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Slave Sister
Part Seven
"Fran's New Family"
Norm DePloom

Dave had continued driving up and down the main drag, pulling into parking
lots where kids were gathered, and offering his sister for their pleasure
until the early hours of Sunday morning.  Finally arriving home exhausted
and still naked, cum drying on every part of her body.  Fran climbed the
stairs to her bedroom.  Before she could even smile at her own slave the
buzzer under her pillow came to life summoning her to Dave's room.  As Fran
left her bedroom she noticed that a fine gold chain ran from the padlock
holding Vickie's cunt closed to the headboard where it was locked with a
matching padlock.  Fran arrived in her brother's bedroom to find Dave naked
and sporting a hard twitching cock.

"I couldn't wait any longer" he announced as he took Fran in his arms, "I've
been too busy all day to fuck."  Dave sat on his desk chair and pulled Fran
down on his hard cock with her legs straddling his.  As his cock slipped
into Fran's wet open cunt Dave sucked on her nipples tasting the cum drying
on her breasts.  Fran held onto her brother's shoulders for balance and
plunged her cunt up and down the length of his hard rod.  As her own
excitement grew one more time Fran whipped her hair from side to side
moaning loudly.  I'm not going to be silent, Fran decided, if Mom doesn't
know what's going on by this time she's going to find out right now.  Dave
cupped and squeezed his sisters butt cheeks pushing them together to
increase the pressure on his cock.  Fran leaned her head back looking at the

"Oh God Damn." She shrieked. "Nobody fucks like you."  Dave clutched Fran
around the waist and held his cock buried inside her cunt while his body
jerked and he deposited more cum inside her already dripping pussy.  Dave
and Fran sat and held each other gently rocking back and forth enjoying a
few moments of after fuck peace.

"I mean it." Fran said laying her head on Dave's shoulder nuzzling and
gently kissing his neck. "Nobody fucks like you."

"It's just because I'm your brother." Dave responded in a self-effacing
manner to her compliment. "Breaking the incest taboo gives us an extra

"No," Fran said squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles, "I think its
because you have a huge cock.  You literally touch me in places no one else
can."  Fran let her head rest on Dave's shoulder for a moment longer then
sat up and gazed into his eyes. "Except for Mr. Roberts, he touches those
places too." Fran paused for a moment faining deep thought. "And 'Big
Daddy', you know Father Michael, he really touches those places." Fran
looked at Dave struggling to keep a straight face. "And maybe the Coach, he
seemed pretty big when he was in my mouth yesterday."

"Why don't you let your slave lick you clean." Dave suggested to Fran as he
lifted her off his cock laughing at her list of the big cocked men in her
life.  "I don't mind if you cum again tonight."  Fran smiled at her brother
as she turned and left the room.  Fran, walking back to her own room stopped
to peak in on her mother who seemed to have slept through Fran's shrieked
complement of her brother's fucking skills.

Fran, finding Vickie laying curled up on the foot of the bed asleep, laid
down on the bed then gave her slave a nudge with her foot.  Vickie yawned
and stretched then smiled at her mistress.

"I need a bath." Fran announced.

"Do you want me to run the water for you?" Vickie asked.

"No, I want you to use your tongue.  Lick me clean.  Start at my toes and
don't stop until your get to my hair."  Vickie knelt on the floor beside the
bed and began to lick Fran's toes and feet.  "I'm sure you'll recognize the

Fran relaxed and enjoyed the tongue moving up her legs.  When Vickie was
ready to concentrate on her cunt Fran patted her on the head. "Get it good
and clean," Fran said spreading her legs, "Thirty or forty guys dumped cum
in there over the last couple of hours." Fran smiled as she stroked Vickie's
hair "The fresh runny stuff is Dave's."  After a thorough tongue bath the
two young girls fell asleep in each other's arms.

Dave, Fran and Vickie all slept soundly for the four hours they had left
until the alarm went off at seven o'clock am.  When Fran and Vickie hugged,
kissed then sat up and stretched they could already her Fran's mom in the

"Come on down here kids" Dave and Fran's mom yelled up at them. "I want to
have a little family meeting before we go to church."  Fran unlocked Vickie
from the bedpost, but kept the padlock on her cunt.  The two girls donned
robes and slippers and headed downstairs drawn by curiosity about what
Fran's mom had to say and by the smell of sausage cooking.  Fran's mom met
them at the kitchen door.

