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[ Obligatory caution:  adult material lies ahead.  If you cannot buy a ticket
to an NC-17 movie, then you shouldn’t be reading this. ]

Copyright © 1998 by Anne Arbor    (

A View of Alcatraz
   by Anne Arbor

Back in the 70's, in that decade of post-Pill and pre-HIV, I was a first year
grad student at Berkeley when I met a new assistant prof in the history
department.  Jed was a few years older than I was, and he was a real product
of the 60's: a bushy bearded and somewhat stocky teddybear kind of a guy who
loved his dope and loved the sexual freedoms that emerged from those times. 
He resisted giving up either in the 70's, even when he moved from Cambridge
to take a fairly respectable job at Cal.

In those days a student-teacher relationship wasn't quite as taboo as it
pretends to be today.  We weren't particularly obvious about it either, since
we weren’t in the same department and didn't have a formal academic
relationship with each other.  Jed and I fell in lust, moved in together, then
fell in love and got married, all within six months.  I was entranced by him.
He adored me.  And he introduced me to the things he liked best.  Good
bookstores.  Good jazz.  And threesomes.

The bookstores and the jazz were mostly in Berkeley and San Francisco.  The
threesomes were mostly at home.  He liked women -- liked to talk with them,
liked to look at them, and liked to fuck them.  He'd meet them, seduce them,
and bring them home to share with me.  At first I had twinges of jealousy, but
Jed was persuasive and I relaxed about it all.  Mostly, I think, he just liked
to go to bed with new women, and he saw threesomes as a way to do that and
still maintain a steady relationship with me.

The first one was Beth, a woman we met at a club in the City.  She was a
thirtysomething Financial District secretary by day and a Haight-Ashbury
post- flower child at night.  She and two girlfriends followed us home that
first evening with the promise of a hottub and some grass, and in the wee
morning hours her two friends drove home without her.  The three of us fell
asleep naked in our king-sized bed, all cozy mellow and amazingly comfortable
with one another.  I surfaced into partial consciousness sometime before
dawn, only vaguely aware of Jed on top of rail-thin Beth with her small
breasts.  Her long legs were wrapped high around his waist, her palms
swirling large circles on his back, their mouths locked together as they
languidly undulated against each other.

I lay on my right side and watched them through sleepy half-closed eyes,
feeling more curious than alarmed.  Eventually I reached over a hand to stroke
her curly brown hair, and sweet Beth responded simply by gently caressing my
left breast with her left hand.  She cupped my breast and pinched my erect
nipple between her thumb and forefinger every time Jed stroked up inside her
and she raised her hips to meet him.  Finally, her breathing quickened and her
body squirmed and then stiffened, her hand squeezed down and motionless on me,
and Jed grunted and finished himself off with her.  I could see his buttocks
clenching with each spasm of his release.  I just kept stroking Beth’s hair
until we all drifted back to sleep.

The next morning I was more wide-awake.  This time Jed and I made love in the
warm musky bed while Beth watched.  Or rather, she started out just watching,
but before long she was touching me, or Jed, or both of us at the same time.
We switched places after awhile, with Beth winding up on top of Jed as I
straddled his head, face to face with her, embracing and kissing.  Then she
stopped moving and whispered to me, “He’s about to come.  It’s your turn” and
she rolled off and over to the edge of the bed.  I spun around and inhaled
Jed’s slippery cock into my vagina and, with only a few seconds to spare,
felt him spurting inside me as I mashed my hips around and around on him. 
The tendons in his neck stuck out and his mouth froze wide open as he
climaxed, his eyes focused at first on mine, then over to latch onto Beth’s
face as he emptied himself into me.

