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Amy Visits for the Summer

Part V of ??? 

By Sundance

(Copyright, 1998)

First Posted - June 1998

Last Repost - July 1998

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+===================+Now the disclaimer +==================+

The following is a work of total fiction.  The characters, names, and
places are all products of my imagination and any resemblance to
anybody or anything, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This story contains potentially obscene terms and sexually explicit
content that some may find to be offensive. If you are offended by
such material, or if you are under 21 years old, you have the option
to stop now and not continue reading.  

By continuing to read you are making the following legal statement: I
am over 21, I want to view a list of potentially obscene terms, and it
is legal for me to view potentially obscene terms in my community,
state, nation or province.  

If you're not sure... STOP now ..... Delete this text ..... This isn't
being forced on you.

    I moved to the living room, put some slow jazz in the CD player,
and took a seat on the couch, waiting for Sarah and Amy to return from
the kitchen.  It was only a short time and they both appeared, Sarah
carrying a tray with a pitcher of Margaritas and Amy following with
the half emptied bottle of Tequila and some shot glasses for good

     "Party time with the new Partner", Sarah said, sitting the drinks
and tray on the table.

      "Sarah, Amy's not exactly of legal drinking age"

Wasn't exactly of legal fucking age either, but that hadn't stopped
me, and I'm finding out now that it hadn't stopped Sarah either.

     "Oh Mike, don't be such a fuddy-duddy.  It's not like she's
driving.  One drinky won't hurt.  Besides, she's amongst friends"  

'Drinky' I thought to myself.   Where did THAT come from?   It dawned
on me that Sarah was pretty buzzed when I got back from the store and
had continued drinking.  It was catching up with her.   Based on this
most recent news that her and Amy had been rolling in the hay, I
needed a drink myself right now and decided not to spend any more time

I filled my glass and sat back against the sofa cushion and just
glared at Amy.  Part of me just wanted to pick up our conversation
where we left off.  There were so many questions I still wanted
answers to.  Who seduced who, what exactly happened, were battery
operated appliances involved, how bout some Polaroids?

Funny part about it, I wasn't jealous.   I don't know how I would have
reacted if I found out my wife was sharing her body with another man,
but it didn't seem to bother me that she was sharing it with another
woman, at least with Amy.  In reality, I was intrigued.

As I continued to ponder this recent discovery I found myself becoming
aroused (again).   I had experienced very intimate circumstances with
both of these women.  I knew how they touched, how they moaned, how
they tasted, even how they smelled during the throes of passion.
Imagining the details of them together, intertwined, enjoying every
aspect of one another was a pretty easy thing to do.  No doubt about
it, I was getting hard.

Sarah broke the silence of my erotic daydream.

   "I want to do something fun!  Something to celebrate!"

   "I can go rent movies", volunteering an idea.

   "Noooooo... that's no fun.  We can rent movies any day.  No, I want
to do something out of the ordinary. I know!!!  Let's play a game!"
Great, lose my wife to the babysitter, lose my ass in Monopoly I
thought to myself.   "What can we play", she went on.  "I've got it!
Truth or Dare!"

   "Oh for Pete's sake Sarah", I moaned.  "Truth or Dare?  What's
next?   Cramming for finals?  I feel like I'm seventeen again"

   "Uh Hum".  Amy was clearing her throat.  "Excuse me... I AM
seventeen.  Is something wrong with being seventeen, and for the
record, I haven't played 'truth or dare' for years"

   "Cmon, it will be fun", Sarah continued.  "Something crazy,
Something out of the ordinary.", and she and gulped another slug of
her Margarita. "Ok, I'll go first.  Mike... Truth or Dare...."

   "Truth or Dare Sarah", I repeated back to her.

   "Have you... Ever..... Wondered what it would be like to sleep with
another man?"

   "No, can't say that I have", I replied.

    "Never?  Not even curious"

    "Nope, not even curious"

   "Ok then, it's your turn to ask the next question"

I thought about it.  The easy thing would be to turn the same question
around on her.  'Have you ever wanted to sleep with another woman',
but I knew Amy considered her earlier confession a secret and she had
been loyal in maintaining our discretion.  Best idea was to play dumb
all the way around.  