"Do you want me to go back up stairs?" Vickie asked Fran's mom, "I don't
want to sit in on a family meeting if I'm not wanted."  Fran's mom looked at
the young girl then reached out and gently stroked her cheek.

"I feel like you belong to this family already dear." Fran's mom told
Vickie, "why don't you just do whatever Fran suggests."  Vickie smiled at
Fran's mom then sat down next to her best friend and mistress letting her
robe fall open just enough to show the silver padlock between her legs.
Dave came bounding down the stairs and gave his mother a hug then sat down
on the other side of Fran.  Dave and Fran's mom hummed cheerily but
tunelessly as she brought plates of sausage links and scrambled eggs to each
of the children.  After placing a communal plate stacked high with toast in
the middle of the table Dave and Fran's mom brought her own plate over and
sat facing the three kids.

"You seem to be really cheerful this morning mom." Fran commented around a
forkful of eggs headed for her mouth.  Fran's mom paused for a moment then
smiled at her daughter.

"Why yes I am, thank you dear, and the cause of my happiness is the reason I
want to talk to you kids."  Their mom paused to smile at her kids, not
forgetting to include Vickie in her radiated joy.  "All the time I was
cooking I was trying to figure out the best way to share this news with
you."  Their mom took a bite of toast.  "I know it sounds trite, but the
only way to tell you is just to tell you."  She finished chewing and
swallowed her bite.  Fran had stopped eating and stared at her mother
imagining all kinds of dreadful news.  Fran's mom smiled at her daughter and
reached over and patted her hand.  "Smile dear, it's happy news."  Fran
smiled weakly at her mom.

"Bill and I, ah, Mr. Wilson and I have been talking about getting married
for several months now..."

"The football coach?" Fran asked in shock remembering his cock sticking out
of his pants and into her mouth.

"...Yes dear the football coach.  We have decided to go ahead with our

Fran was just barely aware that her mother was still talking.  'How' she
thought 'can I tell her'.  Surely she doesn't want to marry a man that has
fucked her daughter in the mouth.

"...He's such a masterful and dominant man..."

I can't let mom marry him without her knowing what he's like.

 "...It's been so long since I've had a man like that in my life..."

I've got to tell her.

"...Not since your father died have I met a man who made me feel so, well,
so submissive..."

'What?' Fran thought finally hearing what her mother was saying.  He makes
her feel so submissive?.

"...I'm sure you can understand that 'Sweet Stuff'."  Fran's mother took
Fran by the hand as she used her old baby nickname for her.  Fran looked
into her mother's eyes and saw a familiar need.

"It run's in the family dear." Her mother continued. "Some of us just need a
good dominant man in our lives to make us happy."  Fran's mom squeezed
Fran's hand then released it so she could continue to eat.

"Your brother already knows about this."  Fran gave her brother a quick
glance.  His smile looked almost sheepish for someone who was practicing

Suddenly Fran remembered the figures she kept seeing in the window during
the 'Fran Fuck' the previous afternoon.  Fran's head, and her world, spun.
When it stopped spinning Fran wondered if anything in her life was what it
appeared to be.

"You and the coach watched...."

"Yes dear."

"You've known all along..."

"Yes dear."

" and Dave..."

"No dear, not yet." Fran's mom smiled at her son.  "We feel that you need to
get to know your new 'daddy' better, so we thought you should go home with
him after church and spend the day with him."  Fran paused and swallowed a
couple of times, remembering the feel of his hard cock in her mouth.

"I..I wouldn't mind getting to know him better." She stammered, the wetness
already growing between her legs.  Then Fran looked at Vickie with a worried
look on her face.

"Hay don't worry about me." Vickie said answering the unasked question. "I
have a family reunion to go to.  You're going to have to handle your 'daddy'
all by yourself."  Vickie grinned at her friend "You're the luckiest little
bitch I've ever met."  Fran blushed and looked down at her plate.

