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This story contains words of a sexual nature and should not be read 
by juveniles.  If this means you, go away and read something else; 
you shouldn't be here anyway.  This is a work of fiction and in no 
way portrays real life - if you can't hack that, go lie down in a 
dark room; the bad feelings will go away.

Coming in Last (MF, ROM)
(c) Sven the Elder
January 1998

        Sven the younger sighed audibly as the old boat slowly came 
about on the sun-dappled water.  Concentration etched on his face, he 
sailed as close to the wind as the boat's ancient rig would allow.  
The old lug sail was no longer the most efficient of rigs; now, in 
the light summer breeze that wafted between the islands, its age and 
weight allowed for little more than sailing too and fro.  What was 
gained on one tack was lost on the opposite.

        As the remainder of the fleet of dinghies with their more up- 
to-date rigs sailed slowly into the distance, towards the finish line 
and the afternoon tea and sandwiches that the regatta day promised, 
they could only watch.

        His girlfriend, Kate, giggled as she said, "They'll think you 
did it on purpose, like running out of petrol!"

        Sven looked worried for a moment, and then said, "They will, 
won't they?  I hope they don't tease you - us - too much."

        She laughed.  "Well, if they're talking about us, they won't 
be bothering some other unfortunate, will they?"

        She stretched, making herself more comfortable on the bottom 
boards of the boat.  She had spread the sail covers out along the 
gratings to make sure she didn't get marked through her bathing suit.  
As the suit tightened a little across her bottom, the lines of her sex 
were plainly visible, and Sven strained to look, without making it 
appear obvious.  From a distance Kate was almost invisible, with just 
the top of her head appearing above the boat's gunwale.  Sven, up on 
the aft seat, had positioned himself on the boat's lee side so as to 
help the sails hang and catch the wind better in the light breeze.  
It didn't seem to be making any difference.

        "Lee - o", he muttered as the boat got to the end of the beat, 
and slowly round they came and started to lose ground again.

        Kate squinted along the deck line and laughed.  "We're going 
backwards again!"  Facing back to watch Sven's face, it was difficult 
to read her expression, her eyes hidden behind the sun glasses.  She 
stretched her bare foot out and ran it along Sven's calf.

        "Hey, don't do that - I can't concentrate as it is," he said, 
desperately trying to contain his thoughts and steer his mind away 
from the growing erection that his swimming trunks were failing to 
contain, let alone hide.

        Kate giggled again, "What's the matter?  Getting too hot?  
You're going pink in the sun!"  She laughed, running her toes up the 
inside of his thigh.  She reached the top and brushed her big toe over 
the lump that was visibly forming.  "My - what's this, I wonder?"

        She moved forwards on her hands and knees, and the top of her 
swimming costume tried valiantly to mask the beautiful breasts that 
Sven knew were inside.  He groaned and, giving up the struggle, moved 
his own bare feet to her sex.  Now it was Kate's turn to whimper, as 
he ran his toe along the crease of her vulva, down underneath to her 
sensitive anus.  She wriggled and her tits wobbled invitingly before
Sven's eyes.

        Kate ran her hands along Sven's thigh, and he gasped as she 
reached his trapped erection.  She moved forward and kissed the tip of 
his penis through the cloth, and Sven felt his heartbeat in his ears 
as he sang to himself with the pleasure of her touch.  He closed his 
eyes as she slipped her fingers underneath the waistband.  Sliding her 
hand inside his trunks, she moved them down while he eased his bottom 
off the seat until she could remove them.  His penis came free, and 
Kate now kissed the tip, gently using her lips to remove the pearly 
drop that had formed.  Slowly she eased Sven's foreskin back and took 
the sensitive head into her mouth, running her tongue round its rim.  
Sven lay back in the sternsheets, everything subsumed in the waves of 
pleasure emanating from Kate's treatment of his now overwhelming need.

        "God, Kate, I can't hold... stop!"  Everything was forgotten 
but the rising tide that was trying to break free.  As he started to 
buck his hips in time with her suction, Kate scratched his wrinkled  
sac with a long fingernail.  It was too much, and Sven erupted into 
Kate's hungry mouth.  She gently sucked him dry and then cleaned the 
tip of his penis with her lips.

