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Subject: Bachelor Party part 4
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  To continue my story...

  Steve must have been excited from the action that had preceded him 
because his cock was already dripping precum. He rubbed the tip of his 
cock through the large gobs of sticky sperm still clinging to my cheeks. 
Wayne had by now pushed his cock into my gapping pussy and as he began 
to piston in and out of me I felt him rubbing his thumb over my very 
sensitive clit. Randy had tilted my head back and he was thrusting his 
cock in and out of my mouth quickly. I felt his cock push to the opening 
of my throat, and this time I didn't gag.... He continued to press 
deeper into my mouth with each thrust until I heard Steve say, "Look at 
that she took it all....She has fucking swallowed his whole cock!" The 
excitment must have been too much for him because he began to cum 
immediately with his own hand....With Randy's cock buried in my throat I 
felt Steve spurt jet after jet of his hot cum on my face. I felt his cum 
sliding down my cheek, and one spurt hit me in the right eye causing me 
to clamp my eyes shut quickly (it really burns when you get it in your 
eyes). I heard someone from across the room giggle and say, "A little 
quick on the trigger there aren't you Stevie?" As everyone was laughing 
at the comment, I heard Randy (who continued to push his cock in and out 
of my throat) say, "You guys really need to see this, Stevie really 
hosed her down!"

  Wayne who had been fucking me quickly pushed his cock deep inside me 
and said, "Ohhhhh shit, I am going to cum!" As he held his cock deep 
inside me I felt his cock twitch as he emptied his sperm inside me. As 
his orgasm ended and he withdrew from me I  could feel his cum running 
from my pussy and down my ass. When nobody replaced Wayne I realized 
that the last one left to cum was Randy. He continued to fuck my mouth 
with increasing speed. I heard the other guys begin to tease him as they 
shouted at him, "Come on Randy give it to her!" Let her taste it Randy!"

  Suddenly Randy pushed his cock deep into my throat and began to 
explode. As I felt him cumming, I gagged and convulsed slightly..I felt 
him draw back and he continued to explode in my mouth. I didn't even try 
to swallow his cum. I could feel it filling my mouth and as I held my 
mouth open I could feel it running down my cheeks. As he slowly pulled 
his cock from my filled mouth, all of the guys started to cheer. I still 
had my eyes clamped shut and I used my tounge to push some of Randy's 
sperm from my mouth and let it run down my cheeks. I could also feel all 
of the cum dripping from my pussy. I heard Scott say, "Come on Robbie, 
one last fuck before you are married!" Then all of the guys started to 
cheer him on...."Yea Robbie...Do it!" With my eyes still clamped shut I 
couldn't see Robbie, but I could hear him as he moved close to me. He 
said, "Jesus, she is a mess!" I could imagine what he was talking 
about...I could feel all of the cum slowly drying on my face and I could 
still feel a steady flow dripping from my pussy. I heard Scott who was 
still standing close to me say to Robbie, "Well a little more cum isn't 
going to hurt anything!" 
  Robbie said, "Well maybe we can let her clean up a little bit first!" 
At that moment I really felt like a total slut! 
  I heard Scott say, "Well she still has one spot where no one else has 
been...How about it Jan?" 
  Listening to Scott and Robbie talk about me with me still laying there 
all covered in sperm made me feel really nasty. And hearing Scott ask me 
if Robbie could fuck my ass...since I was so "messy" really excited me! 
So even though I am not really into anal, I slowly rolled over onto my 
  I felt hands lifting my hips as I heard Scott say, "There you go 
Robbie the lady is going to let you fuck her ass!" I felt Robbie kneel 
down behind me and I felt the tip of his cock press against my anus. I 
knew with all of the cum that had dripped down my ass that Robbie would 
have no problem penetrating me. As Robbie leaned forward I felt his cock 
force open my anus as it began to slip in. I felt Scott kneel beside me 
and grip my ass as he pried my asscheeks apart as Robbie pushed more of 
his cock into me. I was leaning on my elbows and I as Robbie pushed 
inside me I groaned loudly. I heard Robbie say, "Damn she is tight!" I 
felt Robbie pressing harder until finally his entire cock entered me. He 
slowly began to piston back and forth and I heard Scott who was still 
gripping my ass cheeks say, "Go on Robbie...Fuck her!"

  I felt Robbie's hands on my hips as he began to pick up speed. The 
other guys began to tease him with their comments.."Hey Robbie, I'll bet 
Mindy (his future bride????) doesn't let you do that!" Someone else 
said, "I don't know, she has a pretty fine ass...maybe Robbie will 
invite us all over and we will help him break her in!" "How about it 
Robbie...can we have another party at your house?"

  As the guys taunted Robbie, he continued to rock back and forth. I 
could sense that he was quickly nearing his orgasm as he gripped my 
hips. Suddenly I felt him push deep inside me. I felt his cock pulse as 
he began to erupt in my ass. I felt him gripping my hips tightly as he 
filled me with his cum. As he was cumming I heard everyone start 
cheering for him...It was really erotic having these guys just watching 
and cheering for him as he was fucking me!
  Robbie slowly withdrew his cock from my ass and as I collapsed 
exhausted on the floor Scott whispered to me.."Thanks Jan, you were 

  John came over with my robe and a cold beer...he helped me to the 
bathroom so that I could clean up because my legs were a bit wobbly. All 
in all it was quite a night...I am sure Robbie will remember it!

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