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The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for
adults in locations in which it is legal.  If it is illegal in your
location, DO NOT read.  This is a copyrighted work.  Reposting or any
other use strictly prohibited without the express, written permission
of the copyright holder, except may by posted as part of a  review or
posted to free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

Copyright 1998 by E. Z. Riter.

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This is a mind control, multi person romance with a planned fifty plus

Please!  Give me your comments.


Chapter 41


As you know, Andy is a kitten, which means she is chemically
programmed to obey my commands.  I could say to her, "On your back,
bitch, and spread them," and she would immediately comply, gladly
giving me that which I desired. The programming would force her to
obey.  And, Andy's own love for me, that unprogrammed part of her
nature, reinforced the programming.

I had trained myself  not to give her direct orders in things sexual.
It was more fun to suggest and let Andy respond as what she was, a
wild, creative and delicious woman. I never knew how she was going to
react, which made it so delightful. She might jump on me and slam my
cock into her heat without any hesitation. Or, she might play the shy
coquette until I was shaking with desire. 

Out of habit, I suggested rather than commanded.  

"Andy, would you like to make love?"

She was sitting on the floor where I had unceremoniously dumped her in
the awakening throes of my dream. Instantaneously, her expression
changed. She gave me a wild, slutty, "I have the pussy so I am in
control" leer.  She rolled to sit on her ass. Slowly, she lay back.
Then, she straightened her legs and braced her calves on the edge of
the bed. With her ass still on the floor, she slowly parted her legs.
Then, she raised her pelvis until only her shoulders touched the floor
and her pussy was level with the edge of the bed.  I knew because I
was looking down into it.

One long delicate finger weaved through the air like a drunken
butterfly before coming to rest on her pubis. I licked my lips as that
finger slipped down and entered her. I could smell her pussy as her
finger moved around and around inside her.  Leisurely, the finger
moved back over her mouth and disappeared between her lips, which she
smacked loudly in mock appreciation. 

"Oh, that tastes good.  Do you want some?"


"Can you be a good boy and please me?"

"Why are you putting up with this crap?" Diablo snapped.  "Tell the
blonde bitch to shut up and spread them."

"Davy, we do need to find the formula.  Remember. That is our main
objective.  If you insist on fucking her, take control and get on with
it," Doc chimed in. 

In my brain, they started whining like two third graders. Maybe it was
that or maybe I had changed more than I realized. But, today, Andy's
foreplay, which I normally loved, was an irritant which angered me.  I
was in charge and my little kitten could use a lesson in that regard.

"On your back, bitch!" I said, patting the bed beside me.  

Andy, for an instant, had a frightened and uncomprehending expression.
She immediately jumped on the bed and spread her legs for me. I waved
a finger in the air, telling her that was not what I wanted. An ankle
in each hand, I yanked her legs apart, pushing them back with her
knees bent until her thighs touched her breasts. 

"Arms inside legs.  Now hold that position.  Open your pussy lips for

Two beautiful hands fell to her pussy, pulling the lips apart. She had
a shy but needy expression as she stared at me.  Her bloated pussy
lips glistened with her juices. 

"That is the way you should always present yourself, Andy."


I slapped the inside of her thigh with the flat of my hand, leaving
five red finger marks.


"Yes, Davy," she whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek. 

"What is your purpose in life, kitten?"

"To please you. To bring you happiness."  

She said it as if it were so obvious and well understood she could not
believe I asked the question. 

"Yes.  To please me.  Remember that!"

"I always do, sweetheart."  

I knee walked between her legs and lodged the tip of my cock in her
entrance. She quivered, unable to hide the desire for me to fuck her.
She tilted her pussy, trying to get me in her. She must have seen
malevolence in my face for, again, she looked frightened in that
instant before I slammed into her as hard as I could, raising her ass
off the bed with the force. An "uh" escaped her.  

What is the old joke, the one about the different kind of fucks?  You
know. A sport fuck, a conception fuck, a grudge fuck, a friendly fuck,
a brotherly fuck.  

This was a punishment fuck. I wanted Andy to know she had been fucked
and fucked hard. I pounded into her, driving her into the cheap motel
mattress with every thrust.

"Now, this is how to fuck a bitch!" Diablo said with self

"It is rewarding," Doc concurred.

Rhythmically, continually, brutally, with her legs bent double and her
knees touching her breasts, I fucked her. I pinned her hands over her
head, wrists crossed and held by my left hand. With my hand right hand
I crushed the tender flesh of her breasts. On and on.  Fucking. No
relenting. Fucking.  

Of course, she orgasmed. She orgasmed again and again, once having a
string of multiple orgasms that made her pussy spasm in a most
wonderful way.  It would have caused me to cum in her had I not been
programmed.  My cumming was not the objective. Fucking her until we
both understood I was the master and she was the slave was my

She sweated profusely, soaking the bed under us.  Her skin turned as
red as a lobster.  