   "Amy....Have you ever slept with a boy?"

Sarah leaned forward, listening for Amy's answer with intense
interest.   Obviously they hadn't reached this point in conversation
the other night.

        "Yes, I have slept with a boy", Amy replied, "But that's all
I'm saying", and we exchanged knowing smiles before she continued.
"Ok, my turn....  Mike.. you again... Truth or Dare...  Have you ever
had sex in public?"

I thought about that one.  Sarah and I had never had public sex, but
there was that time my ex-girlfriend Lisa and I did it on the top of
that picnic table in that campground, only to be discovered by the
church group on retreat.   That was a funny story, but Sarah hated
Lisa and spat venom every time I mentioned her name, so I better stay
away from that one.  I tried to think of another, less controversial
situation, but was drawing a total blank.  Best to keep quiet on this

     "I'd rather not say"

    "Then you'll take the dare, that's good...", Sarah interrupted,
and her eyes lit up with a mischievous grin.  She didn't even care
about why I didn't want to answer the question.  She only wanted the

I hated to admit it, but I was having fun at this goofy game.      

    "Yeah, I guess I'll take the dare.  What's next?  Make me stand on
my head in the corner for 10 minutes until all the blood rushes to my
skull and I get a headache?"

.  "Amy, can I think up the dare", Sarah pleaded, ignoring my
suggestion of a head stand.

   "Sure, go for it"

Sarah seemed to think about it for some time.   I started to get

    "I've got it!   I know!   You have .... to show Amy your weenie.
Yeah, that's it....  show her your weenie", and she took another gulp
of her drink.  Amy was laughing hysterically at this point.  Sarah
began to laugh also, almost to the point her drink came out her nose.

     "I don't think so Sarah.  Next idea.  This game is getting out of

     "YES! Mike!  That's the rules.  Don't tell the truth, you take
the dare.  Now whip it out".  I felt myself blushing.  Then Sarah
turned to Amy.  "Actually, you want to know a seeekrit?"  She was
slurring her words now.  

      "Yes, I love secrets", Amy replied, and again glanced at me with
a knowing smile.

       "Mike has a really BIG weenie.  It's really quite impressive",
her words followed by yet another gulp of her drink.

I halfway expected Amy to respond with something like 'tell me about
it', but was glad she was still being discrete.  Instead, she caught a
breath between laughs and in her most inquisitive voice asked,
"Really Mike, do you have an impressive weenie?"  I didn't even bother
to answer.   

    "Cmon Mike..", and Sarah started to chant.  "Whip - it - out, Whip
- it - out".  Before long,  Amy had joined her and they were calling
out in harmony, even starting to clap their hands in unison. They were
getting louder and I was afraid they would wake up the boys. 

    "Alright, alright", I said, standing to my feet, "Just keep it
down, would you"

    "Pull em down and we'll keep it down", Sarah giggled.  

Sarah had always been a loony drunk, so this idea of hers was no big
surprise.  In addition, with the exception of Lisa the ex-girlfriend,
she had never been what I would call a jealous woman.   Considering
the place Amy held in the family, this all seemed like nothing more
than good fun.  

I poured myself a shot of tequila for courage and tipped it back,
shaking off the aftershock.  The room was spinning a bit and I took a
moment to gather my senses, moving to the CD player to put in some
up-tempo tunes.

I realized quickly that just standing there and pulling my pants down
just wouldn't do.  Instead, I started hamming it up, spinning and
almost falling from in front of the stereo unit.  I slid my belt
slowly from my shorts and used my hands to run it back and forth
across my butt in some poor imitation of a male stripper.  I
unbuttoned first my shirt and then my shorts and slowly pulled down
the zipper, one quarter-inch at a time.  The girls were laughing and
so was I, but the reality was, I was also getting mildly excited.

Slowly I grabbed the bands of my shorts and pulled them down my hips
until just a tuft of pubic hair was sticking out.  Sarah quickly
grabbed her purse and whipped out a 5-dollar-bill and started waving
it over her head in some swami like dance. "Wooooo Wooooo", she

 Amy was swaying to the music, sipping her Margarita, and grinning
from ear to ear.

