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All standard disclaimers apply.  If you like the story, please email me with
ideas.  I appreciate all feedback.

Chapter 1

The day had finally arrived.  It was the culmination of almost ten
years of work and the final test was at hand.  The device that was the
product of thousands of hours of research sat at his side, connected by cable
to a small notebook computer sitting on a nearby table.  The device itself
was innocuous, looking more like a camera then anything else, but it was far
from innocuous, it was potentially the most powerful machine devised by man.

He positioned the notebook so he could see it from the window of my
hotel room.  The focus was sitting, pointing out the window.  He would have to
set it up so it would point in the right direction for as long as it took the
computer to do its work.

It was time, he picked up the focus, and walked to the window. In
the distance there was a large crowd.  The Hawaiian beach below his room was
crowded with photographers, models and hangeroners.  The beach had been
rented by a large modeling agency for this major photo shoot.  He set up his
test with the photo shoot in mind.  The shoot was publicized as the largest
of its kind, having over 30 top models, including many supermodels, in
attendance.  They rented the public beach at great expense, as it was the
biggest most popular in Waikiki.

Conveniently, the beach was easily seen from the many hotels lining
beach row.  He rented the room that had best visual access to the beach,
since the device required line of sight to operate correctly.  He looked
through the zoom lens and quickly found the target.  Among women who stand
out, she stood out.  She was sitting among a few other models talking.

Quickly, he adjusted the tripod and lens.  On the computer sitting
next to him an image of his subject.  There was a slight hum coming from the
device.  Within moments he saw text scroll across the screen of the computer.

The top of the screen scrolled:

NAME:  Cynthia Ann Crawford
HEIGHT:  5'9"

and it continued to scroll more and more information about the women
of his dreams. The device seemed to be functioning perfectly. Right now it
was in "gather" mode, which meant it was scanning the subjects mind for
information. In a short while, he would put it in communication mode that
would allow him to change information in her mind.

When the communications were firmly set in the subject's mind the
subject would raise her hand and wave in the direction of the hotel.  This
would tell him he could start the programming of Cindy Crawford.

It took about 30 minutes before he seen her look up with a mild
surprise on her face and wave at apparently no one.  The expression on her
face was amusing, as he could see on his monitor exactly what she was
thinking "Why the hell did I wave at no one?". The monitor was scrolling
rapidly now.  Thousands of bits of data were now entering the computer, and
he could change anything.

He walked over to the notebook and sat down.  He watched her stream
of consciousness scroll on the computer screen.  He watched her talk about
how hot the day was, and other such drivel.  It surprised him that she was
such a boring personality.

He started typing on the keyboard, finding the right memory areas to
change.   His first command was as simple as possible, he needed to make sure
the device would operate properly before really putting it through the test.

COMPLY."  He looked out the window to see Cindy raise her hand briefly before
putting back down.  He got an erection at this, knowing what was to come for
the evening.

He went back to the keyboard and typed:  "YOU ARE VERY EXCITED.  YOU
visible response to these commands, but it seemed she was very excited now.

The shoot took the rest of the afternoon.  He watched her closely the
entire time.  The machine was continually scrolling information about her. 
The more information he had in the computer, the more he could change.

Around 5 PM, the photographer told the models they were done.  He
checked the computer to insure the commands were still in place.  He checked
the system and found there was over ten gigabytes of information about her. 
He knew there would be a lot, but had no real idea how much.  Eventually, the
drive would fill, but he knew he had enough already.

He went back to the window and seen her running off the beach.
Obviously her excitement got the better of her.  He saw a few people watching
her run off, but none followed.  This was important to him obviously.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.  He got up and
walked across the room to the door.  Quickly, he opened the door.  Cindy
Crawford stood there in all her majesty.  She was wearing a white sundress,
her hair was wind blown but beautiful non-the-less.

"Hi, my name is Cindy and I think I'm supposed to meet someone here,"
she said uncertainly.

"Hi Cindy, come on in." he replied.

A slight smiled crossed her face as she came into his room.  She seen
the computer equipment and had a confused looked on her face.

"Oh, you see the reason you're here.  Those computers over there are
actually communicating directly with your mind." He said with some pride. 
She simply stared at him, wondering what the hell he was saying and why she
was in his room.