Still, I fucked her, ramming my pubic bone against her with every
driving thrust. 

She never complained, but then she never had complained about anything
I did to her.  I could tell when she had enough, when she wished I
would stop. Her muscles were spasming in abuse rather than desire. Her
skin was dry, hot as a griddle with the thin layer of caking left by
her prior sweat.  Her pussy started to dry out and it bit against my
cock. She was starting to hurt, the bruising of her pussy now
overcoming her depleted desire.

Still, I fucked her. 

She began to cry and squirm.

Still, I fucked her. 

"Please, Davy.  Sweetheart, stop.  This is really hurting me," she

She could not help herself, she began struggling to get away, but she
was pinned and going nowhere. 

"We need to pursue the formula," Doc said in my head.

 "We need to fuck this bitch into surrender," Diablo countered.

Surrender? Andy had surrendered the first day, the first moment.
Since that time when she handcuffed and blindfolded me, so
delightfully loving me, she had surrendered. Why was I doing this?
Why was I punishing her with the very thing most intimate between us?
What was happening? 

I stopped and pulled out.  Both her hands flew between her legs to
cradle her wounded pussy as she curled on her side in the fetal
position and sobbed quietly.

I saw Mary watching us, leaning against the jam of the door.  She had
that expression again, the one that said she was reading my mind. She
moved to the bed and crawled beside Andy, brushing her hair back and
whispering something in her ear. Motherly, she comforted her child.

Then, she lay back and spread her legs. I shook my head 'no' and
pointed to the floor. She blanched but complied, kneeling before me. 

"Hold your hands behind you and do not let go!" I ordered as I wrapped
her hair in both of my hands and drew her head toward my crotch. Fear
and compliance crossed her face as she opened her mouth.

She did not suck me.  I fucked her face.  I fucked with the same hard
driving motion I had fucked Andy's pussy. I fucked her face until
tears flowed and her slobber fell from her bruised lips.  Then, I
jammed my cock down her throat and pumped her stomach full of my cum. 

"Well done," Diablo murmured.

I had to agree. Those kittens needed that.  Without further
conversation, I loaded them into the Suburban to begin the last leg of
our journey. 

The three of them were quiet as the Suburban hummed down the highway.
The voices in my head were relatively quiet, too, with Diablo giving
me praise for my rape of the two kittens and Doc driving me onward for
the formula. They were two unseemly allies, one seeking raw power, the
other power from knowledge and fame but power, nevertheless. 

We came to the turn off. Hoarsely, her voice damaged from her face
fucking, Mary gave instructions as to our direction.

We followed the paved road for several hours, turning frequently, each
time to a smaller and less well maintained road.  The terrain became
less hospitable as we continued into the wastelands where only scrub
plants seemed to grow.  I wondered how the Hermit lived in this
climate. Finally, we came to the pavement's end and continued down a
hard packed dirt road. 

When Andy said she needed a bathroom break, I stopped and let her pee
by the side of the road, which embarrassed her no end.  She needed
more embarrassment in her life.  I was ready to agree with the devil
dog.  Copious quantities of humiliation and regular fucking by other
men and a dog or two would do Andy good.   

Always, Mary watched me from the corner of her eye. I constantly felt
she knew exactly what was going to happen and what I would do. When I
asked her thoughts, she replied neutrally. What did she know? What was
going to happen?

The road was continually worsened until it was no more than tracks
through the desert brush.  I shifted into four wheel drive when the
road disappeared in a dry creek bed.  I eased the truck down the
slope. Following Mary's direction, I turned out of the dry creek and
toward some hills on this high plateau. I wondered when the last
vehicle had crossed this road. 

"We need to get that formula!" Doc said, for the fifteenth time that

He was fixated on our goal.  Diablo was speaking only to reinforce
Doc's comments.  All day I had been wondering about the formula, the
power, Doc and Diablo, the kittens, and me. 


I knew I had changed. Just the way I treated Andy and Mary today had
proved that to me. It frightened me in a way.  But, the knowledge I
was going to gain the power exhilarated me more than anything I had
ever experienced. 

Was I seduced by the power?  Yes. Oh, yes.  Was I under its control?
I was not sure. Was I enjoying it and eagerly looking forward the
possessing the formula?  Bet your sweet ass I was.  

But, there were questions reverberating through my head. Why did I
feel the way I did toward Andy and Mary, both of whom I had loved
since the moment I met them? Was love unimportant now?  Did I need
love, particularly since I had power and my power was getting ready to
increase exponentially? 

I could feel the desire for the power growing in me.  That is why
Diablo was being so quiet.  He knew he was winning and all he had to
do was sit back and let me surrender. 

I glanced at Mary. She had a sad, knowing expression as if she
realized exactly what was happening in my mind. 

To be continued . . . 

Please! Give me your comments.

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