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New Story:  Attacked by Silk Gloves -  5/5  (tg, magic, nc, creative)

My second story, I hope you like it.

Normal Disclaimer Information:

Do not read any further if:

1.  You are under the age of 18, or
2.  You are offended by explicit sexual and/or erotic writing, or
3.  You are offended by humiliating sexual situations

This story describes creative situations where a man is magically
transformed into a woman, against his will.

If this sort of story is likely to offend you, then do not continue.

If you have any comments on this story, good or bad, then please tell
me so via E-mail! It will encourage me to write more.

Thank you,

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was one week later.

Paul woke up with a splitting headache. He rolled over, buried his 
face in the pillow, and tried to relax until the throbbing subsided. 
Eventually, he sat up.

He was in a budget hotel room. Comfortable, but sparse. On the desk 
was a plate with burnt ashes, a glass with a strange sour/sweet 
smell, and a note. As Paul rolled out of bed to read the note, he 
looked into the mirror above the desk, and saw Janice.

"What?"  He swirled around a looked behind him, then looked back at 
the mirror. With a sigh, he reached a hand to his face and saw the 
image do the same.

It had been true. It was not a dream. He was still transformed.

Paul picked up the note.

Dear Paul,

This is Janice. I had to borrow your body to escape my mother 
and now I've returned it to you.

Unfortunately, your transformation can not be reversed; you 
will always be a woman. For this I am eternally sorry. My 
mother is an evil bitch, and I would recommend having her 
arrested, if only we could prove anything. As it is, I've 
punished her in the way I best know how: by leaving her, 

But while the transformation is complete (you are completely 
female, including all of the plumbing and hormones, sorry about 
that, too), the body is still yours and continues to have your 
DNA, your brain, your memories, and your reactions.

So, you have two choices. You can attempt to suppress your 
female characteristics, with plastic surgery, dress, etc. Or 
you can learn how to live in society as a female, either 
heterosexual or lesbian. It's your choice.

One final comment. I am unable to eliminate my spirit from your 
body completely, without your help. My spirit is now sleeping 
inside of you, and to eliminate me completely, you will have to 
say the following, out loud:

"I will for Janice Kalieriana, to leave this body, 

At which point I will die, finally, after living in limbo for 
25 years now. Kalieriana is my spirit name, the one with which 
my spirit can be controlled.

Thank you and good luck,

Paul put down the note, careful not to say anything. He wanted to 
think about this for a second. He looked around the hotel room, saw 
Janice's satchel, and picked it up. Inside, he found Janice's 
scrapbook, and flipped through it.

Paul wondered what it was that he was going to do from now. He would 
have to start a brand-new life, and no one in the world could know 
who he really was. Or rather, they could know, but they'd never 
believe him.

After a few minutes he put down the scrapbook, ready to take the next 
step. He picked up the note, sat down on the bed, silently rehearsed 
for a second, and then said, out loud:

"I will for Janice Kalieriana, to join me in this body, 

"Now what did you do that for?"

"Where are you?"  Paul looked around, wildly.

"Hey stupid, I'm in your head."

"Really? Cool!"

"And you don't have to talk out loud. I can hear you when you think. 
Now why did you bring me back?"

"Oh, wow. You can hear this? I need someone with me. I can't do this 
alone. It may be my body, but it looks like you, and... right now you 
are the only friend I have. At least, I hope I can call you a 

"Well, we'll see. Did you consider that you'd never have any privacy 
any more? That I will hear every single thought that you ever have? 
That you will not be able to block out my thoughts? That we might end 
up constantly fighting for control of this body?"

"Oh. I never thought of that. Well, I'm sure we can work it out. 
Maybe we'll turns!"

"Oh right. Like you would control the body on Monday, Wednesday, and 
Sunday, and I would do Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and we split 

"For example..."

"Would you really go along with everything I wanted to do? What if I 
wanted to act like a total slut and fuck every man I met on the 
street? What if I wanted to smoke pot? What if I wanted a huge cock 
up my ass and another shoved down my throat?"

Paul felt his sex starting to warm up at the thought of the 
degradations. "Well, I guess, if that is what you really wanted..."

"Never mind, I can feel that you want it too. Hey, isn't today 
Friday? It's my day! And here's what I want to do."

Paul watched as a hand slipped down his body, completely under 
Janice's control, and a finger parted his pussy lips.

"Oh, Janice. Ohhhh. I think this is the start of an incredible 
partnership. We'll make the best two-person single-woman team ever!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


An excerpt from the Chronicle Standard newspaper:  "The one-
woman magic act of Mistress Janice is more than an act. It is 
truly a theatrical event, and an intensely sexual R-rated one 
at that. The acts are astounding, starting with 'invisible 
bondage' using members of the audience, various escape acts, 
and ending up with a breath-taking finale where Mistress Janice 
comes on stage completely naked, and items of clothing from 
around the stage come to life and dress her, even as she tries 
to fight them off. It was the most erotic and stunning 
spectacle I have ever seen. And all along, Mistress Janice 
plays both sides of a clever verbal dialog between two 
personalities, a dominant female, and a submissive male, who 
are constantly fighting for control of her body... with the man 
ultimately loosing and having to do all the things he finds 
embarrassing. The act is so high-energy that I find it amazing 
that she does shows each night, and twice on Saturdays and 

[The End]

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