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Part 5 to come soon (we hope).


The Contest - Part 4

Well, after a week had gone by, I had little idea what I could do to improve
on our previous sessions.  I made our normal dinner reservations and then
went to the adult store to make a purchase.  If you couldn't tell already,
Keli and I use a lot of toys in our sex life.  We always go to the same
store, we have almost become regulars there as the help knows us both when
we come in. After returning home, I went to the basement to begin working on
a plan for the evening.  I could tell Keli was anticipating the evenings
upcoming events as she kept asking me what I was doing in the basement and
why the door was locked.  She knew why it was locked, but she wanted to see
what I could be doing down there in getting things ready.

While Keli showered for dinner, I came upstairs and got some more "toys"
from the box under our bed (where we keep them all).  I took them to the
basement and had everything prepared.  Then I went up and showered myself
and got ready for the evening.  Keli was dressed in another knock-out
outfit.  The woman has exceptional style and a flair for looking sexy
without looking too slutty.

Off we went to dinner.  Keli continually asked what I was doing in the
basement but I wouldn't give her any indications.  She tried her best
though.  At one point she had kicked off a shoe and started rubbing my
crotch and giving me that horny look of hers.  I sat through most of dinner
with a major hardon as Keli continued to tease me trying to find out what
was about to happen.  We both wolfed down dinner, wanting to get home as
soon as possible.  The check came and we raced home.  Keli was leading the
way.  She was definitely getting a kick out of this contest.

When we got home, Keli raced to the basement to see what I had been working
on.  She found nothing.  Our basement is drywalled and just like the rest of
the house, except with drop ceilings.  Keli opened every door expecting to
find something, but found nothing.  As she checked the final door, I quickly
placed a blindfold on her face and said it was time for her to find out what
I had been up to.  I took her to the center of the rec. room and told her I
would be right and she should strip while I was gone.  I wasn't gone 20
seconds, she was stark naked waiting for me.  I placed a folding chair
behind her and put a towel on it as it was metal and would have chilled her
ass pretty quickly.  I put a second folding chair next to it.  I had her sit
in the chair and she, of course obliged.  I stood on the other chair and
moved some of the drop-ceiling tiles aside and pulled down a bunch of straps
and a rope.

Keli could hear all the movement and was moving her head to try to get some
idea of what was going on around her.  I told her to relax and lean back.
When she did, I kneeled between her legs and began to lick and kiss her
inner thighs.  Keli slid her hips forward and spread her legs to give me
better access to her pussy.  I gave her pussy a quick kiss and circle her
clit once or twice to try to get her juices flowing.  She was already pretty
wet from all the anticipation of the evening.  I took one of the special
padded cuffs on the straps and attached it to Keli's ankle.  I took another
and attached it to her other  ankle.  I had to test my handiwork so far so I
slowly pulled on the rope.  As I did so, Keli's legs began to rise until
they were sticking straight out in front of her.  I push her legs apart and
resumed kissing and sucking Keli's sweet pussy.  I darted my tongue in many
circles around her clit.  I could feel her pulling at the straps trying to
lift her hips to meet the motion of my tongue.  After several minutes, I
could feel her hands grabbing my head to pull it closer.  That reminded me!
Got to do the hands now.  I lowered Keli's legs as she turned her head
trying to hear what I was doing next.

I took two more of the padded cuffs and attached them to each arm.  Keli's
face lit up as she realized the possibilities of what was to come.  Again, I
slowly pulled the rope.  Her legs slowly began to rise, then her arms.  Then
Keli cam to realize that wasn't a towel I hade put on the chair for her, put
a sling for her ass as her whole body began to rise out of the chair.  When
I had her about three feet of the floor, I tied the rope off to the pool
table.  I took a look at my handiwork.  There was Keli, suspended from the
ceiling, naked, legs spread wide, waiting for my next move.  I put the chair
in front of her so I could sit in the chair and her pussy was right in my
face.  Keli could feel my hands positioning her.  She said nothing, but her
breathing alone indicated she was eager to get things rolling.  I pulled the
chair forward and began to give her and long slow tongue bath.  I licked and
played with her clit.  In this position, I could reach my arms around her
legs and use my hands to part her lips and give my tongue direct access to
her swelling clit.  Keli was loving it, her hips gyrating as my tongue
played and played.

