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  @(C) 1998 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
        Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL) and/or
                   the American Cancer Society.  Thanks !!

                               !!!  WARNING !!!

    The following material is a sex story, intended for adults only - however 
you want to define them.  The author accepts no responsibility should this 
material fall into the hands of minors or people who would be upset reading 
the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are 
obviously pure fantasy.  These stories are written to stand alone but are 
based on characters and plots introduced in some of my previous writing.  If 
you like theses stories you might also like "The Adventures of Willy 
Tamarack," "Shack, Lead !" or "The Travels of Willy Tamarack."  It should go 
without saying; any resemblance between the characters in this account and 
real people, either living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

    If you're still searching for the perfect world that Willy has apparently 
found ?  In other words: none of his friends contract sexually transmitted 
diseases; nobody has bad breath; nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few 
of Willy's friends have any sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they 
quickly lose them; everyone always has an orgasm and almost all the people 
live happily ever after.  Well, you're probably as close to finding it here as 
anywhere else.  Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat 
each other as such.

    A friend of mine once told me, "A day without sex, is a day without joy."  
As always, e-mail your comments to the usual.

                                WILLY TAMARACK
                       ONE MORE TIME AGAIN, FOR A WHILE
                                 THE STORIES

                               "Settling Down"
                                   Part Two
                             (Mf+MF+ oral dildo)

                                 Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                           ***** CHAPTER FOUR *****

    I was fixing tuna sandwiches while Dorthy was setting my small breakfast 
room table.  "You know, Willy...If you need anything while Carol is 
gone...don't hesitate to call."  I was thinking I should have video taped the 
sting but that might have drawn too much attention to myself.  I laughed out 
loud and spooked Mrs. Abernathy.

    She continued talking, saying, "...Carol told me a lot about you, Willy.  
And after the cops rousted your place when you left town; I made sure they 
didn't take anything you might not want them to have.  I talked with that 
friend of yours, Gary Cahill.  Now there's a real nice young man..."  I 
wondered if she'd be saying the same thing if she was watching Gary fuck the 
shit out of Carol, while she begged him to fuck her faster and harder.  I 
sometimes get her that turned on, eating her, but every time she sees a big 
cock she goes wild.  I wondered if I could handle that ?  Take a little time 
to tell, I guess.

    The door bell sounded and I went to answer it.  Dorthy was talking about 
my dope...My dope !  Dorthy doesn't know a thing about my growing grass.  At 
least that's what I thought.  The door bell sounded again and I turned again 
to leave the kitchen.  Dorthy hadn't even looked as I left.  The girls were 
excited, jumping up and down.  Their tits were bouncing in their bikini tops 
and I was getting excited, too.  They both had their hands on my shoulders and 
their titties were bouncing very close to my face.  If Mrs. "A" wasn't here I 
might see if I could get it started now.

    "...have seen the look on the cop's faces when they found us naked."  
Diane was exclaiming.  She started laughing her lungs out when she saw Mrs. 
"A."  Her friend, Gracie, had both hands over her mouth trying to suppress the 
gales of laughter escaping from her mouth when she saw Mrs. "A."

    Mrs. Dorthy Abernathy turned and looked at the way the girls were attired 
and said.  "I'll bet those policemen were very thorough with their 
investigation ?"

    The girls cracked up and I edged passed them to get back to the tuna.  
Dorthy was telling them about the time she and some of her sorority sisters 
pulled a prank on a fraternity way back when.  Lunch was quick as the girls 
were "famished" as Gracie put it.  Mrs. Abernathy excused herself and when I 
took her to the door, said.  "Carol said I should make sure you take care of 
yourself...So if there's something those young girls can't provide you...."  
She leaned over and kissed me.  Now it wasn't until just right before I split 
two Falls ago that Mrs. "A" and I got close; I mean she used to call me, Mr. 
Tamarak.  Now she's giving me a peck on the cheek.

    AHD !  Well, I had other things on my mind.  I damn near started getting 
hard walking back to the bedroom to get their dope.  They were both still 
sitting in the breakfast room.  I went over to the table and dropped two, what 
I'd call, four finger lids onto the table.  Diane jumped up and threw her arms 
around my neck.  She hugged me and I kissed her hair.  Gracie was just staring 
at us.  Diane finally sat back down and I joined them.  I pulled a baggie out 
of my pants pocket and started to fill the small bong that I pulled out of my 
other pocket.  I torched the bed of grass and took a deep hit.  Immediately I 
could feel euphoria creep through my body.