I moved closer to Amy with my gyrating hips until I was about a foot
away from where she seated.  Even though my dancing was far from
professional, I watched her eyes remain transfixed on my crotch,
adding quickly to my arousal.  I might not be very good at this, but I
was sure having fun faking it.   I glanced over at Sarah and she was
still waving her 5-dollar-bill around, laughing.

    "You'll pay more than five dollars for making me do this, that
much you can be sure of", I warned Sarah before returning to my

Laughing, Sarah jumped from her place and moved on the love seat next
to Amy.  "I'm not missing all the action", she said, sitting down.  I
decided the wait was over and ran my hands inside my shorts.  Slowly I
pulled them down, revealing a bit more of my cock as I went, until my
shorts hit the floor and my partially aroused member bounced in the
air for both women to see.   If it wasn't obvious before, it was
obvious now how much I was enjoying this 15 minutes of living room

Sarah elbowed Amy, as she reached out taking my cock in her hand,
holding it up on display like a prize trout.    

     "See, pretty impressive, isn't it?"  The feel of Sarah's grip
tight around me and Amy's eyes fixed on my naked lower body sent
shivers down my spine and I started to become fully erect.

Amy played along beautifully.  "Oh my...!.", her only words as she
stared at me, growing in Sarah's hand.  "That IS one handsome cock",
and both women started laughing again.

   "Ok, you're getting a little bit too excited Mister.  You can put
it back in your pants".   Sarah was finished with the dare but I
wasn't.  I just continued to move from side to side with my hips, my
cock swaying with the music, in no obvious hurry to pull up my pants.

     "NOW Mike, before you make a mess!", Sarah scolded.    

I pouted, reached to the floor, pulled up my shorts, and pushed my
engorged member back into my underwear.  I buttoned my shirt, tucked
it back in, and resumed my seat on the couch.   "I don't think that's
really fair ladies.  Get me all worked up and then send me away".

    "Yeah?  Deal with it", was Sarah's reply.  "Ok, Ok, my turn to ask
the next question"

    "That doesn't seem right, Sarah.  I was the one who just took the
dare.  It should be my turn".  My unresolved horniness was making me
down right difficult to get along with.

    "Yeah, well I made Partner tonight.  I get more turns".  I looked
to Amy for support, but she only shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
Before I could even respond, Sarah was back to quizzing Amy about her
sex life.     "Amy....Truth or Dare... Have you ever....taken a guy in
your mouth? You know, given him a blow job".

     "Sheez Sarah", I interrupted, "being a little nosey aren't you?"
Sarah ignored me and waited for Amy's answer.

Amy paused for a minute.  "Yes, but only twice".  

Sarah had gotten her truthful answer, but seemed to lose track of the
game.  "Really, did you like it?"

    "Well, I liked it, but I don't think the guy did"

I started to object, but figured it wasn't my turn to cross-examine
and Amy was obviously talking about lobotomy Rick.  I had no
complaints regarding her technique, even if she was new at it.

    "Why not?", Sarah asked in a very serious tone.

   "Well, he kind of went soft in my mouth.  Said I was hurting him.
I guess I'm just not sure how to do it right".  

    "It just takes practice", Sarah responded.  "Mike says I give some
of the best blow jobs around, don't I Mike"

    "Yes, Dear".  I shook my head to myself.  Wait until tomorrow when
she remembers THIS conversation.  

Amy was laughing again, this time holding her palms against her face,
covering her mouth.  "I can't believe we're talking about this", she
gasped between giggles.

Sarah sat up straight and took on a very analytical tone.  "You see,
it's really all in how you use your teeth.  I mean, you can you use
your teeth to excite a guy, or you can use them to hurt him.  You have
to know which is which and when to do what.   The other key is
relaxing your throat muscles, especially if he's really big.  If you
don't relax your throat muscles, you won't be able to take enough of
him in and you might even choke, both of which will take something
away from the moment, you know?"  

   "Sarah, I think you've had enough to drink", and I moved her glass
further away from her on the table.  

   "I guess I understand", Amy answered, still a bit embarrassed by
Sarah's descriptions, but still interested in her advice.   "How did
you learn to do it right?"