It was the most comfortable head I had ever given.  I think I could have sat
there all night and given her head (I know she would not have argued).  But
it was time to continue to the next phase.  Back to the Accommodator  (the
dildo that straps to your chin.  I put it on my head and slid the dildo into
Keli's pussy.  She tilted her hips to let the dildo slide right in.  She let
out a moan and started rotating her hips in unison with my tongue on her
clit.  The movement of her hips started the whole contraption to swinging.
As she swung, I didn't have to move.  The dildo was sliding in and out and
my tongue was lapping across her clit with every swing.  The more her hips
move to increase the sensation the more she swung.  I grabbed her ass with
both hands squeezing and pulling her to my face.  Pushing the dildo in as
far as it would go while I gently sucked her clit into my mouth.  Keli began
thrashing her head.  She had her hands gripping the straps and her leg
spread as wide as she could.  Her hips thrusting faster and faster due to
the approaching orgasm.  I could feel her clit swelling as her hips began
grinding her pussy against my face.  Her thrusts were pumping the dildo in
and out of her spasming pussy.  She was screaming and moaning as the orgasm
wracked her body.  It looked like every muscle in her body tightened up as
her legs clamped on my head.  I continued my tongue assault as her hips
twitched and thrust against my tongue and dildo.

After several minutes of twitching and screaming, Keli began to calm down.
I removed the dildo and got up.  She was totally covered in sweat.  her hair
hung back heavy from the perspiration.  Her body was glistening from all the
moisture.  I got up and lowered the contraption Keli was attached to about 6
or 8 inches.  I then adjusted the arm cuffs and feet cuffs until she was in
more of a sitting position.  Still blindfolded, Keli didn't pay much
attention to what I was doing as she was still recovering from her orgasm.

I leaned down and gave her tits a suck and a lick.  I stood up and began to
rub my cock in the wet folds of her steaming pussy.  She started moving her
hips to get my cock head rubbing her clit.  She begged me to take off her
blindfold and I obliged.  She gave me a sultry look and said she was ready
to be fucked.  Hey, who was I to argue.  I took my hard cock and continued
to slide the head up and down her slit, teasing her as I went.  I waited
'till I was rock hard, then I positioned my cock head at the opening.  I
grabbed her hips and pulled her to me.  Rooting my cock deep inside her.
Keli let out a low guttural moan as I pushed my hips to meet her driving my
cock in as deep as it would go.  With her legs and body in this position I
was gaining maximum penetration and it was having its effect.  I continued
to pull at her, holding my cock in her at maximum penetration.  She tried
moving her hips wanted some motion, but I wasn't allowing it.  I just wanted
to feel my cock stuck deep inside her as the blood throbbed in my cock.  She
was waving her arms and legs trying to get some motion inside her but with
no leverage, she was getting nowhere.

Finally I pulled out slowly until only my cockhead was in her.  Then I
proceeded extremely slowly back into her.  She was screaming for me to fuck
her by this time.  I continued the long slow strokes with my cock and used
one of my hands to rub her clit to further the stimulation.  She was moaning
for more, she wanted me to speed up the pace.  I grabbed her hips again and
started picking up the pace.  I began to make her swing from the ceiling
making her pound against my hips.

"Oh fuck your going deep," Keli yelped.  "Fuck me faster, please."

We began fucking so fast and hard the slapping sounds echoed in the room.  I
could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching.  I could also feel her pussy
clamping down on my cock as she began to orgasm.  I pulled her hard to me as
I felt the first jets of come spurt from my cock deep into her.  Keli began
screaming "MORE, MORE, MORE" as I kept thrusting filling her with all I
could.  Keli's head fell back as she let out a long soft moan.  She was
totally spent.  I pulled out of her and gave her tits a soft nibble.
Looking up I noticed her head was still laying back as she was resting.  I
saw another opportunity presenting itself.  I cleaned myself off and lowered
her hand cuffs again which made her lay back.  This put her head right at
the level of my cock.  Since her head was already back, her mouth was wide

I placed my now soft cock on her lips to see what response I would get.
Without hesitation or opening her eyes, Keli sucked me right in.  I could
feel her tongue swirling around the head of my expanding cock as she was
getting me ready for more.  I played with her tits and pussy while she
worked on me using only her mouth and tongue.  By the time I was hard again
Keli was starting to get a head rush.  I removed the ankle cuffs and the
sling for her hips.  I then pulled the rope to raise her arms far above her
head.  I tied off the rope again.

