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  @(C) 1998 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
        Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL) and/or
                   the American Cancer Society.  Thanks !!

                               !!!  WARNING !!!

    The following material is a sex story, intended for adults only - however 
you want to define them.  The author accepts no responsibility should this 
material fall into the hands of minors or people who would be upset reading 
the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are 
obviously pure fantasy.  These stories are written to stand alone but are 
based on characters and plots introduced in some of my previous writing.  If 
you like theses stories you might also like "The Adventures of Willy 
Tamarack," "Shack, Lead !" or "The Travels of Willy Tamarack."  It should go 
without saying; any resemblance between the characters in this account and 
real people, either living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

    If you're still searching for the perfect world that Willy has apparently 
found ?  In other words: none of his friends contract sexually transmitted 
diseases; nobody has bad breath; nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few 
of Willy's friends have any sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they 
quickly lose them; everyone always has an orgasm and almost all of the people 
live happily ever after.  Well, you're probably as close to finding it here as 
anywhere else.  Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat 
each other as such.

    A friend of mine once told me, "A day without sex, is a day without joy."  
As always, e-mail your comments to the usual.

                                WILLY TAMARACK
                       ONE MORE TIME AGAIN, FOR A WHILE
                                 THE STORIES

                               "Settling Down"
                                   Part One
                                (M+F+ interr)

                                 Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                             ***** PROLOGUE *****

    I woke sweating but it wasn't that hot.  I was sleeping alone but sharing 
the night with the past...Shit !  Maybe it's the future, must be the dope.....

    A steady rain had been falling in Las Vegas most of the morning but up at 
the cabin it had been snowing heavily all day.  The wind was fierce, probably 
gusting in the mid-twenties - maybe a little higher.  There were some breaks 
in the overcast way out over the valley but up here on the mountain it was 
still solid clouds.

    Two women were hurrying down the stairs.  A brunette was in the lead 
followed by a blonde.  Both were short, very attractive and dressed as 
professional women.  Both were a bit past middle-age; the blonde being a 
decade, at least, older than the brunette.  They trudged off through the snow 
to the Northwest of the cabin.

    The blonde was yelling, to be heard above the sound of the wind.  "Do you 
know where the fuck you're going ?"  The brunette had her head down and showed 
no sign she heard her.  The blonde opened her mouth to yell again but then 
decided to forget it, put her head down and tried to catch up to the brunette.  
The snow was swirling around them, bringing the visibility down to a couple a 
hundred feet and some of the deeper drifts reached their thighs.

    About a hundred yards from the cabin, the trees thinned out and in a small 
clearing was a man, sitting in an old patio lounge chair.  He appeared to be 
much older than the women.  He was wearing a baseball cap that was covered 
with snow.  The brunette figured he'd been here about an hour, maybe a little 
longer.  His hair was long and gray but that was hard to tell because of all 
the snow sticking to it.  In the feeble light his hair almost appeared white.  
He was dressed in a light nylon jacket with a surfboard emblem sewed to the 
back and shorts with blue Topsider tennis shoes and no socks.  There was about 
six or so inches of snow covering his legs.

    As the women entered the clearing, the overcast parted and several rays of 
sun light entered the meadow.  The shadows cast by the sun made it appear the 
man was smiling.  The brunette reached him first and touched his forehead as if 
feeling for a temperature.  The blonde felt his neck, looking for a pulse.

    "Help me get him to the cabin."  The brunette made it sound like an order.

    "He's dead, lover.  We didn't make it in time.  He's fucking dead."

    "How the fuck do you know...You a fucking doctor ?  Help me, old woman."  
Again it sounded like an order.

    The blonde had sunk to her knees in the snow and was crying.  The wind 
made her skin feel almost frozen as tears rolled down her cheeks.  "I've seen 
enough dead men to know.  He's fucking dead."

    "Well, we're not leaving him here.  Help me get him up."

    The blonde slowly got to her feet and assisted the brunette.  They 
struggled for over an hour but finally got the corpse to the cabin.  He was 
very stiff and they had a terrible time getting him into the back of the four 
wheel drive vehicle that was parked below the porch.  There was no way they 
could have maneuvered him up the stairs and into the cabin.

    "You going to stay with him ?"  The blonde asked the brunette.