   "Feedback girlfriend!  Listen to your man and have him tell you
what feels the best.  Nothing beats good old fashion moans and a
little honesty" 

    "But, if I don't know how to do it, I'll continue to do it wrong,
and the guy won't want to do it with me anymore, and then I won't get
any better"  The sound logic of a seventeen year old I thought to

    "Why don't you teach her Sarah", I mocked sarcastically.  "Like on
a cucumber or something.  I DARE you".    Sarah deserved some ribbing
for everything she'd put me through.   I figured demonstrating her
fellatio prowess on a garden-variety vegetable wasn't too much to ask.
    "I have a better idea", she quipped, glaring back at me.  She
reached forward, grabbing her Margarita and tipping it back in one
final gulp before slamming the empty glass down on the table.  "I'll
show her on you, Mike.  What do you think about that", and got up from
her chair and started towards me.   "Can you handle it?"

I knew she was bluffing.  I tried to keep a straight face but we both
started to laugh at the same time.   

    "Alright Sarah, you win", and half expected her to resume her seat
and her quizzing of Amy.  She continued towards me, a look of deviance
in her eyes.   "Ok, Ok, this is going too far", and I held up my hands
in surrender.  Amy was laughing hysterically again.  

    "Oh Mike, you know you would love it.   It was obvious how excited
you were earlier.  Don't you want me to finish the job, or are you too
embarrassed to have Amy watch?    Afraid you won't be able to get it
up?  She's already seen your wanker, so what do you have to hide?" 

She was doing the mocking now.   I knew she was bluffing and having
too much fun watching me squirm.  She'd fold eventually.  It was only
a matter of waiting her out.   

    "Come here Amy...over hear on the couch... so you can see", I
motioned with my hand patting the empty seat next to me.  Two could
play at this game of bluffing.  I looked at Sarah and grinned.  I
could see in her eyes the competition that was forming between us.
Who would back down first?

 Sarah grabbed a pillow from the couch, threw it between my feet, and
fell to her knees on top of it as she nestled herself between my legs.
Amy hesitated, then took the seat next to me.  "You're not really
going to do this, are you Sarah", Amy asked.

    "Well, how else are you going to learn", Sarah teased.  

    "Ok then, I'm ready", Amy said with anticipation.   

I just sat with my fingers laced behind my neck waiting for this game
to end.  Sarah was cool though, and didn't miss a beat.

    "Ok.  First rule of thumb.   Don't go right for the cock.  Tease
him.  Make him want it.  Make him know you want it too"

Sarah slowly unbuttoned my Hawaiian shirt and spread it open.  She
used her hands to run leisurely up my stomach and across my nipples,
massaging firmly and sensually.  Even though we hadn't made love for
some time, our years of marriage gave Sarah in-depth knowledge of
everything I liked best.  Her sense of touch was hitting all the right
buttons and she knew it.

For the first time I started to wonder how far she would take this.  I
realized long ago how competitive Sarah could be.  One doesn't make
Partner within a prestigious law firm by backing down easy.   My heart
started to beat faster.

She ran her hands up and squeezed my shoulders, then to my neck, and
finally my cheeks, continuing her massage.   "Don't you think Mike has
a sexy mouth, Amy", and she ran her fingers lightly across my lips.  I
was heating up in a hurry.  I could see where this was headed.  Get me
all worked up and then leave me even more flustered than I was during
my dancing days.

She used her fingernails to run down the length of my chest, scraping
my skin in erotic torment, until she finally reached the snap of my
shorts.  I wasn't even undressed, yet an unavoidable mountain in my
shorts made my full arousal obvious.    

      "Hmmmmmmm.. I think he likes this", Sarah moaned in a hoarse
whisper, starting to rub my cock.

    "I think you're right", Amy replied, watching intently Sarah's

     "Alright Sarah, game is over.  Show me a little mercy would you",
I pleaded.

     "Is mercy what you want Mike", as she rubbed her hands back and
forth through the thin material of my shorts using her fingers to
squeeze and provide attention to the sensitive head of my raging
hard-on.   My arms were outstretched on the couch and my head was
leaning back, staring at the ceiling, as I took in every sensation.   

