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Hello everyone,

  I am glad that so many of you have enjoyed my experiences and have 
taken the time to write to me and say hello...I thought I would relate 
another one of my experiences with you...This happened last September 
and I thought you might enjoy it!

  On a Saturday in September, Dave (John's boss) called and said that an 
old high school friend of his was in town visiting and he invited John 
to go out on the town with them. I think they were going to go bar 
hopping and visit a few of the strip clubs here in Columbus. John agreed 
so I planned on having a quiet Saturday night at home alone.

  Dave and Greg (Dave's friend) arrived at our house at around 7:00 pm, 
and I guessed that they wouldn't return until the early hours of the 
morning since some of the clubs in Columbus don't close until 4:00 am. I 
decided to take a hot bath, and to relax while watching some TV.

  At about 11:30 pm all three of them came dragging into our house. It 
was pretty obvious that they had been drinking, and it was also pretty 
obvious that they had spent a great deal of time at some of the strip 
clubs thinking and talking about sex. As the came through the door, John 
said, "Hey baby, Dave and I thought maybe Greg would like to see your 
videotape (the videotape of my second gang bang experience)."

  I blushed bright red as Dave and Greg settled into the couch facing 
the TV as John pushed the tape into the VCR. Up to this point, John and 
I had been the only ones to actually see the video of my second party! 
As the tape started to play, Dave told Greg, "Wait til you see this! It 
is fucking unbelievable! You see how cute she looks, you just won't 
believe what a hot fuck she is...." Dave was grinning at me as he 
watched me blush at his comments. Greg sat quietly glancing from me to 
the opening scenes on the television, and then over to John. I don't 
think he knew quite how to react to what was happening.

  On the TV screen I watched as I was encircled by seven guys who were 
beginning to remove my clothes. I heard a voice on the TV say, "Hey John 
does she fuck as good as she looks?" I glanced back at Greg who was 
staring intently at the TV screen. I also noticed Dave was beginning to 
rub himself through his pants. I felt John move behind me and I felt his 
hands on my waist as he pulled me back against him. I really hadn't been 
expecting John (let alone Dave and Greg) home so I was wearing an old 
T-shirt, panties and my housecoat. As John pulled me back against him I 
felt his cock pressing against me, he slowly began to grind himself 
against me.

  Dave and Greg were still staring at the TV. The scene showed Craig 
pounding his cock into me while Kyle was sitting on my chest pulling on 
my breasts and rubbing his cock over me. Dave was also pushing his cock 
in and out of my mouth as he held onto my hair. From the look on Dave's 
face as he watched himself perform on the TV he was very pleased with 
his efforts.

  I felt John now cup my breast and as I leaned back against him he 
whispered softly to me "Would you like to party baby?" I just moaned 
softly as I felt his hand slip inside my robe and begin to rub my tummy 
through my nightgown....I knew what he had in mind! 

  As the scene on the television showed Dave having his first orgasm, I 
heard Dave say softly, "Damn what a hot little cocksucker!" Greg glanced 
at him quickly and said in amazement "Is this for real?" Dave just 
giggled and said, "Watch it gets better!"

  I could feel John's cock swelling as he continued to press against me. 
He whispered in my ear "How about a little head baby?" I again moaned as 
I turned to face him. He smiled as he said, "You want to get fucked 
don't you babe?" I nodded as I slowly slipped to my knees in front of 
him and I began to unfasten his pants.

  As I pushed John's pants down to his knees, his cock sprang free. I 
grasped it in my hand and began to pump it. I felt John's hand on my 
head as he whispered..."Put it in your mouth baby...suck it!" I looked 
up at him as I opened my mouth and closed my lips over the head of his 
cock. I could taste his precum and I heard him moan with excitment. As I 
tilted my head and ran my tongue down the length of John's cock. I saw 
that Dave had removed his clothing and had moved over beside John. I 
reached up and began to stroke his cock. Greg was still sitting on the 
couch glancing from the television to John, Dave and I just five feet 
away from him.

  Dave moved closer as I pumped his cock with my right while I ran my 
lips over John's shaft. I moved to Dave and just licked the head of his 
cock, tasting the salty precum leaking from his shaft. I heard him moan 
and thrust his hips forward pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. John 
knelt down behind me and untied my robe and slipped it from my 
shoulders. He briefly massaged my breasts before he began to lift my 
t-shirt over my head. As my lips broke free of Dave's cock I heard him 
say to Greg, "Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to join 

  Greg looked kind of nervously at John and asked, "Are you sure it is 

  John looked up at him as Greg stood up and began to undress and said, 
"I told you she likes to fuck!" I smiled up at Greg as I continued to 
stroke Dave's cock and I said, "It is OK Greg...come on!" As Greg 
finished undressing Dave moved me onto my hands and knees. Dave now 
knelt in front of me and thrust his hips forward and nudged my cheek 
with his hard cock. "Come on Jan, quit chatting and start sucking on my 
dick!" I turned back to him and enveloped his cock with my mouth. As he 
pressed his hips forward, I felt his cock bump at the entrance to my 
throat. I also felt John run his hands down my tummy and gently begin to 
rub my clit. I moaned in excitment as Dave began to rock back and forth 
in my mouth. I glanced to the right and I could see Greg also now 
kneeling down in front of me holding and stroking his cock. It was 
already dripping precum as he watched Dave pistoning in and out of my 
mouth. I could tell by the way he was stroking that Greg was not going 
to last long. I quickly released Dave's cock and turned toward Greg just 
as his cock began to explode. His first spurt splashed against my nose 
and upper lip as I quickly enveloped his exploding cock. I felt his cock 
pulse three more times in my mouth as he filled my mouth with his warm 
salty sperm. As I was swallowing the remnants of Greg's orgasm, I felt 
John slip his cock into my pussy with one quick thrust. I again moaned 
loudly around Greg's cock and I heard Dave say, "I think that is what 
she has been waiting for John!" John replied, "The girl does like to 

  More to come....

Love Jan

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