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New Story:  Attacked by Silk Gloves -  4/5  (tg, magic, nc, creative)

My second story, I hope you like it.

Normal Disclaimer Information:

Do not read any further if:

1.  You are under the age of 18, or
2.  You are offended by explicit sexual and/or erotic writing, or
3.  You are offended by humiliating sexual situations

This story describes creative situations where a man is magically
transformed into a woman, against his will.

If this sort of story is likely to offend you, then do not continue.

If you have any comments on this story, good or bad, then please tell
me so via E-mail! It will encourage me to write more.

Thank you,

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Janice!  My god, you haven't changed a bit!" Jacob stared at Paul 
and Paul stared back at him. "I mean it. You look exactly like I 
remember. And you're wearing the same dress from the prom!"

"I'll just leave you two love-birds to get re-acquainted. Remember 
Jacob, she's still trying to get well, and she can't speak yet." 
Rosemary looked upon Paul with extreme pity and patted his forehead.

Jacob sat down on the edge of the bed next to Paul, "Of course, thank 
you Mrs. Carter. I'll take good care of her."

Jacob waited until Rosemary closed the door, and then turned to Paul, 
angry. "You heartless bitch!  Where have you been all this time? All 
this time I thought you were dead, and now, what, 25 years later you 
show back up... and you look exactly the same! And now I'm forty-
five, and... Jeez, I loved you, why did you leave? I thought you had 
died all this time, and now you're alive! Where were you?"

Paul looked up at Jacob, mute, with innocent eyes. Jacob was really 
quite handsome, Paul decided, for being over 40. He wore a kind of 
rugged, out-doorsy look, with dark brown hair, a trim figure, and 
chiseled features. A silk glove rose on it's own behalf and stroked 
Jacobs arm, comforting him.

Jacob's eyes screwed up and then he looked away, clenched his fists, 
and tensed up. "I know you can't answer me, but I had told you I 
loved you... and when you left and I had thought you died, I was 
angry and hurt..." Jacob looked at Paul with wet eyes.  Paul's hand 
continued to stroke his arm.

After a second, realizing that Paul couldn't answer, Jacob calmed 
down, breathing heavily. Just then, Jacob's face changed to a 
startled expression, and he looked down. Paul looked down too and was 
horrified at what he saw: the glove on Paul's other hand had started 
squeezing the bulge in Jacob's crotch. Paul grimaced as he could feel 
the limp penis and balls being manipulated under his hand.

"Janice... what are you doing?" Jacob looked at Paul with puzzled 
eyes, as his penis started to harden. Both of the gloved hands 
continued their stroking. "Janice..." he said again, "Oh...", then 
leaned down, slipped a hand behind Paul's neck, intertwined his 
fingers in Paul's long hair, and then, with gentle force, pulled 
Paul's head forward until their lips met in a deep, deep kiss.

Paul's body, now fully in the control of Rosemary's medicine, 
returned the kiss with enthusiasm. Paul's mind, however, revolted. 
"What am I doing?" he thought wildly, "how is this happening?" Paul 
felt his nipples itch and tingle, and a warm glow develop in his sex, 
an indication of how thoroughly he had surrendered to his feminine 
body. He sunk further into the kiss, enjoying it against his will.

Paul's eyes flew open: he felt Jacob's tongue between his lips! He 
tried to jerk away, but the hand behind his neck held him close. A 
second hand reached up and cradled Paul's face, stroking it. Paul 
felt Jacob push his tongue deep into his mouth, saliva mixing with 

Just then, the undergarments Paul was wearing began their attack. The 
panties clasped over his sex and clenched around his buns, working 
their way deeper into each crevice. The bra cups on the corset began 
to squeeze his breasts, and then began pinching his hard nipples, the 
fabric brushing over his nipples which quickly grew hard and swollen.

The onslaught of stimulation was too much for Paul, he whimpered and 
moaned. The panties worked their way into Paul's crotch and gently 
touched his clitoris. Paul couldn't help it, he moaned, and in the 
process his tongue touched Jacob's tongue. Jacob took this 
opportunity to stroke his tongue all over Paul's, and Paul, his 
concentration divided and his body under automatic pilot, responded.  
His tongue reached out, on it's own, and pushed into Jacob's mouth.