I walked behind Keli and pulled out some lubricant.  I lubed up my dick and
grabbed her from behind.  I put my cock between her ass cheeks and started
rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass.  Keli pivoted her hips to push her
ass against my cock and hips.  I grabbed her tits and began kissing and
sucking on her neck.  I moved one hand down to her pussy and stuck my finger
deep inside her.  I could feel her moving her hips in rhythm with my fucking
motion between her cheek.  It felt great as Keli has a great round ass that
has the perfect form for sliding your cock between.  I stepped away

"Where are you going?" Keli asked, "Fuck me again, I want more."

I grabbed the lubricant and put some on my fingers.  I began lubing up
Keli's ass.  She spread her legs and tilted her hips to give me better
access to that gorgeous ass.  I inserted one, then two fingers into her ass,
slowly getting her ready for my cock.  Believe it or not, with all the ass
play we have had, up to this point, I had never fucked my wife's beautiful
butt.  But it was now time.  Keli was ready, I know I was ready.  I stood
back up and kissed Keli some more on the neck.  I put my cock between her
legs and slid between her pussy lips.  The head of my cock rubbing slightly
against her clit.  She tilted her hips to get better contact with her clit.
This just gave me better access to her ass.  I pulled back and parked my
rock hard cock head at the entrance to her ass.  Keli let out a moan as she
began to slowly push back against it.  I could feel my cock head slowly
spreading her asshole as Keli delicately allowed the intruder to continue.
I tried my best not to move as I didn't want this process to hurt her.  My
cock is bigger that anything I have put in there before.  She took her time
allowing a little in then stopping to get used to the size.  It was all I
could do to keep from shooting my load as I felt her ass tightly gripping my
cock head.  After a couple minutes, my cock head was planted in her ass and
she was pushing back against me for more.  I reached around and began to
play with her pussy as she started to speed up the process.  After several
inches of my cock was in her ass, she pulled back a bit and asked my to add
more lubricant.  I think I squirted about half the bottle on my cock and her
ass.  I didn't want this to stop.

Keli's arms were pulling at the straps hanging from the ceiling, using them
to maintain her balance as she was partially bent over and up on her toes.
I resumed rubbing her clit while she began sliding back on my hard-on.
After several minutes, I was totally in her ass.  Keli was panting saying
she was afraid to move but about ready to cum from the pressure in her ass
and my playing with her clit.  I slowly pulled my cock out, then back in.
As my cock sank deep in her ass again, Keli let out a loud moan.  At first I
didn't know if it was pain or pleasure, but I soon found out as she started
moving her hips to fuck back against my cock.  I started slow small thrusts
of my cock as one hand was caressing her pussy and the other was fondling
her tits.  I was kissing the back of her neck as my thrusts began to
quicken.  I think the combination of all those put Keli over the edge.  She
began thrusting and screaming "Fuck my ass , please, faster."  I could feel
her starting to cum.  the muscles in her ass began clenching my cock.  I
felt like her ass had twice the grip her hand does as she was grabbing the
hand on her crotch pushing my fingers into her.  I felt my orgasm hit.  I
shot load after load into her ass as we both screamed and moaned from the
orgasms hitting us both.  I had finished coming but Keli was still in the
throws of hers.  I squeezed her tit with one hand as the other frantically
rubbed her pussy to allow her to complete her orgasm.  Her head was
thrashing, her hair was flying, she was totally out of control.  Her ass was
so tight on my cock, it was still rock hard and throbbing deep in her ass.
I felt like I was still coming and I just kept pulling her hard towards me.
I reached up and unsnapped the arm cuffs from the straps letting Keli's arm
down and she leaned forward to remove my cock from her ass.

Keli turned to me and gave me a long passionate kiss.  She looked at me and
said, "next week, my turn."  She gave me a wicked smile and walked toward
the bathroom swinging her naked ass at me as she gave me one more sexy look
over her shoulder.


Part 5 to come soon (we hope).

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