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    Here is about my cousin. He does not know how much I hate him.
He is PLA officer. He sends me email about him. Don't be like

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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1995 15:19:49 +0100
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   Cousin, how are you? Are you surprised to be reading this? You
should not be. I am now with the glorious Tiger Brigade attached to
the 8th Route Army! Ever since the war with the running dogs in
1979, I have been rising in the PLA. Now, I have the glorious duty
of protecting our socialist progress as a chasm-leaping,
mountain-splitting Tiger. And where is my prey? The gwei who would
corrupt our countrymen. I will listen to their calls, read their
computer mail, follow their meetings with enemies of China and
discover their plots against China. And I will smash them!!!!

   So, this is why I can send you this mail at your university. I
have received special training in English, business, and computers.
I have an email account so as to be able to present the image of a
modern businessman. I want you to know my duties and my successes,
so you can remain firm in your love and duty to China. And I want
to protect you from the gwei who will tell you lies about us.

   I am posing as a businessman. When I travel, I am sometimes a
student. Now, I am in Beijing, assigned to watch some gwei and some
ABC. I followed the gwei from the summer palace to the hotel lounge
next to the Hard Rock Cafe. I watched him go in. I was sure he was
looking for flowers of the mist. Well, I was wrong.

   He spent the entire night talking to a Chinese young man. They
drank a lot, with the gwei paying. Occasionally I came close enough
to listen in. They did not seem to be talking politics. Around 11,
they went to the hotel. I followed them up to his room. I am
ashamed to say it, but it was only at that point that I realized
that they were hole and corner boys.

   I walked past them as they went into his room. They had just
violated at least three laws. I decided to let them violate a few
more. After waiting 45 minutes, I used my skills to open the door.
The fool had not set the chain or latch. These would not have
stopped me, but they would have slowed me down. More importantly,
it might have caused noise. I wanted to surprise them in their
disgusting activities.

   Cousin, I can never understand why the West is so tolerant of
their corner boys. They spread AIDS all around the world, and then
use it as an excuse to become like normal people! What boldness!
How can they dare to do such a thing after they let loose such a
plague upon the world? But, they will not do such things here. Not
while the Tiger is on the prowl!

   As I entered, I got out my camera. Proof would be useful at the
trial, but not necessary. The Chinese was on his hands and knees,
with the gwei behind him. Of course, the gwei would force the
cut sleeve to be submissive. Those days of foreign domination were
long gone. But here the corner boy was recreating it. I wanted to
smash them both on the spot! But, the thought of getting their AIDS
blood on me made me stop. I was not afraid to die for China, but
not like a corner boy.

   I took a few pictures, one that showed exactly where the gwei's
spear was buried. It was then that I noticed the table. There were
drugs on it!! The gwei was using opium to get his way! It was bad
enough that he was hole and cornering, but to bring opium into
China!!! My blood boiled, and I lost all fears of AIDS. As I
realized all the humiliations ever done to China were in this room,
I exploded.

   I roared a curse, and smacked the gwei right out of his boy! I
then hit the gwei under his ribs, just where it would deprive him
of oxygen. I watched him wheeze on the floor. I then grabbed him
arm, twisted it behind him, and snapped it at the elbow. The gwei
howled in agony. I then placed my foot on his ancestral egg. I
crushed it slowly beneath my feet. His screams were incredible. All
this time, the other cut sleeve was cowering in the corner.

   Letting the gwei squirm in pain, I went to the other. He did not
resist as I tied his thumbs behind his back with plastic. I shoved
a napkin in his mouth, halfway down his throat. Let him gag on
this, I thought. I also took a cola bottle and shoved it up his
bung hole.

   By that time the hotel security had arrived. Showing my ID, I
shouted at him to explain how this could happen in his hotel. The
manager soon arrived. Begging me to show him mercy, he agreed to
fake the records on the gwei, showing that he checked out the next
morning, and paid his bill in full. He also agreed to give me a
permanent room assignment, for use in cases of state security. Full
service and unlimited credit came with the room, of course.