    "I'm thinking about it."  She said as she went through the pockets of his 
jacket and shorts.  They both started laughing when she pulled out his bong.  
Other than that and a well worn rosary, there was nothing else in his pockets. 
The blonde noticed his eyes were closed, almost like he was sleeping.  She 
could have sworn they were open when they first entered the meadow and was 
positive they were open when the sun broke out and lit up the clearing.  Wow !  
Was that strange ?!

    "Well..."  The blonde was freezing her ass off.

    "I'm still thinking about it..."  The brunette fired back.

    "You know what he'd say..."

    The brunette cut her off with, "Yea !  Yea !  Yea !  I know.  Let's get 
inside before we freeze our asses off.  I just know I've ruined these fucking 
shoes."  The two of them climbed the stairs to the cabin.  As if they had done 
it many times before and they had; the brunette started stoking the fire in 
the large wood stove that also doubled as a heater and the blonde went to the 
trap door in the closet to check on the farm down stairs in the "weed room."

    When the blonde got back up the stairs, she could already feel the heat 
generated by the stove.  The brunette had her shoes off and was holding her 
feet to the fire.

    "The farm's ok...And the fire feels great...Aaah...What made you call me ?  
I never really got that part of it."  The brunette pointed to the phone and 
the blond looked at it quizzically.  "He called you ?"

    "No...No...It was on the answering machine."  The brunette had the pipe in 
her hands and was holding a kitchen match over the bowl.  She took a big drag 
and held out the pipe to the blonde.  She squeaked out.  "Play the message."

    The blond walked to the answering machine and pressed the message button.  
The brunette followed her to get another hit off the pipe.  "No...It wasn't a 
message but the greeting thing...You know the thing you record."

    The blonde lifted up the top of the answering machine and pressed the 
button that would play back the greeting.  He sounded alert and cheerful, 
eager almost to talk.  A real change from the last couple of weeks.

    "Well...Ladies...If you're listening to this...And I truly hope you 
are...It means that I've finally made my peace and am now with the spirits of 
my ancestors.....

                           ***** CHAPTER ONE *****

    The Toyota Camery was roughly fifty miles out of Salt Lake City and 
traveling at over eighty miles per hour.  It was the second Wednesday in 
April, the year or our Lord - 1998.  Carol Whitouski (WT-A#4,8A/B,12, SL-Ch3, 
WT-T#13) was just keeping up with traffic.  She was very high after smoking 
about a quarter of the last joint she had.  Her skirt was bunched up around 
her waist and her panties were on the seat beside her.  Carol Whitouski was 
horny !  Just how the fuck could this woman be horny ?  She'd fucked and 
sucked with her Colorado roommates for four days while packing up her stuff to 
move to Las Vegas.  The guy fucked her at least twice a day.  God !  His cock 
was huge - about two handfuls and damn near as big around as a beer can.  
Well, maybe not that big but definitely one of the biggest three or four cocks 
Carol had fucked since she turned fourteen.  She'd fucked a lot, too !

    One time she tried to count them all.  She was through fifty when she 
remembered a couple of others that she'd forgotten years ago.  She stopped 
counting.  She wondered if she should tell Willy about them all ?  She had 
never been this close to a man, like she was with Willy...And he wasn't that 
spectacular in bed.  Yea !  He gave about the best head she'd ever had 
but...That was it.  His cock was just average.  Nothing to write home 
about...And this cancer operation didn't help things at all - Prostate Cancer.  
Carol had learned a lot about prostate cancer while she was hanging out with 

    Most, really the vast majority of the men Carol had been with - fucking 
and sucking with everyone of them - Well, they were usually in charge.  Oh !  
Don't get it wrong.  Carol Whitouski loved to fuck and suck.  If she went 
without it for more than a couple of days, she'd start to hunt for it.  She 
wasn't sure Willy could keep up with her and was afraid of showing him how 
hungry she was for big, fat, long, hard cocks.  Although, on the other hand, 
every time she'd partied with him...He seemed cool about it.  Knowing that it 
was going to take more than his magic tongue to get her off the way she wanted 
to get off.

