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   Title: Safe Sex
  Author: Wollstonecraft

  This and other stories can be found at:


This is a work of fiction.  The author neither endorses nor
condones the actions described herein.  This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexual acts.  No virgins were deflowered
in the creation of this work.


                             Safe Sex
                     (Theme Variation Three)

                        By Wollstonecraft

     I took the little white packet from him. I set it in my open
palm and stared at it long and hard.  It seemed so small, so
trivial.  It was funny how such a little thing could relieve so
much frustration.

     When I started going with Billy, I had to fight him every
step of the way.  It wasn't long, though, before he wore down my
resistance and I discovered the joys of his wonderful hands.  His
fingers on my titties made me feel so good.  The first time he
sucked on my nipples I thought I was going to die of pleasure. It
was nothing compared with when I finally let him stick his tongue
up my pussy.  I pretty near crushed his head when I came. The
first time I pulled him off, I thought he was going to explode.
Actually, he did, come to think of it.  When he tried to get me
to put his cock in my mouth, I figured it would be gross, but it
was great to watch his eyes go all weird and his body shake when
I swallowed his cum.

     Billy and I had done just about everything a boy and a girl
could do together without actually "doing it".  Every chance we
get, either I've got his cock in my mouth or he's got his head
between my legs.  Uusally at the same time.  Even so, we both
knew what we really wanted to do.  Every night I'd lie in bed,
imagining what his cock would feel like in my pussy and rub
myself off, orgasming over and over.  And I know he did the exact
same thing every night.

     Billy begged and pleaded, but I kept saying no.  He said
he'd be careful, he'd pull out, he'd only do it when I was
"safe."  I knew better.

     I knew what the result of actually doing it would be,
though.  There were more than a few girls who'd gotten themselves
"in trouble" at school.  Maybe I'd be careful at first and only
do it in the "safe" times.  Maybe I'd be lucky the first few
times.  But I knew me all too well.  It'd be just like everything
else.  Once we started, I'd just want to do it all the time.  And
I'd end up with a baby in my belly for sure.

     So he showed up with the comdom.  "No more excuses," he
grinned.  "I know you want to do it as much as I do."

     I did.  I really did want his body tight against mine with
his cock stuck way up inside me.  I pressed the silver packet
into his palm while pressing my tongue deep into his mouth.  His
hand immediately rose to cup my breast. Our lips parted and I
breathed, "Yes, Billy, yes.  Now.  Now."

     Billy's other hand went straight under my skirt, his fingers
sliding up and down my pussy lips under my dampening panties.  My
hands went for his belt buckle.  I quickly undid his belt,
unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper.  I caressed his
cock, still constrained by his tightening shorts.  Soon, soon
this flesh would be inside me.  My breath grew short in

     While he pulled off my blouse and undid my bra, I was busy
with his pants.  While he fumbled with my skirt and panties I
pulled his shirt from his shoulders.  And then we were naked.

     He pushed me onto my back and slipped between my legs.  He
looked down at me and asked, "Ready?"

     I stared up into his eyes, a little nervously, and replied,
"I--I think so."

     I gasped as I felt him rub his cock up and down the crack of
my virgin pussy.  My hands wrapped around his back and I moaned,
"Please--please be gentle."

     "I know," he grunted.  I felt the cockhead find my opening
and press in, separating my pussy lips.  Then his hands gripped
my shoulders and he slowly pressed himself down, pulling me into

     "Ohh," I moaned as his cock slipped in.  I felt my moist
pussy lips wrapping around his cockhead.  "Ohh," I moaned again,
my eyes widerning as I felt him slide in deeper.  My legs parted
wider, pulling up as his thickness pushed in, filling me. "H-oh,
oh, oh!"  I began to moan over and over and my hips began to push
up, helping to bury his dick in my dripping pussy.

     Then I felt his thick cockhead pressing against my hymen.
"O-oh, p-please, be--be careful, be caref--Oh, my!  Oh!!"  The
shock of pain was intense as he pushed hard, driving his prick
past the barrier. "Aaah," I shrieked as his hard prick pierced
through, breaking open my pussy for the first time, prying my
pussy walls apart, sinking further in.  "Oh, God, God, oh, God!
Oh, God!  Oh, God!"

