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Amy Visits for the Summer

Part III of ???

By Sundance

(Copyright, 1998)

First Posted - June 1998

Last Repost - July 1998

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+===================+Now the disclaimer +==================+

The following is a work of total fiction.  The characters, names, and
places are all products of my imagination and any resemblance to
anybody or anything, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This story contains potentially obscene terms and sexually explicit
content that some may find to be offensive. If you are offended by
such material, or if you are under 21 years old, you have the option
to stop now and not continue reading.  

By continuing to read you are making the following legal statement: I
am over 21, I want to view a list of potentially obscene terms, and it
is legal for me to view potentially obscene terms in my community,
state, nation or province.  

If you're not sure... STOP now ..... Delete this text ..... This isn't
being forced on you.

     When I returned home from Amy's house that evening Sarah had gone
to bed and was already fast asleep.  I followed, exhausted from
everything that had happened, sleeping straight through the night, not
remembering even a single dream.  I woke the next morning, as I always
did, just before sunrise and made my way to the closet, grabbed a
fresh pair of jogging shorts and T-shirt, and proceeded out the front
door for my morning run.  I chose today to alter my route, making a
left instead of a right, which I knew would take me past Amy's house.

As I listened to the rhythm of my track shoes pounding the asphalt,
the huffing of my breath in the warm morning air, I realized I was
dragging a bit more than usual.  I'd been doing this jogging stuff
pretty consistently for about a year and was accustomed now to gliding
through this morning ritual.  I was sure those two scotches I pounded
after arriving home didn't add to today's energy levels.   It wasn't
normal for me to drink that late in the evening.  But, then again,
very little of what had happened in the last 24 hours could be
considered normal for me.

I approached Amy's Mother's house.  Immediately my eyes were drawn to
the tall Oak tree on the far side of the yard.  I smiled to myself
remembering how effective it was the previous evening at guarding from
prying eyes the impromptu erotic moment shared by her daughter and I.

At the same time, I felt a bit silly.  Here I was, a 38-year-old
successful businessman behaving  like a puberty stricken teenager.  I
laughed thinking what a great water cooler story this would make come
Monday morning.   I could hear it now.

     "Hey Mike, how'd you spend your Saturday evening?"

    "Well, it was pretty typical.  Went to Sarah's boring Firm dinner,
came home, pounded two scotches, walked the babysitter home, hid in
the bushes with her, got her half naked, showed her my cock, and had
her work me over until I came on her stomach.   Other then that,
nothing out of the ordinary"

I circled the block and decided to make it a short run today.  I
walked in the house and Sarah was up earlier than usual, sitting at
the table reading the paper.  The boys were still crashed.  I poured
myself a cup of coffee from the pot she had brewed and sat down,
grabbing the sports page.

    "You were gone a long time last night.  Where did you go?"

Her words hung in the air as I stared at the TV schedule pretending at
first not to hear her.   For the first time I felt a sudden pang of
guilt, realizing to answer her question I would have lie.   Lying was
something I hated to do, to her or anybody else.  Lies were just too
hard to remember when it came time to tell the same story twice.

   "Michael, did you hear me?  I was speaking to you"

   "Oh, I'm sorry", pretending to be absorbed in the latest sports

   "I said, you were gone a long time when you walked Amy home.  Did
you go anywhere else?"

   "Yeah, I dropped her off at her Mom's house and then went for a
walk myself.   I needed to blow off some steam before going to bed".
No pun intended.   "It was a full moon and a walk seemed like a
spontaneous thing to do.  I just walked my normal jogging route,
that's all".  I paused.  Was I over explaining?

I'm sure it was my imagination, but I'd swear she knew I was lying.
She seemed to just stare at me, long after I had finished speaking.  I
just looked at the paper and pretended not to notice.  Finally, I got
up from the table, topped off my coffee, and made my way upstairs to
begin packing for the business trip I had the following week.