This time Jacob moaned, and at first Paul thought it was due to the 
kiss, but then he felt his gloved hand moving. It had left Jacob's 
arm, and had unbuckled his belt, which was then pulled free.  Paul 
looked down in horror, trying to stop his hands, but the gloves had 
complete control, especially in his weakened mental condition. Now 
both hands undid the snap on the pants, which sighed open, and then 
slowly slid the zipper down over the length of Jacob's penis.

Paul's hand reached into the front of Jacob's pants and started to 
squeeze and manipulate Jacob's balls through the cotton briefs. 
Paul's other hand worked their way over Jacob's ass cheeks. 

Jacob broke off the kiss. He lifted his ass off the bed, and the 
gloved hands slipped his pants down. Jacob's smile showed he was in a 
trance, in lust. Jacob slipped off both shoes, took the pants 
completely off, and then clambered fully onto the bed, leaned back, 
and then, grasping Paul's shoulders, push Paul down to his penis.

Paul's face was now inches from Jacob's crotch. The briefs didn't 
hide anything at all; the hard penis was clearly outlined. Paul had 
no idea of what to do, and didn't want to do anything at all. The 
silk gloves, however, knew exactly what to do. One was between 
Jacob's legs, lightly stroking the sensitive spot between his balls 
and anus, the other had cupped an ass cheek.

"Noooo!"  Paul looked away, with wild eyes, trying to move away from 
the hard cock, but was prevented from going too far by the silk 
gloves, which held on to Jacob's ass and pulled him closer. To make 
matters worse, Jacob, his thoughts now strictly on his own 
satisfaction, reached down, grabbed Paul's head, and turned it so 
that it faced squarely towards his crotch. Both gloves now reached 
and cupped both of Jacob's buns, and pulled Paul in the rest of the 
way; his face mashed against the hard penis, through the cotton 
briefs, with his nose buried in the balls. Jacob thrust his hips 
gently forward, encouraged by the pulling and probing of the gloves, 
rubbing his penis all over Paul's face.

Jacob's crotch did not smell unpleasant. It was a musky smell, sweaty 
and richly dark. Paul's female underwear renewed their stroking of 
his sensitive parts, and Paul felt his own lust begin to overtake his 
reason. "My face is mashed into a man's crotch!" he thought, "My god, 
I can't be enjoying this, I'm.... Oh god..." and just then, Paul felt 
a wet spot on Jacob's briefs. It rubbed over his face, leaving a wet 
trail. "Oh, no..." As it wiped over his nose and lips, and he 
recognized the smell of semen, like that of moist jasmine.

Paul watched as the silk gloves slipped under the waistband of the 
briefs and slipped them down. Jacob sat up and removed them 

Paul was now face to face with a hard, naked, penis... already 

Paul just couldn't do it. He clenched his teeth and held back. But 
the silk gloves had other ideas. One reached down and gently massaged 
Jacob's balls. The other grasped the penis and pointed it directly at 
Paul's mouth.

Jacob groaned again and pulled Paul's head closer. Paul's mouth 
bumped against the head of the penis, his mouth still clenched tight. 
He looked up at Jacob, pleading, but Jacob's eyes were closed. He was 
lost in the erotic scene. He pulled Paul closer again.

This time, the silk glove moved the penis all over, smearing the pre-
cum all over Paul's beautiful, feminine face, nudging his lips, 
smearing his makeup, probing his nose, rubbing back and forth over 
his eyes, and even over his nostrils.

"It's as if I'm worshipping his penis," Paul thought to himself, 
"making love to it." All this time, Paul felt his own excitement 
building under the stimulating grasp of his underwear. Paul lifted 
his head a bit and the penis was rubbed over his lips, which were 
becoming slick and slippery. Jacob moaned again, he wanted to go the 
final yard.

It was only a split second that his mind was diverted: the panties 
that Paul wore, which had worked their way deep into the crevice of 
his ass, had made a point and now penetrated his anus, past the 
sphincter. Paul's mind blitzed and entered a lust filled trance for a 
split second. Enough for him to part his lips and moan. Jacob pulled 
his head forward, and the hard cock slid smoothly into his mouth.

