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Amy Visits for the Summer

Part IV of ???

By Sundance

(Copyright, 1998)

First Posted - June 1998

Last Repost - July 1998

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+===================+Now the disclaimer +==================+

The following is a work of total fiction.  The characters, names, and
places are all products of my imagination and any resemblance to
anybody or anything, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This story contains potentially obscene terms and sexually explicit
content that some may find to be offensive. If you are offended by
such material, or if you are under 21 years old, you have the option
to stop now and not continue reading.  

By continuing to read you are making the following legal statement: I
am over 21, I want to view a list of potentially obscene terms, and it
is legal for me to view potentially obscene terms in my community,
state, nation or province.  

If you're not sure... STOP now ..... Delete this text ..... This isn't
being forced on you.
     I closed the door to the Jeep Cherokee and put the key in the
ignition.  I turned it one-quarter turn until the stereo ignited, but
didn't engage the engine.  I just sat there, gripping the steering
wheel with both hands, staring out into the dark street ahead.  An old
Van Halen song blared from the radio as a single thought swam through
my mind.  

    'You're out of control Michael Jennings'

Amy and I had just finished dressing, shared one last kiss, and had
gone our separate ways.  She returned to the party from our secret
rendezvous the same way she arrived, along the side of the house and
back on the patio, blending into the mingling crowd.  I left through
the front gate and continued along the path of the front yard to the
curb, and into the Jeep where I was finally ready to begin my journey
to the store.    

As I drove I was overwhelmed with a flood of mixed emotions.    Part
of me was giddy with the excitement of what had just happened.  What
man wouldn't be?  How often is one successful in making passionate
love to a spectacularly gorgeous young woman, outdoors, under the
stars, and with such finesses and cunning that a crowd only a stone's
throw away has no idea of the orgasms being enjoyed just around the

 Even with the excitement, there was another part of me was almost
frightened, anxious over the possibility of having this affair
discovered and losing everything I knew as 'normal' in my life.  Yet
another part of me was guilty, realizing that even though Sarah and I
didn't share the same passion for one another we once did, we were
still man and wife, and had established a vow of trust, a vow I had
obviously violated.  Worst then that, knowing the effect Amy had on
me, there was nothing to indicate I wouldn't violate it again.   

I turned into the 24-hour convenience store and parked the Jeep.  I
looked at my watch and, realizing I was running late, I rushed into
the store and began to comb the aisles in a mad search for my bounty.
I was lucky and it didn't take long to find an isle dedicated to
various party sundries.  

Now was not the time to weigh the merits of one brand to another, so I
grabbed two boxes of the first package that contained the words
MARGARITA and MIX in the same sentence and made my way to the frozen
foods case.  I grabbed a bag of ice and headed for the counter.

    "Is that all for you dude ", asked the kid behind the counter as
he punched the buttons of the cash register.

    "Give me a bottle of Jose Gold too.  Hold the worm.  Might as well
grab it all in one trip, eh"

    "Damn straight", he replied.  "It's going to be $25.62 with Uncle
Sam's share"

I passed him a twenty and a ten and told him to keep the change.  It
didn't even matter that I was paying double what I would pay at a
grocery store for the same products.  That's why they called it a
convenience outlet and convenience was what I needed right now, as I
was running out of time.

   "Thanks dude!  Aloha!", he called out as I turned to walk out,
laughing out loud to himself.  It took me a minute to register before
I looked down at my Hawaiian outfit and realized he was still taking
to me.

   "Yeah, Aloha", and I smiled.

I had lost track of exactly how long I had been gone, but knew it was
longer than I should have been.   By the time I arrived home it
seemed, judging from the number of cars now parked outside, that over
half the guests had already left.   Sarah was going to be pissed.   I
parked the jeep, grabbed the bag, and entered the house.  She was just
walking some guests out and stared at me with a mix of confusion and
irritation as we passed in the entryway.  I paused long enough to
shake hands, thank them for attending, and then quickly made my way
into the kitchen, still contemplating what my excuse would be for
taking so long to return.