The trip I had planned was opportune, as I definitely needed some time
to regroup my thoughts.   Unfortunately, the only thoughts I had to
regroup seemed to be of Amy.   Despite my best attempts at focusing on
other things I found myself thinking of that girl from the moment my
feet hit the floor until the moment my head hit the pillow.   

It didn't help that every time that I would call home Sarah would
mention Amy's name.  Either Amy had just been there or was planning on
coming over later that day.   She had even spent the night and her and
Sarah had rented chick movies.  They were getting a bit too chummy I

Normally I wouldn't have minded Amy becoming a mainstay in our
household, as that's how it was before she moved away.   But then
again I wasn't playing 'hide in the bushes' with her at that time
either.  Things were going to get more complicated if I didn't make
some changes.

With my business finished on Friday morning I caught the next flight
home, hoping to get in with enough time to take a nap before the
evening festivities.  It was Sarah's and my turn to host a Firm
get-together, this time at our home.  Needless to say I wasn't looking
forward to it.   It seemed at times I saw more of that lawyer crowd
than I did of my own family.  Oh well, that's the life of a
Partner-wanna-be, I thought to myself.

I arrived home and grabbed my suit bag and laptop from the trunk of
the car and entered the house.  Dropping the bags, I made my way into
the kitchen where I figured Sarah would be preparing for the party.
My heart skipped a beat, as it wasn't Sarah who I first saw, but Amy,
sitting at the table with the boys.  They were all three engrossed in
composing artwork, each taking turns selecting a different color from
a tub of Crayolas situated in the center of their circle.  Nobody
seemed to notice my arrival.

    "Hey guys!  Guess who's home!"

The boys dropped their crayons, jumped from their seats, and ran to
give me a hug.  These were the moments that made fatherhood worth it
all.  They each ran back to the table and grabbed their respective
artworks and raced back to show me.  I made every attempt to lavish
equally over each picture, pointing out favorite details from each
one.  Once they were satisfied that I was indeed in awe of their
artistic talents, they returned to the table.  

I looked up and Amy was staring at me, her brown eyes sparkling just
as they did in the moonlight behind the branches.  She looked as
stunning and as delicious as ever.  

    "Hi Mr. Jennings.  How was your trip".  She smiled as she said it
before returning to her own coloring project.

    "My trip was fine Ms. Amy.  How are you?"

    "I'm fine", she replied.  This time we held our eye contact and I
felt my heart start to beat a bit faster.   There was chemistry about
this girl I couldn't believe.  The effect she had on me was dangerous.

    "Where's Sarah?"

    "She ran to the store to get some stuff for the party tonight.
Sounds like it's going to be lots of fun.  I hear it's going to be an
Hawaiian theme.  That should be neat".

    "Yeah, a real hoot", I said smiling and rolling my eyes.   "Hey,
maybe I'll get layed", laughing out loud at my own brand of pun based

    "Oh man.. that's bad", Amy replied and we laughed together.
"Well, now that you're home, I'll get going.  I have to see if I have
anything that looks Hawaiian.  If not, I'll have to go shopping.
Sarah asked if I could help out, watch the boys and keep the party
going.  So will you tell her I'll be back around 6:30?"

I watched as she tossed her crayon back in the bin and stood up,
leaning over to kiss each of the boy's cheeks on her way out.  There
was that body again, the profile of those firm breasts.   As I watched
her move from boy to boy, my mind swam back to the details of her form
as I had so enjoyed it the other night.   Every detail was etched in
my mind, including the vision of her standing in front of me, her
pants and panties pulled down just above her knees, her shirt pulled
up over her firm, young breasts, displaying her body for my and only
my pleasure.

Her words, just as she whispered them, echoed in my memory.... "Do you
like my body Mike".  The image of her fingers running over the tops of
her delicious hard nipples as she begged the question.  I felt myself
getting aroused again.  Then suddenly it was as if I was fighting my
way out of foggy dream, my trance interrupted.  

    "Mike.... Helllooo.... . earth to Mike"

I looked down and Amy was thumping me on the chest.  The boys were
laughing watching as she tried to get my attention.