Beth was a regular weekend visitor for two months, but she eventually grew
tired of the freeway and bridge hassle and of leaving her apartment and her
cat, and I suspect perhaps also a little bored with the confining sameness of
it all, after the newness of the relationship wore off.  One weekend she had
some excuse why she couldn’t come, and after that her visits were less and
less frequent until, after another two months had gone by, she stopped

By then Jed had found another playmate, and we just kept flowing from one
relationship to another.  Next was Marcy, the redhead Mills College senior
with the wirerimmed glasses and green eyes and buxomy body and decided lack
of gender preference.  Her favorite thing was to dance her mouth on my pussy
as her fingers diddled her own clit and Jed filled her with his cock from the
rear.  When she climaxed she would suction my clit between her pursed lips
and hold me there, transmitting a long, drawn-out moan into my body that
pulled me over the edge to join her.

Then there was Denise, the petite Chinese-American waitress who served us at
a coffee shop on Telegraph Avenue and who we later served in our bed at home.
She had pensively mysterious eyes, shiny black hair and small, dark nipples
that seemed perpetually hard.  Her wispy black pubic hair framed brown labia
that blossomed open to expose a marvelous pink interior and an equally hard
clitoris.  Denise was the most oral person I had ever known, both in giving
and receiving, and could string together a half dozen stupendous orgasms over
an evening, complete with writhing body and vocal shrieks that we were
convinced would result in the Berkeley police knocking on our door.  Jed
always seemed to relish working his cock into her vagina as a finale. 
Afterwards he would tell me how snug it was, how he would bump up against her
high end and still not be completely inside her, and how tight it would grip
him when she climaxed in one last thrashing frenzy.

Some relationships spanned months, and others were one-night stands.  The
shortest, though in some ways the longest, was Karen, our next-door neighbor
for more than a year.  She and her husband, Ray, had rented the adjacent
house not long after Jed and I had bought ours.  Karen and Ray had a noisy,
combative relationship, arguing about money and Ray’s lazy nature and, as
Karen confided to me one afternoon over a pitcher of wine coolers on my deck,
his frequent womanizing.

Eventually Karen decided that she’d had enough.  She showed up at our door
one Tuesday evening with shining eyes and a determined jaw.  “I’m leaving
him,” she announced, “tonight, before he gets home.  Asshole said he’d be
home when the bars close.  I packed my things and called my sister in
Portland to tell her I’m coming.”  Jed and I just stood there and listened to
her.  “But there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, living next to you two
all this time and watching you and all those other women.”  Jed and I glanced
at each other. Karen walked right up to him, put her hands on his chest, and
kissed him.

I suppose it was one of those Goodbye Fucks for the three of us and a Goodbye
Fuckoff for Ray, in absentia.  It may have been her first time with a woman,
but Karen acted as though she’d been doing threesomes all her life.  She
wanted to try it all.  By the time she left our house shortly before
midnight, she’d sucked off Jed, brought me to a screaming orgasm with her
mouth and fingers, been on the receiving end of the very same thing from both
Jed and me, had been fucked to two more orgasms by Jed in three different
positions, and had persuaded Jed to finish them both off in her virgin ass. 
She laid on her stomach on the bed as he took her, her chin quivering
nervously, gripping my hands in her two tight fists.  Her last orgasm found
her with a sweaty brow and wet palms and a profoundly surprised expression on
her face, and it left her limp and weak-legged when we walked her to the
door.  “I’m gonna have ‘ta find a cheap motel up the highway for tonight,”
she said, kissing us goodbye.  “I’m in no condition to drive all the way

But after two years and five women, it started to feel one-sided, and I
discussed with Jed the idea of me bringing home a guy. Jed made it clear he
wasn't interested in a bisexual relationship with another man -- isn't it
interesting how many men love to see two women going at it, but they won't
have anything to do with another man? -- though he was grudgingly willing to
let me entertain another man in his presence.

My search began.  I needed to find someone who I was willing to take to bed,
and that someone had to be willing to have my husband there, too.  Obviously,
it was a delicate subject to bring up in casual conversation.  I’d only been a
mostly silent observer when Jed sweet-talked women with a soft-spoken
flirtatiousness that was direct enough to make it clear what we were seeking,
yet playful enough to allow a woman to graciously decline.  I had no personal
practice with the technique.  You can't just be strolling through Sather Gate
with a classmate and say, "Want to go get some coffee?  Want to come home and
fuck me?  Oh, I should mention, there's just one small condition..."