   We moved the two to the back using the service elevator. All
evidence was marked for the local police. When the first unit
arrived, I turned everything over to them. After the room had been
cleaned, I entered my permanent room (just across the hall) to see
who came to meet the gwei. I also looked over his papers.

   Cousin, I can not tell you my feelings when I realized this gwei
was with one of the "rights" groups that so often lie about our
homeland. I got a complete list of his contacts here. Soon, they
will have visitors. But not until we find out who all their friends
are, so we can collect them all for the party.

   I saw that he was here with some woman with an American name and
a Chinese family name. She could be either from HK or Taiwan, or
could be ABC. Of course, she would not hesitate to meet with this
gwei at the hotel! She would be perfectly safe. Or so she thought.
This little activist was in for the surprise of her meddling life.

   The next day I waited in the lobby for the ABC to show. She did
around 10:00 AM. She went to use the house phone. She was medium
height, around 157, with a 86-58-89 figure. Her black hair was cut
short, and she had on a plain white tshirt with black pants. She
was quite confused when she was told the gwei had checked out.

   "Are you sure?" she asked.

   "Yes, he left, and paid by cash. He did not leave a forwarding
address. I wish I could do more."

   I approached her. "Perhaps I could help you", I said. She looked
at me, with her big brown eyes. They had the slant of a true
oriental. She looked like a southern girl, even if her tits were
somewhat larger than usual for a southerner. I was slightly
disappointed to see she had on a bra. At least she was not
completely decadent.

   "Do you know my friend?" she asked.

   "I know him slightly. We met last night. He left after breakfast
today." This last was to make her think I was a corner boy as well.
It worked.

   "You gays are always picking up new friends!" she laughed.  "We
dykes are so much more loyal than you. I think you are just like
breeders, sometimes!"

   I smiled, but my head reeled. This was a flower vine?! And,
breeders, was that what they called normal people?? My anger rose
to heaven and my dedication fled to Java. Fortunately, I regained
myself before she noticed.

   "He went to meet some people at a factory. That way a lot of
people can come, and no one will notice if a few foreign friends
are there as well. He asked me to take you there when you came."

   "Well, OK, but I WISH he had told me in advance."

   We went outside and hailed a taxi. I spoke to the driver,
telling him to take us to the Beijing rail station. I meant to go
to one of the industrial parks between Beijing and Tianjin. We had
a factory/apartment complex we could use for such business as I
meant to conduct.

   As I chatted with the driver, I realized that this bitch could
not speak Chinese! I asked her, and she replied that she could
speak some Guangzhou Hua, but no Guo Yu. She then started to tell
me about how horrible it was in the US. How Orientals were
discriminated against, and how corner boys and girls were trying to
get their rights. I was sickened as I understood that she was
grouping Chinese along with Japanese and Koreans, and even with
Philipiners, Vietnamese, and Indians! How could they have lost
their culture to group themselves with these? And, asking for
special rights! As if any REAL Chinese needed any extra help to be
better than any 10 gwei! I rapidly came to know that they are no
better than blacks. And that hole and corners wanted to be able to
adopt children and get married and teach in schools! If they want
to be like normal people, why don't they act like normal people?

   Cousin, don't fall for their slick talk and wagging tongues. As
much as I hated the capitalists before, I no longer feared them.
With this type of activity, they could not last long. The end for
them may be sooner than they know. Cousin, keep a bag packed!

   We arrived at the factory after a train ride of 80 minutes, followed 
by a short cab ride. We then entered the building, and I escorted her to 
the main office. It had air-con, and a large couch and desk.

   "Where is everyone" she asked. I decided to end the play.

   "You mean, where is your opium using, bung filling friend?", I
roared. "He is in the people's jail, where all such degenerate scum
are! And as for you, you also have illegal substances with you, and
have been meeting with criminals." The last was a lie, or I did not
know it to be true when I said it. But I thought she would react in
a way to give me ample charges against her. And I was not wrong.

   "No, I was just carrying this for my friend, I don't even know
what's in it" she wailed, as she gave me a black plastic bag. I
opened it and saw the foreigners curse upon China, opium. I showed
it to her.

