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Subject: Drive to Meet Day 2 cont.
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Driving To Meet Day 2 (cont)
(Copyright, 1998)

Posted DejaNews June 1998

This story is not for distribution.

Characters names have all been changed.

This story is not for ages under 18.  Please do not go read if you are not a
consenting adult. The story sexual explicit material that includes needles
for those with that fear.

Driving to Meet Day 2 (cont.)

The tone of Joseph's e-mail is always matter of fact, but I believe he must
have been desperate because he still wanted to meet even just to talk. We
agreed to meet an hour later than planned and at a different place.  He was
going to buy me dinner at a restaurant outside of town that specialized in
Mediterranean food and he would bring a bottle of red wine.

I informed my friend of the change of plans, where, when and what I proposed
to do for the evening so she would know what was going on.  I would leave my
instant messenger on all night as usual so she could contact me instantly if
I was there and of course I would carry my cell phone.

The weather being warm, dry and needing to hide the scrapes on my body, I
chose a long summer dress that would not cling anywhere.  I chose a slip and
no panties.  Not knowing about the styles in Utah, I hoped this would be

The restaurant had valet parking and I suddenly felt underdressed.  I had
linen jacket in my garment bag in back and put it on quickly.  Why didn't I
expect this and prepare.  I took my chances and before I got to the door, I
heard my name whispered.  It was Joseph?  Hiding in the shadow of the tall
column on the far side of the entrance.

"I just wanted to make sure it was you." He whispered.  "Are you alone?"

"I don't anyone here with me, do you?" I replied laughing.  On no I moaned to
myself.  I should have stayed back in my room.

He walked out of the shadow and I don't think I would have recognized him
from his picture.  He stood there with half the shadow still on covering one
half of his face looking around with his eyes and then fixing them on me.  I
laughed to myself looking at his attire.  He was wearing a double knit tan
sports jacket with a dark red cotton dress shirt and a crocheted yellow ocher
tie. He didn't forget the jeans, but they were knock-off from probably
Wal-Mart and the cut was not benefiting to his physique and the length
covered his boots.  I thought his wife probably dresses him and tonight he
chose his clothes himself.

Joseph was maybe 5'9" in the 2-inch heels of his western boots, and by the
looks of him, happily fed with some good cooking.  He was wearing sunglasses
that looked like huge wrap around fly protectors. He had a moustache that he
didn't have in the picture he sent, so right away I caught that this guy
wasn't for real.

"I'm really hungry, Joseph, would you like to go in or…well?" I asked.

"We can go in, sure, let's go in and have dinner.  They have excellent lamb
here.  You do like lamb don't you?"  He asked

: "To tell you truth, Joseph, by the way is that your real name?" I asked
curiously.  "I just want you to know that everything is in the strictest
confidence.  This is our secret.  I don't eat lamb, however, I'm sure there
will be something on the menu I will find superb."

"Oh, I'm not worried.  Please.." He said as put his hand on the small of my
back and led me in the large wood rustic doors.

Even drowning my sorrows about Kurt with a bottle of Bourbon might be better
than this I thought.  But hey, it's the adventure and you promised yourself
not to carry expectations.

We had our dinner and I listened to Joseph describe his adult life in 15
minutes while waiting on our meals and sipping on the wine he brought. The
first sentence from him was that he did lie on his profile, he was not an
owner of a distribution company and that he apologized for the fabrication of
his identity.  He told me about his children and his wife.  He had been a
popular person in high school, went to college, then medical school back
east, married a beautiful girl who is a great wife and mother, his
father-in-law helped him finance his general practitioner practice in Salt
Lake City which is very successful and he has added three associates.  He
described his marriage as a part of him that is all a man should ever ask
for, but he found himself wanting a little more sexually but couldn't
consider discussing it with his wife.  His wife doesn't pay much attention to
him since she has a new grandchild and he doesn't feel like a grandfather at
48.  He has 5 wonderful children and the youngest is now a freshman in high

