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Subject: Bachelor Party part 2
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  After Robbie had his orgasm..I slowly sat up and dismounted from his 
mouth. I looked up and standing right in front of me was Scott. Since 
Scott was at my last party, and had made all of the arrangements for 
this one,he had already removed his clothes and was standing before me 
slowly stroking his cock. He moved over to where I was kneeling and 
offered me his hard cock. As I wrapped my hand around his shaft and 
began stroking it, I heard Scott say, "You guys better get undressed or 
you are going to miss out on all the fun."

  I placed the head of his cock in my mouth and tasted his precum as it 
was already leaking from his shaft. I felt Scott place a hand on the 
back of my head as he began to rock back and forth thrusting his cock in 
and out of my mouth. I then felt someone reach up under my blouse and 
begin to pinch my left nipple and to massage my breast. I heard Todd 
(another one of the guys that I had graduated with ) ask Scott if he was 
going to share. I glanced to my right and I saw Todd standing there 
stroking his cock as he smiled down at me. I took my mouth from Scott's 
cock and moved over to Todd and started to stroke and suck on his cock. 
I heard him moan with pleasure as I put his cock in my mouth and he 
thrust forward pushing his cock to the back of my mouth. While I was 
sucking on Todd's cock, I began to feel hands stroking my back and 
unzipping my skirt and blouse. As I moved back from Todd's cock I felt 
my blouse being lifted over my head fully exposing my breasts. As Todd 
stepped back, Brian stepped close to me and offered me his cock (Brian 
was a twin and his twin brother Brad, who was also there were also 
classmates of mine). I felt Brian grasp my hair and push his hips 
forward quickly plunging his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged slightly 
as I felt his cock press against the opening to my throat. I heard 
someone say "Hey Brian, why don't we lay her down so we can fuck her 

  With that I felt Brian slowly withdraw his cock from my mouth. Someone 
threw a pillow on the floor and the had me lay down over it so that my 
shoulders and back were on the pillow and my head hung down over it. As 
soon as I lay down I felt someone rubbing there cock along my wet pussy 
and I glanced up just as Brian's brother Brad pushed his cock deep 
inside me. Brad started to immediately piston in and out of me as Brian 
moved back to my mouth with his cock. I opened my mouth and Brian began 
to press his cock into my mouth. Both of them began to rock back and 
forth thrusting their cocks in and out of me. I closed my eyes and 
moaned around Brian's cock as he and Brad began to fuck me in 
unison....Brad's cock felt so good inside me! I heard someone yell at 
John, "Hey look John, they just made Jan into a Smith (not their real 
name) sandwich!" 

  I felt Brad slam hard inside  me one last time and I felt him begin to 
explode inside me. I tried to clutch his hard shaft with my pussy and I 
moaned my pleasure as he filled me with his sperm. I then felt Brian 
begin to twitch and fell my mouth with his hot cum. I tried to swallow 
but Brian kept shooting jet after jet of hot cum into my mouth. I 
managed to swallow part of his load, but there was just too much and it 
shot out the corners of my mouth and ran down my cheeks. As his orgasm 
ended and he slumped back withdrawing his cock from my mouth, I 
swallowed quickly trying to clear my mouth of the remnants of his 
orgasm. I also felt Brad withdrawing his cock from my soaked pussy as he 
asked, "Does someone want to take my place here?"

Morre to come...

Love Jan

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