Eventually, though, I found him.  David was another grad student in my
department, complete with that clean-cut blond California look, but not too
much the Adonis-surfer type.  We struck up a good friendship and developed it
into a serious case of flirting and suggestive innuendoes.  I hadn't had sex
with another man since I'd gotten together with Jed.  I was liking more and
more the idea of doing it with David.

Finally I broached the subject to David after he groped me in the library and
planted a quick kiss on my lips.  Yes, I'd be willing to go to bed with him,
but it had to be in a threesome that included my husband.  No male-male
contact, just an evening concentrating on lil'
'ole me.  He thought about it for a moment, then agreed.  I guess when you're
horny, you'll agree to almost anything.

I guess that was true for both of us.

The appointed hour on Friday evening arrived, and David appeared at the door
to our house in the Berkeley Hills.  He seemed nervous, and that wasn't
helped by Jed's attitude, either.  I think Jed didn't much like me having the
same kind of freedom that he'd been enjoying, but he'd agreed to it and he
didn't want to seem like a total hypocrite and back out at the last hour.

We treated David like we treated our female visitors, giving him a quick tour
of the house and eventually winding up on the deck overlooking the Bay.  I
suggested we all strip and get into the hottub.  That had always worked as an
icebreaker.  We'd sip wine, gaze out at Alcatraz and the Gate and the lights
of San Francisco emerging in the twilight.  It got everyone toasty warm and
tasty clean.  And naked, of course.

Somewhere between being relaxed and being cooked, we emerged from the tub and
made our way to the bedroom.  It was all ready, having been that way for
hours, with soft lights and exposed sheets.  I nudged David into the room
ahead of me, feeling like a cross between a sheepdog and a choreographer, and
I hoped the hottub hadn't mellowed him out too much to get aroused.  We
paused in the doorway, giving me time to peek around to check out his crotch.
 Half-mast. Ready to go!

I gave David a little push, and he sat down on the edge of the bed.  "Go lie
down," I told him, and he scooted up to the headboard, flipped onto his back,
and leaned against the overstuffed pillows.  He sprawled his legs out, shyly
holding (well, maybe more like hiding) his now erect penis as it pointed
skyward.  I looked back at Jed, smiled, then crawled forward between David's
legs and replaced his hands with mine.

Damn, it was a lovely cock.  Circumcised, medium sized with a gracefully
curved shaft tipped with a dark-rimmed mushroom head.  I played with it for a
moment, feeling the shaft stiffen and the head expand every few seconds as
his muscles clenched.  Then, craning my neck back just enough to be able to
look up at his face, I bent the shaft toward me and licked it from the base
to the tip.

I love to give head.  I also love to watch a man's face when I'm doing it.
It's not a mandatory thing -- I can certainly tell how well I'm doing by just
feeling and tasting his warm flesh in my mouth -- but I enjoy the extra visual
connection.  I can watch his eyes, see his pupils dilate as he gets more
excited.  Watch his face scrunch up.  Watch him watching me.

I was just starting to take David into my mouth when I felt Jed get up behind
me on his knees.  He grabbed my hips and signaled me to raise my ass.  I
inched my knees forward, spread wide to give him access, and Jed rubbed his
cockhead up and down my increasingly slippery slit.  It was perfunctory
foreplay, more to get himself lubricated and get inside me in a hurry than
something that was intended to arouse me, but that was all right with me that

I tried to use my mouth on David to mimic what Jed's cock was doing to my
pussy. It seemed like that helped me connect in my own mind what was
happening at both ends of my body.  So as Jed's penis was probing up and down
my pussy lips, so was my tongue swirling around David's cockhead.  When Jed
prodded, almost roughly, into my vagina, I took David's tip between my lips,
making him jump as I worked around the rim.  Then as Jed began to stroke his
hard cock into me with steady, full-length thrusts, I drew David's shaft
deeper and deeper into my mouth.  It was wonderful, really, having that
familiar stiff cock drill into my pussy, the friction deliciously dragging my
labia in and out and pulling on my clit, and at the same time feeling and
tasting a new cock in my mouth.

