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Content Warning: This work of fiction contains mature subject 
matter and graphic sexual language including descriptions of cnsensual 
sex between men and women. If you think you can't deal with this story, 
or if it's illegal to possess such material in your locality, please hit 
the delete button now. If you're a minor as defined by the laws in your 
locality then you MUST stop now and go no further. As a work of fiction, 
any similarities to any person(s) dead, alive, or fictional is merely a 
really weird coincidence.

Jan Williams

They arrived at the cabin a little after nine Saturday morning, about an 
hour's drive from the city. He took her
overnight bag to the bedroom, putting it on the bed with his; checked 
the water in the adjoining bathroom to
make sure it had gotten hot and went back to the main room. She had 
found the cokes in the refrigerator
where he had put them Friday evening when he had come up to turn on the 
power and bring the food supplies
for the weekend.

She opened two, handing him one and looked around the comfortable two 
room cabin. There was a narrow
bar separating the small kitchen with its heavy oak table and four 
chairs from the rest of the main room. The
room was bright with a large picture window on the side opposite the 
door they had entered and one in the
kitchen at the end. She went into the bedroom, saw the spacious bathroom 
with its counter and two basins,
toilet and, seeming out of place for a cabin, bidet. Then she remembered 
the cabin had been built as a
weekend retreat for a married couple. There was a large open shower 
across the end with a curtain to contain
the spray. She took her things out of her bag, placing them in the small 
closet and a drawer in the chest. She
paused, opened the drawer again and put her watch and rings there. She 
unpacked his things and put their
toiletries in the bathroom. She was slightly puzzled, somehow it seemed 
so natural for her to do that, yet she
had only known him since the previous Monday.

They had been introduced by a mutual friend in the cafeteria of the 
building where they both worked and had
felt an immediate attraction for each other. They met there for lunch 
each day that week, getting to know each
other, talking about their common interests and the things they liked to 
do. He had invited her to dinner on
Wednesday after which they had gone to her apartment which she shared 
with a girlfriend from college. Her
roommate was out for the evening so they talked about more private 
things there, discussing their feelings for
each other.

Cindy was 22, blond, about five five, 125 maybe 130 pounds, not 
beautiful but attractive, pretty face, nice
body. Rick was 24, brown hair, six foot, 170 pounds, nice looking face 
and body Cindy thought. A spark had
ignited a fire in them when they first met, a fire that was now 
smouldering in Cindy's belly, her breasts,
waiting for Rick to fan its flames. Hard to conceal desires had soon 
become obvious to two sexually mature
adults. Cindy's fire would burn too intensely for a night in the 
confines of a motel room, neither wanted a
quick first encounter, they needed to be together where there were no 
constraints of time or privacy. An idea
had formed in Rick's mind, they agreed to have dinner again on Thursday 
and then go to his apartment where
they could be alone to make plans, now they were here with two days all 
to themselves. Cindy went back to
join Rick on the sofa and finish her coke.

She went to the window and looked down over the lush mountain side, 
nothing but trees, they were finally
completely alone, unconstrained. Cindy turned slightly toward Rick as 
she sensed him watching her, stepping
out of her shoes while she unbuttoned her shirt, letting it fall to the 
floor. She reached back to unsnap her bra,
letting it join her shirt as she cupped her breasts in her hands, 
massaging them to remove all feeling of their
previous constraint, feeling the pleasant warmth of the cabin on her 
bare skin.

Rick moved toward her, removing his shirt, adding it to the pile of 
clothes building on the floor that would
not be moved for the next two days. Cindy loosened his belt and unzipped 
his jeans, then unzipped hers, slid
them down her hips and added them to the pile with his falling on top of 
them. Cindy took Rick's hands in
hers, placed them on her hips at the top of her panties, smiling as he 
slid them down her thighs, removing the
last adornment from her body while she removed his. They moved apart, 
taking in their first full view of each
other as they would be for the next two days. Cindy saw Rick's 
appreciation of her body clearly displayed as
his cock hardened, curving slightly upward, smiling at the sight of his 
body so obviously eager for her.

Rick reached for Cindy, drawing her to him, holding their bodies 
together, her breasts pressed against his
chest, his cock now confined between their bellies. They kissed for the 
first time with no reservations, a deep
sensual kiss, their tongues intertwined in their mouths.

Cindy led Rick to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Rick lathered 
up a wash cloth and started to bathe
Cindy, removing the slight traces of makeup from her face. He moved 
behind her to wash her throat and neck,
down her back to her butt. He pressed tightly against her back, soaping 
his body with hers. His cock pressed
up against the small of her back as he bathed her breasts, more massage 
than bathing now as he held his bare
hand on one breast while he washed the other; the soft roughness of the 
cloth caressing them, making her
nipples tingle as he rubbed it over them.

His hands moved down her body, washing her belly, her hips; using his 
bare hand to wash the soft fine hairs
of her muff and on in to all the recesses of her pussy except her cunt. 
Cindy giggled as he washed down the
crack of her ass to her anus, playing with it as he washed it. Rick slid 
Cindy's soapy body around in his arms
until she faced him, then slid down and washed her thighs, set her on 
the shower seat and washed on down
her legs to her feet. His eyes focused on her pussy as he washed first 
one foot and then the other, seeing its
lips almost open as he moved her legs around.

Cindy took the washcloth from Rick and started to bathe him. He felt her 
muff rub against his butt as she
stood on her toes, holding him close to her to reach around while she 
washed his chest and belly, lingering to
play with his nipples. Cindy pressed her sex tight against him as her 
bare hand washed his cock and balls,
moving back only to wash his anus. Her face came enticingly close to his 
cock as she bent down to wash his
thighs. Rick sat on the seat for her to finish bathing him, smiling as 
he watched her breasts bouncing around
while she scrubbed his legs and feet.

They rinsed each other off, rubbing their hands over each other until 
all traces of soap were gone and then
dried, first one, then the other.

As they lay uncovered on the bed Cindy thought about why they were here, 
wondering what sex with Rick
was going be like, what he would do first. The sight of his naked body 
had excited her, well proportioned
with no excess fat. Moderate hair on his arms and legs, a little heaver 
on his chest, the base of his cock and
his sack nestled in a thick bush. His cock was circumcised and seemed a 
little longer and slightly broader than
those she had seen before. It was standing straight up now, like a flag 
pole announcing what was on Rick's
mind, its slight upward curve exciting her as her mind felt it sliding 
up into her cunt.

Although Cindy enjoyed initiating sex, sometimes getting on top of a man 
and riding his cock, she usually
preferred to respond to the man's lead, provided he was leading her 
where she was willing to go. Cindy knew
why she was here, they had been very open about the purpose of the 
weekend when they were making their
plans on Thursday evening. They had picked this remote cabin so that 
they could free themselves from the
artificial restraints of society. She had come to spend two days 
exploring the sexuality of her body with Rick,
wanting him to draw out all those suppressed desires hidden deep in her 
mind; two days of undisturbed
unrestrained sex, no surprises, no romantic pretense of moonlight and 
roses, just pure sex.

Most men fantasize about such weekends and many would jump at the 
chance. Cindy had sometimes dreamed
of romantic encounters but never thought of actually engaging in one, at 
least not until she had met Rick.
Their previous sexual experiences had been pleasant but not very 
satisfying, the sex of youth, they thought
there should be more to it. They had discussed sex in some detail, 
things each liked or didn't like, things they
would like to do. Both wanted to explore oral sex but didn't like any 
rough stuff or anal sex. Both wanted to
explore the other's desires, to find their compatibilities. She mused 
over having disrobed in front of Rick, the
open window, almost the first thing she had done when they had arrived, 
even removing her rings; presenting
herself to him she thought, bare, nothing concealed or held back.

Cindy had worried some about the physical part of her weekend. She was 
on the pill so there was no problem
there. Should she wear perfume, what about toilet facilities, would she 
be able to keep herself clean. Cindy
didn't want the feeling of fullness or gas in her bowls to distract her 
from her pleasure when Rick first fucked
her. She had eaten lightly on Friday and taken a strong laxative early 
that afternoon, it had worked as
advertised, well before bedtime. She thought that men usually found the 
tastes and odors of a woman's sex
pleasing, but still douched with an unscented saline solution when she 
took her nightly shower; if Rick was
offended by a woman's smell, then hers would at least be fresh. She 
smiled as she remembered that Rick had
not washed the entrance to her cunt or asked her to douche when he 
bathed her. A warm water enema when
she got up Saturday had completed the job the laxative had started. She 
decided not to wear any perfume or
jewelry and had applied only a trace of makeup as she got ready that 
morning, only to have Rick wash it off.

Rick was lying on his side, his head propped up on his hand, admiring 
the body he had just bathed. He was
studying it now, watching her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, 
noticing how they jiggled when she
made quick movements, her nipples extended by her rising passions, 
watching her belly tighten as she raised
up slightly. He noticed the inner lips of her pussy protruding slightly, 
visible through the fine blond hair of her
muff as she moved her raised knee from side to side, finally letting it 
fall to the bed next to him, exposing her
sex fully to his gaze. Rick was thinking about the way this beautiful, 
intelligent woman had bared herself
before him so soon. Was she presenting herself to him? Perhaps 
symbolically removing all traces of social
constraint to immerse herself in the sexuality of their weekend, 
realizing he had not hesitated to follow her

They had hardly spoken since they had arrived, Rick making no outright 
sexual advances toward Cindy,
waiting for some clear offering of her sex to him. Cindy gently pushed 
Rick over on his back, straddling him
on hands and knees, her pussy just above his hard cock. She stayed 
there, watching his response, watching his
eyes as they looked at her pussy flanked by her breasts hanging just 
above his chest. Cindy moved toward his
head, lowering her breasts to his chest, holding his cock between her 
thighs, settling her weight onto him as
she took his head in her hands and slipped her tongue into his mouth. 
Rick responded with a deep lingering
kiss, wondering how much longer his cock could take it.
Cindy sensed what she was doing to Rick, releasing his cock as she 
rolled off him to lie on her back, her head
turned toward him - smiling. She got off the bed and slowly walked to 
the window of the main room, standing
there looking at the view. Rick was looking at the view too, and it 
wasn't outside. He had watched her hips
sway as she walked to the window and now looked at her as she stood 
there, breasts in profile, her muff
faintly visible below her belly.

Rick walked over to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. Cindy put 
her arm around his waist and leaned
her head against his chest. She thought about them standing there naked 
in front of the window, how she felt
when she was walking around the cabin in front of Rick. It seamed so 
natural, even when she had first
undressed in front of him; maybe she had a little nudism in her, anyway, 
she could not remember feeling more
comfortable and relaxed, it was going to be a great weekend. Cindy 
looked up at Rick and hugged him, then
slowly turned, moving back to the bedroom to stand beside the bed. Cindy 
moved in front of rick, taking his
cock in her hand; placing it between her thighs as she pressed her body 
to his. Rick lay her on the bed with her
hips at the edge, looking down at her for a moment, then slowly lowered 
himself onto her, his legs between
hers, feeling her breasts under his chest as he kissed her. His kisses 
moved to her eyes, her ears, her throat;
caressing her body with his tongue as his lips and tongue moved down her 
chest between her breasts, moving
under her left breast; tracing its softness under her arm, then up and 
over to her nipple. His tongue wetted her
nipple and breast before his mouth closed over it, filling itself with 
her breast; lifting it up, letting his lips
slide over her breast as it slipped from the suction of his mouth; 
gradually releasing all but her areola, holding
it with his lips while he flicked his tongue over her hardening nipple.