"Watch," he said as he walked over to the notebook.  He typed in
"HOLD BOTH ARMS ABOVE YOUR HEAD." into the terminal.  Within seconds Cindy
raised her arms above her head.

"What the fuck are you doing you little pervert," she said with alarm.
She started walking towards the door when he typed "FREEZE, DO NOT MOVE A
MUSCLE,," and just as she reached the door she stopped.  Her hand was reaching
for the door, she was in mid step, now frozen like a statue.

He walked over to her. She was the most beautiful statue he had ever
seen.  He looked into her eyes and seen the fear in them, she knew she was
helpless.  He caressed her cheek, she made no response to this.  He reached
out to her frozen hand and shook it playfully. He was surprised how stiff
her hand was, it was as though the muscles had locked themselves so they
could not move.

Again, it took a few seconds, but when the communication went through, she
turned around and walked up to him.

"Seriously, what is going on here," she asked. Her demeanor was
improved, but she still had a defiant streak.  He liked this, and decided not
to change her personality… much.

"YOU NEED TO SUCK A COCK," he typed into the computer. She couldn't
see what he typed so didn't know what to expect.  Within seconds a strange,
somewhat surprised, look crossed her face.

"Umn, I know this is going to sound strange, very strange, but would
you let me… well, um, would you let me, damn, I don't even know how to ask. 
Please, would you let me suck your cock," Cindy Crawford asked.  A huge
smiled crossed his face.

"Shit, Cindy, you could just ask anytime," he replied. He unzipped
his zipper and she almost jumped out of her seat when she seen his penis. 
Her hands flew to his crotch.  She fell to her knees, cupping his penis with
one hand, and his balls with the other.

"Ahhhh," was all she managed before enveloping his dick with her
mouth. Her head beat with the rhythm of his heart.  In a short time he
erupted into her mouth.  She swallowed the entire load, going so far as to
lick some off her cheek.

"Thanks, I don't know what got over me," she said as she slowly got up
off her knees.

He checked the monitor and seen she was still in an excited state of
mind.  She was still fully clothed which he planned on fixing shortly. "YOU
computer.  She responded by removing her jacket.

"YOU MUST DO A STRIPTEASE," he typed away.

"Would you like me to do a striptease?" Cindy asked him in her most
sultry voice.   She stared at him, expecting a positive answer.  After all, no
men ever refused her.

"No, that's okay," he answered playfully.  A frown crossed her face, she
needed to do a striptease, but he wouldn't let her.

"Please, I really need to do this thing for you," she replied.  There
was a note of desperation in her voice.   Her once defiant posture was reduced
to nothing.

"I said no, and I meant no," he said to her.  She was near tears by now.
It amazed him how his commands made her act.  It was obvious she needed to do
what his commands told her, but when two conflicted she couldn't deal with it.
He was afraid she'd have a breakdown or something.

"Oh, if you really must, go ahead and do your striptease.  When
you're done, maybe we could fuck," he finally relented.  She walked up to him
and slowly put her hand to her chest.  She was wearing a beautiful silken
blouse and a short black skirt.  With one hand caressing her breast and the
other rubbing his thigh, she started to gyrate slowly.

With a single quick motion, she tore the blouse off her chest.   Her
bra-covered breasts flew out of her blouse with the most amazing jiggle.  Her
head flew back, her long brown hair flying down her arched back.  Dancing, she
reached behind and unsnapped her lacy bra.  With far more flexibility then he
expected, she arched her back and reached to the ground, making the most
beautiful U shaped he'd ever seen.

Quickly, he typed "HOLD THAT POSITION," and as usual, the commands
took. Her arms were locked, holding her body in a U position, with her
fantastic tits pointed up.  From this vantage he could see her neatly trimmed
pubic hair and just a hint of her pink pussy.  He could hold back no more, he
walked over to her arched body and entered her pussy with his rock hard

He reached over and typed, "HOLD THE POSITION, BUT RESPOND TO MY
MINISTRATIONS," just as he started to pump.  He couldn't see her face, but
could easily hear her groans of pleasure.  It didn't take long for him to
dump his load, she had the most amazingly tight pussy. He was surprised she
could hold herself in such a position, the strength required must have been

"GET UP," he typed.  She immediately slumped to the ground, hitting
the floor pretty hard. Her muscles must have been exhausted.  Slowly, Cindy
got to her feet and stood in front of him.