Paul gave in to the lust washing over his body. He began to gently 
suck on the cock, tentatively at first, and then harder with 
increasing vigor. The sensation was strange. It was alive in his 
mouth, soft and pliant on the outside, but with a hard inner core. It 
was unlike anything he had had in his mouth before. He discovered 
that he really enjoyed sucking it.  "Is it me?" he wondered, "or my 

He ran his tongue over the glans, licked the thick fluid which seeped 
out of the slit at the tip, sucked just the tip, and then sucked it 
as deeply as he could. He gagged as Jacob pushed his cock in too 
deep. But even that was exciting. He felt deeply submissive.

Jacob was ready to come. He interwove the fingers of both hands 
behind Paul's head and trapped Paul with a hard cock deep in his 
mouth. Jacob jacked his hips forward, pushing the cock further down 
Paul's throat. The orgasm came nearer, then nearer, and then with one 
last push... he came.

Paul's face was mashed into Jacob's pubic hair at this point, his 
nose buried in Jacob's crotch. He was sucking when he felt Jacob 
ejaculate. Paul tried desperately to pull away, but Jacob, oblivious 
to everything but his orgasm, held on tight. Jacob spurted three or 
four times, and as he pulled his penis out of Paul's mouth, Paul felt 
the salty sperm flood over his tongue.

A silk glove grasped hold of Jacob's penis, still hard, and massaged 
the remaining drops of cum from it. Jacob had relaxed his grip on 
Paul. Paul pulled his head back and the penis slipped out of his 
mouth, just as the glove squeezed out the last drop from the cock, 
which smeared over Paul's lips and chin.

Jacob released Paul completely and lay back on the bed, exhausted. 
"My god, Janice, that was fantastic," he said. "I've been wondering 
for 25 years what kind of cocksucker you were."

Paul, disgusted by his own willingness to suck cock, found himself 
with a mouth full of sperm. Not knowing what else to do, he grimaced 
and swallowed the slimy mess. Paul swallowed a couple more times to 
clear his mouth, and then wiped the cum from his chin and lips.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After Jacob had ejaculated, Paul had entered a trance in which he had 
nearly lost consciouness completely. As he struggled back yet again, 
he felt as if delicate fingers of a foreign mind slip away. It was 
like clearing a room of fog, which swirled around as he fanned the 
air. "This is it," he thought, "I don't have much time left."

Paul lay his head back down to gather his strength. As he did, his 
face lay down in Jacob's lap, right on top of Jacob's naked penis.

"Poor Janice," Jacob cooed, "You must still be recovering. I don't 
know what got into us, you shouldn't have been sucking my cock in 
your state." Paul looked up at Jacob and saw him staring down. A silk 
glove reached up and started to gently stroke Jacob's penis.

"What am I doing!" Paul thought, angrily. "Stop, damn it!" He 
momentarily succeeded in pulling his hand away, but gradually his 
strength ebbed and the glove resumed it's stroking. Jacob's cock 
started to grow.

Paul felt his other silk glove come to life. It reached down, grasped 
a handful of the burgundy taffeta skirt, and pulled it up, exposing 
the crinoline underneath. It reached down again, pulling up the 
crinoline and the slip, exposing his stockings, garters, panties, and 
thighs. Paul had completely lost control. The silk gloves were 
controlling the agenda, and all Paul could do was watch and feel as 
the gloves forced his fingers to stroke over the lips of his pussy, 
pushing the panties into his slit as they stroked up and down. As the 
fingers stroked over his clitoris, Paul jerked with a sensitive jolt.

Paul looked up at Jacob and saw him watching intently. His cock was 
fully hard.

The gloved hand released Jacob's penis and went to gently squeeze 
each of Paul's breasts through the bodice. It then reached into the 
bodice and pulled out a breast from the dress and bra cup. The nipple 
now exposed, the glove began to pinch it, tweak it, and draw circles 
around the aureole.

Paul watched, helpless, as Jacob reached down and started lightly 
stroking Paul's bare shoulders. Paul felt a tingle develop in his 
nipples at the intimate touch, which caused him to moan slightly. 
Next, Jacob reached down and gently massaged each breast, one 
exposed, and a second through the bodice of the dress. Jacob's breath 

Meanwhile, the glove stroking Paul's sex continued its business with 
increasing intensity. Paul's panties had soaked through with 
lubrication and he now regularly shook with small sexual tremors.