Rick slid down Cindy's body, pressing himself to her, rubbing his body 
over her pussy as his mouth moved
back down between her breasts. On down to kiss her navel, sucking on it 
until she squealed and grabbed his
head. Cindy held his head now, knowing where he was going, guiding him 
to those sensitive spots only she
knew. Slowly down to the top of her muff, then over to the crease 
between her pussy and thigh where Rick's
mouth lingered; his tongue painting designs on her thigh, lapping up and 
down the crease. He rubbed his
cheek over her muff, resting his cheek on her pussy; lingering there 
while he looked up into Cindy's eyes, "I
love the scent of your sex, the feel of your pussy against my face." 
Rick whispered. Cindy smiled faintly,
gently stroking his head, relieved that her scent pleased him. He 
brushed his lips over the lips of her pussy,
then on down to its bottom. She pressed his face to her as his tongue 
slipped into her cunt, his lips on its lips,
the petals of its flower; kissing her cunt, tasting its sweetness, the 
textures of its inner recesses. So much
better than the first time lips and tongue had been there, this was what 
she had thought it should be like. Rick
could feel the increasing warmth of her pussy as he slowly lapped his 
tongue up her vestibule toward her clit,
stopping to play with her pee hole, then on to her clit; the focal point 
of her orgasm, that point he would use to
bring her to a state of ecstasy.

Rick looked up at Cindy's face, her eyes glassy now. Her head tilted 
back, mouth open, making those little
sounds women make when they're on their way up; her hands running 
through his hair, holding him to her.
Rick sucked gently on her clit, holding its hood in his lips; sucking 
its tiny head into his mouth, then releasing
it, letting it slide back out under its hood. "No!" Cindy gasped, 
pressing his head to her, thrusting her pussy up
against his face. Rick lapped his tongue back into her cunt. "That's 
better, eat me . . . lick my pussy . . . my clit
. . . Rick . . . suck my clit." Both hands on his head as she pulled him 
back to her clit, pressing him to it,
feeling it slide back into his mouth, "Yes, don't stop," she pleaded as 
he sucked it farther in and then back out,
then in; until it was sliding in and out like she was fucking his mouth 
with it. He increased the tempo, the
intensity as she guided him with the pressure of her hands and the 
thrusts of her crotch. Rick slid his hands
alongside her pussy, slipping his thumbs inside her, massaging behind 
her mons in time with the strokes of
her clit, her hips shaking as he rubbed.

The sounds from Cindy's throat were higher pitched now, louder; the 
thrusts of her crotch against his face
faster, her hands pressing him to her harder. Rick sensed the first 
contraction of her cunt as she gasped,
digging her fingers into his scalp; her orgasm beyond her control, 
taking over her body, making it shudder;
her cunt contracting, waves of ecstasy radiating out from her pussy as 
her orgasm reached its climax.

Cindy's hands were lightly rubbing Rick's head now, feeling his tongue 
gently touching her clit as it rested
under its hood, slowing the fall of her passion. Rick watched her face, 
felt her hands as he gradually began to
lick her clit, starting her back up again. Cindy smiled, gently pressing 
his face to her, feeling the return of her
passion as Rick lapped his tongue down to her cunt; thrusting his tongue 
fully in, tasting its fresh juices, then
lapping it up the length of her slit to once again suck her clit into 
his mouth. Rick was gauging Cindy now,
trying to find out how far to take her. He went back to kiss her cunt, 
then over to the crease of her right thigh,
rubbing his cheek over her pussy, pressing it against her exposed clit. 
His mouth and tongue started back up
her body, kissing and caressing her skin; up to her navel for more 
giggles, then on up between her breasts,
moist now from the heat of her orgasm; over to her right nipple, 
lingering there to play with it; lapping his
tongue over her breast to its side under her arm, then down along its 
crease with her chest and up between her
breasts, lingering as Cindy pressed them against his face. His body 
massaging her pussy, rubbing her clit as he
slid upward, keeping it awake. He tasted of her throat and face, moving 
up to bring the tastes and fragrances
of her pussy to her nose and mouth.

Cindy opened her mouth to receive his gift, pressing her lips to his as 
Rick guided his cock into her body;
slowly sliding his cock into her as his tongue entered her mouth, her 
mind feeling them meet in the center of
her body. They rested there, his weight fully on her, her breasts 
pressed between them, his cock and tongue
moving slowly. Now slowly withdrawing his cock-tongue until they were at 
their entrances and then thrusting
them back in, faster, harder; Cindy's pussy rising to meet him, setting 
the pace while her fingers dug into his
back; now Cindy was thrusting her tongue into Rick's mouth as his cock 
pushed it out of her.

Rick's cock was aching to cum, his excitement now more than he could 
hold back. He rose on his hands,
thrusting deeper, his needs now overpowering his desire to please Cindy. 
She pulled his hips to her, her legs
spread wide, crotch raised high to accept all of him as she felt his 
cock pulsing, his cum shooting into her.
Rick kept his cock tight in her, reaching down to rub her clit, taking 
her the rest of the way to the giddy
heights of her climax.

Rick rested his chest on her breasts to kiss her, hold her those first 
few moments after her climax; slowly
working his way around until they were in an upside-down kiss, the tops 
of their tongues together, each tip
deep in the other's mouth. Rick moved his mouth down over Cindy's chin 
to kiss her throat, placing his throat
against her mouth; moving down to her breasts, trading nipple sucks with 
her, heading for her navel and some
more giggles, this time from both.

Rick needed to hurry, he didn't want Cindy's passion to wain and had to 
get to her pussy while he was still
soft. He rolled over on his side taking Cindy with him, moving on to her 
clit; placing his flaccid cock in front
of her face, feeling Cindy close her mouth over its head as he sucked 
her clit into his mouth. Rick was
responding to Cindy's movements now, the thrusts of her pelvis, her 
hands on his head; pressing his soft cock
against her lips, inviting her to take more of it in. Cindy sucked on 
his cock, pulling it in until her lips were
against his crotch, getting all of it in, holding it there while Rick 
brought her mind and body back toward the
climax of another orgasm. Cindy was sensing a new feeling, an 
excitement, lying there with Rick's soft cock
in her mouth while he ravenously ate out her pussy.

Rick's fingers were in her now, fingering her in time with his sucks on 
her clit, adding to her pleasure; his
cock starting to harden in Cindy's mouth as his excitement grew, growing 
toward the back of her throat. She
tried to keep all of it in but couldn't, letting its shaft slide back 
out of her mouth as it grew, sucking on it,
running her tongue over it like Rick was doing to her clit.

Rick was trying to keep his mind on eating her while she was driving him 
wild over what she was doing with
his cock. Cindy was totally immersed in her sexual passions, nothing 
else mattered. The harder he sucked on
her clit, the farther he thrust his fingers in her; the more of his cock 
Cindy wanted in her mouth, the harder she
wanted to suck it. She began sliding her mouth back and forth over his 
cock as she felt the beginnings of her
orgasm, Rick responding, thrusting his pelvis in time with her strokes. 
She put her hand around his cock to
keep him from thrusting it too far in, sucking harder on it, licking the 
head of it with her tongue as she met his
thrusts with hers.

Cindy was almost at her climax, trying to make him cum at the same time 
when he drove her over the top.
The shuddering of her body, the contractions of her cunt; combined with 
what she was doing to his cock to
bring him over. Cindy felt his cock pulse, felt his cum shooting into 
her mouth with each pulse, tasting a
man's orgasm for the first time as his cum flowed over her tongue; 
swallowing his cum as the shaking of her
body died down, sucking the last of his cum out of his cock, swallowing 
every drop of it.

Rick moved around on the bed, taking Cindy in his arms, his cock against 
the slit of her pussy; holding her
close to him, kissing her, caressing her body gently as she slowly came 
down from the most intense orgasm
she had ever experienced. They lay there for a long time, not needing to 
do anything else, slowly coming back
to normal.

Rick rolled over on his back while Cindy lay on her side with her head 
on his chest, playing with its hairs with
her finger. "Do you know the language of sex?" Rick asked, "the common 
words." "I don't agree with the
feminist's hangup over those things," said Cindy, "It's silly to call 
them derogatory when they aren't meant to
be that way." "What's this thing I put my thing in?" asked Rick, smiling 
as he placed his hand on her pussy.
"That's my cunt and you put your fingers and tongue in it when you ate 
my pussy and your cock in it when
you fucked me and I sucked your cock when I gave you a blowjob." "My 
cunt has cunt lips and that's my
pussy you have your hand on. It includes everything from my cunt at the 
bottom up to my clit and its hood at
the top. It has pussy lips and inner pussy lips, their opening is my 
slit; that opens into my vestibule, that valley
between my cunt and clit with my pee hole in-between. That hair under 
your hand is my muff and it covers
my mons. That thing you washed at the bottom of my butt was my anus and 
those things you've been playing
with on my chest are my breasts," said Cindy, "and these are my fingers, 
my nose and . . . ," finally beginning
to giggle as she lost her composure completely. "This is my cock, it has 
a shaft with a coronal ridge and a
head with a pee hole in it at its end and this is my sack with my balls 
inside," said Rick, pointing at each item
before he started laughing too. "I just wanted to clarify some 
terminology so we would feel comfortable when
we talked about sex," laughed Rick, putting his arm around her and 
kissing her. "I know, I was just trying to
give you a hard time," said Cindy, kissing him back, "Pussy and muff are 
sort of cute and clit is an obvious
abbreviation, I don't think cunt is a very flattering word, derived from 
old English, but vagina sounds
awkward and I don't know what else to use. Cock is fine and balls is 
very descriptive. The man inserted his
penis in the woman's vagina and moved it back and forth in a 
reciprocating motion, just doesn't do it like, he
thrust his cock in her cunt and fucked her."

They talked about what they had done that morning, how it had felt, 
their previous experiences. Rick had had
a woman suck his cock several times. He had eaten pussy twice before but 
had never felt the pleasure that
eating Cindy's had given him. Cindy had been eaten once in an amateurish 
way and had taken the head of a
man's cock in her mouth briefly just to tease him. She had thought oral 
sex could be good but never imagined
it could be this good. She had felt like she was going to gag when 
Rick's cock had started to grow into the
back of her throat but had pulled it back in time. Rick's cum had 
certainly not tasted like wine, but then not
foul, somewhat salty, a little bitter; its smell still seemed to linger 
in her nostrils. As she thought more about
it, the memories of the feeling of his orgasm spurting it into her mouth 
seemed to rise up from her pussy,
clouding over the taste and smell. The feeling was strange, exciting, as 
she realized she had eagerly waited for
it to shoot into her mouth knowing that its taste would not be pleasant, 
swallowing every drop of it as she
sucked it out of his cock. She realized she no longer thought about its 
taste, there was no taste of cum, just the
taste of his orgasm, and she wanted more of it.