David and I kept our eye contact.  I think he was feeling a bit awkward, not
just because he was sharing a bed with another man, but having his penis in
that other man's wife's mouth, so I tried to give him something to look at
instead of having to look at Jed.  I circled the base of David's erection
with a thumb and forefinger, gripping snugly and sliding up and down.  His
flesh was wet with my saliva and his oozing juice.  His cock was glistening,
slippery, twitchy.  On the topside I used my tongue a lot, licking the shaft
and swirling around the head, then alternating that with taking half of him
into my mouth and sucking, hard.  I like to think I do a good blowjob. David
wasn't complaining.

Meanwhile, Jed was occupying my other end.  I don't know about other people,
but I find it difficult to concentrate on two lovers at the same time. At
any one time, one person just has to be the principal focus and the other the
secondary.  David was now my primary focus.  He was the new lover, and I
wanted to experience him.  To please him.  But Jed's thrusts were insistent,
and his cock kept yanking my attention back to my pussy.  He held my hips
with his hands and just pounded into me, grunting with each inward invasion. 
He was bottoming out, and each time it would rock me forward and perturb what
I was doing with David.  Jed was rock-hard that night, no doubt because he
was both extra excited and also trying to put on a show for this other man.

But as I said, being between two lovers makes it difficult for me to
concentrate.  I didn't feel like I was going to climax.  All the right
physical reactions were there. My juices were flowing like Niagara Falls,
Jed's cock was grazing my G-spot on almost every stroke, and I felt hugely
turned on by the scene, but I just knew it wasn't going to happen, and I
didn't want to waste any effort worrying about it or trying to reach for it. 
At this point I just wanted to satisfy my lovers, so I tried to get them into
sync with each other.

Another thing I pride myself in is being able to exert some measure of
control over a lover's orgasm. The true test was coming [if you'll pardon
the pun] as I had to accurately pace each of them, to slow one down as I sped
up the other.  I was more familiar with Jed, of course, so he was the more
predictable one.  I had to work with David to get him caught up with Jed.

One thing about doing it doggie style is that the angle makes my vagina open
up, and that seemed to cause those sexy, sloppy sounds as Jed pumped his cock
into me.  Whenever I heard an extra loud gushy sound, I tried to echo it by
slurping on David, and I got satisfaction in hearing him moan and feeling him
holding my head a little tighter and stiffen his cock in my mouth.  I hummed
on his shaft, enough for him to feel it, but not enough for Jed to hear.  I
wanted that little private communication with this new lover.  There wasn't
much else private going on between us that night.

I could tell that Jed was getting close.  He was grunting and driving himself
into me with long deep strokes that I knew would bring him to orgasm in no
more than another half minute. David's eyes had closed and his salty precome
was leaking profusely. His hands held the sides of my head, lightly, letting
me draw him along at my own pace.  I don't know how much of it was skill and
how much was luck -- and how much was just having Jed and David feed off each
other's cresting excitement -- but they were both getting there, neck and

The two cocks stiffened at the same time.  Jed's fingers dug into my flesh
and his hips flew into a flurry, and I tried to match it with my mouth and
hand.  I looked up at David.  His eyes were open again, staring down at me,
mouth open. Jed's final thrusts jostled me forward.  I held the end two
inches of David's cock in my mouth and doubled the speed of my hand around
the base, pleading with his intensely blue eyes to surrender and let me taste
him.  Jed cried out, clawing at my hips to bury himself, and I felt the hot
pulses of his seed spurting inside me. Only a heartbeat or two later,
David's cockhead ballooned and his fingertips dug into my hair and he groaned
and I got him to explode into my mouth.  As each spurt shot out, I bobbed my
head and stroked my hand in tandem, milking his hot white fluid.  His thick
sticky semen splashed against the roof of my mouth, and I imagined Jed's cock
squirting his inside my pussy in exactly the same way. I squeezed my vagina
down on Jed as I tried to suck it all out of David.  It's difficult to
describe how incredibly high-energy it all felt, being the focal point of two
men spilling their semen into two different parts of my body at the very same

We were a frozen tableau for a few precious instants.  I was the centerpiece,
the human connection between these two throbbing cocks, absorbing each of
their energies and trying to echo it back to them.  Glorious!  Jed finally
relaxed his grip and slipped out.  He smacked me lightly on my butt, followed
that with a little pat, then he sank back on his heels and caressed my hips. 
I let go of David's softening cock.  It bobbed there, in front of my face,
all red and angry and still dripping white out of the little slit.

