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Copyright (1998)

This story is not for distribution or publication without written permission
from the author.

   He had asked her to meet him here at this restaurant.  She had never been
here before and was pleasantly surprised when she walked thru the door.  The
ambiance immediately spoke of romance.  She should have realized that it would.
With every new occasion to meet he had proven himself to be one of the finest
romantic visionaries.
     The room was darkened with candlelight illuminating each table.  The wall
sconces also flickered about the room as if lovers dancing some rhythmic beat. 
Each table was set with the finest china and glassware atop rich burgandy 
tablecloths.  The aroma of fine foods and a pleasant potpourri she was unable
to name pervaded the room.

     She was met immediately at the door by the Maitre D and handed a single
red rose.  It's velvety petals bright from freshness.  She wondered at this and
it must have shown on her face as he smiled and said "compliments of your
escort".  She remembered the care she had taken getting ready and was thankful
for her foresight.  Her black dress eased slightly off her shoulders and
allowed a revealing decolletage.  Her simple choice of jewelry complimented her
style and her hair stacked high on her head with escaping tendrils gave her an
air of sensuality.  Her outer garments combined with her carefully chosen
undergarments gave her a feeling of security and this confidence blossomed as
she walked across the room not realizing she was the object of attention.

     She was lead directly to his table where he had been waiting.  He stood to
welcome her and she was reminded of his elegance.  He had chosen a black tuxedo
and his tailor had fit it to him exactly,  the material moved with him easily.
His finely honed body looked as if it was made especially for this way of dress
and his altogether appearance began the stirring inside her that had earlier
been ignited.  His warm greeting suffused her with heat and she was hypnotized
when his smiling blue eyes caught hers.  He came to her and whispered close to
her ear "You take my breath away" and she smiled in return knowing he had
uttered her own feelings.

     She stood mesmerized by his melodious tone, with just a hint of
nervousness. The billowy way it seemed to flow over her skin.  It at once
soothed and excited her.  He held the chair as she sat and surprisingly kissed
her exposed shoulder.  Her body trembled with this touch and her wish was for
him to stay there.  He moved quietly to his chair.  Their eyes connected and
the passion that burned between them became palpable.

     They were attended to immediately and she gave him the power of decisions
that he seem to want to have.  She smiled at all his choices,  aware that he
had paid close attention to all her likes and dislikes.  The sparkling
Zinfandel he ordered bubbled in their glasses and she continued to follow his
lead.  He lifted his glass to toast,  his words warmed her.  He spoke of
cherished love and of ardent passions that were to be heeded to later.  She
again felt the heat of his genuine words that stirred the fluttering in her
stomach.  His tender words contrasted with his masculinity.  She could not help
the flush that rose up her body and ended poignantly in her cheeks.

     As the appetizer was served she enjoyed the gentle nudging of his knee to
hers beneath the table. She could nearly visualize sparks emitting from the
renewed touch.  Every time he touched her....she touched him... rather
intentionally or not she felt the sizzle that was a part of them.

     With each served course the meal became a sensual delight.  They remained
quiet and merely watched each other.  The fork or spoon would enter a mouth and
thoughts of disappearances of a different source into each mouth clouded their
minds.  He watched her intently as she tore the bread apart and brought it to
her mouth.  Her full lips parted and he was transfixed as they enveloped piece
after piece.  Her actions hypnotized him. She reached up to remove a small bit
of warmed butter that had clung to her lips and the oily texture left a shine
on her mouth.  His mind was filled with thoughts of that mouth.  He licked his
own lips in anticipation, like a tiger eyeing his prey and indeed he was
beginning to feel the animalistic urges deep within him. 

     A noise from the outer room drew his attention away and when he looked
back to her she had gone.  He wondered how she could have disappeared so
quickly when he suddenly realized where she had gone.  The gentle pressure of
hands on his zipper startled him.  He couldn't believe that she had dropped
beneath the table and further couldn't imagine her boldness of intent.  His
total shock prevented him from stopping her,   and he knew he had no desire to

      She couldn't believe she had found the nerve to follow through with this
but the thought had filtered down through her mind and when the opportunity
arose she found herself responding spontaneously.  His obvious bulge served to
encourage her and she reached inside his loosened pants and freed his
thickening shaft. Her hand surrounded the base and as many times before she
marveled at the satiny skin that covered his manhood.  Everything about it
excited her, the feel, the texture,   the size, and the obvious response to her
     Somehow his hands remained on top of the table.  He looked around to see
if anyone was aware,  .he thought not and this allowed a further release on his
composure as her hands freed him he heard his own audible moan.  His eyes again
flashed around and the room was oblivious to his sounds.  Since the moment she
had walked to his table and he had seen her and smelled her delicious aroma he
had been wanting this release but now her actions demanded it.  He leaned back
slightly to see her and as he did he saw her head bend to capture him in that
wanton mouth.  His eyes closed briefly as he felt he would climax with that
initial touch.

     Holding him firmly in her hand she brought him to her mouth. Her tongue
darted out to tease the tip and swirl around the already moistening head.  She
closed her eyes and began to make love to him.  She savored every taste,
lingered over the entire organ,   with long strokes she covered the whole shaft
with her tongue before letting it enter her mouth.  Then slowly she pushed him
through her lips and into her mouth.  The already dampened shaft slid easily
inside and she allowed her cheeks and tongue to grab hold and begin to suck.  

     He knew he wouldn't last long,  the idea of alone was enough to make any
man erupt but the actual act in this less than private setting nearly sent him
over the edge.  Her loving mouth,  her willingness and her genuine love of the
act made him forget momentarily the setting and concentrate only on the deed. 
He felt the rise of his seed as he began to soar.   His body tensed,  his power
lost and he exploded into the heated cavern that was her mouth.

     She knew before he erupted that he was about to,  .she could feel the rise
inside the shaft and the way his body tightened in response to it.  As his hot
liquid rose up she waited,  eagerly for the bounty of him that was to be her
prize.  She was not disappointed.  With each spasm of release she swallowed and
allowed herself to feast.  When she recognized he was complete,  she slowly
removed her mouth and returned to her seat at the table.

     His look of euphoric bliss was all she needed to accentuate the fact that
some meals were better then others. 

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