"Rick, I want your cock in my mouth again"
"Glad to oblige" Rick answered, "Hard or Soft," Cindy punched her finger 
in his ribs.
"I'm serious . . . I like it . . . I want all of it in me when it's 
Rick smiled at the thought.
"Why can't I do it, they do it in those porn movies. Can you teach me? 
We've got two days."
And two nights thought Rick.
"It would be fun to try," said rick, "we should do it before you eat, 
you might gag when we try it and you don't
want to do that with a full stomach."

She got this silly smile on her face, like a little girl who had been 
promised a present.
"Let's try now," said Cindy.
"You'll have to wait until I get hard again."
"How long will that take?" asked Cindy, her smile fading as she looked 
at his limp cock.
"Let me taste your pussy, that seems to work."

Cindy rolled over and straddled his head, lowering her pussy to his 
face, rubbing it over his mouth until she
felt his tongue inside her. Rick kissed and licked her cunt for a while, 
then played with her inner and outer
lips, running his tongue over around and between them, pulling on them 
with his lips, lapping his tongue up
and down her vestibule. Cindy was looking back at his cock, watching for 
any sign of life when Rick opened
his mouth wide and closed it over her pussy, getting most of her lips in 
while he probed between them with
his tongue, feeling for her clit. That got Cindy's attention back as she 
looked down to watch what he was
doing. She sighed as he found her clit, releasing his grip on her pussy 
to concentrate on it. It worked, her clit
in Rick's mouth got him hard and her hot.

"Lesson one's over," he said, "You need to really be in the mood for sex 
to enjoy sucking cock, foreplay is
essential, you have to want my cock in your throat, not just be willing 
to accept it." "There's no blowjob like a
blowjob from a happy cock-sucker who loves her work," laughed Rick. 
Cindy got that silly grin on her face
again, "I think I got all the foreplay I needed just thinking about the 
feeling of your cock in my mouth," she
said, "I'll be your favorite cock-sucker and you'll be my favorite pussy 

Rick put the pillows against the headboard and leaned back so that he 
was sitting up slightly to tilt his cock
down a little.
"Now, kneel between my legs and take my cock in your mouth," instructed 
Rick. "Don't try to answer me, just
follow my instructions."
Cindy nodded, kneeling down and closing her mouth over his cock.
"Ok, slide your mouth down as far as you can and hold it there."
Down she went, looking up at him for approval.
Rick smiled and told her to come back up to the head.
"Try to swallow," said Rick, "just like you were drinking coke out of a 
bottle." She tried and it worked.
"Take in more and swallow again." It worked again.
"If you swallow when you feel like you're going to gag, the feeling will 
usually pass," said Rick.
"Keep on working down my cock, swallowing as you go, until you get as 
far as you can. You simply have to
get used to the feel of it being in your mouth and throat, there's 
really not much to learn, it just takes time and
It felt good to Rick as she swallowed her way down his cock, looking up 
at him as she went. She made it all
the way down until his cock-head was against the back of her throat.
"Great, now come up for air." Rick told her.

Cindy sat there on her heels, hands folded in her lap like a good 
"How did I do?" Cindy asked.
"Very good, How did it feel?"
"Not bad, good I guess, I'm too nervous to enjoy it, I really didn't 
feel like gagging this time, I think the
swallowing worked" Cindy said. "I couldn't breathe when I was all the 
way down though."
"Yeah, my cock was starting into your throat and blocking it, you'll 
have to time your breathing, taking a
breath when my cock is out in your mouth." Rick said.
"You'll need to flatten the back of your tongue out under it before we 
can get it down into your throat." "Take
it back in about half way and try to get your tongue down, just stick it 
out between my cock and your teeth
and hold it there," instructed Rick.
"Your wish is my command," responded Cindy, taking it back in and 
sticking her tongue out.
"Now, all the way back, keep it out like that."
In it went with her wiggling the tip of her tongue at him.
"Ok, back out."
"It felt like it was starting down into my throat when I got my tongue 
down," said Cindy, "It felt a lot better
that time."
"Let's change positions, lie on your back with your head tilted sharply 
back over the side of the bed," said
Rick, "that lines your mouth up better with your throat, it should make 
this first time easier."

Cindy turned around and "assumed the position" as she described it.
"I want you to hold onto my hips and pull my cock in, be ready to push 
it back out if you don't like what's
happening," said Rick.
Rick put his cock in Cindy's open mouth, telling her to pull it in until 
it started to interfere with her breathing
and then stop, in it went.
"Now relax, when you're ready, take a deep breath and pull my cock down 
into your throat, swallowing as you
go, stop when you get it down a ways," instructed Rick.
Cindy was more careful now. It went in smoothly, just a little tug to 
get it in and then easily pulling him
slowly down into her throat, swallowing as she went. When she had it in 
about an inch or so she stopped and
rested, holding him there until she needed to take a breath and then 
pushed him all the way out.
Cindy had a big smile on her face, her nervousness gone.
"That was easy," she said "You can't imagine how good it felt once it 
was in my throat."
"Put it back in my mouth, I want to try to take it all the way in," she 
said, opening her mouth wide.
Rick put his cock back in her open mouth and waited for her to pull it 
in. She took a deep breath, pulled it to
the back of her throat, paused, and then slowly pulled it down into her 
throat until his crotch bumped against
her lips, holding him there until she had to breathe. She pushed him 
back out of her mouth and stood up on
the bed, hugging him and kissing him. "I did it," she shouted.

"Rick, fuck me while you've got that hard on. Your cock in my throat 
makes my cunt ache" Cindy pleaded,
falling back on the bed and spreading her legs wide for him. Not being 
one to deny a lady her request, Rick
fell forward, catching himself with his hands, aiming his cock at her 
cunt as he fell. Cindy grabbed his cock
with her hand, guiding it into her; letting him bottom his cock in her 
in one smooth stroke. Rick lay there,
grinding his pelvis against her clit, rubbing his chest over her breasts 
while they French kissed. Rick
continued rubbing her clit he worked his cock around in her cunt, a few 
full strokes from time to time; back to
rubbing her clit, only enough in out motion to make him cum, continuing 
that French kiss until they both

Rick rolled over on his side, taking Cindy with him, holding her tightly 
with his cock still in her. They lay
there, completely satisfied, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Rick woke up first, feeling hungry. He quietly got up and went to the 
kitchen to fix something for them to eat.
He made several sandwiches, opened two cokes and found some cookies 
before waking Cindy. She sat up on
the edge of the bed and saw his cock staring her in the face. Cindy 
reached out and planted a wet kiss on its
head, smelled the food and sleepily walked to the kitchen mumbling 
something about naked cocks standing

It had been their intention to spend the two days together doing nothing 
but fucking and eating. Half way
through the first day and things were going great, except that eating 
had taken on a slightly different meaning
and added some new activities for them to enjoy.

After they had eaten Rick talked Cindy into posing for him in front of 
the window, there was something
enticing about seeing a beautiful naked woman silhouetted against an 
open window. Cindy went through a
number of ballet positions for him. He really liked one where she stood 
on one foot with her body and one leg
horizontal, moving her arms around to change the way her breasts hung 
from her chest while her muff
glistened in the sunlight as she tilted it up for him to see.

They rested on the sofa, cuddling while they waited for their lunch to 
settle; resting from the morning's
activities, using the time to further explore each other's bodies, 
finding new areas to excite them. Cindy
started playing with Rick's balls, something she had resisted doing for 
fear of hurting him. Rick showed her
how to handle them. Cindy was surprised at how hard she could pull on 
them with her fingers circled around
his scrotum, how she could cup them in her hand and press them up 
against his body and have him tell her
that it felt good. Rick showed her how to lick them, take them in her 
mouth, first one and then both, holding
them there, mouthing them. He got her to close her lips and teeth 
lightly around his scrotum and pull down
just as she had done with her fingers.

Cindy was getting worked up again and wanted to practice her 
"deep-throat" as Rick called it. She grabbed
him by his balls, led him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed. Rick 
smiled and lay back against the
pillows with his legs spread, offering his cock to her. Cindy was a 
little nervous again, now that she was going
to "suck cock" for effect. She closed her lips around its head and 
slowly sucked it into her mouth, holding it
there, playing with it with her tongue, sucking on it until her 
confidence came back. Rick had told her that it
would be a little harder to get it started into her throat in this 
position. She bobbed her head up and down on it
for a while, taking it in as far as she could and still breathe 
comfortably. Finally Cindy took a deep breath,
flattened her tongue out under his cock, tilted her head back and pushed 
her throat down against its head. It
resisted for a moment and then popped into her throat as she pushed 
harder. Cindy looked up at Rick and
found out that she could smile with a mouth full of cock. Rick smiled 
back, placing his hands on her head,
stroking her hair, holding her face between his hands as she buried her 
face in his bush.

Cindy held Rick's cock deep in her throat until she had to breathe, then 
pulled her head up, took a breath and
plunged her throat back down over his cock. This time Cindy started to 
roll her head around in a circle, then
rock it back and forth, rubbing her nose in his bush, working his cock 
around in her throat until she had to
breathe again. Cindy started bobbing her head up and down again only 
this time she was letting Rick's cock
come out of her throat just long enough to breathe and then pushing her 
throat back down over it, tilting her
head back farther to make it go in easier, letting her lips slide to the 
bottom of his cock on each stroke. She
put her hand on her neck, trying to feel rick's cock as it went in and 
out of her throat.

Rick was really starting to get hot, feeling the head of his cock 
popping in and out of Cindy's throat as he
watched it disappearing into her mouth. It was hard to tell whether it 
was the feeling or the visual image that
was the most exciting. "I'm going to cum, don't let me cum in your 
throat this time, take it in your mouth,"
whispered Rick as he gently lifted her head. "I'm cumming, suck it out 
of my cock, suck hard, swallow it."
Rick cried. Cindy swallowed his cum as it shot into her mouth with each 
pulse of his cock, sucking it out,
emptying it, sucking it clean this time like she was sucking juice off a 
popsicle. Rick reached down quickly
and pulled her face up to him before she swallowed the last of it, 
taking her mouth to his; thrusting in his
tongue to taste what she had tasted, showing her his appreciation for 
letting him cum in her mouth.

Rick had cum but Cindy had only gotten hotter than she had been all day, 
Rick's cock in her throat had built a
fire in her cunt that only he could put out. Rick pulled Cindy's hips to 
the edge of the bed, placed two pillows
under her head so she could watch and kneeled before her cunt, quenching 
its fire with his mouth and tongue.

