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  @(C) 1998 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
        Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL) and/or
                   the American Cancer Society.  Thanks !!

                               !!!  WARNING !!!

    The following material is a sex story, intended for adults only - however 
you want to define them.  The author accepts no responsibility should this 
material fall into the hands of minors or people who would be upset reading 
the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are 
obviously pure fantasy.  These stories are written to stand alone but are 
based on characters and plots introduced in some of my previous writing.  If 
you like theses stories you might also like "The Adventures of Willy 
Tamarack," "Shack, Lead !" or "The Travels of Willy Tamarack."  It should go 
without saying; any resemblance between the characters in this account and 
real people, either living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

    If you're still searching for the perfect world that Willy has apparently 
found ?  In other words: none of his friends contract sexually transmitted 
diseases; nobody has bad breath; nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few 
of Willy's friends have any sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they 
quickly lose them; everyone always has an orgasm and almost all the people 
live happily ever after.  Well, you're probably as close to finding it here as 
anywhere else.  Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat 
each other as such.

    A friend of mine once told me, "A day without sex, is a day without joy."  
As always, e-mail your comments to the usual.

                                WILLY TAMARACK
                       ONE MORE TIME AGAIN, FOR A WHILE
                                 THE STORIES

                               "Settling Down"
                                  Part Four
                             (MF+ M+mF oral anal)

                                 Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                          ***** CHAPTER TWELVE *****

    Carol rolled back toward Frank after hanging up the phone.  Her breasts 
giggled as she hopped off his desk and started searching for her clothes.  
Frank had his jockey shorts on and was just staring at her.  God !  Did this 
woman have a dynamite body.  His cock twitched in his shorts.  He could fuck 
her again, right now; he knew he could.  But then he'd be wiped out and Vicky 
would be pissed.

    "Who's Sharon ?"  He asked.

    "Long story."  Carol was struggling some what to get her bra on.  Frank 
told her to turn around and snapped it for her.  He thought about bending her 
over and rubbing his cock against her ass but then decided against it.  He 
went about putting on his slacks as Carol searched for her panties.  Carol was 
in the restroom, freshening up, when Frank called Vicky (4Seasons).

    "Honey...It's Frank.  Miss me ?"

    "When you gona get home, Frank ?  I'd have thought you'd been her a couple 
of hours ago and sure, I miss you.  I always miss you.  You got a big deal 
goin' or something ?"

    "...Yea...Something like that..."

    Vicky interrupted with, "What's her name, Frank ?"

    "Carol and you're going to love her.  She is the best looking, well put 
together woman I've met in a long, long time.  She's dying to meet you and I 
thought I'd bring her over for dinner...Tonight...Ok with you ?"

    "Sure, lover.  She know she's going to have to share ?"

    Frank just laughed and told Vicky that they'd be home in about a half an 
hour.  Carol wandered out of the rest room and quickly got into the rest of 
her clothes.  Frank just watched but couldn't stop thinking about boning her 
again.  They left in Frank's caddie and arrived a little after eight.  All the 
lights were off as Frank brought Carol in through the garage.

    "Vicky's probably in the hot tub waiting for us.  You got any more of that 
weed, your husband grows ?"

    Carol just nodded as she fished around in her purse for another joint.  
She didn't know exactly what to expect but was speechless when she spied the 
woman floating in the twelve foot wide circular hot tub attached to their 
pool.  The woman looked exactly like a Las Vegas showgirl.  She had to be at 
least five foot eight, with thick blond hair, piled up on the top of her head.  
Carol's eyes were drawn to her breasts.  They were large pillows of flesh 
bursting out from her chest, topped with the smallest pink areolae and tiny 
nipples.  Jesus !  The woman made her look flat and Carol felt she had a nice 
rack.  These things were water melons and Carol immediately wondered if they 
were real.  The almost looked too good to be real but Carol couldn't see the 
scars if they were fake.

    The woman stood as they approached the hot tub and Carol couldn't take her 
eyes off of her.  Her thin waist accentuated her large breasts and the flare 
of her hips - a truly hour glass figure.  Her mons was shaved clean and Carol 
could see the crease of her sex as the water dripped and dribbled off of her 
body.  This lady's body was definitely a ten.  She didn't look anywhere near 
twenty-eight, maybe twenty three or four.