   "You didn't answer me.  Will you tell Sarah I'll be over at 6:30?"

   "Uh, yeah...  I'll tell her Amy", and I smiled.   Without even
explaining I was sure she knew it was her playing the starring role in
my daydream. 

   "Ok.. see ya later than.  Bye boys", and she bounced out the front

                                                     * * * * 

I opened the 'Hawaiian Interludes' CD Sarah had brought home, put it
in the retractable tray, and hit the play button.  Sounded almost
Jamaican to me, but what did I know.   The guests were starting to
arrive and I was greeting them one at a time while Sarah finished
getting dressed.  The door-bell rang and this time I yelled for
whoever it was to let themselves in as I was now busy bartending.
Talking as I was mixing, I glanced to my left and found myself
stopping in mid-sentence.

 It was Amy.  It seemed half the crowd stopped what they were doing,
turning to watch her enter the room.  The conversations slowed and in
some instances halted.  I could tell the sudden attention was making
Amy bit uncomfortable and I called out to her.    Conversations
resumed as she looked around the room in search of my voice.
Eventually she spotted me at the bar and made her way towards me.

 She looked incredible and it was easy to see why she had become a
sudden distraction.   She was wearing a short white wrap-around-skirt
that hugged perfectly her shapely golden brown thighs.     She had a
bright, Hawaiian looking shirt on which she had tied in a knot around
her stomach to form a midriff.  Her long brown hair was pulled back
into a ponytail and she had accented her gorgeous features with just
the right amount of makeup.  

    "Hey you!  Where's Sarah", she asked?

   "She's upstairs still getting dressed.  Why don't you go up and
find her?"

   "Sounds good".  She smiled, reached into the bowl of snacks on the
bar and plopped a potato chip in her mouth before turning on her way
in search of Sarah.  I glanced up and noticed there wasn't a man in
the room who hadn't stopped what they were doing to watch Amy ascend
the stairs.  Conversely, the look on the face of the overweight wives
was one of obvious jealous envy.  I loved every minute of it.

Eventually Amy and Sarah came down the stairs to join the party.  They
went their own way and I continued tending bar until I was satisfied
everyone was adequately liquored up to ensure a good time.  The
evening was wearing on and I was growing tired.  Same shit, different
party I thought to myself.  

I fixed myself a scotch and made my way to the patio for some fresh
air.   The guests were divided, as they often are at parties, about
half in the living room and half outside near the pool.  I moved to a
corner of the yard and sipped my drink, taking in the stars.  It was a
crystal clear evening with not a cloud in the sky to block my view.

    "Hey Mikey", I heard from behind me.  

Without even turning around I knew it was Carl.  Carl was a Partner in
Sarah's law Firm and probably one of the most obnoxious, arrogant
assholes I'd ever met.   Put a little beanie on the guy and he was a
reasonable stand-in for Chumbly, the walrus sidekick from that old
Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon.  I mentioned that to Sarah one time and she
immediately scolded me, making me promise I would never call him that
to his face.  I agreed, but admit, I've mentioned it to some of the
other Partners and word on the street was the nickname had stuck.   

I turned to see his stout frame waddling towards me, his trademark
half smoked cigar hanging from his puffed up lips like a brown ivory

   "How's it hanging  Mikey".  I hated it when he called me Mikey.

   "Hi Carl, glad you could make it".  I wasn't really glad.

    "Hey, I wanted to ask you something".  A wave of bad breath hit me
in the face like a tire iron as he leaned closer.  "Who's the piece of
ass you hired to wait tables?"

I looked across the patio to where he was motioning.  He was referring
to Amy who was leaning over stacking some used cups and paper plates
to be thrown away.  She looked up in time to see us staring at her and
waved.  Carl waved back, wiggling independently his sausage like
fingers in Amy's direction.  I felt a tinge of jealousy watching him
ogle her.  

   "Her name is Amy.  She's a good friend of the family.  Baby-sits
the boys".