Jacob moved down the bed and started stroking with both hands. One on 
Paul's breasts, and a second on his legs. First, Jacob stroked up the 
length of each stocking leg, then he played with the garters and 
stocking tops, then the top of the thighs, and finally he stroked 
around Paul's sex, through each and every nook and cranny in and 
around his crotch.

Paul lay back, unable to resist the relentless stimulation. Both 
gloves, and now both of Jacob's hands, were playing Paul like a 
musical instrument displayed on the bed, each caress or squeeze 
causing Paul to quiver, moan, or sigh.

Jacob worked a finger under the leg band of the panties and dipped it 
into Paul's pussy. As he was invaded, Paul had his first orgasm. A 
small one, it nevertheless caused him to momentarily fall back into a 
trance. A trance where he merely reacted and felt, and ceased to 

Jacob stoked over Paul's clitoris directly, causing Paul to violently 
arch his back and gasp. He orgasmed again, this time stronger, and 
the trance lasted for a full 15 seconds this time.

Finally, Jacob decided it was time. He moved between Paul's spread 
legs, kneeling, moved the crotch of the panties to one side, and 
holding it there, rubbed the head of his cock up and down Paul's 

"This is it," thought Paul, in perhaps his last coherent thought, 
"I'm about to lose my virginity to a man..." He paused for a second, 
then added, "oh, yes... please!"

Now well lubricated, Jacob pushed his cock gradually between Paul's 
pussy lips. Paul was tight, but also very wet, so Jacob was able to 
push in easily, although he went slowly. Jacob groaned as he felt the 
grasping vagina clench around his cock.

Paul felt the hard cock parting the walls of his vagina and reach 
deep, to parts Paul had never felt before. In his trance, he felt a 
deep urge for his cervix to be massaged. Paul pushed against Jacob 
forcing the hard rod all the way in, after which he squirmed around 
trying to push harder and harder against it. The feeling of the pubic 
hair against his clitoris was incredible.

Jacob pulled out, plunged back in, and then again. Paul felt him bump 
up against his clit each time, and felt Jacobs balls brush up against 
his ass cheeks. The feelings were wonderful, and Paul lost himself 
and surrendered completely.

It didn't take much longer. Jacob's thrusting became more urgent, 
and, far too soon, he pushed all the way in, and then with twitching 
spasms, he came, deep inside Paul's unprotected pussy.

Paul was very near too. After he felt Jacob coming, he grabbed hold 
of Jacob by the ass, and roughly pulled him in, not caring that Jacob 
might now be too sensitive. Paul ground away at Jacob's crotch for 
another second, and then orgasmed - a fantastic humming orgasm which 
coursed through his body for 10 seconds or more, causing poor Jacob 
to whimper at the abuse his cock was receiving.  Eventually, Paul 
relaxed, let go of Jacob, collapsed back on the bed, and felt the 
final wisps of his consciousness slip away.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was early next morning when Janice woke up. Jacob was long gone, 
having been shooed away by Rosemary with the promise that he could 
see Janice again later. Also, Janice's prom dress had been removed. 
She was now wearing just a simple cotton nightdress with cotton 

Rosemary had been waiting in the room for Janice to wake up. This was 
it, Rosemary was certain, Janice was now fully restored in her new 
body. Janice moaned and sat up.

"Janice?  How are you feeling?" Rosemary rushed to the side of the 
bed, and gently patted Janice's hand.

"Mom?"  Janice looked up at Rosemary.

"Sweetie?"  There was a pause as mother and daughter both looked at 
each other. Janice struggled to clear her mind. It took a second 
before she woke up fully, but eventually the events of the past few 
days came back to her clearly.

Janice understood exactly what had happened. She had witnessed it 
first hand.

Janice sat up on the bed. "Mom!"  She said, angrily, and then, "You 
bitch!" Janice slapped Rosemary hard on the face, leaving a bright 
red handprint. She roughly pushed her mother away, who staggered back 
against the wall.

"Janice, my baby!"

"Mom, I never had the guts to tell you this before, but you are an 
evil bitch. I hated you 25 years ago, and I despise you now. You have 
trapped and murdered an innocent man. Have you no shred of decency?"

"No!  The murderer is the asshole who ran you off the road. That's 
who the murderer is, the bastard who deprived me of you to begin 

Janice smiled. "Here's something else I've been meaning to tell you. 
Remember, 25 years ago when I got into the accident? Well, I was 
running away from you. I had had enough of your bickering with Dad, 
the way you controlled our lives, and I was getting out. So no matter 
what, you were going to lose me. I'd rather be dead than to have to 
live my life with you."