    I passed the pipe to Diane and squeaked out, "This is the same shit you 
guys got in the badges.  Taste it."  Diane was eager and sucked a big hit 
into her lungs.  She passed the bong to Gracie who did the same.

    We were quiet for a while until Diane blurted out..."We were talking about 
how turned on we got being naked in front of the cops."  My cock lurched in my 
pants.  I smiled at the two of them and took another drag.

    Gracie followed up with, "Hey !  Know what the cops said as they were 
taking that creep away ?  One of them said he'd have thought it would be you."  
I laughed my ass off.  Yea !  Without the six "P's" (Prior Planning Prevents 
Piss Poor Performance) it might well have been me.  Instead of watching though 
I'd probably be down on my knees eating at the fountain of youth - young 
pussy, that is.  Fuck !  I couldn't get enough and was almost hard enough to 
fuck just thinking of getting my rocks off with these two young ladies.

    "AAA...How'd you like to do it again for a camera and you can act your 
way through it...Then we can watch it on the big screen in the front room ?"

    Gracie's eyes opened wide and she whispered, "You mean back in the 
changing room ?"

    I shook my head and said, "No...Right here."  Gracie just nodded, very 
noncommittal.  Diane was just staring at Gracie.

    "Well...What do you think, Gracie ?"

    Gracie jumped like the question shocked her.  "Oh !  Wow !  Have you ever 
been naked with a strange man before...I mean except for today ?"

    Diane nodded her head and Gracie's eye's opened wide.  She squeaked out, 
"With him ?"  Diane nodded again and passed the pipe to Gracie.  She coughed 
up most of her lungs full of smoke and squeaked out again, "Jesus, this is 
fucking heavy shit."  Diane and I started laughing.  Gracie joined us and I 
got up to get the camera.  Yea...I know...She didn't say she would but I knew 
if Diane started talking off her suit then Gracie would follow suite.  I was 
pretty sure Diane knew that's all she'd have to do too.

    I came back into the front room and set the camera up.  The girls were 
still in the kitchen.  I heard some giggling and went into see what was going 
on.  They were both nude, sitting at the breakfast room table.  My eyes were 
immediately drawn to Gracie's tits.  They were lying on the table top - big 
melons of flesh.  Her areolae were too small for her gigantic tits.  Small, 
little brown circles of smooth skin.  Her nipples were about the size of 
pencil erasures.  I think I already told you about Diane's tits, her areolae 
were crinkly with her excitement.

    Looks like I missed the show.  Diane got up and walked over to me.  The 
dark triangle of her womanhood attracted my gaze.  She was one well put 
together young lady.  She was going to be a junior this next year.  Her arms 
came up around my shoulders and she kissed me full on the mouth.  Our tongues 
were fencing with each other.  Some of our slobber escaped from the corner of 
her mouth and dribbled down my cheek.  My cock was getting hard inside my 
shorts.  Diane knew it too as she was beginning to grind against it.

    I reached down and started massaging her behind - the best ass I've seen, 
second to Carol's.  I opened my eyes and found Gracie staring at us.  I winked 
at her.  She started laughing and Diane stopped kissing me.

    "What are you laughing at, Gracie ?"  She stepped away from me and Gracie 
glanced down at my crotch.  My semi was plainly visible.  I flexed it a couple 
of times and Gracie laughed.  Diane reached for my shorts and drug them down 
my legs.  I wasn't wearing any underwear and my cock fell down until it was 
pointing at the ground.  It was spongy, that was all.  Diane dropped to her 
knees, took it in her hand and started to lick the head.