   "Really??.  Have you taken to combing the strip clubs in search of
babysitters, or what?  Look at the jugs and ass on that little filly.
I mean, the last time I saw a body like that I was stuffing 5 dollars
in a g-string.  You can tell that *baby* she can *sit* on old Carl
anytime she wants", and he burst out into an obnoxious cackle. 

My blood started to boil.  

      "Look Carl, like I said.  She's a good friend of the family and,
frankly, I think your comments are out of line".

I watched the smile disappear as he moved closer to me with his fat
face and bad breath.  

   "Let me tell you something, Mikey.  You need to loosen up.  I never
have liked you and if it weren't for Sarah I wouldn't waste my time at
your goofy parties.  She makes a lot of money for this Firm and for
me.  That's the only reason I'm here.  Let me tell you something else.
That little wife of yours wants to be a Partner sometime soon too.  In
case you have figured it out, when that time comes somebody is going
to ask me my opinion, and my opinion counts.  Picture yourself
explaining to her that the only reason she didn't make it was because
her husband couldn't learn to get along with other people.  You get my
drift, Mikey?"

I stood and listened, watching his half-eaten stogie bob up and down
in his mouth while he talked.  I waited for him to finish,
contemplating if now was the time to drop him like a bad habit and I
felt hand forming into a fist.    If it weren't for Sarah I'd have
already laid him out flat.  Instead, I turned my back to the crowd and
put my arm around him.

   "Carl, you're right.  I was out of line and I'm sorry".  A
self-satisfied smile returned to his face.  "I was actually thinking
that Sarah and I should get together with you and Sylvia more often,
on a social basis I mean.  Actually, I've got an idea."  

His interest seemed to peak and I continued. 

   "You remember that Christmas party a few years ago.  You know, the
one where you were banging that chubby girl from the secretary temp
pool in the supply room before you realized the whole thing was being
picked up on the security surveillance cameras?"

The smile started to fade from his lips.

   "Well, Sarah has her own private VHS copy of that Kodak moment.
We've gotten more than a laugh or two watching that.  I think my
favorite part", and I slapped him on the shoulder, " was when you kept
asking her to yell 'fuck me GOOD Uncle Carl, fuck me GOOD!'.  I mean I
laughed till I cried."

The color was washing from his face and his soggy stogie almost fell
from his mouth.

   "Anyway, I was thinking.  Since Sarah probably won't make Partner
after all, we'll have more time to socialize.  I was thinking you and
Sylvia could come over, the four of us could throw back some Martinis
and watch that tape.  Word has it she's the only one in the Firm who
hasn't seen it.   But hey, If you're busy, I'll just send my copy over
to Sylvia and you two can watch it without us.  I mean, it is an
intimate moment and the two of you might prefer to be alone the first
time she sees it.  The four of us can do something else together.. go
cigar shopping maybe.  What do you say..... Chumbly?"

He just stared at me as his lower lip starting to tremble.  

   "You're a son-of-a-bitch Jennings"

   "Well, that might be true, but I'll probably be married to a
Partner here pretty soon, so I can't be doing that bad", and I just
glared back into his beady little eyes.  He stormed away from me and
into the crowd of guests.  Just about that time I saw Sarah

   "What was that all about?"  There was a sense of tension in her
voice having just witnessed the way Carl stormed away. 

   "Nothing, Chum.. I mean Carl just lost a football bet and was being
a poor sport"

   "You have to be nice to these people Mike, even if you don't like
them.  I need their support"

   "I know, I know Sarah"

   "Anyway, I've been looking all over for you.  Can you go to the
store and get two boxes of Margarita mix.  We're out".

   "Sure thing".  I needed to get out of here and this was my chance.
I made my way through the crowd, grabbed my keys and was out the front
door without looking back.    I was just starting across the lawn when
I heard a rustle in the nearby bushes.  I stopped, looked, and
continued towards my car, figuring it must have been a cat or some
other neighborhood pet on the prowl.   

   "Psssssssst..", the sound from the bushes.  "Mike... over here".