Amy was standing against the wall, flanked by a couple of hungry
males.  I glanced at her, watching as she pretended to be enthralled
in their every word.  Eventually she spotted me and I heard her ask to
be excused.  She made her way over to where I was unloading the bag of
ice, tequila and drink mix.

     "Having fun", I asked with a Cheshire grin.

     "Horny old lawyers", she responded rolling her eyes.  "They're
not exactly shy are they?  I mean, their wives are right there in the
next room and they're hitting on me like crazy.  One was even telling
me that if I was tired of staying with my Mom he had a 'discrete'
apartment right here in town I was welcomed to use, provided of course
he maintained 'visiting privileges'.  Pulleaase.....".   

     "Well, you're quite a hot commodity.  Can't exactly blame them
for trying, now can you?"

      "Well you should know big stud", she smiled, reaching in the
open bag of ice and popping a piece in her mouth.  "Hey, how do you
think this would feel pressed against 'you-know-where'", and she
grinned again, clenching the frozen lump between her teeth as the
steam from the ice foamed out of her hot mouth.  Once again, I felt
the stirring in my shorts.    I did my best to ignore it, and her, but
she knew she had me... again.  I tried to change the subject.

     "Did you see Sarah when you came back?" 

     "Yeah, but she didn't notice I was gone.  She DID notice how long
YOU were gone though", and she pressed a finger into my chest.  She
was now chewing on the ice, making a crunching sound in between words.

     "Yeah, what did she say?"

     "Just some comment about wondering whether you decided to go all
the way to Mexico for the Margarita mix"

     "Yeah, she looked pissed when I passed by her on my way in.  I
better go join the party, before I miss all the fun"

I finished emptying the ice bag into the icebox in the freezer and
blended up another batch of Margaritas.  I filled my own glass and
then carried the concoction out to the patio and worked my way around
to the handful of couples that were left, offering each a refill.  One
accepted, Milt the alcoholic, but the rest declined my offer
mentioning that it was getting late and they would be leaving soon.  I
left them to finish mingling.   Milt finished his Margarita in two big
gulps and tapped me on the shoulder for another refill.... 'one for
the road', he explained.

I filled Milt's glass and turned towards Sarah who I spotted at the
end of the patio talking to some guests.  I figured if I approached
her with others present than she wouldn't be able to yell at me.  My
luck ran out.  Before I had made it to her end of the patio I heard
her excusing herself, saying she had to go find me before I was MIA
again.    She turned quickly and we almost bumped into one another,
forcing me to almost spill my drink.  "There you are!", she exclaimed.

     "Here I am!", and I emptied the remainder of the blend into her
glass.  She looked up at me, a bit glassy eyed, obviously buzzed.

     "Bout time you got back", she spouted.  "What took you so long
anyway?  The party is almost over" 

Thinking I wouldn't have to lie if I only chose my words carefully
enough I smiled and in an exaggerated, playful tone responded.

      "Well Sarah, it's like this.  I had a BIG problem, but I handled
it well.  I expected to be back much sooner, but it just took longer
than I expected. I thought I would just be in and out, and be done
with it.  But it wasn't that easy.  I had to search around for quite a
while, and it took several tries to find a spot that had what I
needed.   However", and I paused, making an 'ah ha!' motion in the air
with my index finger,  "Once I tasted the fruits of my labor",
toasting her with my half-full glass, "I realized it was worth ALL the

She just stared at me, buzzed and confused.

       "What are you talking about Mike", she mumbled.

I said nothing in return, but instead made a second toasting motion
with my hand, hinting she should drink up and stop asking questions.
Coerced, she followed my lead, raised her glass to her lips and took a
slow sip.  

     "Hmmmmmm.... that IS good.  I guess you're forgiven".  

I smiled and felt an undeserved sense of relief.   About that time
Chumbly and Sylvia were making their way over to us.   He was still
chewing that cigar and I was happy to see some of the color had
returned to his face.  I was a bit concerned after our last encounter
that he had stumbled off to have a heart attack somewhere in my house.
Then where would I be?