    Frank had the joint going and handed it to Vicky.  She stared Carol right 
in the eye as she pulled on the weed, then squeaked out, "Hi !  I'm Vicky.  
Hope you like to skinny dip ?"  She sounded like a little girl.  Willy would 
love her, even though she was a little old.

    Carol started laughing while Frank helped her off with her clothes.  The 
three of them sat in the hot tub and finished the joint.  Frank kept asking 
Vicky what she thought of the weed.  Vicky didn't say much but it was obvious 
she was real stoned.  Vicky kept staring at Carol's tits and smiling.  Carol's 
areolae and nipples were all crinkly and erect.  Carol wondered who was going 
to make the first move.

    She had just handed the joint to Frank and turned to look back at Vicky.  
She jumped, Vicky's face was just inches from hers.  Vicky whispered, "I don't 
think I've ever seen a woman with so much hair on her pussy."  Carol kissed 
her and then it started.  In no time, Carol found herself sitting on the 
decking with Vicky between her legs licking and sucking on her labia and 
clitoris.  This woman could eat pussy, maybe not in Willy's league but damn 
close.  Frank watched for a while, then got to his feet and fed about seven or 
eight inches of thick, uncircumcised cock to Carol.

    He wasn't quite hard yet and Carol loved the feeling of his spongy cock 
growing as her mouth worked on his shaft.  She was very disappointed when he 
drew away from her and moved to his wife's rear end.  Vicky climbed up on to 
her as Frank entered her and Carol started cuming as Frank fucked the shit out 
of his wife above her - their slippery bodies rubbing together as Frank 
stroked his dick in and out of his wife's behind.  Vicky's tongue was wild in 
her mouth.  She tasted like pussy and Carol frenched wildly with her.  She 
could feel the pebbles of the pool decking dig into her back and buttocks as 
Frank pounded his wife on top of her.  The pain and pleasure she felt was 
unique and ended abruptly as Vicky climbed over her and planted her shaved 
cunt right on Carol's face.

    Frank's cock lanced into her and now he was pounding her back and forth on 
the pool decking as she feasted on the cum filled pussy that was grinding into 
her face.  Again the pain and pleasure she felt was extreme even though she 
could feel Frank's cock start to shrink in her pussy.  It was almost like the 
woman was spitting small globs of her husbands spunk into her mouth.  Carol 
couldn't get enough and had her tongue buried in the blonde's shaved cunt, 
licking for all she was worth.

    Frank's cock had left her, no longer hard enough to remain in her cunt.  
She was almost suffocated by the warm, gooey meat sliding around over her 
mouth and then the woman came in one loud scream and rolled to the pool 
decking next to her.  Carol could hear the pool pump cycle and then heard the 
panting of the woman beside her.  She watched the woman's tits rise and fall 
on her chest and could now see the scars below her breasts, the incisions that 
allowed her breasts to be filled with silicon.  The pool pump quit and now the 
yard was silent.  Frank was no where to be seen.

    Carol sat up and looked for him.  Vicky looked over at her and smiled.  
"That was nice...real nice...Did you like the feel of the pool decking on your 
body ?"

    Carol just nodded.  The woman reached out and started running a hand 
through her bush.  Her fingers were in her cunt.  Carol was getting aroused 
again.  She reached for Vicky's cunt and the two of them mutually masturbated 
each other until they came, kissing and sucking on each other's face and 
breasts.  Vicky's breasts were almost unreal, big flesh covered silicon 
balloons with hardly any sag.  Carol bit her tits and nipples until the woman 
was almost screaming as she fucked three fingers in and out of her.  They 
finally rolled away from each other, sated for the moment.

    "Can you spend the night ?"  Vicky asked her.  "I haven't had this good a 
time in a long, long while."  Carol just nodded.  By the time Frank came back 
outside, the two of them were going 69 with the blonde on the bottom.  Carol 
had spread her ass cheeks apart and was reaming her anus which was surrounded 
by a surprisingly lush growth of dark curly hair - the only hair between 
Vicky's legs.  Vicky was fingering Carol's asshole while teasing her clitoris 
with her tongue and lips.  Carol was cuming about every three of four minutes 
and shivered with a very powerful orgasm when Frank forced his cock into her 

    Her head came out of the blonde's crotch and she screamed, "Oh !  Shit ! 
Stick that big cock in my ass...Fuck...Fuck...Fuck !"