With that, Janice got out of bed, and tried to take off the 
nightgown. But the nightgown had grasped tight around her legs, 
refusing to let go.

Janice looked up at her mother. "Jesus Mom. Give it up. I learned 
your tricks too well for you to pull this shit on me." With that, 
Janice brushed her hands lightly over the nightgown. The nightgown 
grew limp, and Janice easily pulled it off.

"Please, you can't go!" Rosemary walked over to Janice and put a hand 
on her arm. "I love you. Maybe it was wrong, but I wanted you back so 
bad. Can't you forgive that? This will kill me!"

"Then that's what you deserve." Janice pushed her away again. "Now 
get away from me. I hate you, and I never want to see you again!"

"After all I've done for you! And now you hate your poor old mother."  
Rosemary screamed and ran out the door. Janice could hear her sobbing 
down the hall.

Janice shouted after her:  "It's not going to work! I won't feel 
sorry for you! You're a murderer!"

Janice looked around the room for something to wear.

"Jesus, my prom dress?  What the fuck's that doing out?" For an 
instant she flashed on a memory of prom night, with Jacob. Her cheeks 
briefly flushed with shame.

Janice spied Paul's original clothes, lying on the floor. She picked 
them up and started to dress. The male clothes felt weird on her 
skin, too loose and coarse, but somehow stealing Paul's clothes after 
stealing his body seemed appropriate. "Might as well keep all his 
belongings together," she thought.

That thought caused Janice to pause for a second. She looked around 
the room and went to the closet. After a quick search she found what 
she was looking for. "Wow, and they never opened it." It was a 
knapsack, and it contained all the things she felt she needed to 
start her new life: 100 dollars, her birth certificate, passport, 
driver's license, diploma, scrapbook, underwear, and other 
essentials. "Amazing. Let's get it right this time."

Janice left her room and walked down the stairs. "Man, this place is 
a pig-sty!" Her Dad had been the one to keep up the place. He was the 
only one who really cared, Janice.


Janice looked up the stairs at Rosemary who was standing at the top.  

Rosemary descended the stairs, looking pale. "I love you. I'll make 
it up to you. Please don't leave."

Janice watched her mother approach. "I don't believe you. You make 
promises and you never keep them."

Rosemary reached out her hand and touched Janice's wrist. Janice felt 
a magic bond encircle and trap her wrist.

Janice looked at her mother with a disgusted look. "Please. You are 
so pathetic." Janice closed her eyes for a second, twisted her wrist, 
broke free of the bond, and then walked to the front door.

"NO!"  Rosemary ran to catch up, stumbled to her knees, and, crawling 
forward, grabbed Janice around the knees.

Janice reached out to the lock of the front door. She didn't need a 
key to open it. In fact, there were no keys to any of the doors in 
the house. All she had to do was touch the lock and rotate her 
finger, and the lock slid open.

"Goodbye Mother." Janice kicked away her mothers arms, stepped 
outside, and slammed the door behind her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As she walked down the driveway she saw Paul's car.

"Hey! Janice!"  Janice looked up at the voice and saw Jacob 
approaching her.

"Oh, it's you, Jacob."

"Hey, why are you wearing those clothes?  Anyway, I was hoping we 
could go out tonight, seeing as it looks like you've recovered and 
all. Last night was just incredible. Umm... what do you say?"

"Last night?"  Janice played innocent.

"Yeah, uh, last night. Don't you remember? In your bedroom?"

"What happened last night?"

"Well, I... uh... that is we, uh... I came to visit and comfort you."

"Don't you mean that you took advantage of a delirious sick person, 
using her confusion to coerce her into degrading sex acts?"

"No!  You started it! I mean..."

"You bastard."  Janice took a step towards Jacob, and as soon as she 
was close enough, she jammed her knee into his balls, hard.  

"Oh, Fuck!"  Jacob shouted, keeling over.

"I've known what you were *really* like since that night at the prom, 
you asshole, fondling my best friend in the hallway! If I could 
castrate you, I would."

Janice stalked away, got in the car, fumbled for a second with the 
keys, and drove off.

[End of Part 4]

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