Then while I'm eating my grilled eggplant over angel hair pasta, he begins to
tell me about a recent patient of his that came in for burns.  I don't think
I want to hear about this, but I let him go on.  The patient had tried to use
a bleaching solution on her anus and vaginal area to turn the skin a milky
white. The process didn't work and ended up causing her a 3rd degree burns
in parts of the area.  She had apparently added a chemical that caused a
reaction.  Her vaginal area was completely shaven and the bleaching solution
had caused massive infection.  Although he said that this was a case out of
the ordinary, he knew the patient well and her family. He had asked her why
she would try something like this.  She had told him that she thought if she
looked perfect, her husband might try something she desired.  She desired
that her husband perform oral sex on her genitalia

He felt amazed that someone would go to such lengths and harm to their bodies
for a request that should have not been out of the ordinary.  He said he has
seen patients come in with inflictions caused by various forms of whipping
and burns, ruptured anuses, and other problems caused mostly through bondage
sexual intercourse.  Some were self-inflicted because they felt they could
not discuss nor have their desires met in their marriage bed and could not
seek other partners for various reasons.  These patients were able to have
bondage sexual experiences however,  revealed that they were encountering
incredible highs of happiness in their lives.

When the last drop of wine was poured into his glass, he asked if I wanted
more.  I was intrigued with what he was telling me.  I said, "No, please go

He was curious about this height of euphoria or whatever it was he saw in the
patients. And if it did indeed exist when courting thoughts of submissive or
dominate during sexual intercourse.  The Internet supplied boundless
information and he had come across my advertisement.

The research lead him to feeling a different type of arousal that he had
never experienced.  He has had trouble with intercourse the past years and
this new discovery of expressing sexual desires began to provide him with the
means to regain or accentuate the positive aspects sexual intercourse brought
to him as a younger man.

We had a great discussion about my few experiences with bondage and the
difference in the reality versus reading and seeing pictures.  I told him
about the reasons for this quest I was on and why.  The quest had its reasons
at first, but my outlook is turning in a new direction.  I have discovered
that I not only want to experience unemotional sex, if I can, but also there
is more information that I am gathering that I haven't had processed yet.  It
will probably become clearer when I write in my journal.

The next subject led to my incident on the hill and why I didn't feel up to a
sexual encounter tonight. He looked at my ankle under the table and
discovered it was swollen.  Not badly, but there was some inflammation.  He
suggested that I have it examined at least.

I asked him if he would mind doing me the favor of examining it himself.  He
smiled and said, "It would be a pleasure.  I would appreciate talking to you
more too."

We decided on my motel room.  It was on his way to Salt Lake City and
convenient.  Once inside the room, I offered him a drink, which he turned
down.  I poured myself one.

He had brought his bag, which I smiled noticing it was black.  I guess
doctor's can make calls to motels on emergency.  He said he really just kept
it around as an emergency precaution.

Taking off his jacket, I took it and hung it in the closet.  He suggested I
lay on the bed so that he could examine the ankle and he moved a chair beside
it.  He wrapped an emergency ice bag on it and taped it up.  He told me I
shouldn't apply too much pressure on it for the next 24 hours. I asked him
if he could also check out the abrasions on the rest of my body and he
agreed.  He helped me remove my dress and examined more than the abrasions.
He went to the bathroom and filled the ice bucket up with water and brought
back a washcloth.  He said that there were still small fragments of grit in
the abrasions and he would wash them out.

I looked straight into his eyes and whispered, "Yes master."

He laughed and asked if that is how it starts.  I replied "Yes master."

He looked at me and asked if I would consent to needles and a mild
anesthesia.  Some of the pricks might hurt a bit and he told me I could say
stop at anytime.  He added that I would be fine afterwards.

Was I ready to go this far I asked myself.  "Yes master," was the first thing
that came out of my mouth.

He took out some gauze and ace bandages from his bag and wrapped my wrists up
tightly.  He proceeded to use more to wrap under my breast making an X across
between them, under my arms, wrapping it around making one line across my
back. He took out some fine suture thread and wrapped each breast tightly and
I could feel the rush of blood and the pain.  He watched them swell, licked
them and bit the nipples gently then hard.  I moaned loudly until I became
use to the pain and concentrated on what I was feeling watching him taste me.
 He loosened the threads and I immediately felt the blood rush and winced. 
He took out a syringe and added some anesthesia to each breast.  I felt the
needle pierce my skin then muscle and all the feeling went numb.  He poured a
solution in the water and with a scrub brush, proceeded to vigorously clean
my wounds.  I could see the blood mixed with the soap and feel the bristles
deep in the wounds, but there was no pain.  He took the wash cloth and soaked
up the bloody mixture.