    And Frank did.  He'd been watching them while sitting in a lounge chair 
and only left it because he was sure the brunette was going to start cuming 
any second.  The soft meat in his hand was becoming harder by the second, 
imagining what it would feel like sliding in and out of the hole his wife was 
fingering.  It felt great, tight and like an inferno.  He fucked Carol faster, 
knowing that this would be the last time he'd get hard this evening.  He 
wanted to fuck this lady's brains out and by the way she was screaming and 
yelling, was sure he was close to getting the job done.

    Frank's orgasm blasted out of his cock like a cannon ball, coating Carol's 
insides.  Her asshole became a gooey mess and Frank fucked her faster only 
stopping when his spent pecker slipped out of her, no longer hard enough to be 
forced back in.  Carol was lying, spent, on top of his wife.  What a picture 
it was !  He was sure Vicky had cum, maybe a dozen times.  She loved fucking 
on the pool decking.  The combination of a warm, wet body on top of her and 
the pool decking below her always drove her to the most exquisite orgasms.  He 
was positive his lovely wife would want to see Carol again and again.

    The three of them were just goofing in the hot tub.  Carol had produced 
another joint and they were passing it around.  "Oh !  Shit !  I forgot all 
about Willy."  Carol laughed.  "Frank, can I borrow your phone ?"  He got up 
and wandered into the house.

                         ***** CHAPTER THIRTEEN *****

    I had no idea how many times the phone rang before I picked it up.  I was 
groggy and not thinking too clearly.  I saw Sharon's blonde head half covered 
by the blanket and decided to get out of bed to answer the phone.  My watch 
was on the night stand and it was 2330 hours.

    "Aah...Yea ??"  I answered.

    "Yo !  Willy...Carol...Did I wake you ?"

    "You could say that..."  My situation awareness was returning slowly.  
"...I take it you're not going to make it tonight ?"

    "Sorry...You disappointed ?"

    "Nah...Sharon and I had a pretty good time.  You gona be able to make it 
to the cabin by two or so tomorrow ?"

    "Leme ask...Hey !  Frank can I have tomorrow afternoon off ?  My husband 
needs a little help up at the cabin."   Frank mumbled something while nodding 
his head "yes."  "Yea...Willy...No sweat...You going to take Sharon home 
tonight ?"

    I looked over at the teenager sleeping in my bed and told Carol, 
"Nah...She's pretty wiped out.  I'll take her home tomorrow.  I'd like to talk 
to J.J. anyway.  See you at the cabin about two then...Ok ?  And bring a case 
of Bud with you...Ok ?"

    "Yea...Sounds great, Willy...Love you."

    "I love you too, Carol Whitouski.  See you tomorrow."  I hung up the phone 
and climbed back into bed.

    Frank was gone when Carol pushed the off button on the cordless phone.  
She laid it on the pool deck and looked over at Vicky.  The woman had a 
strange look on her face - part disbelief and part quizzical.  Carol waited for 
her to talk.  She definitely wanted to make a date with the two of them to 
meet Willy but figured tomorrow was too soon.  Willy sounded like he had 
something planned tomorrow and Carol felt it best if she talked with him about 
Frank and Vicky before she brought them over.

    Carol looked around for Frank.  He was no where in sight.  Vicky answered 
her unasked question.  "Frank went to bed.  You can use the guest room if you 
want but our bed's big enough for three."  Vicky giggled.  She was still 
stoned and continued talking.  "Was that your old man ?"

    Carol just nodded her head.  "He know...You're...He doesn't mind you 
spending the night ?"  Carol just shook her head up and down and then from 
side to side.

    "Wow !  I'm not sure Frank could handle that..."

    Carol interrupted her with, "...Willy's pretty cool and would really love 
to meet you and Frank.  We like to have to find new people to have 
fun with.  We're pretty new in town and...Well !  Still looking around for 
people to hang out with..."  Carol let the sentence dangle and couldn't 
believe that this young lady, sitting across from her in the hot tub, wasn't 
getting it from half a dozen guys while Frank was off running his business.

    Vicky asked her who Sharon was and Carol told her about Willy's affinity 
for young women.  Vicky showed little surprise but laughed like crazy when 
Carol told her Willy was fifty.  Vicky shared their experiences with young 
ladies and Carol was sure that she could talk Frank into getting it on with a 
"Sharon" or two and that would leave lovely Vicky all alone with Willy.  Carol 
smiled at her.