    That time they went up to Gary's after they got back from Mexico...Jesus !  
Was that a time !  Carol counted getting fucked six times in just a little 
over twelve hours and she slept for about seven of them - with Willy and 
another woman - really a young lady.  She wondered a lot about Willy's love of 
young ladies ?  He couldn't get enough of them.  The younger the better.  
Willy was almost like a teacher with them.  The things Willy taught them, 
though, would never be taught in any school and if they were, the teacher 
would find himself or herself in jail for a very long, long time.  He was so 
controlling with them but didn't ask anything of her.

    When Willy and Carol went to bed to fuck and suck, he never had to ask her 
to do anything.  In fact, she was the aggressor most of the time and she got a 
very big charge out of that.  There was honestly no jealousy in his eyes or 
expression when he watched her fuck and suck some guy's brains out.  He 
usually wanted seconds.  Carol was sure she could live with that.  She went 
back to thinking about the last night she was in Boulder.  She had turned her 
roommates on to some of Willy's dope.  That's another thing...Willy grows the 
best dope - No shit !  Two, three hits off the bong and you're tripping.  She 
got turned on thinking about the time she explained to him the reason he 
should switch from joints to a bong...Girls like bongs more than joints.  
Willy's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas.

    Anyway...the three of them are stoned as shit, in the front room of the 
condo they shared.  Mandy is talking up a storm.  Clarence is quiet as a 
church mouse.  They'd shared the condo for almost four years.  There wasn't 
much the three of them hadn't done together or to each other.  Two nights ago 
Mandy and Carol shared three men.  Now, neither of the other two were close to 
Clarence but Willy wouldn't even be in the running.  Both her and Mandy took 
turns taking them all on at the same time.  Carol was stoked she got seconds, 
'cause they lasted so much longer the second time.

    It just happened so suddenly...Her first orgasm.  It rippled through her 
lower stomach, spread through out her groin and then attacked her cunt like a 
forest fire.  The guy who had his cock in her mouth went wild when Carol 
started using her teeth as she blew him.  He finally grabbed her head with 
both hands and stroked his cock in and out of her mouth until she felt a flood 
of semen ricochet off the roof of her mouth.  No way she could swallow all 
of it.  The excess dribbled down her chin and onto her sweaty breasts.  Her 
areolae were almost too big for the size of her chest.  She had nice large 
orange sized breasts.  The areolae a dark brown and about as big around as the 
bottom of a beer can.  Her nipple was grape size and dominated what with any 
other combination of areolae and nipple would have been considered a "shit 
hot" pair of tits.

    She was straddling one guy and he was driving his cock in and out of her 
cunt like a hydraulic pump.  The third guy was Clarence and he was behind her 
with his hands on her hips pumping about eight, maybe nine inches of very 
hard, thick cock in and out of her ass.  Carol's body was slick with 
perspiration.  In fact, sweat was running down her sides and between the 
cleavage, her breasts formed.  Mandy was moving about the bed with a video 
camera they'd rented.  That was Carol's idea.  Willy likes to watch and is 
going to have a hardon like he's never had before when he watches this video.  
The one Carol, Willy and some German tourists made some years ago never failed 
to give Willy a raging hardon.  Carol wondered if he'd be as turned on, 
because the guys, she was fucking and sucking with, were black ?

    Clarence's cock had just started to spasm in her anus.  She could feel it 
spurting in her bowels.  Her asshole was getting slimy with his semen.  His 
cock started shrinking, the guy under her was grabbing her hips now and 
thrusting up into her like an oil derrick.  Her cunt became flooded with his 
seed and soon both of the men slipped out of her.  As she rolled to her back, 
a large amount of semen escaped from her cunt and asshole after the men fell 
out of her.  Mandy trained the camera on the jungle of dark hair between 
Carol's legs.  In the center, her plump, almost red cunt lips, swollen and 
spread.  The inside of her cunt was the same circumference as the guy's cock, 
she'd been riding.  Around the almost raw looking meat was a forest of dark, 
curly, black pubic hair.  The pelt of hair between her legs continued through 
her best asset - her butt.  Carol Whitouski had the best ass this side of the 

    The beaver that grew between Carol's legs was streaked and in some places 
matted with semen - lots of it.  She slid her hands into it.....

