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Hi everyone,

  Since you liked my last experience...I thought I would tell you about 
my third experience also.  This happened about 2 months after my second 
gang bang.

  Here is what happened...

  Scott, who had been at my last party was going to be the best man at a 
wedding. Scott, as you probably remember is a guy that I graduated from 
high school with and he now works with my husband. After our last party, 
he asked John (my husband) if I would be interested in performing at a 
bachelor party that he was giving for the groom. Scott said that several 
of the guys at the party would be guys that I had gone to school with, 
which made me very nervous and excited at the same time. When I agreed, 
Scott gave us the information and I told him that I wanted to have John 
there also and that we would set some limits on the amount of time that 
I would be at the party. (I need to have John go with me for moral 
support and to also make sure things didn't get out of hand!)

  John and I arrived at Scott's house at about 8:00 pm on a Saturday. 
Scott had asked me to wear my high school cheerleader uniform to the 
party and the plan was that I would dance a few numbers and then I was 
to try to seduce Robbie (the groom). When we arrived, I saw that there 
were 9 guys at the party...including 5 of the guys that I had graduated 
from high school with....Brian and Brad (twins...kind of different!) 
Scott, Wayne and Todd. I also recognized Randy as one of the 
participants at my other parties. I didn't know Robbie the groom or the 
other two guys. 

  After I arrived I began to play some music and began to dance...making 
sure that I flashed my breasts to everyone and bending over several 
times so that they could see my high cut French bikini briefs. After two 
songs I decided it was time to see if I could get Robbie excited. I 
danced over next to him then knelt down in front of him and slowly 
started to unfasten his pants. As I pulled his pants down I could see 
his cock poking out of the top of his briefs. I stood up and slowly 
started dancing against him. John told me later that he looked kinda 
funny standing there with his shirt still on and his jeans down around 
his ankles and a hard-on straining to get out of his shorts.

  I slowly slid back down his body being sure to press my breasts 
against him as I slid down. I then peeled his briefs down so his hard 
cock was standing at attention and staring right at me. By now all the 
guys were whistling and applauding and telling Robbie that he better 
enjoy this because it would all change when he was married.

  I then pulled Robbie down on the floor and started to dance over his 
head. I slowly lowered myself down on his face until I felt his warm 
breath on my pussy. I then quickly stood up and stepped away from him 
and as I bent over this time I removed my panties tossing them to Scott. 
I then stepped over him again and slowly gyrated back down toward his 
face. This time as I lowered myself I was facing his cock and as I 
squatted down over top of him I felt more than just his warm breath...I 
felt his tongue slide along my pussy. As I shivered with excitment, I 
could see the other guys around the room standing up and moving closer 
for a better view. I also noticed several of them were beginning to 
unfasten their pants and get undressed. I slowly bent over and as Robbie 
continued to use his tongue on my pussy I took his hard cock in my hand 
and began to stroke him. As I looked around the room, I could see many 
of the guys were already stroking their own cocks. I could tell Robbie 
was getting excited and I lowered my head and began running my lips up 
and down the side of his shaft using my tongue and lips to spread his 
precum and lubricate my stroking hand. Suddenly I felt him begin to buck 
and heard him groan and his cock started to twitch in my hand. his warm 
sperm jumped from his cock and splashed down over my cheek. As he 
continued to spurt his cum ran down his cock and coated my lips and my 
stroking hand. As his orgasm ended I sat back up and looked around the 
room as I licked my lips..."Who is next?" I asked.

More to come...

Love, Jan

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