     "I don't want to be tortured Sarah, and that's what you're doing
to me now.  Give me a break would you".  She didn't slow her
movements.  Finally, I pleaded, "If this is really happening, can we
at least turn down the lights, give ourselves some atmosphere?"

    "Say no more", Amy replied, and she jumped from her seated
position and ran to the wall, folding down all the switches in a
single swat.  She ran from there to the corner of the living room and
turned on a single corner lamp which provided the perfect sense of
dusk, enough light to still see, but enough darkness to make for an
alluring effect.  She ran back over to the couch, her enthusiasm
obvious.  She resumed her seat next to me, closer this time, her knee
resting against my thigh.

While she was gone, Sarah had continued her massage of me with her
hand, making sure the time involved with turning down the lights
wouldn't detract from the lesson at hand. .  With Amy now back at my
side, she resumed.   She looked up at me as she slowly unfastened my
shorts, followed by a slow drag of my zipper all the way down.   I
looked next to me and Amy smiled a smile rich in anticipation.  I
looked down to Sarah, who first exchanged glances with Amy, then with
me.  She was also smiling and the look of deviance had been replaced
with one of arousal.  

    "Lift up Mike", Sarah whispered.  I obeyed, and she slid my shorts
and underwear down and eased them off my feet.  My cock was straight
up and Amy shuffled in the seat next to me.  I looked over to her and
she was staring, seemingly mesmerized by my enthusiasm.  Sarah looked
to the side as she tossed my shorts, then back to my cock. 

     "See how big he gets when he's really into it", Sarah commented.

     "Um.... yeah", Amy's voice seemed to crack a bit.  I glanced down
and her nipples were showing through her Hawaiian midriff.

Slowly Sarah started with the front of my thighs, near my feet,
running her hands upwards, slowly, only an inch at a time.  "What do
you think Amy?  I think he's still enjoying it, and my mouth hasn't
even come into play.  Do you see what I mean by making sure he knows
how much I want it?"

    "I think I'm getting the idea", Amy moaned.  Amy's ability to
remain as a spectator weakened and she began to user her hand, almost
subconsciously, to rub my bare chest as Sarah continued with my legs.
Sarah ran her hands up across the tops of my thighs and near, but not
touching, my swollen member.  She slowly ran her fingers along the
edge, grazing just enough to make me sense how close she was, but
still not taking me in her hands.  

   "Alright Sarah, Alright.   I think she's getting the idea".  I
felt, again,  my pleas were being ignored.

    "Next", Sarah whispered, "When your man gets REALLY hard, like
Mike is now, give him just a taste of what he will be enjoying soon.
But make sure it's just a taste" 

Slowly she leaned over and with her hands massaging my chest she ran
the tip of her tongue, starting at the base of my cock, slowly, all
the way up the shaft until she was making tiny half circles around the
ridges of my head.  

    "Oh God Sarah", and I tried to take her head gently in my hands to
guide more of my cock into her mouth.

     "Not yet my love, not yet", as she took my hands in hers, guiding
them back to my sides.  I obeyed for a moment, but reached out with
one arm around Amy's shoulder and used it to pull her closer to me.
The sensation of Amy's body sitting next to me, her hand lightly
caressing my chest while Sarah sat between my legs was too much for

    "This is REALLY turning me on", Amy's only words, doing her best
to pay objective attention to what was happening, but obviously
becoming as lost in the moment as I was.    I probably should have
second-guessed my next reaction, as I still wasn't certain how Sarah
would react, but the Tequila shot I did earlier washed away any
remaining judgement.  

I pulled against Amy's shoulder, drawing her close to me, placed my
other hand on her cheek, and began kissing her, sensuously, brushing
my tongue around the edge of her lips.  She leaned into me willingly
meeting me with her mouth, her erect nipples pressing into my bare

Sarah looked up to see what I was doing and stopped for a moment.  

    "Hey, none of that.  I know you're turned on, but this is Amy's
lesson.  She can't see what's going on when your tongue is rammed down
her throat".   Amy sat up a bit embarrassed.

    "Ok, Ok, I've got the message".  Sarah and I returned smiles and
she resumed.