    "AAAAAAAAAAA !  EEEEEEEEEEEEE !  The sound of the air horn jolted Carol 
back to the present.  She looked up to her left and found a woman staring down 
at her from the cab of the semi.  The woman was waving.  Carol took her right 
hand out from between her legs where she had been massaging her very wet cunt 
lips and grabbed the steering wheel; with the other had she waved back.  The 
truck continued to set it's pace by her.  All of a sudden it dawned on her.  
The woman had caught her playing with herself and told her husband.  The 
thought of them knowing turned her on.  She pulled her skirt up higher and 
spread her legs a little wider.  She switched hands again and was back to 
playing with herself.

    Carol looked up after a couple of miles.  The woman was holding up a sign. 
"Next exit."  After Carol nodded her head the semi moved behind her and 
followed.  Her pussy was very slimy and greasy.  She wished it had been two 
guys.  Jesus !  What if it's two girls ?  Willy was also the one who really 
turned her on to women.  Oh !  She'd fiddled a round a bit but with Willy she 
got to be in charge and with another woman that really turned her on.  She had 
the feeling that she was going to have another story to tell Willy.

                           ***** CHAPTER TWO *****

    Carol wiped her brow with her "T" shirt sleeve.  Maybe, she should take her 
bra off ?  Too late now, the driver was getting down from the cab.  Carol sat 
and waited in the Camery.  As the guy approached, she studied him in the rear 
view mirror.  He was short, stocky with dark, very short hair.  He was 
handsome in a rugged way.  No where near like Willy.  Willy was about six-one 
and pretty slight - about a hundred seventy-five.  He's got graying hair that 
he wears in a pony tail that comes to just about the middle of his back.  He 
runs a lot but, besides that, doesn't do anything for his body.  He says the 
two of us are going to do a lot of traveling to Southern California so he can 
surf - maybe once a month or so.  He wants Carol to get a job as a real estate 
agent so that she can have lots of time off and meet lots of people.  Carol 
didn't especially want to work but was excited about meeting a lot of new 

    "Hi !  My name is Brandon.  My wife thought you might like to share a rest 
break with us ?"

    Carol looked up and smiled at Brandon.  "I'm Carol Tamarack.  You on the 
way to Las Vegas ?"

    Brandon leaned down and replied, "Yea !  We'll be going right through Las 

    Carol kept smiling, "What's the chance of you and the misses spending a 
night or so in "Vegas ?"

    "Well...We're not real gamblers.  We kind of think ' kind 
of for suckers."

    Carol expected him to give her a leering look when he said "suckers," but 
he didn't.  "Well, my husband's expecting me tonight and I figure I can just 
make it..."  She let that hang in the air.  The guy was just a little younger 
than she was - maybe, mid-thirties.

    Brandon continued, "We usually only break for an hour or so...You know, 
then get back on the road.  Las Vegas isn't one of the stops we planned."

    "You come through here often ?" Carol asked.

    "Yea !  About once a month.  You wanna come back and meet the misses ?"

    "Sure..."  Carol said and then got out of the Camery.  The two of them 
walked together back to the cab of the semi.  Brandon helped her up into the 
cab and then jumped up beside her.  His wife was sitting in the passenger seat 
- - really a large lounge chair.  When Brandon jumped up, Carol had to scoot 
over so that he could fit his ass into his lounge chair.  He slammed the door 
and pulled Carol back so that she was some what sitting on the arm of the 

    "Linda...This is Carol.  She wondered if we could spend a night or two in 
'Vegas ?"

    Linda smiled at Carol and then said, "Not this trip but maybe the next 
time."  She handed Carol a beer, she pulled from a cooler right behind her 
seat.  Carol handed it to Brandon and took the second one offered.  They made 
small talk for a while and Carol wondered if anything was ever going to 
happen.  She took out her last joint, the one she'd smoked part of a while 
ago, and held it up.  Brandon and Linda looked at each other but if any 
message was passed between them, Carol didn't see it.  Five minutes later and 
about three drags apiece, the three of them were stoned.

    Carol moved back a little and rubbed her ass against Brandon's thigh in 
the process.  He put his hand on her hip and gave it a little squeeze.  Carol 
backed into the pressure and now had her ass hanging over the arm of the 
driver's seat.  Brandon's hand moved from her hip to her butt and kept 
squeezing.  Carol wasn't sure if Linda knew what he was doing.  She was real 
stoned and just gawking about.  Carol jumped a bit as Brandon started rubbing 
several fingers between the cheeks of her ass.  Linda smiled at her and now 
Carol was positive she knew her husband was feeling her up.