    Gracie blurted out, "Diane...What are you doing ?"  Then she started 
laughing.  I was pumping my hips and starting to feel the beginnings of 
tremendous orgasm.  Shit !  I was hardly hard.  I pulled Diane off her knees 
and sat her on the table top.  She knew what was coming, set her heels right 
on the edge and spread her knees apart.  I sat and buried my face in her brown 
curls.  Her cunt smelled like she'd been out in the sun.  Her cunt lips were 
swollen and easily spread apart as I worked my tongue into her.  She moaned 
and thrust her cunt up into my face a moment after my tongue made contact with 
her clit.  She came about five minutes later as my tongue was reaming itself 
into her asshole while I worked one of my thumbs all over her cunt and 

    I pushed the chair away from the table and after pulling a couple of her 
pubes out of my mouth, looked over at Gracie.  "Next ?"  I smiled at her and 
put a questioning look on my face.  She was glued to the chair.  I turned back 
to Diane who was still spread before me.  Her legs were dangling over the 
table, her pink cunt clearly visible amongst her dark curls.  I slid the chair 
closer and was just about to taste her when Gracie tapped me on the shoulder.

    I smiled up at her and pushed the chair back.  I got to my feet and led 
her to the front room where the video was trained toward the couch and already 

    "Why don't you sit down, Gracie ?"  She did and I dropped to the floor at 
her feet.  She kept her legs together but they didn't stay there long.  I 
barely put any pressure on them at all and she spread herself before me.  Her 
crotch was covered the lightest brown, curly hair I'd ever seen - almost 
blonde.  I ran my hands down her thighs until I had a real meaty part of her 
thigh in my hand.  I squeezed them.  Her crotch thrust up off the couch.

    "Take a hold of your ankles, Gracie."  She reached out and took a hold of 
her ankles and pulled her legs back toward her head.  He entire crotch was 
spread before me and I was really turned on.  My cock was strengthening on it's 
own without any stimulation.  I ran a hand through her pubic hair and felt her 
shiver a bit.  When I started to rub a couple of fingers up and down her plump 
cunt lips she started to moan.  I spread her legs further apart, bent forward 
and kissed her navel.  I slowly worked my tongue into her belly button and 
reamed it out for a short period before continuing my journey down toward her 
fur covered vagina.

    I was in her pussy hair, just roaming around when she grabbed my head and 
forced it down to her cunt.  I pushed her legs further apart and with my 
hands, spread her meat before me.  She was gooey wet.  I licked her once and 
she came.  I started at her almost hairless anus and slid my tongue right up 
her cunt lips until I had her tiny clit between my lips.  I nibbled on it and 
she came again.  My cock was still hard enough to fuck her so I wasted no time 
getting it into her, filling her in one thrust.  Her legs were up around my 
neck, my belly against the back of her thighs, my cock buried in her.  I 
started thrusting and she started screaming.

    "Oho !  Aaaaaahhhhh !  Oho!  Aaaaaaahhhh !"  Almost a chanting as I 
drove my cock in and out of her.  She wasn't that tight, really not even as 
tight as Diane and Diane had had a steady diet of Gary's cock for several 
months - or so the story goes ?  As I started fucking her a little faster, 
Diane appeared next to her on the couch.  Diane reached between us and started 
massaging Gracie's clitoris.  For the next few seconds, Gracie threw me the 
best fuck I'd had in a long time.  She was wiggling around like my cock was a 
sledge of hot metal - red hot - fucking in and out of her.  I was there.  My 
cock quivered and quivered as it spasmed around in Gracie's belly.  The 
feeling spread out from my groin to my chest and thighs.  After several long 
seconds, I fell backward onto the floor...panting.  I hoped the video turns 
out ok.  I can hardly wait to show Carol.....

                           ***** CHAPTER FIVE *****

    When Carol didn't show at ten, I wandered down to Dorthy's to see if she 
was still up.  She answered the door in her bathrobe and it wasn't five 
minutes before we were naked in her bed.  Yes !  I'm fucking a woman, old 
enough to be my mother.  I'll never forget that first night.  It was the 
evening after the afternoon I spent with Diane and Gracie.  While I never got 
hard again after fucking Gracie.  I ate and fingered the both of them to 
several orgasms apiece.  Dorthy called about five, asking if I was free for 
dinner.  The three of us had just got out of the shower where the girls spent 
most of the time on their knees, sucking my cock.  I was limp and drained.  
This big boy'd had a big day and was looking for a little R & R.