The irony was the absence of anger or jealousy in Sarah's voice as she
made me sit back so that Amy could watch her continue.  I sensed Sarah
was enjoying this education as much as Amy and I.

   "Remember, just because you're using your mouth", Sarah continued,
"Your hand is always there as a back-up".  She used her fingernails to
clutch me in her palm and squeeze hard, forcing all the blood to rush
to the swollen, purple head.  She released me and began a long
methodical stroke.   As my moans became louder I felt Amy's hand
pressing harder against me, massaging my chest, almost as you would
console a friend in pain. 

    "Mike likes it fast, and then slow, and then fast again, don't you
Mike", her hand motions matching her descriptions.  

    "Yes, baby, you know just how I like it.... Ohhhh...babeeee....".
My breathing was heavy and I was finding it difficult to answer.

     "Now the hard part Amy.  When you take him in your mouth, you
have to start slow.  You'll know it's time to speed up when he finally
starts to beg", and she giggled as she leaned closer.  

Sarah pulled back on my cock and looked deep in my eyes.  While she
moved slowly, she didn't move with any hesitance.   She took only the
sensitive swollen head in between her lips at first and sucked it like
you would an ice cream, slowly forward, slowly back, peeling her lips
across me as she savored each drop.  "Oh God", my only words as I felt
her mouth against me.  "More Sarah... please.... Take more of me"

    "I told you he would beg", and both girls laughed out loud.  "Do
you think we've made him wait long enough Amy?"

   "Well, I don't know", and she giggled a sinister giggle.  "Yeah, I
guess he's waited long enough"

Sarah didn't reply and I watched as she smiled at first and then
leaned forward and devoured half my cock.  Suddenly she wasn't moving
slowly, but was taking long strokes of me in between her cheeks.  I
felt my hips moving with her rhythm as I fucked her mouth, her hands
holding on to the sides of my thighs for support.  Amy's hand was
still against my chest, but was now massaging up and down from my neck
to my stomach, pausing to stimulate each nipple.  Amy leaned close
into me, her breasts pressing against me, and whispered in my ear.

     "This is making me so HOT Mike, watching your hard cock in her
mouth like that", and she slid her tongue against me as she pulled
away to continue watching Sarah.

Sarah continued, squeezing tighter with her mouth, then loosening to
take more of me, then tightening her mouth around me again, sucking
tight and pulling backwards with her head, almost as if trying to lift
me from the couch.  

     "Oooohhhh...god", my moans were piercing and I was going to cum.
Sarah was a master at gauging my arousal and she slowed down and
raised up, clearly out of breath.   Sitting up, her breathing heavy,
she reached for Amy's hand and placed it around my swollen cock.  

    "Keep him interested, but not too interested, or you'll drive him
over the edge".  Amy responded with gently strokes of my length as
Sarah caught her breath.   

     "That's something else you have to watch out for".  She was out
of breath but continued to talk.  "Sometimes they won't tell you and
they'll just cum in your mouth.  Mike is really good about warning
me... USUALLY', and she looked at me disapprovingly as if this time I
wouldn't have said anything.

    "I was going to tell you!".  I felt like I was whining.  

     "Now the hard part", Sarah continued.  "When your man is really
big, you have to learn something called 'deep throating'.   Have you
ever heard of that?"

     "I think so", Amy said hesitantly, continuing to stroke my cock
as Sarah watched.  "That's a movie isn't it.  I've seen it at the
movie store"

      "Uh huh", Sarah replied.  "It's when you relax your throat
muscles so you can take more of his cock in your mouth.  It's hard at
first, but once you learn how, you can actually take all of him into
your throat.  Your man will love you for it, right Mike?"  

I was getting rock hard listening to her descriptions, remembering the
feeling.  I nodded enthusiastically.   Sarah continued.  

      "What you do is take as much of him into your mouth as you can,
right up to the point you feel yourself  start to gag.  Then, back off
just a little, but don't pull completely away.  Once your throat has
relaxed, take a little more of him, more than you could before, until
you feel the gagging sensation again.  Back off a little, rest, and
resume.  Eventually you'll be able to plunge down on him and he'll
ride the back of your throat".

