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>"Rain Dance" by Myschief (  
>Our narrator is a lady who used to get high on drugs; but she has reformed
>life and now gets high on life - at least if that life includes occasional
>sex.  Sounds fair to me.
>The story is generally well written, and the sex is seductive.  It held my
>attention, even though I pretty well knew what was going to happen.  It takes
>a good story to do that.
>Here's an interesting mistake that lots of authors make.  The narrator says,
>I wouldn't trade the old days for this, not in a million years."  What that
>sentence really means is that she prefers the old days to the present, which
>is the opposite of what she meant to say.  The order of the concepts makes a
>difference.  She should have said, "I wouldn't trade this for the old days,
>not in a million years."
>Myschief is using this story to advertise her sex story list.  Personally, I
>think it is better to get the stories from a.s.s.m., but I really do respect
>the fact that she has given us a good story and is above-board about her
>advertising techniques.  I suspect I'll respect her just as much in the
>Ratings for "Rain Dance"
>Athena (technical quality): 9
>Venus (plot & character): 9
>Celeste (appeal to reviewer): 9

I was sent this review by a friend of mine and just wanted to clear something
up.  I am the author (Myschief) but I have no connection to the sex story list.
 The owner of that list must have sent in this story without my permission.  I
dont mind that it has been posted and I do appreciate the review but I do want
the readers to understand that I would never post my stories to get subscribers
for a free sex story list.  

My email address that should be included at the end of all my stories is  Please post this correction, thanks.


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