    Dinner went great.  I was famished and ate everything in sight.  After 
dinner, Dorthy told me, "feel free to smoke if you like," and I copped a 
couple of hits out on her patio while she loaded the dish washer.  She 
surprised me while I was still hitting on the joint and blew me away with, 
"I've always wanted to try it.  Is there enough for me ?"  She giggled a 
little and all of a sudden this kind old woman wasn't anything like my mother.  
I could never get stoned with my mother or my father, for that matter.  They 
would just never understand my affinity for getting stoned.  I had a hard time 
believing Dorthy Abernathy would either but held the joint out to her anyway.

    With a little coaching, she was taking some tremendous drags off the joint 
and then exclaiming that it wasn't doing anything for her.  We went back into 
the condo and sat on the couch.  There was just the roach left and I torched 
it.  I leaned over and put my lips on Dorthy's.  When her mouth opened I 
exhaled and filled her lungs with as much smoke as I could.  I was gasping 
when I broke contact with her lips.  Dorthy threw her head back against the 
sofa and moaned real loud, almost like she was having a sexual experience.  
Her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open.  I laughed.  She had a hard time 
bringing her head up to look me in the eyes.

    "Still not feeling anything, Dorthy ?"

    "Aaaah" was all I heard.  I was about to get up to leave when she kissed 
me.  I was mesmerized by something across the room and didn't detect her 
movement until her lips were against mine.  Her hand was on my chest, her 
pillowy breasts against my shoulder.  I kissed her back, her tongue tentative 
at first but soon kissing me with abandon.  I finally managed to back away.  
She was almost panting as I got to my feet and struggled to the front door.

    "Thanks for dinner, Dorthy...And great work today...Let's do dinner 
tomorrow night at the 'OutBack' ?"  She just nodded.  I almost thought I 
noticed disappointment in her expression.  Nah...Just being stoned is all.

    I was home, just putzying around.  Going from one room to another, just 
doing nothing.  It was about ten...Thinking about what Carol was doing.  I lit 
up another joint and then it hit me.  All her talk about Carol...Carol had set 
this up.  Told the old woman, I was hot for her.  Probably told her how much I 
liked to eat pussy or any number of things.

    I wondered where Monica was ?  She'd know...and then I found the note in 
the kitchen.  The note was written at eight-thirty.  Said she was going out 
with friends and would probably spend the night with them.  Shit !  I wish 
she'd call back.  Maybe, she could bring her friends over here ?  Wishful 
thinking, Willy !

    Going through my "T" shirt drawer, making a little space for Carol; I 
found a small baggie filled with about a hundred or so small, pink pills.  I'm 
confused for a moment and then remember the guy we ran into at the tennis club 
down from my parents.  The three of us ended up fucking and sucking just about 
all afternoon and evening.  Jesus !  The guy had a big dick and never got soft 
- - the whole time.  Carol must have fucked him four or five times.  She was a 
wild woman.  The guy told us he gave her something that would make her hornier 
than she had ever been in her life.  Well, now...Carol is just about horny all 
the time so I must admit that I was a bit skeptical.  Whether the stuff worked 
on Carol or not, she never said but insisted we follow the guy to his 
apartment and buy a bunch.

    We'd never tried them since.  Well, she'd never tried them again after 
that one afternoon with...with...Rob was his name, I think ?  I wonder...If 
they work on women ?  Would they work on men ??  Would I have the balls to 
take one ?  My mind raced and that was quite an accomplishment considering the 
state it was in.  I'd been stoned since about the time the cops left with 
Anthony.  I wandered back into the breakfast nook and sat at the table.  I 
took out one of the pills and put it on the table.  While cutting it in 
eighths, I thought back to a bit of advice my college roommate gave me - 
"Whenever you do pills, Willy.  Always...always cut them in at least eighths 
before taking any of it.  You don't want to go flying out the window."  I 
tasted the pink pill.  Hardly any taste.

    Twenty minutes went by and I noticed, not a bit of change in myself.  A 
placebo, like I thought, back when we ran into this crazy guy.  Several days 
after meeting him, Carol found a newspaper story about a double murder/suicide 
in Irvine.  The story listed Rob's name and another couple's name.  I can't 
remember their names.  I was getting ready for bed when it arrived.  My cock 
got hard.  Iron hard.  It was hot to the touch.  I stroked it a bit and wished 
that Gracie was here or Carol or Diane or Monica.  I was alone and then a 
vision of Mrs. "A" flooded my mind.