    I was up early as usual and back from my morning run before Sharon even 
moved.  She wandered out into the kitchen with just her "T" shirt on and I 
considered taking her back to bed.  Better not...Want to save myself for this 
afternoon.  She showered.  I fixed some breakfast burritos and after we ate, I 
drove her to where J.J. was staying.  It was way out on the West side of town 
and the traffic was horrible.  Las Vegas was just growing too fast.  I just 
couldn't believe the changes since I left town almost two years ago.

    I had given Sharon a good size baggie of weed and told her that it was for 
her only - she didn't have to share it with J.J. or any of the others if she 
didn't want to.  She looked at me like I was stoned...I guess I didn't 
understand !?

    J.J was dressed the same way, he was, the last time I saw him.  In fact, I 
had never seen him with a shirt on.  He always wore some baggy jeans and was 
shirtless, probably to show off his tattoos.  Sharon wandered into the back of 
the house and J.J. and I sat in the front room.  He was visibly happy to see 
me and kept going on and on about how happy Gee Gee (WT-T#11B) would be to see 

    "...No shit !  Willy...That's all she talks about...Mr. Willy and his 
magic weed."

    "Well...J.J., I was thinking that maybe you and Gee Gee...And Sharon could 
come out to the cabin...Maybe...Tomorrow afternoon.  Carol will be there and 
well...We could have a little barbecue and get real loaded and watch the 
lights of 'Vegas..."  Shit, you couldn't see anything from the cabin except 
the glow of the lights but I figured we'd all be so fucked up that it wouldn't 
matter.  J.J. was thinking about it.  Saturday night was a busy night in his 
business and I figured he was weighing the pros and cons.

    Just then Gee Gee rushed into the room, from the back of the house.  She 
had a bong in one hand and jumped right on my lap.  After a big slobbery kiss 
she started babbling.  "Oh !  Mr. Willy...This shit is so mother fucking bad."  
I took a hit off the pipe and looked at my watch.  I knew if I stuck around 
here and got stoned...I'd stay and probably attempt to fuck every young thing 
in the house...I'm sure there were plenty.

    J.J. told Gee Gee about my invitation and she immediately told me, "of 
course we'll come."  After a couple of more hits off the bong, I made excuses 
and left.  Having a seventeen or eighteen year old young lady sitting on your 
lap, dressed in just a man's shirt - unbuttoned - mind you, is not conducive 
to getting much done - other than getting your rocks off.

                         ***** CHAPTER FOURTEEN *****

    I grabbed a couple of burritos at a Taco Bell before I left town and 
headed for the cabin.  I had the munchies.  Upon arriving at the cabin, I 
found it empty.  I was a little worried but saw plenty of tools lying around 
and figured the guys had gone to get a bite to eat.  I really liked Jerry and 
Steve.  They had done some good work for me...And although I could pay them 
more money for their effort, figured they'd like this better.

    I checked on the farm.  The plants were about eight inches high and 
thriving like crazy.  I was stoked.  I wrote Carol a note and put it on the 
pillow, grabbed a couple of joints from the freezer and sat down to wait for 
Jerry and Steve.  I didn't have to wait long and walked out on to the deck as 
they drove up.  I had been paying them in cash...Some of the cash from the 
drug bust thing a ways back.  They were stoked and I'm sure they weren't going 
to report it to the IRS.  Shit !  Who would !?

    When they reached the deck, I greeted them with, "Well, looks like you're 
just about done...And on a Friday too !  I really want to thank you both for 
the super job.  I left the envelopes in the usual place, on the bar...I've got 
an appointment this afternoon and won't be here when you leave.  My wife, 
Carol, is coming up about two with some beer...So have a couple on us before 
you leave."

    They both looked happy with the arrangements and I wandered into the 
bedroom as they finished up.  While they were down at the truck, loading some 
of their shit, I slipped into the closet and settled down to wait.

    Carol was late and was really pushing it.  She spent most of the morning 
at the Malibu's, gabbing with Vicky.  Frank had left early for work...Well, 
not early, like Willy, but early for a realtor.  Vicky drove her down to the 
office so she could pick up her car and now she was trying to make it up to 
the cabin by two.  She wondered what Willy had in mind ?  And why was she 
supposed to bring a case of beer ?  Willy hardly drank anymore.  Maybe a 
margarita every once and a while.

    She parked next to the truck and looked up at the two young guys watching 
her from the deck.  Nice looking young men...Maybe...She wondered where Willy 
was ?  Carol got out of the car and walked up the stairs to the deck.