 I looked hard towards where I was hearing the sound and could vaguely
make out a form in the darkness.  I moved closer and could see it was
Amy holding open the side gate that led into the back yard.   

     "What are you doing?".  She didn't answer, but instead grabbed me
by the hand and pulled me inside, quietly closing the gate behind us.

The area where we were standing was a grassy area on the side of the
house, not far from the party.  We had to stand close to hear one
another over the blur of voices and music coming from the group
gathered on the patio.   Scattered around us was an array of chairs,
chase lounges, a barbecue, and other items which we had moved here
temporarily for the party so as to give the guests more room to

Amy immediately threw her arms around my neck.  "God, I've missed you.
It was so hard having to act like I didn't want to be close to you"

I stood still, my arms at my sides, even though I wanted so
desperately to hold her, feel her form against me.   It only took a
moment and she eased back from our embrace and looked in my eyes, a
troubled look on her face.  

    "What's wrong?  You're acting very distant"

    "I'm sorry, I don't mean to.  What are you doing over here?  Why
aren't you back at the party"

    "I saw you talking to that guy.  I was the one who told Sarah
where you were.  She was looking for you.  I knew she wanted you to go
to the store so I made my way over here when I saw you leaving. What's
the matter?  Don't you want to see me?"

    "That's not it at all".  I wanted to see her much more than I was
willing to admit.  I wanted to take her into my arms, to capture that
feeling we had shared the other night.   "It's just Amy, well, you
know.  We have to be careful.  Somebody could see us over here and
that would only lead to questions".

    "Well, nobody is going to see us over here now", she whispered,
and pulled me close, beginning to kiss me.   I didn't resist.  I
couldn't.   I felt her tongue enter my mouth and, without thinking, I
had my arms around her bare midriff, pulling her close.  We kissed
deep and passionately and it was obvious things were heating up in a
hurry.  I started to move my hands down to squeeze her firm behind,
but stopped myself, gaining quickly my composure.

    "Hold it".  I took her by the hands and seated on the end of a
nearby chase lounge.  I pulled another over so I that we could talk
face to face.  I sat down in front of her and took her hands in mine.
She smiled and leaned over to kiss me, this time with more tenderness
than passion.  God she was beautiful.  

   "Amy, we've got to talk.  This thing that is happening between us.
It can't continue"

   "What thing?"

    "You know what thing.  Like what happened the other night.  Like
what started to happen just then when we were kissing.  If we continue
like this we are headed for trouble.  It's just way too dangerous and
there is too much at stake if we get discovered"

She sat up straight and took a very serious look.

    "Mike, I understand what you're saying.  I know you're married.
Besides that, I really like Sarah, a lot, and wouldn't ever do
anything to hurt her or you.    The way I look at it is this.  I won't
be here forever.  I'm going back to my Father's house soon and am not
sure when I'll return.  Right now, I just need somebody I can trust.
Somebody to be close to.  The things we are sharing are making me feel
really good.  I also know it's making you feel pretty good too", and
she smiled a sinister grin.  "Nobody is going to find out unless you
tell them.  If I wanted to tell Sarah about us, I would have.  I had
more than one opportunity while you were gone on business, but I
didn't.  Don't you see, she'll never know.  This is OUR secret...
Besides...", and she paused.

     "Besides what?"

She didn't answer, but instead leaned again into me, took my face in
her hands, and we started kissing.  I couldn't help myself and we
found our tongues intertwined within a matter of seconds.   Finally, I
pulled back from her one last time.

    "We have to get out of here.  Somebody will overhear us talking"

     "Well, there's one cure for that", she replied standing up and
facing me.   "We just stop talking and then they won't hear us"    

I hadn't had time to stand from my seated position on the chase lounge
when I realized she was moving towards me.   I watched as she looking
down at me while using her hands to slowly untie the knot of her make
shift midriff.  She pulled it back and to the sides as she moved

Whether she was wearing a bra when she arrived and had removed it
during her planning for this rendezvous I wasn't sure, but she didn't
have one on now.  Her firm young breasts were as perfect as I
remembered and they seemed to stand at attention as she moved forward
between my legs.  She took my head in her hands, running her long
fingernails through my hair as she pulled my face close, sliding her
erect nipple into my mouth.  She tasted sweet and firm.