They lay nestled together on the bed, unhurried as they probed deeper 
into the pleasures of their bodies. "I
couldn't feel your cock going down in my throat with my hand, I thought 
I could feel it, doesn't it go down far
enough?" "Remember your anatomy lessons? your windpipe, actually 
trachea, with your larynx at the top is
what you feel when you rub your neck. Your throat is behind that, that's 
where my cock was. Your throat is
only about four inches long and connects your mouth to your esophagus 
which goes down behind your
trachea to your stomach. My cock is almost six inches long and the 
distance from your lips to the bottom of
your throat is about seven inches, it was almost at the bottom." "Your 
larynx contains your vocal cords and
has a flap in its back side that opens into your throat." "When you 
swallow something, like my cock, that flap
closes to protect your vocal cords and keep things out of your trachea." 
"Have you heard the term "glottal
stop" used for the sounds of some languages?" "Yes, I think it's used in 
German." "Well, that flap is called the
glottis and you can close it when you want to, to keep my cum out of 
your larynx until you've swallowed for
example." "If your cock was longer would it go on down into my 
esophagus?" "No, your esophagus isn't big
enough, it wouldn't fit, and it wouldn't go into your throat if it was 
much more than a quarter inch larger in
diameter." "Oh, . . . it really fills me up doesn't it," said Cindy, 
feeling her throat as she snuggled back against

Cindy untangled herself from Rick and headed for the bathroom. They had 
been using the bidet but Cindy felt
she was a mess. His cum had dribbled out of the corners of her mouth 
when she sucked his cock the last time,
running down her chin onto her breasts. His cum, along with her own 
juices, was slowly filling her cunt and
starting to run down her legs, Cindy decided that sex could be messy, 
smiling to herself now, messy but oh
what pleasure.

"Rick" Cindy called, waking him, "I need some help in here." Rick 
stumbled into the bathroom and saw
Cindy standing in front of the shower, holding a hot water bottle with 
one of those female nozzles attached to
it. She had filled it with warm water and a douche concentrate. "Hold 
this up in the air, I need to make room
in my cunt for more cum," she said, surprised at the matter of fact 
language she was using, thinking that she
was going to have to clean it up some before she got home.

Rick, ever the practical man, got a piece of string and tied the bottle 
to a pipe over the shower; worked the
nozzle into her cunt, released the clamp on the hose and started rinsing 
her out. He stuck his finger in the
water running out of her cunt from time to time, sucked on it; finally 
proclaimed her clean, pulled the nozzle
out, picked her up and stood her on the shower seat; stuck his tongue in 
her cunt, swishing it around; backed
off contemplating the tastes in his mouth, said "Yep, that's fine," and 
headed back for the bed; Cindy running
after him, beating him on his back with her fists, shouting various 
appropriate comments about his conduct.
Rick turned with the broadest grin she had ever seen, picked her up in 
his arms, carried her back to the shower
and bathed her just as he had that morning.

After they dried each other off, Rick said he was hungry and needed 
something to eat. He led Cindy to the
kitchen and rummaged around in the refrigerator. He heard Cindy making 
some kind of noise behind him and
turned to look. She was sitting on the edge of the table, leaning back 
on her elbows with her butt on a serving
platter, her legs spread wide apart, licking her lips. "Can't you find 
what you want?" she murmured.

Rick kept looking around the kitchen, trying to keep his cock from 
getting hard, pulling out odds and ends as
he went. Then he went over to Cindy and laid her flat on her back. Rick 
rolled up a slice of bologna and
stuffed it part way in Cindy's cunt, she was dumbfounded. Next he pealed 
a banana and placed it between her
breasts. She began to get the idea and obligingly pressed her breasts 
together to hold it. Then he sprayed
whipped cream over the banana and her breasts, poured chocolate syrup 
over the whole thing and placed a
cherry on each breast and one in her navel. Then he pulled a chair up to 
the table, sat down and began to eat
his afternoon snack, starting with the meat course first and then 
working up to dessert.

Rick took the bologna in his teeth and pushed it in and out of her cunt 
a little, biting off a little of it at a time,
reaching up to lick her clit between bites. Then he started on the cream 
and syrup which was starting to run all
over everything. He licked his dessert topping off her breasts, her 
chest, side, arms, hands, ate the banana and
cherries and carried her back to the shower. Part of the problem had 
been that her body was warming the
whipped cream and syrup and Cindy couldn't stop giggling or hold still 
while he ate his snack. The whole
thing, from her douche to his snack, had them to the point where 
whatever they did or said, one or both started
to laugh.

After they dried each other off Rick held her in his arms on the bed as 
they talked about their day. It helped to
discuss how they felt about what they had done and what they wanted to 
do. Cindy was happy about being
able to take Rick's cock into her throat and loved what his mouth did to 
her pussy. His cock felt great in her
cunt, really filling her, and he could make her cum when he fucked her. 
She wanted to suck his cock more and
wanted him to fuck her in different positions. She also wanted to ride 
his cock, and just lie there passively on
the edge of the bed while he fucked her without touching her anywhere 
else. She surprised him when she told
him she liked for him to cum in her mouth and looked forward to 
swallowing it. She explained how the
pleasure of sharing in his climax as his cum shot into her mouth 
overcame the taste and smell. Rick loved
eating her and the way she participated when he fucked her, thrusting 
her cunt up to meet his thrusts. He
loved having his cock in her mouth and throat but knew they needed more 
practice and he needed to teach her
more about sucking cock. He wanted Cindy to show him how she wanted him 
to eat her pussy and wanted to
fuck her more, different positions would be fun. This weekend was 
getting too short.

Cindy started it off by rolling Rick over on his back and taking his 
cock into her mouth to get him hard. Rick
showed his eager pupil where to lick on it, how much to take into her 
mouth and how to suck on it and tongue
it while it was in her mouth.
"It feels wonderful when you take my cock down into your throat, the 
sight of it disappearing into your mouth
is hard to describe," said Rick, "But you can make it feel great and 
make me cum quicker and easier with just
your mouth when you tongue it, suck on it and slide it in and out; your 
throat can't tongue it and suck on it."
"Deep-throating feels great when you go all the way down for several 
strokes," said Rick. "Whenever you get
the urge to slide your lovely mouth down to my bush, do it, it's just 
that you don't have to deep throat me all
the time to put me on cloud nine." "It's a little like me taking my 
mouth off your clit and lapping my tongue
up and down your vestibule, your clit suffers when I leave it; here, the 
head of my cock is still in you, and for
a while it feels even better when you take in the rest of it. But it 
soon levels off and I miss your sucking on it
and your lips and tongue working on its head. I look forward to those 
excursions deep in your throat, it's the
icing on the cake and I love icing, sort of a finishing touch." "I don't 
see how it could feel any better than
when you suck my cum out of my cock but I want to see how it feels to 
cum with my cock thrusting deep in
your throat, I like to plant my sperm as deep in you as I can"; "that's 
how you make little boys, you make little
girls with it way back at the entrance, the female sperm are better 
distance swimmers and beat the male to
your egg," smiled Rick. "We're not making any little boys or girls this 
weekend," purred Cindy, wondering if
that might come later.

Rick's cock was not going to get any harder so she gave him a "finishing 
touch" as she shoved her mouth
down to his crotch, rubbed her nose in his bush, and came back off him 
smiling. Cindy squatted down over
his hips, watching his face as she slowly slid down over his cock in one 
continuous motion until it was buried
in her. She sat there, impaled on his cock, working her pussy around on 
his pelvis for a while as he tilted it up
to give her more penetration. Cindy made several strokes slowly sliding 
up his cock and then letting herself
fall back down over it, gradually changing to long strokes with a pause 
at the bottom while she rubbed her clit
up and down over his pelvis. Rick started working his pelvis in time 
with her motions. "That feels great," said
Rick, "Keep it up." "It feels great to me too," responded Cindy as she 
rubbed her clit into his bush, "I can feel
its head moving around deep inside me." With all the time his cock had 
been her mouth, it wasn't long until
Rick started to cum. Cindy felt his cock pulsing, shooting his cum into 
her; resting her pussy on his pelvis
when he finished, remaining impaled on his cock; rubbing her clit over 
his bush, masturbating herself on his
pelvis while he watched the climax of her orgasm. Cindy rested her 
breasts on his chest, kissing him, lying on
him with his arms around her; his soft cock still trapped inside her as 
she slowly came down, finally rolling
off him onto her back

Rick rolled over on his side, placing his hand on Cindy's pussy as he 
thought about that kitchen table. It was
fastened to the wall at one end and stood on heavy wooden legs at the 
other. It was also just the right height
for his cock when he stood and his mouth when he sat. He got up, found a 
couple of heavy blankets and took
them to the kitchen, cleaned the mess off the table and spread them out 
over it. Cindy followed him and was
holding him around the waist, trying to rub her muff against his thigh 
as she watched him.

Rick turned around, picked Cindy up and set her butt down on the edge of 
the table, moved a chair under each
foot, got a cushion from the sofa, put it between the chairs, sat down 
on it and buried his face in her pussy. He
made some minor adjustments, Told Cindy to lie back and stuck his tongue 
in her cunt. "Just right," said
Rick, better than sitting in a chair. He got the two pillows from the 
bed and placed them under Cindy's back
and head so she could watch. While he was standing there, he moved up 
between Cindy's legs and slid his
hardening cock in her, making a few practice strokes. He paused there 
for a moment thinking that sticking his
tongue in Cindy's cunt was like a switch, it turned his cock on every 
time. "See" said Rick, withdrawing his
cock "A universal table."

Cindy was trying hard to keep from laughing. She managed to keep a 
straight face as she said "Well, get to
work then." With that, Rick sat on the cushion and started to eat off 
the table again. This time Cindy held his
head in her hands, guiding him all the way through her orgasm, telling 
him how to use his hands and fingers;
telling him what felt best to her as he tried different things, from the 
beginning caresses to the final moments
of her climax. They didn't let up, Cindy showed him how to roll her over 
into a second orgasm. Rick never
forgot her guidance, his pleasure from eating her derived not so much 
from how it felt, the intimacy of having
his face in her sex or the visual imagery, but from the pleasure he gave 

They left the table as it was and went over to the sofa to rest. Rick 
sat with Cindy curled up on the cushions
beside him, her head in his lap holding his cock in her mouth as he 
dozed off. They had both napped for
probably an hour when Rick woke up feeling Cindy softly sucking on his 
cock while she played with his
balls. Rick gently stroked her hair as he watched his cock moving in and 
out of Cindy's mouth. When his cock
got hard, he lifted Cindy's head, kissed her and laid her back on the 

Cindy wanted his cock back in her somewhere but she waited to see what 
he had in mind. Rick stood between
Cindy's legs and slowly slid the length of his cock into her, holding 
his pelvis tight against her pussy. "Does
that feel good?" Rick asked, "You're the one being fucked, how do you 
want me to do it?"
"It feels great, do it deep, hard and frequent." Cindy answered, smiling 
up at him.
Rick pulled his cock almost out of her and then thrust it back in hard 
enough to slide Cindy back on the table
as his pelvis came up against hers. "Yessssss" cried Cindy.
"I want to learn to fuck you," said Rick, "Put your hands on my hips, 
guide me, tell me what you like."
"Do what you just did some more, harder if you like, you didn't hurt me, 
it felt so good on this table."
Cindy put her hands against the wall, holding herself in position as 
Rick started thrusting his cock into her
"deep, hard, and frequently" as she had asked, watching her breasts 
bouncing with each stroke. Cindy
wrapped her legs around Rick's hips, pulling each thrust into her, 
moving her crotch around, wanting to feel
more of him entering her.
"Slow and deep now," she said, raising up and pulling him to her, 
kissing him as he put his arms around her,
squeezing her breasts between their chests.
"I like to feel the head of your cock entering me, just slide its head 
in and out of me, ahhhh, that's it, in and
out . . . in, out, deeper each time deeper, deeper, all the way."
"Bring your pelvis up higher toward my clit when you enter me, hold it 
tight against me and rub it over my
clit some at the end of each stroke." "That's it, hold your cock deep in 
me, rub your pelvis up and down over
my clit, It's moving inside me, pressing against the sides of my cunt, 
up and down, in and out"
"Does that feel good to your cock?"
"Could you cum that way?"
"Yes, could you?"
"Yes" moaned Cindy, "in deep, up and rub my clit . . . out, in and rub 
my clit . . . out, in . . . hold me tight,
kiss me."
Cindy guided Rick through their fuck to a climax for both. Cindy locked 
her arms and legs around Rick,
holding him in her while he locked his fingers under her butt and 
carried her to the bed. Rick lay back on the
bed, holding her on top of him until she came down and rolled off onto 
her back.