Jed edged off the bed and stood up.  His softening erection stuck out
horizontally and was deflating fast.  He milked it a couple of times, then
wiped his hand on his thigh.  "Damn, that felt good," he muttered.  He looked
down at us on the bed. "I'm going to the kitchen for supplies.  Want
anything?"  David said nothing.  My face was buried against the sheets and I
grunted a muffled "No."  I hadn't moved.  My ass was still sticking lewdly up
in the air.  I felt Jed's come starting to leak down my thighs.  I smeared
the taste of David's semen around in my mouth. I felt like an object. I
loved it.

After Jed left the room, I crawled up on my hands and knees to lie down on my
stomach next to David, nestling my head on his shoulder and sprawling an arm
across his chest.  He reached around to scratch my back and I purred.  "That
felt really good, Annie," he told me.

"Mmm," I murmured.  "I like the way you taste."  I had hoped he would taste
that good.  My hand drifted down to play with his soft penis.  It was still
leaking a little, and my fingers swirled the mixture of saliva and semen
around the head, then grasped the spongy shaft with my fist.  He twitched.

"Did you come when Jed, uh, was...?"

"No.  But that's ok.  It felt good."

"Why...I mean, do you..."

"Do I come?  Yes, sometimes.  Usually.  When he's stoned and he takes longer.
Or when I use a vibrator.  That one was pretty quick."

I felt David’s erection stirring.  My hand was stroking him with a steady,
gentle rhythm, bringing life back to the dead.  "Do you want to be inside me?"
I asked him.  I wasn't satisfied with just tasting him.

"Jed seems a little possessive.  Shouldn't we wait for him to get back?"  I
heard Jed crashing around in the kitchen cupboards.

"Screw him.  He fucks other girls that he brings home. Why can’t I get to
fuck a guy every now and then?"  My hand had him almost hard again.  I rolled
over on my back and spread my legs.  Now it was my turn.  I saw his eyes open
wide when he got a good look at my mostly shaved pussy – smooth lips, with
just a hint of hair above.  Being like that was relatively rare in those
days.  It seemed to work wonders on David.  He reached down to touch me.  His
eyes were glued to my crotch.  I was slick with juices and still pouty, and
I'm sure I was visibly oozing Jed's come.  I moved my hands down and spread
myself open to let him look.  And to turn him on.  I glanced down to see my
smooth mons with my clit protruding.  "As long as you don't have a problem
with sloppy seconds...?"  I smiled at him.

He smiled back and rolled on top of me.  My legs curled up behind his knees,
and I cradled him with my body.  I reached down between us to grab his cock,
rubbing it back and forth across my pussy lips like a rubbery dildo against my
clit.  "Oooh, I'm gonna like this," I moaned, and aimed him at my more-than-
ready opening.  I was antsy to feel him inside me.

David hesitated.  His cock was right there, right at the entrance.  "Do you
want my mouth on you first?" he asked.  "It only seems fair."

"No," I groaned, squirming in anticipation.  I could feel his cockhead ready
to impale me.  "Next time.  Now I want your cock.  Please."  I pulled on his
shaft with one hand, urging him to push in, and fingered my upthrusted clit
with my other hand, smearing juices everywhere I could reach.  I was getting

He pushed.  He wasn't totally hard yet, but I was so incredibly slick that it
slid right into me, refilling that void with a warm shaft that reached all the
nice spots that fingers just can't get to.  He just mashed his pubic bone
against my pussy lips and ground it back and forth against my hard clit, and I
clenched his cock and felt it stiffen and widen and lengthen in my creamy
hole.  God, it was wonderful!