    Willy always told her that everyone likes to watch.  Carol could take it 
or leave it.  She did enjoy being watched by men because it usually excited 
them like crazy, watching a woman getting her brains fucked out and begging 
for more.  Brandon's fingers were becoming bolder.  He was sliding them back 
and forth between the cheeks of her ass, right against her cunt lips.  
Involuntarily, she started to slide her ass back and forth on the arm of the 

    Linda reached out and grabbed Carol's thigh.  Carol jumped up and Brandon 
pulled the back of her skirt up.  Now, when she sat back down, she could feel 
the fuzz of the chair-arm against her bare skin just below her panties.  
Brandon pulled her back onto his lap.  Carol could feel his hardon as she 
wiggled around to get comfortable.  His hands were now coming up her sides and 
she knew he was going to play with her tits.  Linda was still smiling at her 
when Carol blurted out.

    "Oh !  I can't do this.  I thought I could but I just can't."  Telling 
them she couldn't, after flirting a little with them, always drove them 
crazy...Gave them the impression that they were the first to lead her 
astray...Usually they threw her a super fuck.  She jumped off Brandon's lap 
and tried to stand in the cab.  She couldn't and was bent over quite a bit.  
She tried to stop Brandon's hand from reaching her pantied covered butt but he 
succeeded.  When she turned her ass away from him, she felt Linda's hands 
reach up under her skirt and yank her panties down.  She stopped when they 
were around her knees and slid her hands back up under Carol's skirt.  Her 
hands were in her thick pubic hair.

    "Oh !  Brandon she's got the hairiest pussy."  Brandon was unzipping his 
jeans while kicking off his boots.  He yanked his jeans off and kicked them 
over by his jeans.  His jockey shorts came off next and out popped his hard 
cock.  Carol looked at it and then smiled at him.  His cock wasn't bad, just a 
little longer than Willy's but a lot thicker.  It was pointing up out of a 
forest of dark pubic hair and Carol didn't hesitate a moment before dropping 
to her knees and gobbling him up.  He groaned.  Linda shoved two fingers into 
her cunt and Carol came off his cock and yelled.

    "Oh !  Please...I need to get fucked...Real bad."  Brandon damn near 
pulled her hair out trying to get her face out of his groin.  Now he was 
pulling her to her feet and pushing her to the curtains at the rear of the 
cab.  He was right behind her and had his hands on her ass.  She climbed up on 
the mattress and turned to face him.  He ripped off his "T" shirt.  His chest 
was covered with a forest of dark curly hair.  Carol laid on her back, yanked 
her panties all the way off and hiked up her skirt.  Brandon climbed right up 
between her legs.  She brought her legs up around him and felt for his cock 
with her hands, guiding him directly to her slimy, greasy cunt.  Brandon slid 
himself all the way into her and then started fucking the shit out of her.  
She started cuming in just a little over a minute from the time he entered 
her.  His cock was a blur as it fucked in and out of her cunt.  Carol heard 
herself screaming, really just yelling.

    "Come on, stud...Fuck the shit out of me...Fuck...Fuck...Fuck..."  She 
started chanting and Brandon couldn't take the wild animal he had below him.  
She was like quicksand, surrounding him.  Her cunt felt like it was tugging on 
his cock when he pulled it out of her and then opened wide when he forced it 
back into her.  If only his wife had a cunt like this and what an ass.  He had 
each of her volleyball sized ass cheeks in his hands and was massaging them as 
he drilled his cock in and out of her.  He slid one of his index fingers down 
to her asshole and screwed it around until he buried about half his finger in 
her anus.

    "You want to fuck me in the ass, stud ?"  Brandon started cuming.  It 
started right behind his balls and rocketed through his ass and thighs.  His 
stomach cramped up as Carol's cunt milked the cum out of his cock.  They both 
felt their crotches become wet.  Carol's thick bush becoming matted with the 
semen escaping from her cunt.  Now he was fucking her like crazy and she could 
feel herself becoming wetter.  She could feel his jizzim rolling down between 
the cheeks of her ass where his finger was still fucking in and out of her 

    As Brandon moved off of her, Linda jumped up on the bed.  She was totally 
nude and had about an eight inch dildo strapped to her waist.  Her tits were 
in Carol's league but while Carol's were still somewhat firm with just a 
little sag,  Linda's were all sag.  She had a hard time seeing the woman's 
bush - maybe, she shaved ?  Her husband was just rolling away from her.  Her 
stomach was covered with their combined sweat.  She could see the streaks of 
his semen as it matted the hair on the top of her prominent mons.

