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Subject: In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Part thirty-three
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            In The Bank Manager's Cupboard.

                Part Thirty-three 

Copyright: 1986 thru 1997. Christine Stevenson.

When the lights were turned up, David heard Karin
pronounce, "There you see it. A clear breach of rule
five after he had been familiarised both with the
rules, and the severity of the punishments applicable."

They all agreed.

Karin smiled to the ladies conspiratorially, "I think
you will also agree that I will have no alternative but
to administer the severest chastisement."

David thought 'My God why did I not control myself'.

The other slaves present were all glad that it was not
one of them who were to suffer the 'severest' of
punishments. 'Toilet' was the only one who could have
no thoughts on the matter. With the doors closed
upstairs he had the indignity of being alone with his
predicament. He was obliged to smell, feel, taste and
think of only one thing.

While Catrina and Karin set about preparing for David's
flogging, Madam Kwai was relishing her treatment of
Adra. She had finished pinching her nipples and thighs
and had moved on to direct stimulation of Adra's
genitals. Adra was flushed with embarrassment at her
own unavoidable pleasure as Madam Kwai's fingers
insinuated themselves within her. By the time the
beating started, Adra was well on her way to her first
orgasm, moaning with the pleasuring that she was
powerless to resist.

Catrina had unlocked David's handcuffs and put her hand
into David's panties. She grabbed his genitalia and
squeezing she grinned, "We have you by the balls". She
led him into the study where Brian had been readied as
a punishment horse. Brian was kneeling on all fours,
David was bent across his back from the left side.
Karin locked David's left wrist to Brian's right wrist,
his right wrist to Brian's right ankle. A chain from
David's neck went under Brian's abdomen and tightly
around David's suspendered thighs, back to his neck.

David, now kneeling over Brian, could not escape his
punishment. Much as he might fight it, it would be in
Brian's interest to keep him in place, if he was to
avoid any stray strokes of David's chastisement.

Karin decided to start with the tawse as usual, "Rules
five and two. Let me see, five and two, I think that
makes fifty two strokes doesn't it?" She smiled at the
ladies, who all agreed that five and two did indeed
make fifty two.

"NO NOISE!" Karin ordered, speaking now to the
trembling David.

Long before the warming with the tawse was over, David
had to be gagged. Catrina did the necessary and Karin
thanked her. "Thank you Catrina. I think I will have to
add another fifty two with the crop for that
disobedience, what do you think?"

Catrina agreed sarcastically, "Yes, I think so Karin,
he must learn obedience, and you did specifically order
that he be quiet." They both knew of course that this
was only a charade, and that David would eventually
'deserve' far more than that.

Marique had enjoyed watching Adra's embarrassed orgasm,
and although watching the punishment was exciting, she
decided on a delightful diversion. Having obtained
Madam Kwai's approval she lubricated an eight inch
vibrator with KY jelly and gradually inserted it into
the 'Table'. When it was all the way home she turned it
on and sat back to watch both shows. It wasn't long
before Madam Kwai had to use her crop to correct the
incline of the 'Table'.

Marique then noticed that Pippa was unemployed and had
'her' come and kneel between her legs. Christine had
trained Pippa well and Marique was well pleased with
the services 'she' was able to offer with 'her' tongue.

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