Rick was watching her breasts again as her breathing moved them. Cindy's 
breasts were not large or
pendulous but definitely not small. They were firm and kept their shape 
well when she lay on her back,
flattening out somewhat more when she raised her arms over her head. 
They were separated just enough for
him to lap his flattened tongue up her chest between them. There was a 
clear definition of their bottom where
it joined her chest. He hadn't realized how far a woman's breast 
extended around the side of her chest,
noticeable now with her lying on her back, extending slightly under her 
armpit. Their upper part was wide and
full, their fullness extending well up her chest, giving her a high 
cleavage with an open neck dress, the kind
that makes a man want look down into it. She was young, her breasts not 
sagging yet, still curving out slightly
above her nipple. The areola around her nipple was full and looked dark 
against her light skin, encircling a
protruding nipple that would easily show through a tight sweater or 
blouse, even sometimes with a bra Rick
had noticed. Rick had felt it extend and harden as she became aroused.

Rick was contemplating their beauty, the beauty of a young woman but 
their responsiveness to his touch
would last, continuing to excite them as they enjoyed the pleasures of 
their bodies. He cupped one in his hand,
only covering the outer half of it, feeling its softness, watching her 
response. Cindy smiled and put her hand
on top of his, pressing his hand down harder, moving it around. "They're 
like your balls," she said, "You can
press pretty hard if you know how and are careful. Don't forget, I lay 
on them when I'm on my stomach, it
feels ok, sometimes pleasant on a soft bed but it doesn't really hurt on 
a hard floor if its smooth. Press down
evenly with your hand, hold it cupped to the shape of my breast, press 
hard, harder, harder, that's getting
uncomfortable now. Squeeze it some . . . that feels nice."

Rick lay his cheek on one breast while he cupped his hand over the 
other. Cindy put her hand on his head,
moving it slightly, pressing him to her.
"That feels nice, your head is heavy on my breast but it's sexy, it 
feels nice," Cindy said, "want to take me
back to the laboratory table to learn about my breasts?"
"No" said Rick, "This is better," chuckling at the new name she had 
given his "universal table."
"I love to look at your breasts, watch them bounce when you walk, jiggle 
while you're moving around doing
things, touch them, hold them, kiss them, take them in my mouth, feel 
them pressing against my body,"
whispered Rick. I think a woman's breasts are beautiful, enticing. You 
don't try to hide yours with loose
clothing or hunch your shoulders forward to minimize them, you just let 
them be there. When I caress them or
kiss them you respond to my touch, pressing them to me."
"Do you like for me to do things to them?"
"All of the above," replied Cindy, "and then some."
"I'm not ashamed of them or embarrassed by them, they're part of what 
makes me a woman and most of the
time I don't even realize they're there. I know they're well 
proportioned and don't try to conceal them.
Women's fashions have shown their cleavage since the Victorian era" said 
Cindy, "Sometimes when I'm
feeling sexy I like to wear a tight sweater with no bra and make them 
bounce as I walk, watching men's faces
as I go by." "I feel my sex in my breasts, my nipples harden and tingle 
when you play with my pussy, they
show how hot my cunt is. When you hold me to you while we're naked like 
this I like to press them to you,
rub them around on your chest a little, I almost feel it in my cunt. My 
cunt contracts when you kiss and suck
my nipples just right, I feel warm all over when you stand behind me and 
hold them in your hands, lift them
up and press them against my chest."
"A baby causes those same contractions when it suckles its mothers 
breast, it helps shrink her uterus and
vagina after giving birth" said Cindy, "I guess you men who like to suck 
a woman's breast still have a little
baby in you"
"A man likes to do anything to a woman that makes her feel good," 
replied Rick; "Besides, the mouth, lips
and tongue are some of the more erogenous areas of the body and having a 
woman's breast in them is
stimulating, both mentally and physically. Anyway I just like it." 

"I'm glad," murmured Cindy, and gave Rick a guided tour, showing him all 
the places she wanted his
attention, how to hold and press them, massage them, how and when to 
pinch and squeeze them. How to kiss
them, lick them, suck on them, how to lay his head on them, between 
them. Cindy rolled over on her side with
her back to Rick, her knees drawn up; guiding him in behind her, one arm 
on the bed above her head. She
pulled his other arm over her, placing his hand over her breast and 
"Promise you'll sleep with me this way tonight, nestled together like 
spoons, holding my breast in your hand,"
she asked, "At least for a while." "I promise."
Rick was hard again, his cock pressing against Cindy. He wasn't sure 
what to do with it, working it up against
the small of her back. Cindy pressed back against it. He worked it down 
the crack of her ass, pushing its head
out between her thighs. She reached down and started playing with it.

Rick decided to just lie there, holding her breast, letting her play 
with his cock-head while he nibbled on her
ear and blew in it. It wasn't going to work. Cindy was holding his cock 
in her fist, masturbating him. Rick
pulled away from Cindy and rolled her over on her stomach. He straddled 
her legs, grabbed her hips and
pulled her up on her knees. Cindy wasn't exactly sure what he had in 
mind with her butt up in the air like that
and was looking back, watching him. Rick carefully slid his knees 
between her legs and slowly moved up
behind her, pushing his cock between her thighs. Cindy smiled and guided 
him into her cunt.

Rick thrust his pelvis forward, pushing his cock as far into Cindy as he 
could. Cindy spread her legs a little
more, pushing back against Rick, rocking her pelvis up and down until 
she got another inch of him in her.
"This is the deepest I've ever felt you" Cindy whispered, "It feels even 
deeper than on the table."
Rick reached around her leg and began to rub her clit while he stroked 
his cock in and out of her.
"Rick" she cried, "Fuck me . . . fuck me, harder, take it out farther, I 
want to feel all its length sliding into me"
Cindy reached down with her hand and started wildly rubbing her clit 
while Rick held her hips, thrusting the
length of his cock into her, harder, faster, following Cindys' lead as 
she rocked back to meet his thrusts,
urging him on, reaching for her climax - and then over the top, taking 
Rick with her.

Rick rolled over on his side taking Cindy with him, his cock still in 
her, his hand cupping her breast while he
nuzzled her neck and ear, coming back to earth again. Evening was coming 
on, they would have to eat soon,
but no rush. Cindy sighed as Rick's shrinking cock slipped out, pushing 
her butt back against him. They both
drifted off for another short nap.

Cindy woke first, sliding from under Rick's arm as she got up and 
stretched, arching her back, stretching her
arms over her head, massaging her breasts. Cindy looked at Rick and saw 
his eyes wide open, licking his lips,
watching every move she made. She threw a pillow over his face and ran 
for the bathroom.
"Rick" she called "Come here"
"What's wrong?" asked Rick sticking his head in the door.
"Look" she said, pointing to her thigh. Rick came in and looked closely. 
It was wet on the inside, about half
way down to her knee.
"I'm full again. Flush me out," said Cindy. Crossing her legs and 
holding her hands in front of her muff, that
silly little girl grin of hers on her face.
Rick smiled and picked up the water bottle.
"Where's that stuff you use?" he asked. "We both need a shower anyway." 
Cindy got the concentrate and
poured some of it into the bottle, filling it the rest of the way with 
warm water, getting it to the same
temperature as her cunt she told him. Rick tied the bottle to the pipe 
again while Cindy stood up on the seat so
he could reach her better. Rick smiled and gave her a good douche, 
gently this time. The bathing was less
playful this time, more sensual as they put the things they had learned 
about their bodies to practice.

"Stand in front of me, up close," said Rick, holding his cock straight 
out, resting its head against Cindy's muff.
Rick bent his knees, lowering his cock slightly. "Stand on you toes, now 
see if you can get my cock in you."
Cindy tilted her pelvis upward and slid Rick's cock in. Rick placed his 
right hand against the small of Cindy's
back and pressed her tight against him, took her hand in his left, said 
"Follow me," and made a few dance
steps. "How's that feel, Can we keep it in? "It feels nice, I think 
it'll stay, let me get my shoes," Rick put on a
slow dance tape while Cindy put on a pair of thick soled raised heel 
shoes. Rick pressed Cindy to him, his
cock sliding in easily now, and danced with her, their movements doing 
all the right things to her clit and his
cock. It took the whole side of the tape before their climaxes overcame 

Supper was frozen TV dinners heated in the microwave, good ones though, 
and a glass of wine, followed with
pie for dessert. They had not wanted to be distracted by cooking so had 
not brought anything else. The food
was good and they enjoyed the meal, moving to the sofa afterwards. Rick 
sat at the end with Cindy across his
lap, resting her head against his chest. They had more to talk about 
now, discussing what they had done, what
they had learned. The fucking was great, Rick had learned how to make 
Cindy cum almost every time, only
needing to use his hand on her clit a few times and then only for a 
short time. They still wanted to try a few
more positions though. Cindy felt that Rick had mastered eating her 
pussy and didn't see how it could be any
better. Rick loved to eat her, almost cumming himself sometimes. Cindy 
felt she needed more practice
sucking his cock and needed to learn to handle his cum when she 
deep-throated him. The laboratory table had
been great fun and they decided it would be used some more, if not this 
table, then another.

They thought about the meaning of that table being used again, were they 
committing themselves to future
encounters like this? After this how could they not meet again. Was it 
only sex that attracted them, it seemed
they enjoyed each others company, but the sex had been so overpowering. 
It would take time to sort this out.
Cindy told Rick she thought their intimate shower together followed by 
his sexual smorgasbord had started
the day off right. It had broken down all the barriers and let them open 
themselves up to each other. She had
wanted to do those things, they had discussed them together. She 
realized now that was why she had bared
herself to him as soon as they had arrived, she was inviting him to make 
the first move, telling him it was ok.
Rick had aroused her passions to the point where there were no 
reservations, only the desire to explore her
sexuality, wherever it led them.

