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Letters From Lisa: #3 (B&D, M/f, cons) by Master J and Lisa

This one is a little different. I was in a bit of a funk this weekend,
so Lisa wrote the following story for me. She has asked me to clean it
up and share it with the rest of you, so here it is. Though it didn't
require much cleaning! 

Please let her know what you think. 

Letter #3: A story

She lays there quietly, anticipating his first step.  She followed his
instructions.  She was told to go to room 906. He had left the key at
the desk for her.  When she arrived in the room, she was to strip
right inside the door, go to the bathroom, shower and prepare herself
to receive him.  She had shampooed, showered, shaved, powdered, and
perfumed her body for him.  

His next instructions were for her to put on the outfit he had laid
out on the bed for her. She found a teddy, of sorts, although all that
it consisted of was a half bra that only lifted her huge breasts,
leaving the nipples fully exposed, he had placed tacks methodically on
the underside, and she noticed he had filed them down, so that they
wouldn't pierce the skin, but would still be very "noticeable".  Lace
covered the stomach area, and a crotchless thong that rode tight
against her asshole.  She squeezed into it, adjusted it as best she
could, feeling more exposed then if she had been totally naked.  

She picked up the nipple clamps, pinched and pulled at her nipples, as
he had instructed, and attached the clips, gasping at the claws going
into her tender nipples.  She picked up the dildo, which was bigger
then anything she had ever seen, and she laid on the bed, legs spread
wide, slowly working it inside her already wet pussy.  It took about
15 minutes to get it all the way worked inside her, feeling fuller
then she had ever felt.  She rolled on her side, unsnapped the thong,
and slowly inserted the already lubricated smaller vibe into her tight
virgin ass, then reattached the thong. 

She turned both vibes on low and moved up to the center of the bed,
reaching down and snapping the ankle restraints on, which he had set
up for her.  Checking to make sure she was spread wide enough, and
they were secure enough, she placed the pillow under her ass, and
inserted her wrists into the noose above her head, pulling it tight,
making it impossible to get out of. She had forgotten to put the
blindfold on, and began to shake, knowing that she had messed up, and
would be punished severly for it.  She had also forgotten to turn the
lamp off on the bedside table. She was quivering from the vibrators
making her so hot and wet, and now shivering from fear of the
punishment she would receive for her lack of attention to detail.  

She lays there, eyes closed tight, as she hears the key in the lock
and the door open, and then close again. She hears his footsteps, then
nothing. She doesn't dare open her eyes, knowing she should be
blindfolded. She begins to say, "Master, I am so sorry...."

"Shhhhhhhhh,"  is what she hears, and immediately stops talking.  She
feels tears streaming down her cheeks, and hears the click of a
lighter, and then the light switch.  She feels him lift her head, and
put the blindfold over her eyes.  Still not utteriing a word, she
feels his fingertips, starting at her forehead, working down her face
to her mouth, and around her lips, lightly carressing her face,
sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her body begins to
relax, relishing the feel of him on her skin, after all these months
of only dreaming of it.  

But as quickly as her body relaxes, she feels a sharp slap down across
her clamped nipple from his hand ... and another, and another...
causing severe shocks of pain to wrack her entire body, and causing
her to push her hips forward, feeling her clit throb with excitement
from the pain and pleasure wracking her body.  

He firmly spanks each nipple 10 strokes, then licks the tears from her
cheeks, whispering, "That was for forgetting the blindfold my pet. I
love you, but you must learn to follow directions as instructed, you
know this don't you my pet?"  She only nods, not able to speak, only
wanting more of him. His tongue goes to her swollen nipples, and he
quickly removes one clamp. She gasps loudly, and he takes the nipple
into his warm mouth, sucking, licking, kissing it gently, then the
other. She needs to cum so very badly, but knows that she had better

His hands and mouth continue making sweet love to her tender, hot,
aching breasts, causing the tacks to push a little harder into her
skin, but causing rushes of pleasure throughout her.  Sensing her
predicament, he whispers, "Cum for me, Lisa!"  And her body spasms,
over and over again as he continues manipulating her breasts, being
rougher now, pinching, pulling and biting them, causing wave after
wave of orgasmic pleasure.   

She feels him leave the bed without saying a word and walk away. She
hears nothing as her heart continues to beat out of control, and her
body isstill on fire from her orgasms.

It seems like an eternity, and she feels, hears nothing. Suddenly, she
feels his presence at the end of the bed, and she knows he is placing
a spreader bar between her ankles. And then she feels her legs being
pulleyed up, high into the air, exposing her pussy and pulling her ass
up just enough to have total access to it.  She feels his hands gently
exploring her ass, rubbing her cheeks, and she knows her pussy is
about face level to him as he sits on the edge of the bed.  

She feels his breath on her clit and she begins to shake, wanting his
mouth on her. But he continues to stay inches away, blowing on her
periodically, his hands working over her ass, and thighs. She feels
him remove the dildo from her pussy, causing the juices to flow down
her ass. He then unsnaps the thong and removes the anal vibe and
inserts two fingers inside her ass, and two inside her wet pussy,
causing her to let out a loud moan. He slowly gets a rhythm going, and
she is totally at his mercy, so hot and excited, moaning and groaning,
wanting more and more. 

Suddenly she feels a slight flick of his tongue on her clit. She
screams out, lunging toward him, wanting much more. She hears him
chuckle, as his fingers slide out of her ass and pussy, and she growls
in frustration. Suddenly she feels the sting of his hand directly on
her gaping pussy. It takes her by surprise and takes her breath away.
Then the lick of his tongue, awwwww and then again the feel of his
hand crashing down upon her swollen, hard clit. Over and over he
repeats this, making her crazy . She is screaming, begging him to
allow her to cum. 

But he stops, and says softly, "You also forgot to turn the lamp off,
my pet, did you think I forgot?  Well, you may not cum. Not for a very
long time. That will be your punishment for not following my

Tears of frustration run down her face, as she says softly, "I
understand Master."

He lays by her still bound body, and runs his fingers up and down her
body, over and over, touching her everywhere, making her reach the
edge ... then stopping. For over an hour he tortures her, making her
so hot, so ready, and then backing off, watching her frustration
become unbearable.

Then he kneels between her spread legs, running his hard cock up and
down her dripping cunt, and rams his cock inside her, fucking her
furiously, his own desires and needs taking over. He fucks her until
he reaches his limit and breathlessly screams, "CUM WITH ME Lisa!!!"
And they go into orgasmic Heaven together, finally consumating their
love, joining as one, becoming bonded together for life. He releases
her and removes the blindfold from her eyes, and she sees him for the
first time, crying tears of pleasure. And they kiss, the kind of kiss
that makes time stand still. They  hold each other, not speaking
except to declare their love for one another. They rest, knowing that
things haven't even gotten warmed up between them yet....

End.  --- Master J       ICQ# 3712786

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