He did the same with the wounds on my knees and then took a clean cloth wet
with another solution and ran it across my slit.  He turned me over propping
me on my knees and proceeded to my ass.  He said there was a nasty gash under
my right cheek.  This needed attention.  He took another syringe and he told
me this one would hurt but he would make it feel more comfortable.  As the
needle entered through my skin near the hole of my ass, I felt it sting very
badly. He spread my legs and began to rub my clit.  My pussy was feeling
very wet and he came closer to take deeply inhale the sweet smell..  He
removed the syringe and reached for his bag.  He had taken something out and
prepared it clumsily with a gel.  I felt it go inside my wet and aching
pussy. It was hard and cold and I remember the tool so well from pap smears
every year.  He opened the clamp wide once it was inserted deep inside.  I
felt the pain as I was being stretched further than I ever had before. The
organs in my lower body were feeling the pressure and once I felt his fingers
rubbing furiously on my clit, my hips began to pump.  He spanked my ass hard
with his hand and told me not to move. Keep still and I he will bring me to
an orgasm.  I did as I was told, feeling his hand open up my ass wide. He
used another syringe on the opposite side of the hole in my ass.  God it
stung. I was gritting my teeth very hard and holding back tears welling. He
began rubbing my clit vigorously again.  I cried out a moan because I
couldn't keep it in any longer.  "Yes, please master, please." I didn't feel
the needle in my ass any longer and felt a deep orgasm coming on strong.  He
continued to rub my clit and slapped my ass very hard over and over again
until I was scrunched into a ball, breathing hard and trying to relax the
spasms that rocked my body back and forth.

He stopped and stroked my back and released the tension on the tool inside of
my pussy.  I could feel the abrasions on my shoulder blades as he fingers
went along them.  Taking the soap and brush he cleaned them and the ones on
my cheeks without the use of the anesthesia.  The bristles of the brush hurt
and I held back any cries from the pain.  He tenderly soaked them with warm
water afterwards, dried them and added antibiotic ointment and bandages.

"Let's turn you over," he said.  He added the ointment and bandaged the
abrasions on my breasts and legs removing the gauze under and above my
breasts. He took extra care and was slow, as he would stroke my clit now and
then.  He didn't say very much and but then again, he was at work.

I didn't realize that these wounds would be to my benefit tonight.  He was so
caring and took his time.  He was an expert I thought as he would touch my
clit and rub a little or run his teeth on my nipples as he told me that this
was such a pleasure.  No, this pleasure was both of ours.

He turned me back around and then took a condom and placed it on his cock.  I
could watch him through my legs.  His cock was hard, wide with a large head. 
I wiggled my hips to let him know I wanted it so bad. He opened up my cheeks
and applied gel to my ass.  I could just feel a slight tingle and no more. 
He must have entered into my ass.  I could not feel it until he reached a
certain point inside.  He felt tight and slid easily in and out.  Taking the
tool still my pussy he opened it wide again and each time he pumped he would
open and close it again and again.  I was pumping with him and began to feel
him inside me more and more.  I was wondering if he felt the metal of the
tool open wide inside of my pussy.

"Okay, you can turn around now and I want your legs opened very wide." He
said.  I heard him go to his bag and then I felt something begin to touch me
deep inside my pussy.  He moved the tool out a bit.  He was wearing a light
on his head and looking close inside of me.  Whatever he was using felt very
good.  As he kept rubbing inside of me, my hips began to move more and more. 
I was feeling something not too familiar and it was driving feelings deep
inside of me.  I was moaning and wanted more.  Then I felt an overwhelming
sensation take hold of every muscle in me and I closed down tight on the
tool.  He kept rubbing inside of me and then began on my clit again.  I
couldn't keep control and let go.  I was pushing my body up and down
frantically, feeling pain from the tightness inside me and something inside
causing streams of energy across my whole body.