    "Hi !  I'm Carol Whit...I mean Tamarack."  She held out her hand and Steve 
stepped forward and shook it.

    "I'm Steve and this is Jerry.  We've been helping your husband fix up the 
cabin.  Willy said he had some errands to run this afternoon and wouldn't be 
back 'till late."

    Carol smiled at the two of them and thought, "Yea !  I bet he won't be 
home 'till late...After I...Oh !  Such a nasty thought."  Carol walked by them 
and then called out over her shoulder.  "There's a case of beer in the Camery, 
could one of you bring it up and put it in the refrigerator ?"  Jerry, the 
younger of the two, hustled down the stairs as Carol headed for the bedroom.

    She immediately found the note on the pillow.

              To the love of my life,
                   Hope you didn't drink all the beer on
              the way up here.  Ha !  Ha !  I'm sure Steve
              and Jerry will be real thirsty when you arrive.
              Have a great time.  I'll be keeping an eye on
                        I love you !     Willy

    She looked into the mirror on the wall.  Willy hadn't really kept her 
abreast of all the modifications he'd made at the cabin.  Oh !  She knew about 
the weed room and they'd talked about building a closet with a mirror...In 
fact, it was her idea...She was pretty sure he was behind it, watching...But 
just pretty sure...Not positive.

    She kept staring at the mirror on the wall, next to the king size bed, as 
she stripped off her clothes.  "Like what you see, Mr. Tamarack ?"  She smiled 
into the mirror and slipped on her bikini.  Well, the bikini top anyway, her 
snatch was to bushy to wear bikini bottoms.  She slipped on some shorts and 
wandered out to the kitchen.

    Jerry was on his knees, putting can after can into the refrigerator.  
Carol asked him for a beer and when he turned to hand her one, froze.  Carol 
had her eyes glued to his face.  It was turning crimson as the young guy tried 
to get a peek at her tits but not appear to be looking at her tits.  Steve 
walked in from the deck and wanted a beer, too.  The three of the sipped on 
their beers and Carol almost laughed watching them try not to stare at her 

    She walked to the refrigerator and pulled a baggie out of the freezer.  It 
was full of Willy's hand rolled joints - rolled in green marijuana leaves 
with lots of patience and spit.  She took out a couple of joints and torched 
one.  She passed it to Steve, who took a healthy hit off the joint.  Jerry 
followed suite and after about three hits a piece, they were mother fucking 
stoned out of their minds.

    "Aaah...You guys want to hit the hot tub ?"  Carol asked.

    Jerry, the high school kid, blurted out, "Aaah...We didn't bring our 
swimming suits."  Steve started laughing.  Carol joined him and then stripped 
off her top.  Steve stopped laughing.

    "We don't use swim suits up here, Jerry."  The kitchen was silent as Carol 
pulled off her shorts.  Steve immediately started to unbutton his jeans.  
Jerry was looking from Carol to Steve and when the two of them were naked, 
started to take off his "T" shirt.

    The young men were ogling her body.  Carol was getting excited and openly 
stared at their cocks.  Neither was that hung but it was going to be a lot of 
fun, especially if Willy was watching and she was sure he would be.  The three 
of them frolicked in the hot tub for about thirty minutes, drinking some beers 
and smoking more dope.  Neither of them got any where near hard but there was 
a lot of touching going on under the water between her and Steve.  Carol was 
hot to trot and finally stood in the tub and asked if they wanted to go to the 
bedroom ?

    Jerry blurted out, "Aaah...What are we going to do there ?"  He was stoned 
as shit, just staring at her bush.  Steve started laughing.

    He stopped when Carol stated matter of factly, "Jerry, I'm horny and it's 
not often a middle-age woman gets to share two young studs."  The water was 
dripping off her breasts.  Her nipples were erect and then she was holding out 
her hands for them to take.

    Jerry had a semi as soon as he got out of the tub.  Steve's was just 
starting to fill with blood.  By the time they got to the bedroom both of them 
had ragging hardons.  The three some was still dripping water but nobody 
seemed to care.  Carol sat on the edge of the bed and motioned them forward.

                               CHAPTER FIFTEEN

    I was half asleep in the closet, figuring things had got out of hand in 
the front room or maybe in the hot tub.  I'd smoked one of the joints and 
realized the closet needed some ventilation.  I'd work on that this weekend.