    "Still want us to come and spend a couple of nights with you and your 
husband ?"

    Carol just spread her legs as a way of answering Linda and the woman fell 
between her legs.  They both fumbled to get the dildo into her but once in, 
Linda proved to be the equal of her husband, driving that rubber dick in and 
out of her like there was no tomorrow...and this fucker would never get soft.  
She wondered if she'd be raw after Linda finished with her ?  She remembered 
Willy getting fucked in the ass with a dildo - some wife of a friend - the 
husband was fucking the shit out of Willy's girl friend at the time.  Willy 
was fucking the shit out of the wife's ass every time they met.  Monica...Oh !  
Monica (WT-A#10,12, WT-T#13) is the young lady staying with them.  Monica told 
her all about it.  Carol was sure that Willy was boning her every day if not 
more often, while she was gone.  Carol wondered if it turned him on when the 
woman was fucking him with the dildo ?

    Linda finally rolled off of her only to be replaced with her husband.  He 
felt small compared to the rubber dick she'd just had fucking in and out of 
her.  Carol's cunt was getting raw.  She rolled out from under him and said,  
"I'm a little sore."  Then scooted down and sucked every inch of him into her 
mouth.  The wife was fingering her anus.  Her finger felt small compared to 
his.  She could sense he was almost there and increased the pace of her 
bobbing head.  Her hand slid up and down, following her mouth.  She could feel 
his penis shudder in her hand and then he was filling her mouth with a warm 
load of jizzim.  She swallowed every drop and only spit him out when he was 
soft and limp.

    "Yea !  My old man would love to meet you two.  Would you mind if we
video ?"

                          ***** CHAPTER THREE *****

    I must have looked at my watch twenty times in the last ten minutes.  It 
was past ten p.m. (twenty-two hundred for you military diehards in the 
crowd), and I was worried.  Carol told me she'd be in by eight.  Maybe I got 
the wrong day.  I've been pretty stoned recently.  I missed Carol.  I was 
horny and while I don't often get the raging hardons I used to, it's getting 
better.  Monica and I fuck just about once a day and now I'm fucking my 
neighbor, Mrs. Abernathy...Dorthy Abernathy (WT-A#9).  She's old enough to be 
my mother and I'm just fifty...Well...Let me start at the ending, really the 
beginning but who cares.....

    The morning Carol left, I started making daily visits to the cabin.  Carol 
and I had spent the last two weeks drawing up plans.  Carol surprised the shit 
out of me by suggesting that we build a secret room (more like a closet) above 
the stairs that led to, what she had christened, the "Weed Room."

    "What for Carol ?"

    "Oh !  Come on Willy.  Don't play dumb with me.  You'd love to watch 
yourself boning some young thing on the king sized bed in the bedroom.  How 
about the two of us getting it on with...Say...Erin."  About twenty minutes 
after Carol said those words I was climbing between her legs with my cock at 
the ready.  Oh !  She felt good.  I ate her for the first twenty minutes and 
she was almost liquid.  Carol's pussy got so wet.  I would often eat her for 
an hour or so.  Some times I have to strap the dildo on and give it to her 
that way after I've eaten her, because the dick don't get hard as easy as it 
used to.

    Or she'll gobble me four hours even if I never get hard and suck the 
orgasm right out of me.  She often leaves me writhing on the bed and then goes 
for some ice cubes.  One of the first times we made it, I used ice cubes on 
her nipples.  The contrast of her warm mouth sucking and nibbling with the ice 
cube pressed right up under my balls...It's out of this world.  Carol tells 
me, I'm the only man in the world she'll do this with.  As soon as I've 
started to show signs of life, she'll start reaming my asshole while her hand 
is wrapped around my cock.  She just squeezes it every once and a while.  I'm 
usually a wild man after about five minutes and have never lasted more than 
ten - even if I never get hard.  If I do get hard, Carol will either fuck or 
suck the orgasm right out of me.