I moved my hands to her bare waist and used them to help support her
as I engulfed her chest in my moutht.  I moved my hands to hold both
breasts still as I alternated, taking each hard and sensitive nipple
between my teeth, pulling, before running slow circles with my tongue
around the large brown circular edge.  As this was happening she was
working to loosen the buttons of my Hawaiian shirt and pulled it back
over my shoulders.  It fell to the lounge chair behind me as she used
her hands to massage my exposed chest.   

She moved slowly back from me, stepping out of her sandals.  I could
see she had discovered I was absolutely enamored with her beauty and
watching, taking in every inch of her young sensuous form with my eyes
made for some of the most erogenous foreplay this man could ask for.

Looking down at me, her shirt pulled to the side, her full breasts
glistening in the moonlight with traces of my saliva on each nipple,
she pulled loose the band that held in place her pony tail.  She ran
her hands through her thick brown hair and lifted it up, still looking
deep into my eyes.   Using her fingers she flared her hair out to the
sides so that it cascaded down her shoulders as she moved her hands
down to the buttons that held in place her wrap around skirt.
She slowly and carefully undid each button until it was only her
fingers holding the wrapped material around her hips.  I looked to the
side briefly to make sure we were still alone.  While the guests were
only several yards away, our area was dark and we ran little chance of
being disturbed.  The worst part?  The danger with knowing that, at
any moment, we could be discovered only added to the eroticism.  What
was I doing?  This had to be so wrong, but I couldn't stop myself.

I turned back to Amy just in time to watch her slowly unveil her lower
body from the material that she held in place.  Slowly she unwrapped
herself until she finally released the skirt and it fell to the
ground.  As was the case with the bra, there were no panties to be
found, and she was now standing before me completely nude, except for
the midriff that hung down against her waist.  Her body was like an
hourglass and perfect in proportion.  Her hips were narrow, yet
feminine, her waist was flat and tanned, and her breasts were large,
yet firm.  Her dark nipples provided the perfect deep contrast to the
white portion of her skin that must normally be shielded from the sun
by a thin bikini top.    Her neck was slender and her long luxurious
hair was split across her shoulders.  The Greek gods couldn't have
assembled a more perfect creature.

She strolled closer to me.  Reaching around her I ran my hands,
starting at her muscular calves, up the back of her legs, and across
her firm naked bottom, squeezing firmly and slowly as I went along.
All the while she was using her fingernails to squeeze hard into my
shoulders.   Her nipples continued to graze my mouth, and unlike
earlier when I went after each in a ravenous fury, I now moved slowly,
sensuously, as if savoring a luscious appetizer.  Indeed, the best was
yet to come and we both could sense it.

She grabbed me by the arms and pulled upwards to indicate that she
wanted me to stand.  I obeyed and she started to slowly kiss my neck,
working her way down until she was sucking my nipples while she worked
loose the belt and snap of my white cotton shorts.  Loose now she ran
her hands inside the waistband of my underwear and pulled the shorts
down my legs.  My erect cock sprang to life against the night air.
Underwear and all, the garments fell to the grass and she helped me to
step out of them.  We continued our tender embrace, now facing one
another, completely nude and both fully aroused. 

She took my shoulders and moved me backwards until I was again in a
seated position on the chase lounge.  She leaned forward and kissed my
lips as she went to her knees, between my legs.  Our roles seemed
reversed now, as she was the one watching, admiring my raging
erection.  Her eyes followed slowly as she traced me with her
fingertips, beginning at my balls, and working upwards, across my
chest, until her eyes eventually met with my own.

    "You have the most beautiful cock, Mike", she whispered.  " It's
so big and thick and when it gets hard, like it is now, it just drives
me crazy.  I just love to look at it"   

She ran her palms along the tops of my thighs and with one on my hip,
the other on my erection, began to stroke me.