     "God!!"  His pubic bone crashed against mine and he was
completely inside me, so deep, so deep inside me!  I kept crying,
"God! Oh, God!" over and over.  I couldn't believe how full I
felt with his cock so deep inside me, so full, so full!  It was
as if there'd always been an emptiness inside me, a void I never
realized existed, that his cock was meant to fill, and, oh, God,
he filled it so well, oh, God, it felt so good, so good!

     The best was yet to come.  As wonderful it felt to have him
inside me, the feeling of my tight pussy closing as his cock
slowly slid up and out made me groan with delight.  He pulled out
until just the tip was held by my quivering pussy lips.  Then he
slowly pushed back in and my moaning grew louder as I felt the
insistant cockhead plowing through my narrow passage, craming
into me, stretching me open.  The base of his dick ground into my
clit, making me squeal, and then he was withdrawing again,
sliding up and away, stoping just before he dislodged himself.
Then, with a grunt, he quickly pounded his rigid cock back into
me.  My entire body shook from the sudden fierce piercing and my
shrieks filled our ears.

     He began to rapidly jab his prick in and out of me.  I
wrapped my legs around him and his hips rocked up and down
against my heels.  My bottom rose to meet each savage blow as I
tried to take his burrowing cock as deep into my pussy as I
could.  He pumped into me fiercely, grunting with each blow, and
I suddenly exploded in the most intense orgasm I'd ever felt.  I
screamed as my arms and legs spasmodically clamped around his
furiously hammering body.  My pussy constricted tightly onto his
cock, grabbing and clutching at it, trying to keep it deep inside

     My spamsing pussy had an immediate effect on Billy.  He
began to growl and his thrusts grew even sharper and deeper. Deep
inside me, I suddenly felt the head of his cock start hitting the
bottom of my pussy and the pressure drove me wild with passion.
My orgasm flared in intensity and I squealed my delight into his

     That's when I saw the unopened condom package still lying
next to us and, simultaneously, felt his body tightening the way
it always it just before he came.


     "Gaaad!!" I screamed.  I could't make any words come out of
my mouth.  My body was writhing in orgasm, even as a cold terror
washed over me.  "Gaah!!  Nahh!!"  I shrieked as I felt the bare
cock inside me suddenly bloating, tightening in my spasming

     Even though I knew what was about to happen, I was startled
by the intensity of the the sudden lurch of the swollen flesh
inside me as Billy's cock fired his seed into me.  I was
surprised to feel the gush of sperm spraying forcefully onto my
cervix.  My entire body shuddered as a new wave of orgasmic
ecstasy overcame me.  My pussy spasmed sharply, sucking the thick
spurt of cum right through my cervix and deep up into my womb.

   Even as Billy grunted his pleasure, I felt his cock growing
again, replenishing its strength.  Then it jerked again against
my cervix as it spurted another burst of sperm.  As quickly as
his milky seed flooded my pussy, my constricting muscles pulled
it up into my fertile womb, making Billy growl in delight, making
his dick grow even fatter than the last time, spitting  his cum
even more forcefully through my open cervix and into my thirsty
womb.  Groaning in fear and pleasure, I realized that my carnal
rapture was increasing my chances of getting pregnant.

     Again and again Billy's engorged stiffness twitched and
pumped inside me, filling me to overflowing with his cum and, in
all likelihood, making him a father.  My pussy sucked and pulled
at his gushing cock, hungrily ingesting his cum.  I could feel
the millions of tiny sperm wriggling around inside me, racing
through my womb, rushing to impregnate me.

     I succumed to my fate.  Billy's cum was in me deep and there
was nothing I could do about it.  I let myself float off in bliss
as wave after wave of orgasm swept over me.  My body shook and
trembled under him, even after he planted the last of his virile
seed into my fertile womb and fell exhausted onto me, even after
his cock shrank and my clutching muscles squeezed him out of my
still-spasming pussy.

     He gasped between gulping breaths, "Oh, baby--  that was--
it felt so good-- didn't it?"

     His cum seeped out of my swollen, open pussy, rolling down
between my legs.  My chest rocked up and down while I fought to
catch my breath.  I tried to stay calm.  I whispered into his ear,
"You forget to putting it on."

     His breath caught and his eyes opened wide.  "Oh, shit."

     We sweated out the next month while I waited in vain for my
period to come.  Sure enough, I got myself knocked up my first
time.  Billie and I got married.  We named him William, called
him Will for short.  Billy and I divorced when Will turned five,
after he caught me and Tom together.  I just screwed him the one
time and now I'm carrying _his_ baby.  My fucking luck.

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