"I love the feeling of a new cock," I told him.  "It's been awhile."  I was
sensitive all the way up.  I could feel those small differences between
David's cock and Jed's, and in a way that was different than how they each
felt in my mouth.  David was a little longer -- I was so slick with my pussy
juices and come, and still stretched out from being fucked by Jed, that I
couldn't really tell how much. I knew from having him in my mouth that he
was about the same width as Jed.  David could just barely nudge my cervix, in
a nice sort of way, kind of sliding his cockhead alongside it and really
giving me a sensation of being fully penetrated and completely stuffed.  He
had a slightly different shape, too.  More upwardly curved, like a banana. 
It fit just right.

And when he lifted his hips, that hot, hard curved cock pressed up along the
front of my vagina and against my G-spot, and it stretched me wide on the
inside and deliciously diddling my pussy lips and clit on the outside. He
was ramrod stiff now, and it was almost like he could lift my hips off the
bed with his erection. We lay there, cheek to cheek, murmuring and making
little love noises into each other's ears.  This is what I wanted.  This is
what I was searching for.

"So, didn't waste any time, huh?"  Jed was back at the door to the bedroom.
His words were slurred.

"Just ignore him," I whispered to David.  I stopped moving my hips and kept my
hands quiet on his back, but my vagina was actively grasping him.  David
twitched back at me in a silent, intimate response.

Jed staggered over to an easychair a few feet away from the bed.  I could see
he had returned from his foraging expedition with a bottle of tequila and a
joint.  It looked like he was well into both of them.  "You wearing a rubber?"
he asked.

I replied first.  "Yeah.  Just sit and enjoy yourself."  Then I whispered to
David, "I want your come in me."

Jed mumbled, "Yeah, well, okay."  He took a pull from the bottle, slouched
deeper into the chair, and then took a long pull on the joint.  "Want a hit?"

"No," I said with just a hint of irritation in my voice that I hoped would
silence him.  "Just let us have a few minutes, okay?"  Jed grunted something,
then just sat there, staring at us.  It was an uncomfortable moment, being
fucked by another man while your husband is looking on, but I did my best to
refocus.  I clenched David repeatedly, massaging him with my vagina, and
whispered into his ear away from Jed, "God, you're so big, so hard."  It
seemed to work.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jed losing interest in us.  He was
taking big sips of tequila, and his eyes drooped and eventually closed.  "Is
he asleep?" David asked me.

I looked.  "Maybe.  He started drinking and smoking before you got here.  He
has to be pretty stoned by now."  My hands cupped David's butt and pulled him
deeper.  "Fuck me, David," I said quietly, "Do me."  He jammed himself into
me, rocked back and forth a few times to stretch my opening, then started a
slow, slippery stroking using the entire length of his magnificent stiff
cock. "Oooh, yeah," I cooed into his ear, "Just like that."

The feeling was exquisite.  I held his body close to me with my arms and
legs, and I held his cock as tight as I could with my inside muscles.  We
were connected, skin to skin, sweat mingled with sweat, teeth and lips and
quiet gasps and cock and pussy.  It was no longer a vagina, I thought to
myself. That was too sterile a word.  It was my cunt.  It was hot and gooey
with my husband's come and my own fragrant free-flowing come-fuck-me juices. 
This unfamiliar hard flesh was fucking me, pleasuring me, the same way I was
fucking and pleasuring him.  I felt free.  I felt alive.

I glanced over to the easychair.  Jed's eyes were closed, but you couldn't
tell if he was asleep or just zoning out.  I wanted to do this, to have David
fuck me without having Jed as an audience, and we both struggled to keep
sound to a minimum.  David’s cock was a steel shaft, gliding into me and
stretching me with an extra push at the end of the stroke, his hips
undulating with a magic side to side motion that kept my clit throbbing. 
Each time he buried himself in me I whimpered and pulsed around the base of
his cock, causing him to twitch and moan.  As he withdrew it seemed almost
like my pussy clung to his shaft, reluctant to let it go.  Then when he
reversed and stroked into me again, my hips rose to him, eager to pull him
back home, eager to feel his cock curving up inside my sheath and poking the
upper reaches of my cunt.