Their sex had started out strong that morning, but it was now becoming 
more intense, especially the fucking.
Cindy's cock sucking was also becoming more intense, even Rick's pussy 
eating was moving beyond caresses.
It seemed that the more they learned about each others bodies the better 
what they did felt, then the more
aggressively they did those things the better that felt. So they did 
them even more aggressively, there had to be
a limit but where was it. Cindy began to sense what she was doing. The 
key was in what made her cum and
what she wanted from her orgasm.
"You could slide your cock in and out of my cunt all day Rick, and it 
would feel great, or your tongue. But if
there was no movement on my clit, I wouldn't cum. Kissing me, playing 
with my breasts, my navel, the
insides of my thighs, stroking the inside of my cunt with your fingers, 
all feel great. And the harder and the
more you do them, the better it feels at the time; and I never want you 
to stop doing those things, they make
my orgasm better, more intense. But I think when those things become too 
aggressive, they're the things I
remember afterwards, not my orgasm." "My orgasm is a beautiful thing to 
me, I feel my cunt drawing you into
my body, holding you in me while I soar to a state of euphoric bliss, 
hovering there until I forget every thing
else for a few moments. You know how long it takes me to come down from 
that high. I need you to hold
your cock in me, caress me, hold me tenderly, replace that fading 
feeling. When our sex is too aggressive, the
memory of the aggressiveness lingers, spoiling the pleasure." 

"I think I understand what you're saying. As far as the stimulation of 
my cock goes, all the action is on the
head. If your mouth or your cunt, or your hand for that matter, doesn't 
provide some stimulation for the head
of my cock I won't cum. Kissing you, playing with your breasts; having 
my cock deeper in your cunt or your
throat, shoving it into you faster and harder all feel great, apparently 
to you too. And I want to keep doing
those things within reason. But just as you said, they only intensify my 
orgasm, not cause it and stroking it too
hard can numb it, actually reducing the pleasure I feel. I think my 
orgasm affects me differently. You seem to
feel that you are drawing me into your body when you cum, your's is more 
passive. Mine is more aggressive. I
feel like I'm being drawn into you and I try thrust myself into you 
deeper and harder. I feel an intensely
pleasurable pressure building in me as my orgasm climbs to be suddenly, 
almost violently, released as my
cum explodes out of my cock into your body. I had that same memory of 
aggressiveness when we went too
far. I want our orgasms to be the high point of our sex, the thing that 
lingers in our memory as we lie together

"Cindy, What we've done today has been the greatest sexual thrill of my 
life, I love you for it, I'll never regret
any of the things we've done or forget them and I'll always want to do 
each of those things again when the
time and place are right. But I haven't kept my focus on the important 
thing, building a proper foundation for a
truly satisfactory sex life; a man should be gentle when he has sex with 
the woman he cares about. A little
raunchy sex every now and then can be good, is good, like a dessert, but 
it should never be the main course or
the focus, and it has to be kept under control."

"Oh Rick" Cindy murmured, reaching up to kiss him, holding her breasts 
tight to his chest. "I'll never forget
this day either, or tonight, or tomorrow, because our sex is only going 
to get better. I loved what we did today,
I loved getting on top of you and riding your cock, I guess there's a 
little exhibitionist in me. I felt a thrill in
the adventure we're on and wanted to push the limits, but I didn't need 
to push that hard to reach my climax.
Remember when I fingered my clit so hard while you were fucking me from 
behind. It almost hurt and slowed
my climax, I guess we were letting it get out of control. But isn't that 
what this weekend was for, to explore
our sexuality, find our compatibility?"

"Does this mean you're not going to teach me to take your cum in my 
throat when I'm deep throating you?"
Cindy pouted.
"No, but I'm not going to shove my cock down your throat as hard as I 
had planed to."
"Who said you were going to shove your cock down my throat, I slide my 
throat down over your cock,"
replied Cindy.
"Lesson number 598," said Rick, "There is a, what I would call abusive, 
sex act called throat or face fucking.
Remember when you first took my cock into your throat? You had your head 
back over the side of the bed
and I was straddling your face with my cock in your mouth. A great 
position for me to shove my cock in and
out of your throat with my crotch coming up against your lips on each 
stroke just like I was fucking you."
"Oh" said Cindy, shivering slightly

Rick pulled Cindy tight to him and kissed her, his tongue lightly 
brushing between her lips. Cindy opened her
mouth and teased his tongue with hers. She lowered her head back to his 
chest, smiling and closed her eyes.
Rick was enjoying the view. Cindy was reclining with her left side 
against him, her left breast pushed up over
her arm, her right breast rising and falling with her breathing. Her 
left knee was raised and resting against the
back of the sofa, exposing her sex clearly to him. Rick gently cupped 
his right hand over Cindy's right breast,
holding it there until its presence became normal. He placed his left 
hand on her left thigh beside her pussy,
letting her skin warm to his touch; then started to gently stroke her 
muff, just enough pressure to keep from
tickling her but not enough to startle her. Rick found the hood of her 
clit and began sliding it over her clit.

Cindy looked up at Rick, smiling more intently now, feeling his hand 
moving on her breast, holding her
nipple between his fingers as he slowly squeezed and massaged her breast 
with his hand and fingers; his hand
pulling on her nipple as it moved. Ricks fingers were increasing their 
efforts on her pussy, sliding his middle
finger down to her cunt to dip it into her juices and wet her clit; 
pausing to smell and lick his finger, tasting
her woman's scent and then back to her clit to stroke it and rub it as 
her hips began to move. Cindy reached
her hand up to Rick's head and pulled his lips to hers, running her 
tongue into his mouth, inviting his into
hers. Rick's hand now moving quickly over her clit, sliding his middle 
finger down into her cunt to finger her
as the heel of his hand rubbed her clit; harder now as she raised her 
pussy up for his hand, her body
shuddering as the waves of her orgasm spread; pressing her mouth to his, 
then relaxing as her climax passed,
her head moving back to his chest as she put her arms around his waist 
to hug him.
"We learned our lesson well didn't we," said Cindy as she lay there.

"What's this?" asked Cindy, reaching under her side to grab Rick's hard 
"I've been saving it for you, you said you wanted something else to 
"Can I have it now? Right here."
"That's the nice thing about sucking cock, you can do it anywhere you 
can get your mouth over its head. And
the nice thing about my cock is you can suck it anytime you want to," 
answered Rick, lifting Cindy up so he
could get her between his legs. Cindy rolled over on her stomach and 
planted a big wet kiss on the head of his
"Now what do I do," asked Cindy, "you said you were going to teach me 
how to take your cum into my
"The only thing you really have to learn is how to avoid getting any 
down into your windpipe. It's sort of like
not inhaling while you're drinking water. My cum is a little like the 
white of an egg. If I had shot some over
the back of your tongue, it could be slowly flowing past the entrance to 
your larynx while you were inhaling.
If I've cum anywhere in the back of your throat above your larynx you 
need to swallow to clear your throat
before you inhale. Until you get used to me cumming in your mouth and 
throat and learn to hold your
epiglottis closed, you need to keep the head of my cock either in the 
front of your mouth or down past your
larynx while I'm cumming, it's all out after three or four pulses; 
you'll feel when I'm done, only a little dribble
after that. Taking my cum into your mouth is easy, you've done that. You 
have to be able to hold your breath
long enough for me to finish cumming before you can let me cum in your 
throat, that's the hard part, holding
your breath. You can delay my cum for a few seconds if you have to. 
Here, put your thumb on the bottom of
my cock, all the way down at its base, sort of in my sack, feel the 
tube? That's the tube my cum comes up
through, put your finger around my cock and press your thumb against 
that and you can hold back my cum for
a few seconds. Any questions?" smiled Rick.
"Ready" Cindy got up on her knees. "Set" Cindy closed her lips around 
the middle of Rick's cock. "Go" said
Rick and found Cindy's lips in his bush, looking up into his eyes, 
smiling with a mouth and throat full of
cock. Cindy remembered what Rick had said about the main point for her 
to concentrate on being the head of
his cock. She started licking and sucking on it, sliding her lips around 
on it while she flicked her tongue over
its head, just like Rick did to her clit; then holding his cock tightly 
against the roof of her mouth with her
tongue while she bobbed her head up and down, sliding its head back and 
forth between her mouth and
tongue. After a few strokes Cindy couldn't resist the temptation to 
burry her face in his bush and hold it there
while she moved her head around over it and then back up into her mouth 
to breathe and work on its head
some more. Back down into her throat and then out, stroking the entrance 
to her throat over its head.

"It won't be long now, take a deep breath, now, take my cock back into 
your throat, hold me deep in you,
ahhhh that feels good. Bob your head up and down, short strokes down at 
the bottom of your throat, see how
long you can keep me there." Cindy finally brought her throat up off of 
his cock, quickly moving it into the
front of her mouth; swallowed to clear her throat, exhaled, and taking 
in a much needed breath, continued to
work on Rick's cock-head as she looked up into his eyes. Rick felt the 
beginning of his orgasm, "Quick,
breathe deep, back deep in you, I'm cumming." Rick didn't need to tell 
Cindy, she saw it in his face, felt his
cock starting to pulse. Rick was gently holding Cindy's head, gazing 
into her upturned eyes as she worked her
throat over his cock, around and around, up and down - up and down; both 
feeling it pulse as its cum flowed
down into her stomach. Rick smiled lifting her head up, sliding his cock 
back out into her mouth where she
gently sucked out the last of his cum, licking it clean; sliding back 
onto her stomach, resting her head on his
thigh with his cock still in her mouth while he came down from his high.

"I did it!" said Cindy as she let Rick's cock slip from her mouth, "Now 
I can suck your cock any way I want,
can't I?"
"Any place, any time," replied Rick.
"If I can hold my larynx closed while I'm holding my breath, then you 
could cum no matter where your cock
was couldn't you," said Cindy, "you'd just have to tell me when you were 
ready." "I guess I could, we'll have
to try it," said Rick, pulling her to him. Cindy put her arms around 
Rick's neck, pressing her breasts to his
chest as he opened his mouth for her kiss.

"I love your cock in my mouth my throat my cunt, your tongue in my mouth 
my ears my cunt even my navel,
my clit my tongue my breasts in your mouth, your fingers in my cunt on 
my clit, your hands on my breasts my
back my belly my thighs all over my body. Could you wet my whole body 
with your tongue, all over, from my
head to my toes?"
"We've only got one more day," said Rick, thinking about where to start, 
how to keep track of where he'd

"Will you try?" giggled Cindy, "We could start after we take our shower 
Rick started licking Cindy's forehead, down her cheeks, over to her ears 
as she pressed her muff to his
stomach and slid her breasts around on his chest. Cindy sat up on his 
hips with her pussy on his cock and
started rubbing her body with her hands, her tongue licking her open 
lips, sticking it out of her open mouth,
wiggling its tip at Rick. Her hands moved up her thighs, lingering to 
play with her pussy; sliding one finger in
her wet cunt, then slowly licking her juice off it; tasting her sex, 
while she continued to finger herself with her
other hand; her head down, eyes looking up, locked on Rick's; wetting 
her finger again, pressing it to Rick's
lips for him to suck. Her hands moved on up her belly, playing with her 
navel; up her ribs to cup her breasts,
arching her back, throwing her head back as she massaged her breasts; 
squeezing them, pulling them apart,
pressing them together, raising them; reaching down to touch one nipple 
with the tip of her tongue, releasing
them to let them fall, bouncing slightly as gravity had its way with 
them. She raised her arms over her head
and then slowly down and back in an arc, moving her breasts for Rick to 

This was getting to be too much for Rick. His cock was already hard and 
pressing up against Cindy. She rose
slowly to release it and then slowly enveloped it with her cunt, never 
missing a movement of her hands as she
continued her show, only now she was sliding her pussy around on Rick's 
crotch, rubbing her clit back and
forth over his pelvis, her movements slowly working his cock in and out 
of her cunt. Cindy continued to
gyrate her head and upper body, massaging her breasts in time with the 
movements of her pussy. She leaned
forward, pulling Ricks head toward her, pressing his face between her 
breasts, rubbing them over his face in
time with the movements of his cock. Lowering him back to the sofa as 
she continued her drive toward her
climax, not yet ready but within her grasp.