    When Carol entered the bedroom bare ass naked, I started to get a hardon.  
She looked utterly fantastic and I pushed record on the VCR.  I focused the 
camera right on her.  Her breasts, high up on her chest - about the size of 
softballs, topped with the largest, dark brown areolae I'd ever seen on 
breasts her size.  Her nipples were like grapes in the center of each areola.  
Her breasts giggled a little as she walked toward the bed.  There was water 
still dripping off of her.  Her stomach was flat except for the deep 
indentation of her belly button.

    Just below her belly button, her bush began.  It was more a diamond shape, 
not anything like the typical triangle.  Oh !  The hair wasn't as thick up 
near her belly button but it was discernible.  It started fanning out toward 
her crotch and was then framed by her thighs.  Between her thighs it was very 
thick - a jungle of dark curly hair.  I was fully hard.

    I panned out and took in the two young men who accompanied her to the 
bedroom.  Both of them were hard as rock and I was somewhat pissed as neither 
of them were anything to write home about.  About my size; the young kid, 
Jerry being a little longer than his boss, Steve.  I knew that if I had 
planned on partying with them, they'd both be hung like horses.

    Carol was sitting on the edge of the bed and reached out to grab both of 
their cocks.  Steve seemed to know what was going to happen but Jerry was 
clueless.  She stroked them both and then leaned forward and captured about 
three inches of Jerry's cock with her mouth.  He threw his head back and 
screamed out, "Oh !  Jesus...I'm...I'm...Cuming !"  I laughed but was damn 
near having an orgasm myself.

    Carol handled his load with ease and licked her lips as she pulled Steve 
by the pecker.  He taxied right up and had his hands in her hair as she 
started sucking on his cock.  She licked it, sucked it, nibbled on his shaft, 
licked under the head of his cock and finally plunged her mouth down on him 
and damn near swallowed him whole.  He started to shake and then loosened a 
load into her mouth that she was not quite able to swallow.  I could see some 
of his semen leak out of the corner of her mouth.  I wanted to start clapping.

    Carol was back sucking on Jerry's penis and in just a short time he was 
hard again.  She wiggled back onto the bed and spread her legs.  "Come on, 
Jerry, fuck me !"  He was like a sprinter out of the blocks, up on the bed and 
buried in her in less than a second.  He pumped like crazy.  I focused in on 
his cock pounding in and out of the tangles of hair between her legs.  He 
didn't last long and then I captured his semen leaking out of Carol's hairy 
bush.  I could see some of his load dribbling down the crack of her ass on to 
the sheet.

    Jerry rolled away and Steve climbed up on the bed.  He wasn't quite hard 
enough and was stroking his cock.  Carol got up on her elbows and Steve moved 
in close.  Carol gobbled up his entire cock and Steve threw his head back and 
groaned real loud.  In less that a minute he was hard and between her legs 
fucking her brains out.  She had her legs up around his waist and I focused in 
on her cunt again.  His cock was pistoning in and out of her like crazy and 
when he loosened his load into her, I got another great shot of gobs and gobs 
of his cum leaking out of her.  There were going to be plenty of pecker tracks 
on the sheets tonight.

    Steve rolled off Carol and she got up on her elbows again.  I could tell 
she hadn't cum yet.  She was covered with sweat.  It glistened in the 
afternoon light.  Jerry was climbing on to the bed and had a descent hardon in 
his hand.  Carol scrambled to her knees and as Jerry entered her, she gobbled 
up Steve's cum soaked cock.  Her head bobbed in Steve's lap as Jerry fucked 
her like a run away train.  I focused in on her ass as Jerry pounded his cock 
in and out of her.  Between the cheeks of her ass was covered with globs and 
globs of cum.  Her dark thatch of hair was matted with semen, her skin 
glistened with cum.

    Suddenly her head jerked out of Steve's crotch, leaving a half hard cock 
bobbing around.  She screamed, "Yea !  Yea !  Fuck...Me...Jerry...Fuck !
Fuck !  Fuck !  Aaaaghhhh....Fuck !  Harder...Fucker !  I'm cummming !  
Cumming !  Fuck !"  That Carol was cuming, was an understatement.  No shit ! crazy.  Jerry was still pounding her like an old fashion train.  
She was bucking back against him and then he filled her with spunk.  I could 
see it running out of her, down her thighs.  He finally fell away from her and 
she blew them both away with, "Come on, Steve.  I need more cock."  Her head 
went down on him again, her mouth sliding up and down his half hard penis.  He 
was thrusting his ass up off the mattress and in about five minutes was ready 
to fuck her.