    Before I knew it, I was at her front door.  She was wearing a house coat 
and I was sure she was dressed for bed.  My cock was still hard in my jeans.  
Dorthy looked down at it and then back to my face.  I was leaning in to kiss 
her when she dragged me inside and closed the door.  We ended up in her 
bedroom and I ate her sparsely, part gray-part brown haired pussy for an hour.  
My cock remained hard as steel the whole time.  Maybe...Nab !  Couldn't 
be...I'm just horny.  How could I be horny ?  I couldn't get it up again this 
afternoon with two teenagers and here I am eating an old woman and my cock is 
like set cement.  When Dorthy finally pulled my face out from between her 
legs, I crawled up between her legs and filled her with cock.

    Now maybe "filled her" is a slight exaggeration but the way this old woman 
was moving below me...I was one happy camper.  I didn't leave until after 
breakfast about ten.  I've been over every day since.  Some days using the 
stuff (I'm hard for over an hour), some days not (I'm my normal self.  I get 
one descent boner, descent mind you - not a hardon like the pills give me and 
then I'm limp for the rest of the time).  But Dorthy doesn't seem to mind me 
just eating her cunt and ass and working on her huge tits.  I never would have 
thought an older woman could be so hot.  And the time I slipped an eighth of 
the pill to her...Fuck !  She went wild !  Would have killed me if I hadn't 
been on the pill too.  I've decided to call it, the pill - that is, "fucking."  
Then changed my mind and shorten it to "Fuck."  Willy Tamarack didn't know it 
but his hardon problems were a thing of the past.

                           ***** CHAPTER SIX *****

    Carol wasn't concerned that Willy wasn't home.  She was over three hours 
late.  Willy wouldn't bother her about where she'd been.  She put some of her 
clothes away and got ready for bed.  She left the bathroom light on and was 
sound asleep when Willy pushed the key into the lock.

    I saw several boxes and one suitcase in the front room.  Carol must be 
home.  I snuck down the hall and peeked into our bedroom.  Wow !  "...home," 
"...into our bedroom."  I was thinking of her as my mate...mind boggling...but 
isn't that what I wanted ?  I'm not sure...Bullshit...I was pretty positive ??

    Carol had kicked the blanket half off and one of her legs and one cheek of 
her ass were bare.  I wandered into the bedroom and sat in my favorite chair.  
It was this big stuffed thing.  I used to keep it in the front room but it 
soon got too many cum stains on it.  I cleaned it and moved it in here.

    Carol rolled over and was now on her left side, totally covered by the 
blanket.  I just stared.  I was so happy she consented to live with me.  
Maybe, we'll get married sometime ?  Really quite a catch for a fifty year old 
man, I thought.  Twelve years younger than I am, great body, loves to fuck.  
Can't imagine her ever saying no to anything.  Could I live with her stepping 
out on me every once and a while ?  You bet !  Because I'll be right at her 
side, no doubt, lusting after the guy's wife or girl friend.

    Carol couldn't sleep and rolled over again.  She was disappointed Willy 
wasn't here.  She wanted to sleep with him.  He was probably up at the cabin.  
Have to remember to talk him into keeping the condo.  Don't want to have to 
face that drive from the mountain into town every morning, especially during 
the winter.  She got up to relieve herself.  After flushing, she got back into 
bed but couldn't get the picture out of her mind...Willy sitting in his big 
stuffed chair.  They'd screwed many times in that chair.

    Carol snapped up in bed and could barely make out his form, sitting in his 
chair.  "How long you been there ?"

    "About a half an hour.  You look like a little girl when you're sleeping.  
Long trip ?"

    "Yea !  I got hung up between Beaver and St. George."

    "Yea !?  Want to tell me about it ?"

    "You coming to bed ?"

    "A little later..."  Carol started talking.  She began when she started 
playing with herself, just outside Salt Lake City.  When she finished, she 
told me about the video tape.  I laughed, rose and started taking off my 

    "You bathe when you got home ?"  Carol shook her head, jumped out of bed, 
naked and ran to me.  She was kissing me, her hands helping me off with my 

    "I brushed my teeth, though."

    "Good...Now, what did you tell my dear friend, Dorthy Abernathy, about
me ?"