"Now Vickie," Fran's mom reprimanded her gently, "you know I don't approve
of such language."  Vickie looked down at her plate her face growing red
with embarrassment.

"Well she is" Vickie insisted quietly.

"Yes I know honey," Fran's mom patted her hand, "but I still don't like that
kind of language."  Fran finished eating her breakfast with a few
anticipatory squirms in her chair as she thought about spending the
afternoon with the coach.  Once the meal was done and the plates were rinsed
and stacked in the dishwasher Fran and Vickie went up to Fran's bedroom.
Fran found clothes already set out for her to wear on top of the neatly
folded sweater and skirt was an electric razor and a note from Dave.  "For a
quick touch up.  You don't want your new Daddy to find you with a five
o'clock shadow."   When Fran picked up the razor and turned around she found
Vickie kneeling in front of her.

"Will my mistress please tell this poor unworthy slave what to wear?" Vickie
asked with total submission.

"You really get into this shit don't you?" Fran asked the kneeling girl.

"Oh God yes!" Vickie answered with a slightly less slave like demeanor.
Fran walked over to her kneeling slave and, placing a hand on each side of
her slave's head pulled Vickie's mouth onto her cunt.

"Then lick my hot cunt bitch." She demanded.  Vickie eagerly dug her tongue
into Fran's hairless slit.  Fran rubbed her wet cunt all over Vickie's face,
concentrating on her noes, then pushed her away.  "That's what you will wear
today, my smell all over your face, and don't you dare wash it off.  Now,"
Fran ordered handing Vickie the razor, "Shave me and be quick about it."
This, Fran thought as she leaned back on the bed and spread her legs, I
could get into.

Well, quick is a relative term, as soon as the vibrating head of the
battery-operated razor neared Fran's large clitoris Fran grabbed Vickie's
wrist and would not let go until after her second orgasm.  After the 'quick'
shave Vickie dressed in a tight T-shirt that was cut off just below her
breasts and a short skirt that just barely covered her thick pubic patch,
then stood in front of her seated mistress with her legs spread and her
hands held behind her back.  Fran lifted the skirt and stroked Vickie's wet
pussy, jiggling and gently pulling on the small silver padlock hanging from
her cunt lips.

"How does this feel?" Fran asked her submissive friend.

"It hurt at first, and is still a little sore, but when I walk it pulls on
my cunt lips and moves them back and forth across my clitoris." Vickie
paused, "I cum about every ten steps." She finished with a giggle.  Fran
lifted Vickie's T-shirt and sucked on one of her nipples.  God this is
great, she thought, almost as much fun as being a slave.  Fran released
Vickie's now hard nipple and let the T-shirt fall back into place.

"If I remember right you have a couple of male cousins that will be at this
reunion, don't you?" Fran asked as she stroked Vickie's clitoris.

"Yes, Ricky and Tom." Vickie answered breathlessly.

"You don't like them do you?"

"No, they're snotty little brats."  Fran pulled her hand away from her
slave's crotch and smiled at the disappointed moan.

"During your family reunion you must get each one alone, show him your
locked cunt, let him play with it then suck him off." Fran loved Vickie's
look of total disgust.

"Suck off those to little brats...OUCH" Vickie's protest was cut of with a
hard squeeze of her left nipple by Fran.

"You will do as you are told." Fran hissed with mock anger.

"Yes Mistress." Vickie answered with real contrition.

"Now, go home, I have to get ready to visit with my new daddy."  A thrill
went through Fran when she said 'daddy'.  Fran had always had just two
masturbatory fantasies. One was fucking her brother, which had come true.
The other one was being possessed and fucked by a mysterious and powerful
'daddy'.   Vickie leaned over and quickly kissed Fran on the mouth.

"I love you." She shouted as she left the room and headed down the stairs.
Let's see, Fran mused, six blocks with an orgasm every ten steps...Fran gave
up trying to figure out how many times Vickie would cum on her way home.
Instead she thought about the surprised and delighted looks Ricky and Tom
would have when Vickie knelt in front of each one and submissively sucked
them off.