        They looked up and realised the boat had edged into the reeds 
at the extremities of one of the islands, out of sight of the others 
and in no danger of moving off anywhere.  Sven let go of the tiller 
and stroked Kate's hair as his penis shrank to a more normal size.

        "Mmmm... what brought that on?" he asked.

        "Oh, just a feeling of wanting to be naughty in the open air," 
she laughed.

        Sven leaned forward, and she tilted her head to him.  As they 
kissed gently, he tasted the bitterness of his own semen on her lips, 
and his penis twitched a little at the thought.  He slipped down off 
the thwart onto his knees and kissed Kate more strongly, his hand 
following the curve of her back to the roundness of her thigh.  As 
they broke to breathe, Kate lay her head on his shoulder and sighed 
gently.  He moved his hand to the shoulder strap of her swimsuit and 
eased it off her shoulder.  Slipping the other one off, he peeled her 
suit down round her waist, exposing her breasts.  He ran his fingers 
down her chest and circled her nipples, watching, mesmerised, as they 
sprung to attention.

        He ran his fingers on down and cupped her sex through the 
costume, and she groaned in pleasure.  Lying back, she quickly slipped 
her costume down the remainder of the way and off.  Now it was Sven's 
turn to gasp in pleasure as he saw, for the first time in daylight, 
the extent of her beauty.  Kate looked shyly at him as he took it all 

        "Well?" she asked with a low laugh, touching Sven's penis, 
which was now erect again.  "I think he's voting for an OK on that!" 
she giggled.

        Sven ran his hand across the sandy mat of hair that he had, 
until now, only felt in the darkness.  Now that he could see it as 
well, it was a thousand times more erotic than ever before.  Kate 
slipped from her kneeling position and lay back on the bottom boards.  
Sven moved forward and kissed her knee.  Sticking his tongue out, he 
ran it up and across the bottom of her stomach, and then down to her 
other knee.  Waiting no longer, he moved forward and kissed her 
glistening nether lips.  Now it was Kate's turn to groan in pleasure.  
Sven teased at her opening, running his tongue in the dripping nectar 
to his goal, his own penis stiffening impossibly as her heady smell 
drove all thoughts from his head.  Kate arched her back in pleasure 
and cried out as she came suddenly, closing her legs and gripping 
Sven's head in her thighs.

        As she released him and felt herself descending to a more 
acceptable level, she whispered in his ear, "Now, Love... I want you 

        "What about--?" 
        She cut him off and said, "I'm protected now; quick, make love 
to me."

        Sven needed no second bidding.  He eased himself forward into 
Kate's waiting arms.  She held him and steered the tip of his sex into 
her waiting lips.  He gently eased himself into her, and she gasped as 
he slid all the way home.  Slowly they began to pick up an unpracticed 
rhythm, and Kate lifted her knees and wrapped her legs round Sven's 
waist.  It was all too much, and Sven cried as he came, pressing 
forward, trying to spear Kate's heart with his thrust.

        Kate's eyes shone as she felt him shuddering his love for her, 
and even though she did not come a second time, she held him tight as 
the spasms of his intense orgasm died slowly away.  She continued to
hold him as he crumbled gently into her arms, weeping with mixed joy 
and pleasure at the shared experience of their first time together.  
They remained locked together tightly as he slipped out of her, spent 
totally, having given himself completely to her.

        Soon they became aware of a distant puttering; a boat was on 
its way to tow them in.  They slipped on their costumes and poled the 
boat out from the reeds so that it was sailing again, albeit slowly.

        Kate moved forward and Sven refocused on sailing the boat.  
The launch appeared round the island a few seconds later and came 
along side.  The helmsman grinned at them both.  "Thought I'd better 
come and get you before the tea has all gone; we've kept aside some 

        As they lashed alongside the launch, he continued, "You've 
come in last again; you really will have to get a faster boat, Sven."

        Kate laughed and said, "I don't think so; I like this one too 

        Sven just laughed.

The End

"Coming In last"

(c)Sven the Elder
January 1998.

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Sven the Elder

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