    When Carol started laughing, I held her tight and gave her a very hard 
swat to her fanny.  She jumped.

    "Hey !  What the fuck..."

    I interrupted her by diving to the bed with her and wrestling her over on 
to my lap.  She was fighting like crazy, wiggling around on my lap like a 
worm.  I spanked her again.  She yelled that she was going to bite my cock 
off.  I swatted her butt again.  She struggled harder.  I leaned down close to 
her ear and whispered, "Tell me and it stops...Keep stonewalling me and it 
continues until your ass is so hot I can fry an egg on it.  Then when you're 
wiped out and can't struggle any more, I'm going to strap on that big dildo of 
yours and fuck you doggie style until you beg me to stop."

    She looked up at me and whispered, "That's not fair, Willy.  I...I want to 
tell you but..."

    "You need to be spanked don't you, little girl ?"  She smiled up at me, 
like a little angel, and shook her head back and forth.  I spanked her 
lightly.  Her hips started grinding over my loins.  I spanked her again on the 
other cheek and then ran my hand up into her bush.  I could feel the dried 
semen in her pubic hair.  My cock started to get hard as I thought back to her 
story.  What a turn on !  Fucking with two people she just met.  I had two 
fingers in her and she was very comfortable.  I could easily fit four fingers 
in.  She was slimy wet, gooey.  My cock continued to grow.  One thing I was 
convinced of - the mind controls the penis, you just got to work on it.

    I was pulling her over me onto the bed.  We were kissing and I could feel 
her legs surround me as her hand guided my cock into her.  We were silent, 
fucking slowly.  She was like a volcano inside.  Just a split second before I 
was going to scream out my orgasm, Carol leaned up and kissed me.  I could 
tell by the way she was breathing through her nose she was cuming.  The ride 
lasted about a minute or two and then I was on my back gasping for breath.

    "Well...Did the horny man, who just fucked my brains out, finally get into 
his neighbors pants ?"

    "What did you tell her ?"

    Carol laughed.  "You won't believe this !  I think she was trying to tell 
me about your evil ways, Mr. Tamarack.  She couldn't stop talking about some 
party you had way back when.  She couldn't remember exactly when but remembers 
that there were three of four...maybe, more...she said...naked people in your 
den...doing unspeakable things on your couch.  She wasn't sure you were one of 
them but made it clear that I should think carefully before making any plans 
with you."

    "And ?"

    "I told her I had heard rumors but that you were such a sweet guy.  Then I 
almost fell over when she mentioned several of her friends thought you were a 
great catch.  Then she tells me it looks like we're competitors or something 
like that."

    I'm having a hard time believing this.  Carol is lying on my chest, 
kissing my chin.  "So...Keep going."

    "So being the scoundrel that you've made me with all your 'dirty tricks  
and fighter pilot' ways; I tell her that you mentioned to me many times...that 
you'd like to take us both to bed.  You've always wanted to do two women at 
the same time but I refused because I'd get jealous...I was afraid...I'd never 
done anything like that.  Pretty good...huh, Willy ?"

    I was laughing.  "Well, let's make your little fantasy come true, my dear.  
The three of us'll do dinner tomorrow night and I'll try to get you two drunk 
and stoned enough to get in the hot tub with me."

    "Aaah...Willy...How often are you and Dorthy...You know...?"

    "Just about daily."

    "You're so nasty, Willy."

                          ***** CHAPTER SEVEN *****

    We watched the video of her and her roommates the next morning and I 
seriously thought of using a little "fuck," especially when Monica showed up.  
The three of us watched me bone Gracie and then the three of us ended up 
having a lot of sex.  I got hard my usual one time and did Carol as she fucked 
Monica with the dildo.  I bet Carol that I'd get Dorthy Abernathy so hot she'd 
do her while I did Dorthy.  Carol said it was a bet but if she won, we'd get 
married.  We shook and Monica wanted to lay off a side bet.  She got to be 
maid of honor.  I laughed my ass off...It was in the bag.

    I had second thoughts as we were eating.  If I gave them both "fuck," 
they'd kill me even if I took it myself.  If I didn't give it to them, I might 
lose the bet.  That wouldn't be too bad.  I could marry worse...way worse, the 
way I figured it.  Maybe, she was just kidding me ?  We'd kind of kicked it 
around a bit...Well, she had.  I was always pretty noncommittal.  I decided not 
to give them any "fuck."  Maryjane had rarely failed me in the past...I was 
confident it wouldn't tonight.