     "I want to taste you Mike.  Can I taste you?"

What was I doing?  This was insane and I knew I had to stop things
now, but I couldn't find the willpower.  With one last glance to my
right to ensure nobody was rounding the corner, I looked back down to
her and nodded.   I took her cheek gently in my hand and pulled her
closer to me.  She met me half way with her mouth, taking my cock in
her hand and starting with the head.   

I could tell she lacked experience in this part of lovemaking, but I
didn't mind.  She moved slowly at first, using only her lips to graze
the head, followed by long slow kisses to the sides of my shaft.
Surprisingly, she wasn't put off by the pre-cum, and licked it slowly
with her tongue, pulling back so that a web like strand extended from
her mouth to me.   Each movement made me harder, although I couldn't
see how that was possible.

I was dying.  Her innocence, her uncertainty in how to proceed was
translating into torment.  I wanted to feel myself inside her mouth,
her hot tongue rolling around me.  She continued to tease, to only
take small portions of the head in her mouth.   Then, it was as if she
sensed my need, my torment.  Holding tightly around the shaft of my
cock she leaned back, her eyes meeting with mine, she pulled her hair
back from her face and smiled.   Holding that eye contact she leaned
slowly forward, opened her mouth, and took at least a third of me into
her throat.

For the first time I forgot we weren't alone and I moaned out loud,
and not quietly I might add.  Startled, she raised up.  We both
realized what I had just done and quickly looked around.  Realizing
that nobody had heard me we both laughed out loud and she resumed.

I was fortunate as the music from the stereo, the voices from the
party drowned out my involuntary sounds of ecstasy.  My white-knuckle
grip tightened around the edge of the chase lounge cushion as I looked
down towards Amy.   Her brown eyes were still locked with my own as
her head moved up and down in long slow strokes, her hot mouth
wrapped tightly around my engorged cock.  I had to bite my own lip to
keep from screaming as I felt her tongue press hard against my swollen

Watching her, her gorgeous face, her spectacular mouth, taking me, as
much of me as she could, was almost too much.  I stared upwards at the
stars as I felt the boiling sensation in my balls, the rush of an
inevitable orgasm.   To my surprise, Amy sensed my impending moment
and slowed her pace, finally lifting her head for air but slowly
massaging my erection from top to bottom to ensure I didn't lose
interest.  Like I could.....

    "Mike....I want you.  I need you inside me.  But, I'm not on the

    "It's ok baby, trust me".  I would explain the vasectomy later.

By this time, I didn't even resist.  Any sense of rational judgement
was gone.  I wanted one thing.  I wanted Amy and I wanted her now.
For the first time I used my strength with her, taking her by the arms
in my hands and pulling her forcefully up from the ground and closer
to me.   We lavished in each other's mouths, biting, tasting, and
sucking, in unobstructed moments of unbridled passion.    The music
from the stereo blared.  The voices and laughs of the crowd continued.
None of it mattered.  This moment was Amy's and mine.  

I reached down and took her long luxurious thighs pulling them tightly
around me as I leaned back against the lounge cushion which was
perfectly positioned at a 45-degree angle.  Pulling her close to me we
continued to kiss as I rubbed my cock against her wet pussy.  She
rocked slowly against my thighs, using her fingernails to squeeze
tightly into my chest, alternating with gentle tugs to my nipples.

     "Now Mike.... do it now", her breathing was heavy, an almost
savage look on her face I hadn't witnessed until this moment.  She put
her bare feet on the grass and stood up over me.   I reached down and
positioned my cock under her, rubbing the head slowly back and forth
against her swollen clit.  

     "Oh god....Now Mike....Now"

I put my hands on her bare waist to help support her weight.   Her
fingers laced tightly around my neck, her breasts grazing my chest,
she slowly lowered herself on me.  Amy had a small frame, particularly
in contrast to mine, and while I could tell I was correctly positioned
for entry, I could see that my size was going to require a careful,
gentle approach.   I began to enter her.  Her pussy was hot and wet,
but extremely tight around me.  I looked up at her.  She was biting
her lower lip and had a look of intensity on her face.  