Fran quickly dressed in the clothes her brother had picked out for her.
They were clothes she had never seen before.  Fran put on the tight fitting
gold sweater with the school name emblazoned across her chest and the short
pleated white skirt.  Fran looked in the full-length mirror and just knew
that her new daddy, the football coach, was going to be pleased with his new

Fran hurried down the stairs and came to a quick stop when she saw her
mother.  Fran looked her mother up and down.  Fran's mother was wearing a
shimmering gold colored blouse that draped and flowed like water over her
breasts when she moved.  Her nipples could just barely be made out through
the constantly moving material.  Her mid thigh length skirt of the same
material was gathered at the waist and seemed to flow like a waterfall over
her hips, and slide over her thighs with each step.  The effect was both
elegant and erotic at the same time.

"Oh God your beautiful mom." Fran finally managed to say.  Fran's mom

"I don't have to play the 'responsible single parent' any more.  Bill bought
me these pretty clothes and I will wear them any where he wants me to."
Fran's mom leaned closer to Fran and spoke to her conspiratorially "I'd go
to church naked if that's what he wanted me to do."  Fran could feel a new
bond growing between her and her mother.

As they walked out to the car Fran felt a flare up of jealousy, Dave was
paying more attention to mom than to her.  The bulge in his pants obviously
had more to do with their mom's barely visible hard nipples than with Fran's
short skirt and tight sweater.  Fran pouted in the back seat as Dave gushed
and practically drooled all over their mother as he drove them to church.
Why don't you, Fran thought several times, fuck her and get it over with.

The coach met them in the parking lot and hugged Fran's mom first then
hugged Fran with a quick, very un-fatherly squeeze of her naked butt under
her short skirt.  The new 'family' walked into the church building.  As Fran
headed off to the third grade class to assist the teacher she saw her mom,
with the coaches arm around her and his hand resting on her butt walking
into Father Michael's study where the 'Adult Singles' group met.  Knowing
what she did about the coach and Father 'Big Daddy' Michael (and her mother
for that matter) Fran pondered just what type of 'Sunday School' class was
going on in there.

As Fran walked down the hallway toward the third grade room Dave pulled her
into the same convenient alcove he had used the previous week to insure she
still had the fishing weight hanging from her clitoris.  Fran stood
submissively with her legs apart as Dave ran his hands over her hairless
crotch and dipped his fingers into her wet cunt.  Then Dave produced a
device from his coat pocket and after rubbing it on her pussy for
lubrication had Fran turn around and bend over.

"This," he announced as the pushed it against her rear hole.  "Is a but
plug.  It is designed so that it will stay in your asshole, neither slipping
all the way in nor falling out until it is removed."  Fran moaned as she
felt her ass stretch over the wide part of the plug.  As Fran's sphincter
muscle relaxed around the narrow stem of the plug Dave continued, "I just
wanted to give you a reminder of who your owner is."  Dave pulled Fran to a
standing position then reached under her cheerleader skirt and checked the
plug to insure its security.  Fran could feel Dave's hard cock bumping into
her as he looked at his watch then glanced up and down the rapidly emptying

"Go into the women's bathroom and make sure it's empty then let me know."
Fran walked across the hallway to the women's bathroom door, her walk taking
on a slight 'waddle' as she accommodated the butt plug planted firmly in her
ass.  Fran opened the door then signaled Dave when she had determined it to
be empty.  Dave joined Fran and, giggling, the two of them went into the
same stall they had used the previous week.  The usual thrill of Dave's
large cock pounding into Fran's cunt was heightened by his body pushing on
her newly installed but plug with each thrust.

"Oh god yes." Fran whispered to her brother, "Fuck your nasty little slave."
Then Fran bit her knuckle to keep from screaming as her orgasm swept over
her body.

Fran's appearance in the Third Grad classroom, her hair mussed and her face
flush with excitement, was met with open-mouthed stares from the boys in the
class.  All of the boys, and some of the girls suddenly became very clumsy
dropping pencils, papers and erasers which they had to bend under the table
to retrieve.  Fran's exhibitionist streak kicked in and she spread her legs
just enough to give them a glimpse of what they were working so hard to see.