   "On god, oh god, I didn't know, please please don't hang me!"

Stupid bitch, she confused China with Malaysia!!!

   "Why should I not let you face the people's justice?" I asked.
"What can you possibly offer in way of compensation for your

   "I... I could tell you about the others in my group. You know,
most of them are really not people of color. They are just whites
who want to dominate our struggle for equality. We only ally with
them since we need their money."

   Cousin, see how quickly she was to sell out her comrades! And
again, notice how she groups Chinese with those colored people. I
tell you, it was really sickening.

   I looked at her heaving chest, how her nipples had poked through
her shirt in her terror. The sweat was flowing down her face,
staining her shirt. She was pretty, and quite desirable. Why
shouldn't this ABC service a member of the PLA? Hadn't I risked my
life against the Viet dogs, and continually since then, even the
previous night? Why should she not pay her debt, starting with this
representative of the people?

   I walked over to her, and shoved her to her knees on the floor.
I ordered her to undress.

   "What, you want ..."

   SMACK! My hand had the familiar sting of flesh on it.

   "I said, undress. If I do it, you will not enjoy what comes

   She looked at me, but saw only my jade hard anger. She looked
down, and slowly began to peel off her tshirt. She had on a very
decadent lace bra, which exposed a lot of her ample bosom.

   She then kicked off her sandals, and took down her pants. She
had on a type of panty I had not seen before. It was normal on the
front, but cut very high up the sides. It was wet in the center.

   I had her come, still on her knees, to me. I motioned for her to
take down my pants, and let loose the proud warrior. Thrusting
magnificently, he stood waiting. She took the warrior in hand, and
guided it to her ruby lips. Slowly she sucked it. Her pretty head
bobbed back and forth, as she faced the justice of the people. I
let my hand caress her sweat soaked bra, feeling her trembling
breast. Her tongue circled my spear, and the disgust she had
earlier shown did not seem to affect her ministrations to me. With
one swift motion, I ripped off her bra. Two square greyish nipples
protruded. I then pushed her onto her back. She landed on her
elbows, but realized what was coming and lay back, and opened her
legs and raised her knees.

   I then pulled off her panties, this time very slowly. I watched
her face to see her shame and fear as to her impending rape. I
threw off my clothes, and monted her, placing my hands under her
shoulders. I waited. She looked at me questioningly.

   "Put it in, bitch".

   She reached down and placed the warrior at the misty gate. I
entered slowly, so as to better see her pain at my entry. She was
amazingly wet, and I entered easily. She winced, nonetheless.

   As I started to stroke her, I sucked one of her nipples. She was
breathing hard, and sucked air in quickly with each suck of her
nipple. I kept on at her for a very long time. I then withdrew, and
had her get on her hands and knees.

   Her back had been scraped by the rough floor. Her hands and knees
were now being rubbed raw, and sweat was dripping from her pert 
Chinese body. I slowly placed my spear at the flower of her bottom. She 
looked around in fear, begging with her eyes for mercy. She
received none.

   She was trying to decide if it would be more painful to resist
my penetration, or to attempt to submit. Not waiting for her
decision, I used my thumb to place the warriors head into the brown
channel. A delicious grunt was her response.

   Her forehead knitted, and her eyebrows arched as I entered her
completely. I then pushed in and out as if in her misty gate. She
grunted and breathed in sharply.  I held her slim waist, and
watched her breasts sway and drip sweat as I ravaged her rear. Too
soon, I felt the pressure build up. I sent wave after wave of seed
into her bowels. As I did so, she shuddered and shuddered. I
withdrew, and let her fall to the floor, limp.

   After I had her clean my weapon, I allowed her to wash and
dress. I then returned her to her hotel, but only after getting a
complete statement on her and her friends activities. She was
allowed to leave China, but the gwei and his hole and corner friend
were shot. We billed the cut sleeve's family for both

   __________end forwarded mail______________________ 

    This is the end of my cousins mail.  Dont be like him!!!

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