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Copyright (1998)

This story is not for distribution or publication without written permission
from the author.

    I walk into the room and start the water.  I hear the rush as it hits the
porcelain. The candles cast glimmering shadows across the wall.  The music
playing softly has an erotic resonance and beat.  The whole room beckons me and
personifies the night I am preparing for.  I reach for the belt of my robe and
let it fall to the floor.  I slip my foot into the water and the fragrance
wafts up.  I slide into the tub and submerge myself beneath the bubbles.  The
heat of the bath surrounds me and I begin to luxuriate in the overwhelming
feelings.  I lie back and my mind wanders.  I think of our meeting tonight and
every nerve ending comes alive with the beginnings of my arousal.

     The persistent lapping of water against my skin drives me to distraction. 
I reach for the cloth and pour the liquid soap, the broaching reminding me of
another fluid leaving it's spout and the burning spreads through my womb. 
Lathering up the cloth I begin to wash.   My arms extend upwards and allow the
rag to drift lazily back down each one. Then lift again as my breast rise as
well.  With slow, circular motions I cover each orb with billowing foam.  My
nipples full and flush begin to harden with the deliberate movements.  I slide
down between them and begin to circle my naval.   Around and around.  Every
touch now incites my willing body.  My heart begins to race,   my breathing
more erratic.

     I continue my languorous maneuvering as I lift each leg high above the
water.  I slide the cloth up and down each extremity,   turning as I slide to
the core of my being.  Reaching my center I feel my own moisture mixing with
the heat of the bath.  I glide slowly over my labia, swollen from excitement. 
My hand begins to rub gently and I imagine only your hand... your fingers...
your mouth.  I cry out , desperate for release.  My hips raise up above the
water and then down again.   The air causing a cooling, followed by the warmth
of the heated bath.  I can't stop the climbing, nor do I want to.  I seek...
desire... need the completion.  It's arrival washes over me spiraling me to
sensual depths.  My mind pictures you and I smile with the hope that soon this
will be a mutual journey.

     My breathing becomes more regular, my heart returns to it's normal beat 
.I slowly rinse the soap from my body and step from the tub.  Allowing the
towel to soak up the droplets of water.   I move to the bedroom where I have
laid out clothes I plan to wear this evening.  I choose a lotion that has a
haunting aroma. Knowing it will remind you of me whenever you smell it as is my
intent.  I carefully smooth the cream, playing close attention to the warmed
pulse points, knowing that the heating of my blood will exude the scent around

     I move to the carefully chosen undergarments, each piece intended to
arouse you while allowing me to feel totally feminine.  The smooth silkiness
lays softly against my skin. The black fabric contrasting against the milkiness
of my skin.  I slip the bustier on and stand in front of the mirror.  I notice
the swell of my breasts above the satin and gingerly run my fingertips across
them.  hoping you will be pleased.  

     Next is the hosiery,  and as I had done the washcloth earlier I follow the
nylon up my leg,  fantasizing with the touch.  The soft material clings to my
leg and again I hope for your approval.  I slip into the dress and finally the
heels,. taking a last look at my reflection.  My eyes sparkle back at me with
the knowing of what is to come.  My heart that had slowed again begins a
hurried pace.  The anticipation filling me with the urgency to move.   I must
go.  I must see you.  I must hear your voice in welcoming of me.   I must have

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