    Carol stayed on her knees and he moved to her rear.  He spread her butt 
cheeks apart and filled her with one thrust.  It was a great shot and I zoomed 
in to capture it.  Her ass was covered with semen, her dark pubic hair soaked 
in cum, her cunt lips visible in the tangle of hair, a coral color.  He was 
fucking her like crazy and Carol was damn near cuming non-stop.  Yelling and 
screaming like a wild woman.

    Jerry was sitting at the head of the bed, stroking his cock like there was 
no tomorrow.  I panned out and got some footage of the three of them, Steve 
fucking the shit out of Carol, her head buried in her arms, ass stuck up in 
the air with Jerry in the background, stroking his cock.  Steve was going to 
last a long time, after all it was his third go around.  I could hear his 
stomach slap against Carol's ass and thighs - slap...slap...slap.  She was 
moaning and groaning into the mattress.

    Jerry yelled, "Hurry up !  Steve !"  I started laughing.  The young kid 
was up on his knees right next to Steve, stroking a descent size hardon.  
Steve didn't look like he was anywhere near close when suddenly he started 
jerking around, real funny like.

    His head was thrown back as if he was looking at he ceiling and then he 
was yelling, "Oh...Ooooh...Ooooh...Fuck !  Here I cummmmmm !"  Now he was bent 
over Carol's back just thrusting in and out of her like crazy.  Carol stared 
cuming again and as Steve fell away from her I got a great shot of his slimy, 
soft pecker slide out of her cunt.

    Jerry damn near pulled Steve away from Carol's butt and catapulted himself 
into her womb.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone fuck so fast.  He was a 
blur, well his cock was.  He didn't last long and soon joined Steve, gasping 
for air like they had just run marathons.  In a way they probably had.  Carol 
slid to the mattress.  Between the cheeks of her butt was covered with enough 
semen to populate a small country.  She wiggled her butt around on the 
mattress, more for my benefit, I'm sure.  Both of the guys, she was with, were 
wiped out.

    About twenty minutes later, the two of them left.  They couldn't stop 
thanking Carol for the great time.  She got up on one elbow and told them, 
"I'm the one who should be thanking you two.  We need to do this another 
time...Real soon."

    Jerry kept saying over and over again, "Yea !  Yea !  That sounds great !"  
Steve just winked at her as they left the bedroom.  I gave them a couple of 
minutes, watching Carol lying there on the bed.  She was still on her stomach.  
Looked like she needed a little more loving, to me.  Guess it was time for - 
Willy Tamarack to the rescue !

    I was out of the closet and listening to Steve and Jerry gabbing as they 
got in the truck.  Jerry couldn't stop talking.  Steve was mostly laughing.  I 
was naked as a jay bird.  I'd taken one of the pink pills, I'd cut up a couple 
of weeks ago and my cock was like set cement.  It bobbed in front of me when I 
walked.  I made sure the two of the had left the parking area and then 
wandered to the bedroom.

    As I entered the bedroom, I yelled as loud as I could.  "Anyone in here 
want to fuck ?"  Carol looked over her shoulder at me and then struggled to 
her knees.  I could see the mess, the two of them left, covering the cheeks of 
her ass.  She reached back and spread her butt apart.  I took this as a "yes" 
and scrambled on to the bed.  I was in her and it was like fucking a warm bowl 
of jello.  My hips were a blur as I pumped my cock in and out of her well used 

    She back up at me and asked, "You gona be hard for a long time, Willy ?"

    "At least an hour, honey."

    "Then do my ass for a while...I need it in my ass, lover."

    I felt like superman when I plunged into her anus.  It was so tight and 
almost virgin like.  My cock popped right in and off I went, just fucking her 
to beat the band.  I might not have lasted an hour but forty-five minutes at 

    We were floating around in the hot tub, sharing a joint.  Carol could 
hardly move.  I had to help her into the tub.  She was laughing like crazy but 
then so was I.

    "Aaah...Willy...You gona tell me about the pills ?"  Now where'd she get 
that idea ?
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"You should have been here yesterday....."  Bruce Brown - circa 1958 - 1961
"Slippery When Wet" or "Surfing Hollow Days"  I can't remember..... 

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