Rick felt his climax coming on, thrusting his pelvis slightly now, 
grasping for Cindy's breasts, taking them in
his hands as she leaned forward to give them to him; resting her upper 
body on them as she concentrated more
on her clit, responding to the thrusts of Rick's pelvis; feeling his 
body shake under her, his cum bursting out
inside her with each pulse, finally feeling her own climax sending 
shudders through her body. Rick lowered
her breasts onto his chest, kissing her, holding her close to him, Cindy 
still holding his cock in her.

"That was the best yet, where did you learn to do that."
"Watching topless dancers in a bar, I thought you'd like it. I loved 
doing it, it felt so good I was beginning to
lose touch with reality, especially after you started to respond to my 
movements. You did it just right, moving
your pelvis in the opposite direction from my movements made your cock 
move in and out of my cunt more.
It made my cunt feel fuller as your cock pressed harder against the back 
and then the front while it was sliding
in and out of me. The hair on your pelvis was beginning to irritate my 
clit a little at the end though." "I've got
some lubricant that should stop that." Rick told her, "Gentle is better 
isn't it."
"Yes" said Cindy, hugging him, "it's more sensual, my orgasm seems to 
last longer. It leaves me in a more
blissful state that seems to persist." They got off the sofa and lay on 
the bed in that "spoon" position Cindy
liked so much, dozing off for another short nap.

Cindy woke with Rick trying to slip his newly hardened cock in her cunt 
while they were in the spoon
position and almost had it in. "I want to try a few things, just a few 
strokes in each position until I cum or we
run out of positions." Cindy didn't say anything, just pushed back hard 
against his cock so Rick kept on until
he got it all the way in. "Not bad," said Cindy, rubbing her clit. 
"Yeah" said Rick, "let me do that for you," he
said, reaching around her leg.

Rick rolled her over to face him, pulled her knee up and lay on her 
thigh putting one leg over her other thigh
in the "scissors" position. They worked his cock back into her cunt and 
fucked for a few strokes while he
sucked her breast. "Better" they both said together as they disengaged.

Rick rolled her over on her back, straddled her waist with his cock 
between her breasts, asked her to press
them together and started fucking them. Cindy kept trying to catch the 
head of his cock in her mouth as it
came up to her. "Fun, but not really good sex," they both said.

Cindy stacked a few books on the floor against the wall, stood on them 
on one foot, pulled Rick up against
her, rapped her free leg around him, guided his cock into her and said 
"fuck me" in a hoarse whisper. Which
Rick proceeded to do, pressing her against the wall, holding her thigh 
up with his hand and thrusting his cock
up into her with the requisite long hard thrusts. Sexy as hell but no 

Rick saved the best for last, 69. They had mixed it in with their first 
fuck, but not really concentrated on it for
some reason. Now they tried it again, first, lying on their sides, very 
nice, restful, then Cindy on top, great, do
this some more, and finally Rick on top. This time Rick's cock was hard 
as he held it poised over her mouth,
waiting for her to take it in while he played around in her pussy with 
his mouth and tongue. Cindy thought
about their discussion over throat fucking. She had shuddered as Rick 
first described it, but that shudder had
not been all from fear, there had been a sense of excitement mixed with 
it. That excitement was back now.
She trusted Rick and knew he would never do anything to hurt her, or 
anything she didn't want him to do. She
knew she could take him all the way into her easily and felt she could 
push him back out if she had to or he
started thrusting too hard or fast. She had had his cock in her cunt off 
and on for about a half hour now and
was getting hot. The thoughts of him thrusting his cock down into the 
bottom of her throat were making her
incoherent. "Don't bruise my lips, don't go too fast and let me guide 
you with my hands," said Cindy, closing
her lips around his cock as she grabbed his hips and pulled him into her 
throat. Rick followed Cindy's lead,
working on both ends of her, finding it hard to decide whether to keep 
his mind on fucking or sucking, until
each had cum, Rick first, then Cindy. 69 got an overwhelming approval.

They were tired now, lying on their sides on the bed, facing each other; 
talking about their latest experiences.

"I didn't want to fuck your throat," said Rick, "I thought you were just 
going to reach up and suck my cock
while I ate your pussy."
"I know," said Cindy, "It's just that when I saw your cock poised over 
my mouth like that I remembered how I
felt when you first told me about throat fucking, it frightened me and 
excited me at the same time. This time I
felt the excitement, I was hot and the thoughts of your cock thrusting 
down into my throat was making me
irrational. I trusted you, I knew you wouldn't hurt me and felt I could 
guide you with my hands. I wanted it so
much I just reached up and pulled you into me, and I'm glad I did. You 
had my cunt on fire. The thrusts of
your cock into my throat were comfortable, exciting and sexy as hell. I 
had less trouble timing my breathing
and less trouble holding your cock in my throat long enough for you to 
cum. I loved every minute of it."

"I love for you to fuck me, and always will. But I also like for you to 
eat me, maybe more than fucking in
some ways. It feels more intimate, more emotionally satisfying and I 
always cum, sometimes more intensely.
But sometimes I feel lonely, I don't have anything to hug, nothing to 
kiss or press my breasts against and I like
to feel your cock in my cunt while I'm coming down. I like 69 with me on 
top, You eat my pussy like crazy, I
get to press my breasts against your body and hug you and I get to suck 
your cock. It's just a little hard to keep
my priorities in order, am I supposed to be making you cum or letting 
you make me cum. Both I guess, I'll
have to work on it some more."

"I have the same feelings. I never get tired of fucking you, but eating 
you and being eaten by you is something
I don't want to do without. When you're sucking my cock I feel some of 
the loneliness you described, but not
as deep. I get to see my cock going in and out of that lovely mouth of 
yours and your sucking me off is like
nothing I've ever experienced, I don't have time to be lonely. 69 is the 
same for me. I get that great blowjob
from you, the intimacy if our bodies pressed together is great, the 
odors and tastes of your pussy are erotic to
me, so is the feeling of having my mouth and tongue in your soft pussy. 
But the greatest pleasure may be in
being able to make you feel the way you said you do, and to make you cum 
every time, and then cum again."

"What's your favorite way?" asked Cindy. "I guess I like to eat you with 
your butt on the edge of the bed and
me sitting on the floor, roll you over toward a second orgasm and then 
fuck you until we both cum. That way
I get to eat you and fuck you and have the pleasure of giving you two 
orgasms. What's yours?" "I love for you
to fuck me the way we're doing it now, you making me cum with your cock 
and your pelvis on my clit, but I
like Cindy on top too. Sometimes I like to just hold your cock in my 
mouth while you eat me and not really do
much with it until I start my climax. Sucking your cock during my climax 
seems to extend my orgasm and
slow its fall. I like it when you lick my pussy while I'm sucking your 
"I like to feel my cock in your mouth while I'm eating you," said Rick, 
"It's better if you don't make me cum
until after I've finished you though, It's hard to keep my mind on what 
I'm supposed to be doing when I get too

Rick got a bottle of baby oil from the bathroom, rolled Cindy over on 
her stomach and gave her a massage,
starting with her neck and working down to her toes. He turned her over 
and worked his way back up her legs,
spent some time on her pussy and a lot of time on her breasts with Cindy 
moaning as they slipped around in
his hands and finally both arms and hands. When he was finished, he put 
his arms around her, slipping and
sliding their bodies together like a whole body fuck.

"Are you ready for that shower yet?" asked Rick.
Cindy's face lit up. "Yes, are you ready for what you promised to do?"
"What do you think," said Rick, licking his lips, as he headed for the 
shower to get her water bottle ready to
flush her out. Rick took his time bathing Cindy, trying to arouse her 
for her treat. Finally they were back on
the bed, Cindy laying there on her back with her legs spread apart, 
rolling her feet from side to side,
wondering where Rick was going to start. Rick had brought a glass of 
water with him and set it on the floor
where he could reach it. He started on her left foot, lifting it up and 
sucking her big toe into his mouth, then
the other four in order. The bottom of her foot, accompanied by some 
squealing and jerking, up each side and
over the top, leaving the back of the heel. Then her ankle and up her 
shin to her knee, from the middle of one
side up and down to the middle of the other. Now the sections were 
getting larger, up the inside of her thigh
from the center to the top and then down to the center of the outside, 
lapping from one side to the other,
stripes the width of his tongue. Up to the crease between her thigh and 
her pussy and then up the crease to the
side of her hip, finishing the top half of one leg. Back to her right 
foot and on up to her hip.

Turn her over and start at the heel of her left foot, up her calf to the 
back of her knee. Up the back of her thigh
to its crease with her butt, along the crease from her crotch up to her 
hip. Another glass of water. Back of her
right leg and thigh. Rick turned her over and looked at the next 
section, licked his lips and smiled as he spread
her kegs wide and started in. Now Cindy knew why he agreed so readily. 
Rick started in just below the
bottom of her pussy and lapped from crease to crease up to her pussy 
then up first one side and then the other
from her slit to her crease. Back to the bottom of her pussy. First the 
four sides of her pussy lips, then the lips
and entrance of her cunt, up her vestibule to her clit and its hood. 
Rick did his best to suck her clit out of its
hood and try to get his tongue in between her clit and hood, in fact he 
spent a lot of time there. Then he made
sure he got the top of her pussy well done, Cindy just squirming around 
and smiling. Took a lot of water to
wet all of her muff and get up to her belly. Covered her belly from side 
to side, spending some time getting all
of her navel.

Turn her over, get her up on her knees with her legs spread and wet her 
butt. Rick started where he had left off
on the front side, the bottom of her pussy. He lapped from crease to 
crease up to the crack of her ass and then
up the middle, taking time to get all of her anus, now Cindy knew why he 
had washed it so well, then up to
her waist. Back to the bottom of her left butt. From its bottom, side to 
crack, up to her waist, then the other

Rick turned her over and studied the situation. Starting at her waist, 
from side to side, up to the bottom of her
breasts, around their outer edges and up to her arm pit, both sides. 
Rick licked his lips and lapped up between
her breasts to her throat, then her left breast, using both a side to 
side and up and down lap to make sure he
covered it all, from its bottom to her throat and over to her shoulder. 
Then the right breast, same thorough

Then her left arm, starting with her fingers in his mouth and then 
vertical laps up her arm to her elbow, all the
way around. Next, from her elbow to her shoulder, her arm pit and over 
to her neck, then her right arm.

