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Amy Visits for the Summer

Part I of ???

By Sundance

(Copyright, 1998)

First Posted     - June 1998

Repost Date:  - July 5, 1998


This is a repost from a creative writing hobby I've launched called
'Sundance Tales'.   Sundance Tales is all 'not-so-serious', original
erotica written for entertainment purposes only and is pure fiction.

I strive to ensure these tales involve interesting characters,
realistic dialog, a bit-of-humor, a spicy story line, and hopefully a
smile or two for the reader.

Depending on what you're into, Sundance tales are not for everyone. 
The emphasis is on erotica, not pornography, meaning the characters
are seldom nude by the third sentence and I always strive for a
well-rounded story that flows with some sense of realism.  Significant
parts of the story may lapse before a sexual encounter takes place,
but when you get there, you'll know it... : )

You will NOT find themes in Sundance Tales which involve sex with
young children, sex with animals, rape, guy-guy sex (girl-girl might
show up), or sharing of bathroom-type bodily functions.  Not knocking
those stories, they're just not my thing.

If you like this story or don't like this story, write and tell me
why.  I love hearing from people and comments / criticisms are always
welcome provided they are constructive and provide opportunities for
me to improve.

I can be reached for repost requests and/or  feedback at:

Please don't repost unless you repost all parts of the file, including
this intro and the following disclaimer.

Lastly.... Enjoy!


+===================+Now the disclaimer +==================+

The following is a work of total fiction.  The characters, names, and
places are all products of my imagination and any resemblance to
anybody or anything, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This story contains potentially obscene terms and sexually explicit
content that some may find to be offensive. If you are offended by
such material, or if you are under 21 years old, you have the option
to stop now and not continue reading.  

By continuing to read you are making the following legal statement: I
am over 21, I want to view a list of potentially obscene terms, and it
is legal for me to view potentially obscene terms in my community,
state, nation or province.  

If you're not sure... STOP now ..... Delete this text ..... This isn't
being forced on you.
	I finish with the last of the buttons on my dress shirt and
reach for the silk tie that I've been assured is the most appropriate
choice for this night's events.  I make the familiar Windsor knot,
making sure it forms a tight triangle against my shirt collar.   I
make one last adjustment and glance at my watch, calling out, "Are you
almost ready?  It's past 7:00.  If we don't leave soon we'll be late".

     "Don't rush me", comes an irritated moan from the closet where my
wife Sarah is putting the finishing touches on her own ensemble for
the evening.   This is the last of her Firm's functions and, as she
frequently reminds me, a pivotal juncture in her becoming the first
woman Partner in her law firm.  I admit, I'm not much for these
stuffed shirt parties, but owe it to her to attend, smile, mingle, and
function as the supportive husband. 

The doorbell rings.   "Can you answer that, I think it's Amy", Sarah
calls out from the closet. 

      "Amy who?", I respond, tilting my head back, then from side to
side, making sure I haven't missed any spots shaving.

     "What do you mean, Amy who?"  There's that irritated tone again.
"Amy the babysitter.  You remember her"

Amy, I think to myself?  I only know one Amy.   "Amy?... As in the Amy
who moved away two years ago?"   

    "Yes, that Amy.  She's moved back here for the summer to stay with
her Mom.  Good for us, don't you think?"

    "Yeah, I suppose so.  Beats that other babysitter... Stacie"

     "Tracy... the other babysitter is Tracy"...

     "Whatever... Hey do the kid's know?"

    "Yes, and they're so excited!  They can't wait to see her".

Amy was our longstanding babysitter and the most reliable we ever had.
In addition, the kids were absolutely crazy about her.  Having lived a
few houses down from us for a number of years we watched her grow up
and she practically became an extended member of the family.  A truly
pleasant kid, Amy was the epitome of a tom-boy if ever I saw one.
Whenever I spotted her in the neighborhood she was always wearing her
uniform consisting of beat up overalls, a baggy t-shirt, and matted
hair bound in a pony tail stuffed under a worn Dodgers's cap.  