     "Well kids, great party, but me and the Mrs. have to get going.
Sarah, there is one thing I would like to discuss with you before we
go.  Can we speak in private?  Mike, you can hear this too"

    "Sure", Sarah replied, and glanced at me with a subtle look of

I figured it must be serious, as for once he didn't call me Mikey.
The other couples overheard our conversation and mentioned that they
were just on their way out anyway.   We walked them towards the exit
and Amy greeted everybody in the entryway, handing each some wrapped
dessert leftovers for them to take home.  We exchanged our
pleasantries and the last of the couples made their way out, leaving
only the five of us.  Amy started to excuse herself when Chumbly piped

    "Whoa, little lady, I understand you're practically a member of
this family.  You're welcome to stay and hear this too", and I watched
as he did a once-over on Amy with his eyes.   Once he had finished
mentally violating her, he turned his attention again to Sarah.       
"Sarah, I was hesitant before to mention this, but I think you should

Oh great.  'Where was this going', I thought to myself, my mind
flashing back to mine and Chumbly's earlier conversation. 

    "We've been looking over the results of the last few quarters and
the clients we've been able to bring in-house, as well as your
contribution in that area.  I know you've had some early conversations
with some of the others about your possible admission into the
Partnership.   I think you also know there has been some hesitance in
that area, mainly on my part."  Sarah watched him and listened, but
tactfully didn't respond to his last question.  "Well, I've just
received additional information that....  Let's just say....  Lays to
rest my prior concerns"

    "Well that's good to know", Sarah replied, her excitement
obviously building.

    "So while it isn't official until it's announced and Frank
confirms it, I wanted to be the first to say...  Welcome Partner", and
he held out his stubby hand.  I watched as they shook, Sarah thanking
him profusely for his generosity and inquiring as to what exactly
changed his mind.    "Let's just say I finally saw the complete
picture regarding ALL your contributions"

As Sylvia was busy congratulating Sarah, Chumbly leaned over to me and
whispered, "There.  Now I want that original tape, in my corporate
mailbox within 48 hours, and never want to hear about this again.
Also, no copies... Nada....None....  Clear?"

   "Crystal clear Uncle Carl", I replied.  "Consider the check in the
mail".  I didn't even try to hide the self-satisfied smirk I felt
plastered across my face.

   "Well, we must be going", Carl said as he and Sylvia made their way
towards the door.  Sarah thanked them again for coming and agreed to
do lunch with Sylvia one day the following week.  Sarah shut the door
and remained with her back to us, before finally turning to face Amy
and I.  There was look of absolute elation on her face.    

     "Yes!", her only word, as she pumped her fist back and forth in a
victory dance.  "YES, YES, YES!!!"   

I was truly happy for Sarah and truly proud of her.  Despite the
resentment I had for that law firm, as well as the distance between us
that pursuit of this promotion had brought on, this moment allowed me
to see for the first time in a long time the woman I had fallen in
love with.   It was strange, as for a moment, I saw Sarah the woman.
Not Sarah the wife.  Not Sarah the Mother.  Not even Sarah the Law
Partner, but Sarah the woman.  It had been some time since I had
looked at her in quite that way.  

Standing there, watching, I realized that even though she had changed
from when we met as college students, she was more beautiful than ever
in my eyes.  Her maturity was evident in her features, which included
new lines as she smiled, and her curves were curvier than when we
first met, but she was still one attractive, sophisticated lady who
radiated more than her fair share of sensuality.   

I've still noticed frequently other men checking out Sarah's body and
have even had friends confess that, if not married to me, Sarah would
be the object of more than one hot pursuit.   But honestly I had
stopped looking at her in that way.  It felt good to see her again in
that light.

Amy moved towards Sarah and hugged her, congratulating her.  I
followed suit, holding my wife close and telling her how happy I was
that she had finally made it.   Standing there I sensed, for just a
moment, the closeness between us that seemed missing for so long.
Closeness I had felt with Amy.  A closeness that I thought might never
reappear between Sarah and I.   

Eventually we released our embrace and Sarah looked at us both, a grin
from ear to ear.    "This calls for a celebration.   Where's the
Tequila?", and made her way into the kitchen.