    Anyway, I've been up to the cabin almost every day, except at the 
beginning.  I spent the first two days she was gone, setting up Anthony.  Now, 
Anthony is the superintendent of the group of condos where I own one of the 
units.  Anthony damn near got me into a heap of trouble a while back.  So it's 
payback time.  I called Gary Cahill (SL, WT-T#13); he has a son who was pretty 
cool.  I explained what I had in mind.  Gary has this real loud obnoxious 
laugh.  That's all I could hear through the phone and then his son, Al (SL, 
WT-T#13) was on the phone.

    "Ahhh...Al ?"

    "Yea !  Willy, my dad said you wanted to talk to me."

    "Aaah...Ahhh...Well, Al......."  I went on to describe my plan and soon Al 
was laughing like crazy.  He told me that he'd talk to Diane.  I'd met Diane 
(SL-Ch7,8,9,12,13,14,15 WT-T#13) a couple of weeks ago.  Almost too old.  Good 
well developed breasts - no sag there...Large mature areolae and nipples with 
a great dark haired bush between her legs.  She told me she loved oral sex and 
I went on to eat her for a good half hour while an orgy rained around us.  I 
love to eat pussy and often can't get enough.  I think I could eat pussy for 
hours, all night and I have quite a few times in the past.

    Al called back that evening and told me Diane was willing to do it, if I'd 
promise her some of my weed.  I had over a pound and a half of uncleaned 
leaves and bud from my farm back in Idaho.  I had also rolled about four 
hundred joints and still had over two hundred left.

    I called Diane and asked if she had a friend who would be interested.  She 
was sure she could find someone who was interested as long as there was plenty 
of "your super dope, Willy !"  I was getting hard talking to her because I 
knew when the sting was done, I'd get to bone her.  Maybe her friend would be 
a player too !?

    The next morning the girls were over about ten.  They were dressed in jean 
shorts and tank tops.  While Diane is dark headed; her friend, Gracie, is a 
blonde and I was already betting that she was blonde all over.  Her tits 
dwarfed Diane's - almost small watermelon size.  I was getting a woody just 
chatting with her.  Ten minutes later they were down in the communal dressing 
room.  They spent half the day by the pool and left in Gracie's car about mid- 

    Now, Anthony, the superintendent I was talking about...Well, if it had 
been two teenage guys; Anthony would have shoed them away.  Things looked 
promising but it was three days before he took the bait.  Anthony has a 
reputation...Well, nobody has ever caught him...but there have been lots of 
rumors.  Well, if he's innocent, he won't take the bait, right !?

    On the morning in question, Anthony entered the woman's changing room 
about five minutes to ten.  I was sitting in a comfortable chair by my window.  
I had some binoculars, mounted on my tripod, trained on the pool area.  I 
picked up the phone and dialed Diane's cell phone.  They were just pulling 
into the complex.  She sounded excited when I told her that Anthony was in the 
changing room.  I could hear Gracie giggling and laughing as Diane told her.

    I called Mrs. Abernathy and told her it was "D" day.  She always got a 
kick out of it when I used W.W.II terminology.  She hung up and dialed the 
Henderson Police Department.  I moved out to the porch and set up my folding 
lawn chair on the grass that slopped down to the pool.  I saw the girls enter 
the pool area and head toward the changing room.  When I call Diane 
again...Well, the ringing of the phone was to be the signal that the cops were 
coming into the pool area.  The girls were going to start looking for Anthony 
and when they found him, yell their brains out.

    Here comes the cops.  I dialed the phone and faintly heard it ring in the 
changing room.  The cops weren't half way across the pool when the yelling and 
screaming started.  Anthony was running out just as the cops got to the 
woman's entrance...And ran right into the cops.  I noticed Mrs. Abernathy 
standing on the sidewalk by the rear of her condo.  She was dressed like she 
was going to the store.  Nice try, Mrs. "A."  You don't fool Willy Tamarack, 
not for a second.  The two of us watched as the police pushed Anthony back 
into the dressing room.  Some more shrieks from the girls.  Both Dorthy and I 
had small smiles on our faces as the cops dragged him away in handcuffs.
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Frederick T.
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"You should have been here yesterday....."  Bruce Brown - circa 1958 - 1961
"Slippery When Wet" or "Surfing Hollow Days"  I can't remember..... 

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