Usually she was carting a bat and glove on her way to the baseball
diamond.   Rumor had it she played every position better than all the
boys in the neighborhood and if anybody made a comment like girls
should be playing with dolls instead of baseballs they might just find
themselves on the wrong end of a wicked right hook.

I made my way down the stairs and past the living room.   Glancing in
I checked to ensure the boys were still glued to the TV, their usual
statue like positions these days.   "Guys, I think Amy's here".
Neither looks up from their seemingly comatose trance.  I figure it's
a 50 / 50 chance my words registered.  As I move into the hallway the
doorbell rings again.   I turn on the porch light and unlatch the

As I open the door I'm stopped in my tracks.  Two thoughts register
immediately in my mind.  The first.... WOW.... the second.. .WHO is

  Standing in the doorway is a young girl, a woman really, probably 18
or 19 years old and an absolute knockout.  Figuring whoever she is,
she must have the wrong house, I'm half way through asking "Can I help
you" when she smiles and I'm overwhelmed with a sudden rush of déjà

     "Amy?... Is that you?", my voice a mixture of confusion and

She laughs.  "Yes, it's me Mr. Jennings.  Almost didn't remember me,
did you?"

    "Uh, no.. I mean.. Yes, of course I remember you.  Come in, and
the name is Mike... not Mr. Jennings".  I step aside using my free
hand to motion her towards the hallway.   "Wow, you've grown up. The
boys are in watching TV.  They can't wait to see you"

Grown up was an understatement.  The Amy I remembered as a tom-boy had
transformed herself into a gorgeous young woman.  Actually, a more
accurate statement would have been a gorgeous young 'hardbody' but it
seemed impossible to think of Amy in that way.   I quickly ran the
math in my head, estimating the time she first moved in up the road,
her age when she moved away two summers ago, and determined she must
now be around 17, although she looked much older.  As she walked in
past me I tried to remain nonchalant, but I quickly became absorbed,
taking in every inch of her feminine curves.   

The gangly legs I remembered had filled out into curvaceous thighs.
The non-existent bottom that was always concealed by the baggy
overalls was now a plump, round, perfectly shaped derriere.   The
baggy tee-shirt had been replaced by a tight blouse with a dipping
neckline, holding tight a large, full bosom and cleavage.  The hair
that always seemed matted and bound by the dusty baseball cap was now
a flowing mane of thick brown curls that stretched down to the middle
of her back. 

>From behind us I heard the boys racing in from the living room and Amy
was ready for them, crouching with outstretched arms.  I guess they
had heard me mention her arrival after all.

    "Hey Guys!", she called out enthusiastically, embracing them and
listening intently as they simultaneously blurted out details of their
day.  Unlike myself, they didn't seem to notice a change.   It was the
same ole Amy. Lucky kids I thought, imagining how much I would like to
be that close to that body.     

The more I watched her, the more my imagination took on a life of its
own.   With her attention focused on the boys I was free to truly take
in just how much she had changed.   Her facial features were now that
of a woman, no longer a girl.  The pudgy cheeks were now sculptured
cheekbones.  I traced downward with my eyes the profile of her full
breasts, now exposed as her arms stretched around each boy in a three
way hug.  

I noticed how sensuous her mouth was as she smiled and spoke,
revealing perfectly straight white teeth previously hidden behind a
mouthful of metal braces.  Her lips were moist and full and I could
almost imagine how they must feel, how they must taste during the
height of a passionate kiss.  

What was I thinking!  This was Amy for god's sake.  The kid I watched
grow up!  While I knew these thoughts weren't right, I was captivated
by her presence and found myself becoming involuntarily aroused as my
mind and eyes continued to wander.   

Finally my sub-conscious took over and I heard myself speaking before
I had a chance to consider what I was about to ask.   "Hey, where's my

What did I just say, the words ringing in my own ears.

My saving grace was Amy has always been an affectionate girl, a
hugger, so my request shouldn't seem too out of the ordinary, as long
as I kept my wandering imagination in check.  No matter, as I had
already blurted out the question and was now forced to live with the

Smiling that gorgeous smile, she stood and turned to me giggling,
"I'm sorry.  How are you?"  She stretched her long slender arms around
my neck and moved towards me.  As she moved closer I could feel her
large firm breasts press against my chest.  For a moment I thought I
could even sense the shape and texture of her nipples through the
material of her bra, but was sure that was my wanting imagination. 

