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One of a dozen sex stories at

A man, another guard, emerges into the light and he is holding a cord
that extends back into the passage.  He pulls roughly on the cord and a
captive stumbles into the light.  She is young, likely a virgin, dressed
only in wisps of clothing.  Her eyes are wild, and dart everywhere,
seeking some sign to give her hope.
Her legs are bare, and her feet the same.  Her hands are tied behind her
and this makes the small cloth across her breasts strain visibly.  She
also wears a loincloth, but even smaller than the men's, barely
concealing her sex.  Her stomach is gently rounded, beautifully
feminine.  Although much of her breasts are concealed, enough is
showing to make the watchers believe that they are a little larger than
most, and youthfully attractive.
The torchlight flickers across her skin and a slight sheen of perspiration
making every curve, every womanly feature, even more pronounced.
Upon entering the area, she looks around, and at the altar in the
middle, she gasps and starts pulling back toward the passage she came
from.  The guard pulls on the cord, which is attached to a collar around
her neck.  Another guard moves forward and they drag her, struggling,
toward the altar.
When they reach the altar, they drag her up onto the top.  One steps to
the far end, grabs one of her arms and you can now see a rope
attached to the corner, in fact, all the corners you can see.  With
difficulty, they manage to tie her, spread-eagled on the altar.  At the
bottom, they tie her legs slightly over the side so that she is
defenseless and spread wide below the waist.
She struggles against her bonds, crying.
>From another passage, a large man emerges, also wearing a loincloth,
but with silver decorations.  He is also wearing necklaces and other
jewelry, so that you know that this is a man of importance.   He
approaches the captive girl, and waves the guards away.
He walks around the altar, and she tries to follow him with her head
and eyes.  On his second pass, he stops near her head and reaches
over to her chest and tears the lone piece of cloth across her breasts
free.  As thought, her breasts stand high and proud, even lying down.
The nipples are large and standing up...the breasts jiggle slightly as she
makes small movements, still testing her bonds.
He turns to her waist and begins pulling at the sole remaining article of
clothing that she has.  It finally comes loose and the girl is totally
exposed, nude before all the eyes staring at her.
The large man begins to intone something, rising and falling with the
ever-present thumping.  As he does so, he begins to run his hands over
her body,   He seems to be gentle, just gently rubbing.  She continues
to tense and struggle against the indignity of a stranger touching her
wherever he wishes.  His hands begin to concentrate in certain areas,
at her breasts, at her vagina.  She begins struggling even harder again,
but to no avail.  This struggle makes her hips move against his hand
and she stops, but continues to make whimpering sounds.
He continues to rub, and his fingers begin moving inside her, in and
out, He pulls at her nipples, moving from one breast to the other.  Her
breathing begins to quicken, and the whimpering dies out.  The man
increases his pace and she begins to move her hips slightly.  She parts
her lips and what was once whimpering is obviously the slight noise of
an awakening passion.  The man smiles and continues.  He seems to
be trying to excite her as much as possible.  She now begins to moan
and move her hips even more with unleashed erotica.   She rolls her
lower body, moans in time with his manipulations of her body and
As she seems to be nearing a peak, he abruptly stops, and points to
one of the guards.  The guard turns and strikes a metal plate on the
wall.  Immediately there is a rumble near one of the darkened corners
of the hall, and you can see a giant slab of stone rolling aside.  The
hole exposed seems to glow slightly, and small wisps of vapor, smoke
or steam come out from the interior.
The thumping becomes different, and you realize that it now comes
from two places and one of them is this new passage.  You look harder
and can see that something is moving inside...something very large.  It
rolls toward the entrance and emerges into the light.  It's a giant man,
no, not a man, but on two legs.  As it emerges, all the people in the
hall say, "THOTH" in unison.

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