"I'm going to fuck you until you come with me," he whispered.  He kept
everything slow, making no noise with the bed, and I just opened up to him
and held his butt and let him take me. I rocked my hips to match his,
moaning little “Fuck me” noises in his ear and squeezing my “I feel you”
clenches around his cock.  We were breathing heavily, panting for oxygen.  I
rejoiced in the feeling of almost helplessness as his strong male body lay on
top of me, pressing me against the bed, intruding his hardness into me.  I
yielded my cunt, my whole body, surrendered to his lust, and at the same time
felt my own power over him.

He pushed hard against my pussy, grinding from side to side, and I gasped and
my lower belly started to tremble.  He was super-hard now.  I could feel the
whole length of his stiff cock, from where its thick root spread me open to
how it curved up inside my silky cunt. I knew he was leaking, I could see it
in my mind, and I was desperate to feel him shoot his hot come into me.  I
had tasted him in my mouth.  Now I wanted to feel it in my cunt.

I continued to get juicier.  My cunt was making those sloppy gushy noises.  I
felt totally female.  Totally sexy.  His cock was almost frictionless as it
moved in and out, slowly, steadily, deliberately, edging us both closer to the
explosion I knew was looming.  "You are a great fuck, Annie," he breathed into
my ear.  My lower body started to quiver, inside and out.  His erection
throbbed.  I squeezed down, all around him.  I had to get tighter.  I had to
feel everything.

I was whimpering, gasping, moaning, and David was panting.  "Get ready,” he
warned me, “I'm going to fill you.”  He sped up.  "Are you ready?  Are you
ready to feel it?"  His rigid shaft filled my cunt.  I was all raw nerve-
endings, all inflamed and ultra-sensitive and poised at the brink.  I felt its
fat bulbous head teasing just inside my opening, then arching inward and
spreading my clenching cunt until it overwhelmed me.  I could feel his juice-
matted pubic hair and the hard bone behind it, pushing and grinding against my
open pussy, and I just knew that my clithead was poking out from its hood and
asking to be rubbed, and I knew I was going to come.  I wanted to come.  I
needed to come, to come all around his beautiful invading cock.

"Come for me, Annie,” he whispered.  “Now.  Come for me."  He drove up inside
me with one more thrust, one last straining push, and I gave out a throaty
choking sob as the dam broke.  All I remember is that my sweaty back arched
and my legs tried to straightened out, forcing him partway out of my liquid
cunt, and then he overpowered me with his strength and forced himself back in
until my legs surrendered and my body shuddered underneath him as his arms
held me tight.

My insides quivered, everywhere, and my cunt rippled around his cock and then
David came, too.  His body froze on top of me, his erection twitching and
jerking and I could feel his warm fluid splashing deep, oh so deep.  I lifted
my knees and felt him sink in even deeper, his thick cock firing off in its
spasms as I pulsed around it, over and over and over again.  And wonderfully
he started moving again, pumping his cock and his come into me and keeping my
orgasm rippling on and on, my whimpers of "oh, oh, oh" as I found my
fingernails digging into his buttocks and feeling the strength and the power
of his balls empty into my cunt, bestowing upon him for a brief moment a
grant of primal ownership over my body.

And then it was over.  David pulled out and flopped down beside me, trying to
catch his breath.  My heart continued to race, and my panting refused to slow
down.  My fingers played across my mons and dipped into my vagina, and I felt
the honey essence from my two lovers.  I felt fully and completely fucked.
Completely female.

Jed roused, no doubt because of our unsuppressed noises at the end.  "You
done?" he asked, trying to focus his eyes at us.

"Yes," David spoke up.

"D'ja come, Annie?"

I smiled at no one in particular.  My eyes were closed, and I slow-danced two
fingers dreamily around inside my cunt as my thumb stroked up and down on my
still-hard clit.  "A little," I told him, "I think."


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