 The fragrance she was wearing seemed to wash over my senses.  The
combined sensations of touch, her smell, her body moving close to mine
sent a shiver down my spine and my heart began to race as the blood
flowed quickly and uncontrollably to my loins.  I was having a
difficult time controlling myself, not to mention concealing my
obvious state of arousal.

Amy raised herself up on her tip toes and pulled tighter around my
neck until our bodies came together in what would normally be a
friendly embrace between old friends.   However, there was nothing
casual about my thoughts or desires and before I had time to react I
felt, as I'm sure she did, my engorged erection brushing against her
upper thighs.   Clearly startled, I sensed her pause as she registered
my obvious arousal and her embrace around my neck started to loosen as
she began to pull away.   I was busted and I knew it.

My eyes closed with embarrassment as my mind raced with what would
happen next.  Would she slap my face?   Would she stand here in front
of the children and shout at me, point me out as the lecher I
obviously was, or would she just pretend to ignore it, only to leave
and never return again?   How was I going to explain this to Sarah, to
the kids.  Where would I get another babysitter for the Firm event, no
pun intended.  I should have just moved to the living room and let her
follow, keeping my passions a secret.     What was I thinking!

Then, as if the entire incident couldn't get more confusing, Amy
stopped pulling away and instead resumed our embrace, pulling tighter
around my neck.   I couldn't believe it as I felt her hips move
closer, pressing her denim clad thighs hard into my engorged cock.  

I felt her rock ever so slightly from side to side against me, tracing
my entire length, not noticeable to the kids standing nearby, but
unmistakable to me.   Her hair was against my cheek and I could now
almost taste her skin.  My hands moved downward to her lower back,
pulling her body tight against me.   Without thinking, I wrapped my
arms tightly around her and picked her up off the ground in a bear-hug
type squeeze leaving her legs dangling above the tiled floor. 

    "Hmmmm... it's good to see you", I said casually, again as if
greeting an old friend.  With her entire body now against mine, I
continued to gently rock her hips back and forth against my throbbing
erection.   I was becoming so hard it was almost painful and the fact
that Amy continued to squeeze tight around my neck was even more of a
turn-on as it was obvious I wasn't the only one enjoying this
impromptu moment of lust.  

My mind raced with erotic fantasies of reaching down and grabbing her
gorgeous young buttocks, wrapping her thighs around me, and whisking
her off to engage in a flurry of savage lovemaking, but I was quick to
remind myself of the reality of the situation. 

What were seconds seemed like minutes and I clearly didn't want to let
go.  Finally, as I lowered her to the ground I discretely positioned
her so, for at least a moment, my erection eased between her legs as
she slid down the front of my suit pants.  I tried to regain my
composure so as not to call attention to the children, or to Sarah,
who was bound to descend the stairs at any minute. 

As she stepped away from me I glanced down and could see her large
round nipples were fully erect, far from hidden, even by the thick
material of her bra and top.  She reached out and took my silk tie in
her fingers and ran the length of it slowly from top to bottom through
her hand. Her eyes followed down my shirt until she was staring at the
massive hard-on clearly outlined in the cotton trousers of my suit.   

Looking up at me, her big brown eyes met with mine and I could see she
was blushing.  She smiled and whispered "You ARE happy to see me...
aren't you.... Mike", pausing between each breath.   I felt myself
blushing in return.

I turned away and pretended to fiddle with the latch on the door so
the kid's wouldn't notice my arousal.  Amy  turned  and called to the
boys who, oblivious to what was happening, were engaged in some
scuffle of their own as small boys often are.  

     "Cmon guys, let's watch TV", her last words as she took each of
their hands in her own and disappeared into the living room.   As I
stood there, my heart racing, my breathing irregular, I wasn't sure
what had really just occurred.   More importantly, I didn't realize
that this was only the beginning of the erotic torment that would
await me in the remainder of that summer.  The summer Amy came home to

			End of Part I

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