    Back at the condo, I torched up the bong as soon as we got settled in the 
kitchen.  It went around a couple of times.  Dorthy was making like she was 
going to leave.  Carol was taking her to the door.  I was stoned, smoking by 
myself.  When Carol didn't come back right away, I got up and headed for the 
front door.  The two of them were still gabbing, talking about going to the 
market tomorrow.

    "Aaah...Dorthy ?  Carol and I were just going to take a dip in the hot 
tub.  We'd love to have you join us."  The girls were silent.  Carol looked at 
me, her eyebrows arched up over her eyes.  Dorthy's blush was visible in the 
dim light on the front porch.  I put my arm around Carol and held out my hand 
to Dorthy.  The bet was in the bag when I felt Dorthy take my hand and I 
kissed Carol.  I pulled Dorthy into the entry way and kissed her - a long 
opened mouth kiss with our tongues dueling each other.  I'd taken "fuck" when 
I left  the kitchen, so certain, was I, of success.  My cock was getting harder 
by the second.  I ground it into Dorthy's padded middle and ran my hands up 
and down her sides, making sure to brush her breasts on every trip.

    After the kiss, I guided Dorthy to the bathroom.  Carol was there with a 
towel around her.  She moved toward me and started, "Willy...I'm scared...I've 
never..."  I kissed her and removed the towel.  She stood there in all her 
naked glory - firm, proud tits, nipples erect, areolae all crinkley.  Her dark 
bush, almost diamond shaped, I ran my fingers through it as I kissed her.  
Dorthy was like a statue across the tub.

    "Help me get Dorthy's clothes off."

    "I...I can't..."

    "Sure you can...Come on help me."  I had dropped my shorts and was 
standing there in just a "T" shirt.  My boner was hard as rock and sticking up 
like a sun dial out of my crotch.  Dorthy had her eyes glued to it.  My "T" 
shirt came off and now I was naked.  I moved over to Dorthy and helped her off 
with her blouse.  Carol watched as I played with Dorthy's bra covered tits 
while she struggled to get her blouse off.  Dorthy's hands were working the 
zipper down on her skirt as I unhooked her bra.  Her cups fell off her tits 
and they swung a little as she got out of the skirt.  She was just wearing 
underpanties.  They were white.  I slid my hands down her sides until my hands 
were inside her panties and without touching her pussy or ass, slid her 
panties to the floor.  I licked up her right side as I got to my feet and 
didn't stop until I had a nipple in my mouth.  I rubbed my cock against her 
hip.  It was harder than rock and hotter than hell.

    I held my hand out to Carol and she slowly crossed the tub and stood 
beside me.  "Take her sandals off, Carol."  I went back to sucking on Dorthy's 
right tit and nipple.  I held Dorthy as Carol got her sandals off.  When 
Dorthy was steady, I stopped sucking on her breast and found Carol kneeling at 
our feet.  I stepped in front of her and whispered, "Suck it, lover.  You're 
going to get a lot of it tonight, beautiful."

    Carol was on fire.  Dorthy had a much better body than she ever imagined.  
Her tits were huge.  She was staring at them.  Big mountains of flesh that 
still, after all these years, pushed out from her chest - they looked like 
over ripe fruit and were topped with big, round brown areolae.  Centered in 
each was a prominent nipple about the thickness of one of her fingers.  She 
wanted to suck them while Willy fucked her.

    I had a hand in her hair and was just stroking it when she opened her 
mouth and started sucking on me.  I could tell she was very excited as her 
mouth was very juicy, even after the dope we smoked earlier.  I started to 
move to her rhythm and soon was pumping my entire length in and out of her 
mouth.  "Dorthy...Come stand behind me I think...I'm going to fall down."

    Dorthy rushed to me and placed her body right behind me.  She mashed her 
breasts against my back and ground her mons against my ass.  Carol was really 
into it attempting to suck my brains out through the head of my dick.

