggle of gratitude pushing into him, my last effort to
prolong my delight before Hal withdrew and the whole cycle began
again.  I was shocked when I saw that Jessica was sitting there
looking into Hal's eyes, not mine, that she was talking to Hal!  In
this exchange I was no more than a piece of meat Hal was fucking,
as far as she was concerned.  It was as if I weren't even there. 
She was talking to her lover.  "I told you he'd buy it!" she added.

Hal pulled back and paused for an infinitesimal second before
resuming his fucking rhythm.  I couldn't help it, my asshole lunged
at him, unable to wait.  He then began his long slow re-entry yet
again, and I was almost out of my head with joy.

"Yes you did, sweetheart," Hal said as he concentrated on
re-entering me, his eyes fixed in some middle distance.  "And he
feels just great!  Just great!  I'd never have believed you could
pull this off!"  

"He was easy," my wife replied.  She leaned back and looked up at
the ceiling, her hands now clasped behind her head, in a
reminiscent mood.  I stared at her a little wild eyed, though my
mind remained between my hips.  "He's always been easy.  Half the 
time I've gone out he's never looked up to ask why I'm so dolled up
just to visit friends.  He's so predictable!  But now we can both
get dolled up to visit you together whenever you'd like a
three-way.  I'm so glad you're enjoying him, Hal, and I'm even more 
glad he's enjoying you!  It makes everything so much easier!"

Glad?  I didn't want her to be, but I was pinned helpless now, and
had to ride this thing to completion.  Hal increased the pace,
driving his body into my ass repeatedly, over and over, reaching
for that intangible trigger that would fire off his orgasm.  My
hips were thrusting more wildly too, around and into that marvelous
fat pole, faster and faster as a yearning built up in me.  

Suddenly there I was!  I reached up and achieved a high plateau,
tense with desire, and then I felt some deep set of abdominal
muscles begin to throb in glory, and I couldn't help it, I began to
moan and then call out and finally to scream, and my still-soft
prick began to throb somehow, and then to leak some kind of fluid
into my napkin and my panties just as I felt Hal throb within me,
and give a last mighty lunge, and I felt his hot sperm shoot high
up into my guts.  And shoot and shoot and shoot, until finally he
began to ease off.  I realized only then that my knees had been
pushed all the way to my own ears during this last cataclysmic
double orgasm.  He hadn't yet begun to shrink and withdraw, but
already his sperm overflowed my ass and my crotch, and mixed in
with mine, and began to soak my panties and my skirt.  We both
began breathing a little more regularly.  It was over.  And deep
within me, I regretted it.  I wanted more.

"Well, you did it, honey," Jessica said to Hal, looking impassively
at my round eyes staring back at her.  "I knew if there was any
woman in him at all he'd never be able to resist getting that big
thing of yours inside him once he saw it.  I never could resist a
really big cock myself!  I can't begin to count how many big guys
stuffed themselves into me before I got married, or how many
afterward, come to think of it.  So why should he be able to hold
himself back?"  

Hal still loomed over me, looking down into my face.  I looked up
at his, my legs high up, resting on his shoulders and back.  I
couldn't move.  But I didn't want to move!

"Well, Jessica," he said.  "Maybe because he's a man?  Not every
man feels gets turned on by a large cock up his ass."  He smiled
down at me.  "Present company excepted, of course.  I think it was
your other idea that did the trick, depend upon him to get jealous
when he sees me, his resentment that his wife has been fucking another
man.  Other men, I suppose I should say.  And of finding out that
for months he's been sucking other men's cum out of his wife?  
That kind of thing can get a guy's head fucked up!  Not just his head!"

"He loved your taste inside me!" Jessica said.  "Same as I've
always loved it!  As long as he didn't know what it was, that is! 
How did you break the news to him?"

"No problem.  He figured it out while he was sucking my cock.  Then
he couldn't wait to get even with you, and that did it!"    

"You got him to suck your cock?"  She looked at me still pinned
beneath him, with what seemed new respect.  "So I'm right too.  It
wasn't just resentment.  A cock like yours can bring out the girl
in any man, I bet!"

She grinned at me and went on. "Well, a Makeover is what I wanted 
for him, and that's what happened!  If he looks like a woman, and 
sucks cock like a woman, and fucks like a woman, what do we call him?"  

She turned to me, while I just lay there.  My legs were still high
in the air and my ass was still impaled by Hal's cock, which hadn't
yet deflated enough for me to slide free of it.  His cum
was leaking freely out of my distended asshole now, though.  In
this position I couldn't easily comment on anything they said.  I
just listened. 