"That was amazing," she said with an excited voice.  Her beautiful face
was flushed and she was clearly exhausted from their lovemaking.

"Yes it was, and we'll do it again later.  For now, let's just plan what
to do next," he replied.

"I don't know how you are doing this to me, but I must say, I like it.
I never thought I could submit myself to another so completely, but now that
I've done that, it feels great," she said.

He never thought of it from his victims' point of view, but it makes
perfect sense.  Mind control brings out the any submissive tendencies that

"What do you think we should do next," he asked her.

"I could bring you some other playthings if you'd like," she asked with
some excitement in her voice.  He needed to test the headset communicator so
figured it couldn't hurt.

"Okay Cindy, what I want you to do is bring me the most beautiful woman
you know," he replied.  She smiled brightly and said it shouldn't take long.
She almost ran out of the room.

The end

Chapter 2

As she ran out of the room, he walked over to the computer.  He wanted
to see what she was thinking about.  The screen scrolled on, telling him that
she was doing what she was supposed to be.  A woman's name scrolled across the
screen but he didn't know who it was.  Michelle Smyth was the name whom he
assumed would be the woman Cindy Crawford brought him to be his new slave.

He started to setup the next notebook.  This time it was different, the
communication device he wanted to test used skin contact that he thought would
make things work quicker.   At least he hoped this would be the case.

It was getting late but he was far too anxious to go to sleep. 
Around midnight there was a small knock on his door.  Slowly he got up and
opened the door.  Standing at his door was the most amazingly beautiful woman
he had ever seen.  She had long flowing blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a
body that would kill for.

"Excuse me a moment," he said as he switched the remote for the new
computer.  He used the focus only to send the message to the woman that she
wanted very much to come into the room and sit.

"Oh, that's okay sir.  My name is Michelle.  Cindy asked me to come
by, and since she is who she is, I figured I'd listen," the sultry blond said
as she walked into the room and sat at the chair he setup.

"I'm running some intelligence tests with this machine here.  I asked
Cindy to bring anyone she thought was smart enough to qualify for the test,"
he reply, almost panting to be with this woman.

"Ahhh, well, I don't know if I should do this, it seems sorta strange to
be here in the middle of the night," the young woman replied.

"It shouldn't take long, all you need to do is listen to a tape, it
takes about fifteen minutes," he said.

"Well, all right.  If Ms. Crawford trusts you, I guess I can too," she
finally relented.  She obviously didn't trust him, but didn't know a way out
without upsetting Cindy.  This was just as well to him, she would be his
possession within minutes.

He positioned the mind expander over her ears.  This was a critical test
and he was very nervous.   He slowly typed into Michelle's data computer to
start the gather process.  A buzz notified him that the process was starting.

He watched the young woman closely.  When the process started she was
sitting nervously at the edge of her chair.  He seen her eyes open wide when
the process started.  She reached towards the headset with the obvious intent
to remove it.  Before she could accomplish this the first commands get
through her consciousness.  That command was sit back, relax and let the
experiment finish.

As the program gathered information about this beautiful young woman it
rewrote some portions of her memory.  He could imagine what it would be like,
feeling your memories disappearing.  She stared up at him, trying to say
something but unable to.  She opened and closed her mouth.

After a few minutes of this she fought no more.  She simply slumped
in the chair and stared ahead. She must have realized her old life was over,
and a new more exciting one was starting.

The screen was scrolling far faster then it had with Cindy.  It took
only a few minutes to complete the gathering of her entire personality, her
entire life.  He had written this program to change areas of her memory that
made her an independent person.  She now needed him far more then any adult
needed another.

"May I speak, my lord," she asked meekly.  In a matter of fifteen
minutes she had changed for a strong willed, independent young woman to his
slave.  He could always change her back if he got bored, but he didn't think
this would be needed.

"You may," he quietly replied.  He was nervous, hoping the process
hadn't destroyed her personality completely.

"What can I do for you?  Please let me pleasure you," she blurted out.

The End Chapter 2 - Where should this go?

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