    "You're a master at this", Amy giggled.

   "You're wasting time", I added.

    "Alright.... poor guy", Sarah said soothingly.

Sarah moved back closer to me.  Amy removed her hand and Sarah
replaced it with hers, grabbing and holding my cock at attention as
she pressed her wonderful mouth around me, resuming long, luxurious
strokes, using her fingers to knead the base where her mouth had not
yet reached.   The pleasure was indescribable.   She was a little more
than half way down when she paused, her hand gliding to Amy's upper
thigh in what I took as a signal that this was her first checkpoint.

She paused only for a moment, then pushed down, taking a half inch or
more of me in her throat.  She was about three-quarters of the way
down my shaft and resumed the same long strokes with her mouth.  A
moment passed, and she paused again, returning her hands to massage my
upper thighs.  Finally, she drove down again with her head and I
disappeared into her throat.  I was in absolute heaven.

    "Oh my god!", I could hear Amy next to me in a faint blur.
"You've got all of him in your mouth!"

Sarah pulled all the way up, almost releasing me from her cheeks, then
all the way down to the base of my engorged cock.  I could feel the
head riding the back of her throat as she repeated, again and again.
My thighs began to tremble with the ecstasy.  My head was leaned back
and I wanted so desperately to scream, but knew I couldn't.  

Sarah continued, all the way up, all the way down, pausing
occasionally, but never releasing.  I felt the familiar hum in my
balls of an impending explosion in Sarah's mouth.  I grappled for her
shoulder as a signal.  She immediately pulled up, narrowly avoiding
tasting my second orgasm of the evening.

    "Now, you want to try", she said to Amy in between labored
breaths.  My eyes were closed, but opened as I heard her words.  I
looked down at Sarah who was staring at Amy.  Amy was staring back,
likely not sure how to answer.  "One learns best by doing, my dear".

Amy didn't respond but instead stood from the couch and moved next to
me.  Sarah shuffled to her feet and stepped out from between my legs.
Amy leaned into Sarah and gently, but tenderly, kissed her on the

  'Secret is out', I thought to myself.  Sarah whispered to Amy, "It's
ok, really... I'll guide you through it.  Do you want to try?"

Amy paused for a second.  "Yes, I want to, but on one condition"

   "What's that", Sarah asked?

    "When I'm finished with Mike, I can go down on you".   Amy's
words seemed to hang in the air as she stared at Sarah for a reaction.
Sarah glanced at me with a look of concern, obviously interested in
how I would react to Amy's proposition.   

I smiled, put my hand on Sarah's hip for reassurance and whispered,
"It's ok baby.   But I have one condition too".  She looked in my eyes
but didn't respond.  "I get to watch".  A sense of relief and even
anticipation appeared behind Sarah's eyes and she glanced at Amy.
Neither woman said anything out loud, but the communication between
them was clear.    "In fact", I continued, "I'll just sit this one
out.  I could use the rest".

     "I'll be right back", Sarah said as she stood and disappeared out
of the room.  I could hear her climbing the stairs.  Amy sat back down
next to me.  I  turned to her, smiled, and started to reach for my
shorts.  Amy gently touched my hand and eased me back in my seat.
Reaching across, she took my cock in her small hand and started to
stroke me.  

     "Let me keep you company until Sarah gets back", she whispered.
I came immediately back to life, growing hard in her grip.  She leaned
closer to me and began to moan in my ear.   

     "I was getting so turned on watching Sarah suck your cock like
that.  I almost couldn't believe it when she took all of you.  All I
could think about was when we were outside earlier tonight.  How big
you felt inside me.  How at first I didn't know if I could take all of
you... but I did.  Then, to see Sarah do the same with her mouth", and
her hand began to pump faster around me.   My mind swam back to the
scene Amy was describing, remembering every sensuous detail.

I glanced down and Amy's nipples were erect through her shirt.  I
reached across and started to untie the knot that held closed her

    "I have a bra on again", she commented.

    "That's ok, I just want to look at you".  I continued with the
knot until it was loose and opened her top, fanning the edges to her
sides.  The vision of her large breasts being held captive in the
white lace bra, the outline of her nipples penetrating the material,
was so erotic.