"You know, Jenny," she said.  "I'd hoped that Eric would take your
cherry and teach you what it feels like to be a woman, so you'd
stop playing with your skirts and lipsticks whenever I've gone
somewhere else to fuck a real man, and fish or cut bait.  I mean,
join with the rest of us girls and go all the way, or else quit
pretending and give it up and try to be a man after all!   But now
you've chosen, haven't you?  I can tell just by looking at you. 
Who wouldn't want to be a woman after that cock of Hal's has been
pushed deep into him?  For that matter, now that you've seen what
a real man's cock looks like and you've felt what it can do, you
can't really claim that you're also a man, can you?  Not any more 
you can't.  Especially now that you've taken it up the ass and 
loved it!"

Thinking about Hal's meat heated her up a little.  "It really is
gorgeous, Hal!  I see it there crammed like a long cork into
Jenny's bottom, and I still can't help myself!  Is there anything
left in it for me for right now?"

Hal turned, his face regretful. "Not right now, Jess.  You know well 
that after a few days of steady screwing it can take me as long as a
half hour to get it up again.  I can maintain that pace for weeks
probably, the way I did last Christmas, when your husband was out
of town?  Remember?  But I do need a half hour's breathing space
now and then."  He grinned.  "Of course mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation helps too."  

Then he changed the subject.  "Did you and Janice set it up for
tonight while Jenny and I were up here getting it on?"

"Yes," Jessica answered.  "In fact, her brother's in town, and 
Jenny'll be just perfect for him.  It'll be wonderful, now that
there's no chance any husband of mine'll ever discover what's going
on and break in and make a scene and spoil the fun.  I should have
done this years ago."

She toward me again.  "Jenny, welcome to the club.  For some time
now Janice and I and some other friends have been liberated women 
who love to take vacations from our marriages now and then, and 
kick up our heels by wrapping them around different men.  Especially 
around Hal, this sweet man here with the prize cock that won't ever 
quit.  And now you're one more of us!"

"He is indeed!" Hal commented, now finally pulling his softened
sausage out of me and sitting back, then swinging his legs over the
edge of the bed.  My bottom felt...deprived!  "I don't doubt that
he'll want to join with you two any time we want to do a threesome! 
Dolled up like this, Jenny is one of the hottest pieces of ass I've
ever fucked!"  Then slyly, "I'll bet she misses me already."  

Why did I feel complimented?  

"You know Jenny," Jessica went on.  "Our marriage is over."  
Her voice was kindly.  She wanted to be helpful.  "I don't
want you for a husband.  But now that you're not just playing
at being a girl any more, I'd love for you to be my live-in 
girlfriend.  Didn't you once say you wanted that?"  

I was listening.

"You see, I've had only two options.  Divorce you, or give you a
birthday present that might make a difference.  You may not know
it, but you're not who you were.  The girls at the Salon didn't
tell you, but that blonde hairdo is now you!  It's way too
elaborate to cover with that little wig they gave you.  That thing
won't cover anything.  And you know now that your face is much too
feminine when it's made up for you to wear it plain and unadorned,
the way you did when you were pretending it was a man's face.  And
I know you're happier in skirts than you are in pants -- that's why 
you wear them so often."  

"But above all, you can't tell me that you'll never again want to
have sex as a woman.  That you'd rather fuck your life away as a
man when you could keep getting royally fucked like a few
minutes ago, like a woman.  Not from what I just saw."  

"So it seems to me that these are your options.  Tomorrow you can go 
to the office dolled up in your blonde perm, or you can shave your head 
and go bald, and either way you can face all the talk.  Or tonight you 
can go out with us and have fun, and sleep in tomorrow with Janice's
brother.  You two are all fixed up.  From what we hear, he's hung
like Hal here, and he's a charmer, and Janice tells me you've
lucked out with him, because his taste runs especially toward girls
just like you.  No need to worry about the office for a long time. 
The guys we know always seem to have enough for us, if we treat
them right."   

She sat back and waited for my response.

I'd been set up!  All along!  I tried to be angry with her again, 
but I failed.  I tried to resent Hal for being in on this
conspiracy with her, but I couldn't.  I tried to hold myself in
contempt for not standing up and walking out and leaving my slut 
wife to her infidelities, but I couldn't even do that.  Jessica and 
Hal may have done this to suit their own convenience, but I can't say
it was only their own convenience.  I thought for a moment how much
further this thing could go.  Then I decided I'd think that through
some other time. 

I sat up and surveyed the ruins of my new silk dress, stained and
sticky with cum from all three of us, and I began wondering what
else I had to wear that would do, among other purchases still in
the car.  I wondered what Janice was like, but I figured I'd find
out soon enough.

"Tell me more about Janice's brother," I said.  "Is he cute?"  


(c) 1998 by Vickie Tern
Vickie Tern@AOL.COM

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