    Carol had learned to deep throat in high school and loved to deep throat 
Willy because he didn't gag or choke her.  Oh !  He could if she let him but 
he never made it seem like a big deal - like other guys did, trying to choke 
her to impress her.  She could tell he was going to cum any second now.  He 
was chanting "fuck" over and over again.

    .....Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...Here it comes, baby...Aaaaaghhhh...Ooooh !  
Ooooh !  Ooooh !  Fuck !  Fuck !  Suck !!!"  I sunk to my knees and kissed 
her.  She loved to be kissed just after she blew me, even if I couldn't fill 
her mouth with semen anymore.  I got up and led the two of them to the bedroom 
and noticed Carol looking at my cock with amazement.  It was still hard as a 
rock and I flexed it for her.  It bounced in my groin.

    As the girls got on to the bed, I asked.  "Who's first ?"  Carol and 
Dorthy looked at each other.  It seemed that neither of them wanted to seem 
selfish.  I went to the night stand and got out the dildo.

    Carol screamed out, "Oh !  Willy...What are you going to do with that ?"

    "Well...If you two can't make up your mind.  I'm going to do you both."

    I started strapping the big, black rubber dick to my belly.  "Carol...Why 
don't you get on top."  She just stared at me as I moved on to the bed, two 
hard cocks protruding from my groin.  "But first I want to eat Dorthy's 
pussy."  I pushed her to her back and then leaned over her and began my trek 
at her tits, sucking both of her nipples into my mouth.  Her belly button was 
damp when I left it and her legs spread wide as I moved my head lower.  She 
smelled great.  I could see some traces of baby powder in the creases of her 
thighs and in her pubic hair.  Her cunt lips were stuck together and I reamed 
my tongue into her and started swathing them with saliva.  She was wet inside 
and I soon had her cunt lips spread and was licking nothing but meat.

    Dorthy had her head thrown back and was out of control.  She couldn't 
believe that she was in bed with not one but two people and one of them was a 
woman.  They were both young enough to be her offspring, the girl might be 
young enough to be her granddaughter.  No !  She couldn't be.  Her first orgasm 
came when Willy stuck his tongue in her puckered asshole.  She thrust her hips 
off the mattress below her and tried to capture his head between her thighs.

    I was laughing.  Dorthy just about broke my neck when her thighs snapped 
shut.  I was running my hands up and down her goose bump covered thighs.  
"Come here, baby."  Carol moved over toward me and I maneuvered her until she 
was on top of Dorthy.  I had to raise Dorthy's legs up over Carol's shoulders 
and then went I bent her over, their cunts were now just inches away from each 
other.  Dorthy was holding Carol by the shoulders and trying to see what I was 

    I ran my hand down the crack of Carol's ass and slipped a finger into her.  
She was sloppy wet.  I pumped the finger in and out of her.  "You're very wet, 
Carol."  I pulled out of her and did the same to Dorthy's cunt.  "You're very 
wet too, Dorthy."  I moved closer to them and angled my two dicks to their 
pussies.  It took me a few minutes and a lot of coaching but it was worth it.  
I finally had a portion of each dick in them.  I leaned forward just a bit and 
put my arms out in front of me - just above Dorthy's shoulders.  I started 
pumping and both of them let out a surprised little noise and then they 
started moving with me.  All embarrassment gone - dissipating in the sex that 
was consuming the three of us.  I was up with my feet on the floor, just 
fucking them to beat the band.

    The girls were wiggling around and moaning and groaning below me.  Dorthy 
got off first and started hyperventilating like crazy.  I fucked faster and 
Carol came with one long "wooosh...Oh !  Fuck...I'm coming."  I kept fucking 
and soon the girls were coming every other minute or so.  They were slick with 
perspiration.  Bullshit !  The two of them were sweating like pigs and so was 
I.  We were covered with sweat, dripping sweat and ended up in the hot tub - 
Carol watching as Dorthy sucked on my still hard cock.  We were passing a 
joint around at the time and I'm not sure she was aware enough of her 
surroundings to notice.

    It finally came to her as I was fucking Dorthy while the dildo strapped to 
her waist was fucking in and out of Carol - at a high rate of speed.  
Immediately after we finished she was on her knees before me looking at my 
cock.  It was still hard.

    "Aaah...Willy...You keeping anything from me ?"  It was a question.  I 
reached for the joint with a great big shit eatin' grin on my face.
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