The energy I had afterwards was a record breaker.  We sat on the bed with our
legs crossed facing each other afterwards.  We discussed what each other had
felt and what it had brought to us.  He described the tools and methods he
had used.  This was new to him also and was glad it worked.  He was smiling
so brightly and not at all the man shy outside the restaurant. I got up and
took a condom out from my bag. He was becoming hard again as we talked.  I
placed the condom in my mouth, holding it with a firmness and slid it over
his cock.  He filled the condom up very quickly.  I ran my tongue over him,
up and down and massaged his balls.  He lifted up my head, moved me closer to
him and lifted my ass. He moved my hips over to slide slowly on his very
hard cock.

I rode him slowly and he spanked my ass telling me to go a little faster.  I
kept a steady pace and rubbed the baldness of his head.  This man is too
sweet. He spanked harder and told me to move faster.  I went up and down
with my hips so I could feel him almost slide out and held in my vaginal
muscles as moved down faster on his cock.  I slowed down again and gave him a
smile. "You think that's funny," he laughed.  "You are cute, but I'm going to
bring you down a peg."

"Please master, fuck me." I replied.  "I want you so bad and all the pleasure
you are giving me.  Please fuck me hard master."

I really wanted to ride him like a horse.  Run with him and feel all that was
inside of me.  My body started rocking faster mounted on him and he spanked
me harder in quick repeats.  I kept going and he continually made my ass
sting. It felt good to keep going and I did go as if I was on the treadmill.
 I wanted to come, but I would hold on as long as I could.  My pulse was
quickening and I was breathing more rapid.  I would still hold out and wait
for him.  He laid back on his and watched me smiling.  He brought me closer
to him and massaged my nipples and pinching them hard. He began spanking me
again with slow, hard slaps that were making me moan louder.

The perspiration was running down my body and dripping into my eyes.  I kept
going feeling more like I wanted to release this hold racking my body. Then
he lifted up and threw me on my back.  He brought my knees towards my head
and fucked me hard.  A sound clapped as our bodies met each time he brought
his cock in deeper and harder. He ordered me to rub my clit.  I did as I was
told and soon my body was shaking inside and he felt it.  He came hard
against me and began to rub my clit himself.

We laid there for awhile catching our breath.  He started to laugh and said
Viagra can be a great tool too.

Lying on the bed, we talked again what seemed a million things.

Next we knew it was daylight outside and time to leave.  He told me I should
try to get some rest, but I felt just fine and needed to get to Steamboat
Springs by dark.  He helped me pack up and told me he felt he should write a
paper about this experience, but whom would he share it with?

I told him he could share it with me.  I would love to have it, just don't
use your real name.

Someday, hopefully I will receive that paper in the mail.  I was getting
tired by mid day and had not stopped for any provisions.  I decided to send
e-mail and see if I could postpone my next adventure for a day.  I would have
to tell all the guys about the abrasions and that my schedule had changed. 
They may change their minds about the bandages and have other plans that
wouldn't allow them to meet.  It might also make them feel a little awkward
and wonder if there was maybe some other way I got this way.  Laughing to
myself I decided a night alone would do me good.  I need some sleep.

I found a mountain lodge in my AAA book that was maybe 20 miles east from the
highway.  I went there instead and set-up the computer.  I was a day away
from the fourth of July.  Wonder what fireworks I would see.

Writing in my journal after a three-hour nap, I realized that even though I
wasn't attracted physically to Joseph, there was a bond that we had made
early on in the evening.  The bond became a common strand to discovering what
we could develop and find some reality in what we were both seeking, another
plane of happiness.

The reality for me was something very different than I had imagined.  I was
emotionally attached after talking to him because of wanting to share the
chance of discovery of something.  The emotion I was feeling was like working
on a project with a co-worker and achieving great results.  Maybe not what we
were looking for, but something good came out of it after all.

Hey, something else that is good.  I haven't thought about Kirk much today. 
This is good.  I'm healing my heart too I guess.  I wish I could share these
stories with him though. Time and adventure is good medicine.

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