After Sunday School the family gathered back together and sat in the last
pew of a small alcove off to the side of the main sanctuary.  It was a small
pew with just enough room for Fran, Dave, their mother and the coach.  Fran
was seated in between Dave and the coach, Fran's mother was sitting on the
other side of Dave.

Every time they stood or knelt the coach would stroke Fran's naked butt
cheeks under her pleated cheerleader skirt.  When they would sit the coach
would gently stroke her inner thighs moving higher and higher as the service
continued.  When they sat down after the last pre-sermon hymn the coach
slipped his hand under Fran's short cheerleader's skirt and gently massaged
her inner thigh.  Fran automatically spread her legs to allow him greater
access to her body.

"Maybe next week you can do pulpit service." The coach whispered in her ear.

"What? What is 'pulpit service'?" Fran whispered back.  The coach slipped
his hand higher up Fran's thigh until his little finger rested against her

"Each Sunday one of the young lady's in the church is chosen to sneak into
the bottom part of the pulpit." Fran bit her lip suppressing a moan as the
coaches little finger moved back and forth over her sensitive clitoris.
"Then while 'Big Daddy'," Fran jumped slightly hearing her future daddy use
that term, "is giving his sermon she crawls up inside his robe and sucks him
off."  Fran rocked her hips rubbing herself on her new daddy's hand while
she imagined being in the pulpit sucking on 'Big Daddy's' monster cock while
he preached.  Her new daddy leaned closer, "Big Daddy never stops preaching
until he's cum twice."

Fran struggled to keep from moaning out her pleasure as her daddy slipped a
finger into her hairless cunt, she wrapped her arms around his arm and
clamped her thighs down on his hand and rocked like she was riding a hobby
horse rubbing her dripping pussy against him.  Fran looked down and saw her
daddy's cock bulging in his pants and, stimulated by the sight, rocked even

Fran's first wave of orgasm washed over her, she barely managed to cum
without interrupting Father Michael's sermon with an ear splitting scream.
Fran grinned and snuggled closer to her daddy as she listened to Father
Michael's sermon on 'The Dangers of Sexual Sin'.  Her daddy's hand never
left Fran's crotch during the longish sermon.  Once near the end he leaned
over and whispered in Fran's ear.

"I hope you're a better cock sucker that this bitch is.  I'd hate to sit
through another sermon this long next week."  Fran leaned over to his ear.

"You already know I am Daddy." She whispered causing the bulge in his pants
to twitch noticeably.  Fran's Daddy reached over and, slipping his other
hand under her cheerleader sweater gently pinched her nipple.  As her nipple
hardened Fran saw Father Michael pause momentarily in his sermon then, his
body visibly relaxing, grin at the congregation.  "Looks like the sermons
over she whispered to her daddy."

When the music started for the final hymn and Fran's new daddy pulled his
hand out from under her skirt, Fran took his hand and pulled it up to he
mouth.  Staring directly into his eyes Fran licked her own cunt juice from
her daddy's finger then smiled at him and snuggled under his protective arm
as they shared the same hymnal.  Fran had not been too busy cumming to
notice that Dave's hands had been all over their mother during the sermon.

As Fran, with her Daddy's arm draped over her shoulder joined the other
parishioners filing out the back door of the sanctuary she nudged Dave and
pointed to the girl sneaking our from behind the pulpit.  Dave looked then
grinned back at his sister.  The girl was one of Carla's erstwhile cohorts.

"Fran here has volunteered to be your special assistant next week." The
Coach announced to Father Michael as they shook hands at the back door.

"Oh wonderful," Father Michael beamed at Fran, "It'll be just like old
times." He said to her with a wink.  "I'll plan a much shorter sermon."
Fran blushed and almost wiggled with pleasure at the implied complement of
her cock sucking skills.

"Well, come on Fran," the coach said taking her arm, "Say goodbye to your
mother and brother for a while so we can go get some lunch and decide what
to do with ourselves for the rest of the day."

"Yes Daddy." Fran said with a smile.

End part seven "Fran's New Family"

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