I started to follow her when I noticed an expression of sadness on
Amy's face.   I took a second glance to make sure I wasn't imagining.
There was no mistaking it.  I leaned close so as not to be heard,
reaching out and taking Amy's hand in my own.

     "Amy... What?  What's wrong"

     "Oh nothing really", she replied, trying to downplay the obvious.

     "Amy what is it?"

Her eyes became slightly teary, but she was doing a good job of
holding back.

      "It's just when I saw you and Sarah hugging like that, you know, kind of hurt"

I should have known this was coming.  I knew the whole thing would
become more complicated and I had nobody to blame for the current
situation but me.  Just as before, I wasn't sure how to deal with
things.  There was no solution.  I wasn't leaving Sarah.  That was
never an option.  But now what?

I knew Amy and I would have to talk this through, come to some kind of
terms.  I couldn't just ignore the situation, ignore her, not with
everything that had happened between us.   Not only was ignoring her
not my style, but I cared too much for Amy, in what way I wasn't sure,
but I knew I cared deeply.

At the same time I also realized now was not the time to be talking
about this.  If Sarah discovered us, engaged in this type of heavy
conversation, her legal analytical mind would switch into high gear
and she'd piece together the scene of this crime in no time flat.
Still, Amy was obviously upset and I had to say something.  I moved my
hand to her arm and pulled her out of view of the kitchen door.

    "Amy, you've known all along I was married, you even said that
yourself earlier tonight.   We've both sensed this could lead to pain
between us.  I told you that tonight, before we made love, that this
thing we're engaged in would only intensify our emotions, cause us to
become more attached to one another, that we should stop, before
somebody gets hurt.  Falling in love with me is a dead end situation"

She listening intently to my words and gazed deep in my eyes.  When I
was finished, she smiled faintly.  I was confident she was seeing the
logic in what I had to say.  This might work out after all.  She
leaned close, placing one soft hand on my cheek, kissing me gently on
the other, before moving her lips to whisper in my ear.

   "Mike, I think you're a wonderful man and an incredible lover".  I
felt myself gloating.  "But, it's not you I'm in love with.  It's
Sarah.  That's why I couldn't stand to see her go to you like that, in
that moment of happiness"

I just stared at her.  That sounded almost like she said she was in
love with Sarah.

   "What did you just say?"

   "Mike, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to just blurt it out like that.  I
tried to tell you earlier.  You know, when you were worried about our
situation outside going too far"

   "What did you just say?"  I had repeated myself, but this time I
didn't wait for her to answer.  I still thought, no wished, that I had
heard her wrong.  But I knew what I heard.  "How did this happen,

   "Well... I mean... I don't know... it just did.  It's not like I
planned it.   Also,  I don't think Sarah knows how strong my feelings
are and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell her.  I kept your
secret, now I need you to keep mine"

    "Just happened when?... Just happened how?".  I couldn't help it.
I was smiling, almost laughing really.  This was getting too bizarre.
Amy returned my smile, but seemed hesitant, likely wondering if my
grin was only a calm before some storm.  

     "You know when I stayed here the other night?", she went on.
"When you were away on business?"   I nodded.  "Well", and she paused,
"Let's just say watching chick movies wasn't all we did"  

     " god", and I laughed out loud.  I couldn't fathom
this.  My wife had been with another woman.  Not just any other woman,
but the woman I was involved with.  This was supposed to be MY
extramarital affair.  How dare she?

     "But Mike, remember one thing", and she leaned close to me.

     "What's that?"

      "There's one thing you have that she'll never have", and she
rubbed her fingers down my belt and across my crotch until she located
my cock, grabbing it in the palm of her hand.   "She doesn't have one
of these, and BELIEVE me....the way you use it.... WOW"

She finished her words by sliding her tongue up my neck and along the
line of my chin as she slowly started to move away.  She continued to
pace slowly backwards, still facing me, now raising a single finger to
her lips.  "Remember Mike.... Our secret", whispering from behind a
delicious smile.

    "Hey, are you guys celebrating with me or what", Sarah's voice
booming from the kitchen over the sound of the roaring blender motor.

    "On my way", Amy called out, turning and disappearing through the
kitchen door.

                                      End of Part IV

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