    "Are you ok???".  I didn't want to hurt her.

Staring deep in my eyes, her lower lip fastened securely between her
teeth, she shook her head yes, but said nothing.  

I lowered her slightly, entering further.  She didn't speak, but
instead let out an involuntary moan.  I wasn't sure if this was a moan
of pain or one of passion.  

     "Are you still ok?"

    "Yes, it hurts a little, because you're so big, but don't stop.
Please.... don't stop".

Slowly she began to rock her hips against me and I could feel myself
penetrating and withdrawing, a little more each time.  The sensation
was like nothing I had ever experienced.  Her nipples were rock hard,
harder than I had ever seen them and they continued to graze against
my chest.    I moved my hands down to her bare hips and used them to
keep us as one.    She began to glide against me with the rhythm of
the slow jazz that sounded from the patio.

She leaned forward and we resumed our passionate kissing.  We were one
now and, slowly, she was accepting more of me.  Every now and again
her lower body would seem to spasm, as if it was working to make room
for me.  After each spasm I was a bit deeper inside.  Several moments
passed, and while at first I wasn't sure if it would be possible, her
small frame was taking all of my engorged cock.   I looked up at her
and she smiled.  I knew the blur between pleasure and pain had
disappeared.   We stared deep into each other's eyes as her body rose
and fell against my rigid member, entering, leaving, and entering her

    "Oh yes baby.. Oh yes", she moaned.  She leaned close into me so
that her lips were buried into my shoulder and her voice would be
muffled from the crowd.  "Oh yeah Mike, Oh yeah....go deep, go deeper"

I obeyed, grabbing tightly around her and lifting my own hips from the
chair.  I thrusted my raging cock deep inside her then used my hands
to lift her up, before thrusting it deep inside her again.  I looked
up at her.  I wanted to see her while I fucked her.   Her eyes were
closed, her breasts were bouncing against my chest, her hands grappled
against my shoulders for some sense of leverage.   I noticed she kept
biting her lower lip in an obvious effort to remain quiet.

  Finally, she looked down at me and spoke, but never slowed down her
furious movements.


    "Yes baby"

    "Cum in me.  I want to feel it....  I need to feel you"

 She removed her hands from my neck and placed them on my thighs as
she sat straight up on me.  The pace of her hips against mine
increased and she began to pinch and tug at her own nipples, never
taking the gaze of her dark brown eyes from my own.  I was completely
inside her now, filling her, and as she rose and lowered herself,
there was no sign of discomfort, only of pleasure, even as she sat
backwards, causing me to disappear inside her tight pussy.  

    "I'm going to cum Mike", she moaned, in a voice that sounded if
she might lose herself to tears.  I felt her pussy start to spasm
around me as she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.  Her feet
left the ground and she bent her knees and placed her thighs on the
edge of the cushion, allowing our bodies to be touching in every way.

She leaned forward, pressing her breasts hard into me as she continued
bouncing up and down against my rigidity in a furious frenzy.  I
wrapped my hands tight around her ass and rammed my cock inside her as
deep as I could go.    I felt her legs start to quiver as her teeth
clutched into my bare shoulder.  I too was going to cum to and I held
her close to me as the rising began, turning into an eruptive fountain
inside her, surging, surging, and surging some more.  A few moments
passed and I felt all of her weight collapse on me.  

The music continued to play.  The crowd continued to mingle.  I opened
my eyes and the stars I had noticed earlier continued to flicker.  Amy
and I laid still.  We held each other and didn't move.  Neither of us
wanted to give up this moment.  What was happening to me?  I couldn't
kid myself.  As I felt her snuggled tightly against me, my flaccid
erection still insider her, I knew this was more than a sexual

What was I going to do now?  How was I going to deal with this?  What
I couldn't imagine was that Amy had all the answers.

                                               End of Part III

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