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Subject: Housewife Nipples part #1 by PHYDEAUX
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Housewife Nipples – Part #1.

It got out of hand really fast.   Hillary was always a woman that I 
found sexy and very gorgeous.  But in a church setting you don’t do 
anything with that.   So I behaved myself although I fanaticized about 
having her often.   Well on the Sunday morning it happened, it was very 
cold outside.   The church was also cold so everyone had their coats 
over their legs.   That morning I was sitting next to Hillary and her 
family was on the other side including her two pre teen girls and her 

I was hunting around under the coats for my bulletin when my hand 
touched Hillary’s hand.   I started to pull away when she playfully 
poked my hand back.   I poked her and we had a little hand dual under 
the coats.   I watched her face and she remained stony faced listening 
to the speaker.   It was fun and after we did that for a while, I moved 
my hand forward and took her hand and held it.   

There we sat, two married people in church holding hands.   After a 
while, I slid my hand out of hers and moved it slowly over the pew 
fabric until it came to her leg where I poked it.   No reaction.  I 
poked it again and then moved my single finger over the little space on 
her thigh I was touching on the skirt.   Finally I used all of my 
courage and moved my hand onto her thigh and I closed my fingers around 
her thigh.

Well that was about as far as I felt I could do until the next thing 
which was when Hillary suddenly put her hand over mine and squeezed it.   
The next part is complicated and was unbelievable  to me even as it was 

Hillary removed my hand from her leg to the pew but she didn’t let go of 
it.   She hooked her pinky and ring finger through my fingers and held 
on and then with her other fingers she started gathering the fabric of 
her skirt and pulling it up.   As soon as I realized what she was doing 
I got my fingers in there and pulled on the wool skirt also.   It was a 
long skirt, probably expensive because she was like that.

Before long the hem of the skirt came up over her knee.  I let go of her 
hand and reached down and found the bottom and pulled it slowly up her 
leg exposing her leg to me.   It was a quick realization as I got the 
fabric moved up her thigh that her legs were bare under the dress and I 
was brushing against her the smooth flesh of her thigh.

Now the question was, how far was this going to go.   I continued to 
pull her skirt up as far as I could considering she was sitting on it.   
I felt a surge of electricity go through me when I put my hand on her 
bare thigh under that coat.   I felt a shutter go through her as well.  
I stroke the soft cool skin of her mid thigh on the outside and couldn’t 
believe how turned on I was.   I was getting a huge erection under my 

In one stroke I moved my hand from her outer thigh to her inner thigh 
where the skin was softer and warmer.   Slowly, savoring the passage I 
started moving my fingers along her thigh upward toward her stomach.   
Hillary’s face showed concentration on the minister but in fact she was 
hyper aware of my hand slowly inching toward her precious genitals only 
inches away now.   I my hand reached her upper thighs where her flesh 
became broader and sexier and where the legs came together as she sat in 
a ladylike fashion.

Then Hillary helped me.   She spread her thighs under her coat.  I also 
felt her get her hands on her skirt and pull it up more efficiently so 
her upper thighs were fully available to me.   I looked around.   My 
wife, the kids and Hillary’s husband were all in that semi attentive 
church mode and none were aware that I was getting ready to feel up 
Hillary’s pussy.

I moved over her soft thighs and began to feel the warmth from her sex.   
Then almost suddenly my fingers came in contact with her crotch.  I 
thought I heard her gasp but she kept her legs open for my fingers to 
feel and explore what was between her legs.   I ran my fingers directly 
down the middle, pressing through to the soft moist tissue underneath.

I tried not to appear distracted and watched and listened to the 
preacher with my facial expressions.   But meanwhile the fingers of my 
left hand were massaging Hillary’s pussy aggressively.

My erection was raging to get loose.   I had trouble not imagining 
getting this gorgeous woman out of there and getting my cock into her.   
I knew the time was short but I didn’t want to loose the small time I 
had.   I flattened my fingers against her left thigh and flipped up the 
elastic hem of her panties that separated her genitals from her leg.   I 
noticed that her panties were wet all the way to the edge.  Then I slid 
my hand inside her panties to get into her slit directly.

I felt myself shaking just a little.   I thought I was going to pass out 
when my fingers entered the wet slit of her cunt.   The feeling of her 
soft folds, the oozing sexual fluids that lubricated my fingers.   I 
found her clit and massaged it and felt her hips moving with restrained 
passion trying to find release in my strokes.   Suddenly I saw Hillary 
put her head down and put her hand on her forehead.   The surge of 
energy from my fingers as I probed her soft privates eagerly was 
starting to get to her.   I knew I had to take what I wanted and face 
the consequences.

“Let us pray”

That was my cue.   Hillary leaned forward over her legs.  In I went.   I 
slid one long finger deep into her virgina as far as it would go.   I 
heard her gasp as it reached the very furthest insides of her pussy.   I 
drew it out slowly and then added and finger and plunged deep in the 
hole again.   I penetrated to incredible depths and without hesitation 
began fucking her hole with the combined fingers.   I felt Hillary put 
her hands over her lap and push on my fingers from the outside.   I was 
pumping her madly feeling the hot wet walls of her sex constricting 
against my hand.   Then it hit.   Hillary went into a serious “prayer” 
mode because her hips began to buck and thrust taking my raping for all 
she could get.  I heard a grown come out of her that she made sound like 
a sob and an incurable orgasm gushed from her cunt onto my hand.

The prayer was over.   I had to withdraw.    I pulled my hand out and 
slid it under my coat to disguise the smell.   The final hymn got sung 
and I sat down.   I saw Hillary look over at me, her gorgeous brown eyes 
moist and drained.   Then I drew my hand out.   There on the two fingers 
was a neat wet gooey glob of Hillary’s come.   Her eyes widened and 
without thinking I slipped my fingers into my mouth and swallowed the 
precious fluid licking my fingers clean.

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