My cock was starting to ache from so much stimulation but I didn't
want her to stop.  "Do you want to cum before she gets back", Amy
whispered, "cum like you did on my stomach", and she took the lobe of
my ear in her lips, dancing her tongue against me neck as her hand
started to pump faster.    

I heard Sarah descend the stairs and enter the kitchen, opening and
closing the refrigerator door.  Eventually she entered the room
carrying 3 bottles of water, placing two on the table and opening one
for herself to drink.   She was wearing a clinging red silk robe that
hugged perfectly her full breasts.  The outline of her bare nipples
pressed against the fabric making it obvious she was nude underneath.
Glancing to my left, I could see Amy taking in Sarah's presence also.

Sarah looked down at Amy pumping my cock and then back to me.  "I
thought you were sitting this one out?", and she smiled.  "You're
going to be worn out by tomorrow"

     "I am.  Sitting it out I mean.  Amy was just keeping me company
until..... Uhhhhhh.... you returned".  The sensation of Amy's hand
around me, the presence of Sarah's nude form shielded only by the robe
in front of me.  My kingdom to keep this moment alive.  

Sarah watched my expression and I saw a smile trace her lips as she
recognized I was close again to orgasm.  "You better slow that down
Amy.   I don't think he can take much more"

I looked down at Amy's hand wrapped tight around me, pumping
furiously.  I looked up at Sarah's red robe clinging to her nude form.
I looked into Amy's eyes, brown and so innocent.   Her lips were
slightly parted, her tongue brushing between her white teeth.  She

Amy looked to Sarah who was watching intently... waiting.  She looked
at me, scooted back slightly and leaned down, wrapping her young mouth
tight around my engorged cock.  She couldn't take as much of me as
Sarah had, but it didn't matter.  She took as much as she could,
taking long, slow, tight, strides with her mouth.

    "Aimeee... you need to stop"

She started to pull up and, at first and I felt relieved, as it was
almost too late.  Then, without warning, she didn't withdraw, but
instead resumed, moving slower, taking a bit more of me into her
throat.  She went as far down on me as she could, paused, and then
just as Sarah had instructed, pushed further, taking almost all of me.

Her lips were tight around me and I couldn't hold back any longer.   I
felt my cum storming into her throat in wave after wave.   She never
let up, but instead just moved and down my shaft in a slow, methodical
suck.  All the way down, all the way up, as she bled me of my
remaining juices.

Finally she sat up, out of breath.  Sarah handed her the opened bottle
of water and Amy drank it back, taking long swallows as if famished
from a desert heat.  

Sarah looked down at my wet limp cock which laid lifeless in my lap.
She was almost laughing, staring at me with her hands on her hips. 

      "Did you cum in her mouth Michael Jennings?  Shame on YOU!"

I couldn't speak. I just held my hands up as if to confess my guilt.
Amy, looking down at me from behind the water bottle as she drank,
noticed my lifeless expression, and started laughing, almost spilling
the water.  Beads of moisture dribbled down her chest and on to her

     "Did you like that", she purred innocently

     "Beyond words", I grunted, and we all laughed

Sarah tossed me the silk robe she had draped over her arm,  I looked
it over and recognized it as last year's Father's day present.

    "Put that on lover boy, in case we have company", motioning
upstairs to the boy's room.  It was unlikely either would descend the
stairs as they rarely got up during the night, but her point was well
taken.   I stood, dropped my shirt, and started to put on the robe. 

As I did Sarah grabbed the two bottled waters from the table, handed
me one and kept one for herself.   She took Amy's hand in her own and
started to lead her away.  "We'll be upstairs.  In case you're still

      "Oh, I'm interested.  I'm interested"

     "Well, Don't doddle then", her final words.

I stood watching the two women disappear into the dark house as I tied
the front of my robe closed.  I reached down and picked up the shorts
and shirt that were still lying on the floor.  Humming that old
Carpenter's tune, 'We've only just begun' and feeling a lot like Hugh
Hefner, I swaggered over to turn out the light in the corner and
turned to make my way upstairs.  

                                 End of Part V

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