Turn her over and wet her back, waist to neck, side to side, arm pit to 
arm pit. Back of her neck, ear to ear, up
to her hair, her hair was off limits. Turn her over and wet her throat, 
ear to ear. Left ear, each ridge and
crevice, right ear. Left cheek, chin, as far in her mouth as he could 
get, right cheek, nose, eyes, forehead, done.

There were some consequences though. They were now wide awake and all 
worked up. Cindy solved the
problem by rolling Rick over on his back and planting her pussy over his 
mouth while she sucked his cock
into her mouth, Cindy on top 69, a position they were going to get to 
love. They made it a leisurely session,
taking their time, enjoying the pleasures of their bodies. Rick spent 
more time on the various parts of her
pussy, slowly working up to her clit and then drifting away to another 
area for a moment or two before
returning. He fingered her cunt constantly the way Cindy had shown him 
she liked, except when he had his
tongue in it. Always concentrating on her clit, never moving away from 
it for more than a few seconds. He
kept his mind on what he was doing, letting the sensations Cindy was 
creating in his cock drive his mouth and
tongue. Cindy had been hot when they had started, her juices already 
flowing, getting Rick wet now as he
pressed his face in her pussy, driving her toward her orgasm.

Cindy spent much more time on his balls and his cock-head. Licking his 
balls, taking them into her mouth,
pulling on them, playing with them with her hands when she had his cock 
in her mouth. She licked his cock
from end to end, fluttering her tongue over the bottom of its head, 
slowly sucking it into her mouth while she
flicked its tip with her tongue. Playing with the hole in its head, 
sticking her tongue in it; closing her lips
around its head and swinging her head over it around and around, keeping 
her lips and tongue on its coronal
ridge, his most sensitive area he had told her. Sucking it slowly into 
her mouth and then sliding her throat
down over it until her lips were pressed between her teeth and his 
crotch, pushing his cock down from his
body to get more of it in her, feeling the front of his sack entering 
her mouth. Holding his cock there while
she moved her head around, rotating her head, making her throat move 
over his cock-head while it was deep
in her. Back to its head, sucking on it, trying to draw his climax out 
of it. Rick's mouth and tongue making her
cunt hot, her mouth now her cunt, sliding over his cock; down to the 
bottom, lingering there, feeling it starting
to pulse; squeezing the base of his cock, holding back his cum for a 
moment; stroking her throat over it, in
and out of the entrance to her throat, out into her mouth; releasing her 
fingers, sucking on his pulsing cock
harder, feeling its cum shooting into her mouth with each pulse; her 
climax radiating throughout her body as
she sucked the last of his cum from his cock, Rick gently licking her 
tender clit, kissing her cunt, his tongue
far in its inner recesses.

Not moving now, Cindy lying there, holding his shrinking cock in her 
mouth while she played with his balls.
Rick rubbing his hands over her butt and thighs as he licked the fresh 
juices from her cunt, tasting them; not
like his cum, sweet, lubricant to ease the entrance of his cock into her 
body. Cindy rolled off Rick and led him
back to the shower, then to bed for the night, spooned together, his 
hand on her breast as they slept.

Rick woke at six to the sounds of his go to the office alarm clock going 
off in his head, it didn't understand
weekends. Good he thought, this was not a day to waist sleeping. He went 
to the bathroom, used the toilet and
was shaving when Cindy stuck her head in the door. "I have to use the 
bathroom." "Ok, come on in." "No, I
have to use the toilet," she said, pressing up behind him as she put her 
arms around his chest, hugging him.
"Go ahead," said Rick, moving a little farther away from it, "after last 
night there's no part of your body that's
private from me," trying to act nonchalant as he continued to shave.

Cindy blushed for the first time that weekend, realizing the 
completeness of his statement. She slapped him
on the butt, sat on the toilet, relived herself, rinsed off on the bidet 
and stood in front of the mirror examining
herself, rubbing her breasts. She brushed her teeth and started combing 
her hair. "Your flag's up," she said,
noticing Rick's hard cock sticking prominently out over the counter. 
"Isn't it a little early in the morning for
that?" Now it was Rick's turn to blush. This had been the one thing that 
had bothered him about being
constantly naked with her in the cabin. Cindy could be red hot and not 
show it except for a faint expression on
her face, probably her eyes Rick thought, sometimes a faint flush. Her 
nipples hardened and stood out
noticeably too, he realized. But just let him look at her naked body, 
even her clothed body, and a six-inch
reddening flag with two balls attached stood straight out, waiving in 
the breeze as he walked. "It's never too
early for that," Rick replied, cupping his hand over her pussy, probing 
the entrance to her cunt with his finger.

"Hungry? Food I mean," said Rick noticing the sudden smile on her face, 
moving quickly to the kitchen as she
reached for his cock. They ate breakfast and lay down on the bed, fully 
awake now, contemplating the start of
their second day together. "Still hungry?" asked Cindy, spreading her 
legs slightly and licking her lips. "Yes,"
said Rick, getting out of bed. He got two chairs from the kitchen, set 
them beside the bed and placed a folded
up blanket on the floor between them. "Sit on the edge of the bed with 
your feet on the chairs, rest your knees
against the chair backs," said Rick, putting the pillows under Cindy's 
back and head as she positioned herself.
Rick sat on the blanket and finished breakfast, slowly fingering her, 
resting his head on her thigh as he
leisurely sucked her clit; giving Cindy her first orgasm of the day.

Rick moved back on the bed to hold Cindy for a while. "That was nice," 
said Cindy, "I like that position."
"Still hungry?" "Yes," said Cindy, moving to the blanket as Rick moved 
to the chairs. "This should be more
comfortable, less strain on your neck when you deep-throat me," said 
Rick as Cindy sucked his cock into her
mouth. Cindy sat on the blanket, using her mouth and tongue, sucking on 
his cock; sometimes just resting her
head on Rick's thigh, holding his cock in her mouth, playing with his 
balls. Cindy got on her knees, tilted her
head back and slid her mouth down the length of his cock; taking it into 
her throat easily now, holding it deep
in her throat as long as she could. Moving her mouth and throat rapidly 
over Rick's cock now, sensing his
orgasm building. Cindy took a deep breath as she felt his cock start to 
pulse, holding her larynx closed as she
stroked her lips the length of his cock as it left a trail of cum from 
her lips to the bottom of her throat,
stopping with his cock in her mouth while she cleared her throat and 
breathed normally as she sucked it clean.

"That was great, I loved it,"said Cindy, moving back on the bed to lie 
against Rick, "it was more comfortable,
just as easy to get your cock in my throat as it was when my head was 
back over the side of the bed, it felt
nice resting there, holding it in my mouth." "I liked not having to 
worry about where my cock was when I
climaxed," said Rick.

"Have you studied dance?" asked Rick, remembering the ballet movements 
she had performed for him. "Yes,
some ballet and a little of a variety of other forms. Never 
professionally, just for fun and to learn what they
were about, why?" "Will you dance for me?" Rick asked as he searched 
through the shelves of tapes and CDs.
"Yes" she smiled "What kind?" Rick found what he wanted, put it in the 
player and sat on one of the kitchen
chairs to watch. Suddenly "Let Me Entertain You" from the movie "Gipsy" 
blared out of the speakers. "It
really isn't too early in the morning for you is it," she said, as she 
put that sexy look of hers on her face and
started grinding away, "me neither." Cindy had seen the movie several 
times and one of the men she had dated
briefly had taken her to a topless bar a few times. Cindy really got 
into the act, pulling his chair to the middle
of the room and directing every movement to him, straddling his legs and 
shaking her breasts against his face,
quickly moving back just out of his reach, circling around him, watching 
his head swivel like an owl's. She
moved in close again, her back arched, legs spread, head tilted toward 
him as she licked her opened lips,
shaking her breasts while she bumped her pussy directly toward his face 
to the beat of the drums. Cindy
straddled his lap on the last beat of the music, pressing her sweating 
breasts against him as she thrust her
tongue deep into his mouth.

"Never seen better," said Rick, "I've got one more tape, a different 
kind of dance this time." Rick changed the
player, lay Cindy on the sofa and quickly slid his cock into her before 
the music started. He started stroking
his cock as the first notes of Ravel's Bolero drifted across the room, 
slowly increasing the intensity of his
strokes with that of the music. Cindy knew the music well and thrust her 
cunt up to meet him, both bodies
moving to the sensuous rhythm; pausing at each end of their strokes, in 
hold, and out hold, and in hold, and
out hold, building the intensity of their strokes until the final clash 
of the music, then continuing on more
gently until both had cum. "We need to practice with that tape, I'd love 
for both of us to cum at the end of the
music," sighed Cindy.

"The day's off to a great start," said Rick, "does it have to end?"
"I hope not," replied Cindy, "we'll have to try to keep it going."
"Not at this pace though," said Rick smiling, "we've got to earn a 
living." Rick untangled himself from Cindy
and got two cokes from the fridge. He opened them and gave one to Cindy 
as he sat beside her. "Ahhh," she
sighed as she pressed the cold can between her breasts, "that feels 
good, see, I'm still sweating," thrusting her
breasts toward Rick. "I think I know why people have to wear clothes, I 
don't believe I could take it, being
around you naked all the time. I would have a hard on twenty-four hours 
a day." "What's wrong with having a
hard on? I think your hard cock is cute, I like to walk around in front 
of you and watch it rise up." "Well, it
shows what's on my mind. You can be thinking about sex and no one would 
know it unless they studied your
face and sometimes your nipples carefully. Just let me see your naked 
body, or even your clothed body for
that matter, and I raise a red throbbing flag. I don't even have to see 
you for it to get hard, just think about
you." "Does it embarrass you?" "Well, yes, I don't mind being naked in 
front of you, in fact I like that, it's just
that I can't control my cock." "I'm glad you can't, it tells me when I 
can get another fuck." "How long can you
keep it hard?" "I don't know, pretty long, as long as I haven't cum. 
Why?" "I don't know, I was just wondering
how long you could keep it in my cunt." "Want to try and find out?" 
asked Rick. "No," laughed Cindy, "it
would take too much time, I've got other plans for it today." "You've 
seen kissing contests haven't you," asked
Rick. "I wonder if they've ever held a cock in cunt contest." "We could 
use that scissors position," said Cindy,
"that put you in me real tight, it wouldn't fall out even if it got soft 
and we'd be lying down too." "What if one
of us had to go to the bathroom?" asked Rick. "It'd be messy but I could 
handle it, my pee hole's outside my
cunt. We could use a catheter for you." "Bad idea," said Rick. "Yeah" 
said Cindy.

"What plans have you got?" asked Rick. "I want your cock in my mouth 
some more." "A cock in mouth
contest?" "No silly, I want to suck you off but I want to take my time 
doing it, it just feels so good when it's in
my mouth and throat, maybe because it's so new to me." Cindy stretched 
out on her stomach between Ricks
legs and sucked his cock into her mouth, taking as much of it in as she 
could and still breathe. She rested her
head on his thigh, putting her arms around his hips and hugging him 
while she tried to get a little more in her.
Rick put his hands on her head, stroking her hair and cheek as she lay 
there. Cindy pushed her throat down
against his cock-head until she felt it enter and tried to breathe with 
it in there. She got some air in through her
mouth when she opened it. She tried moving her head around, changing the 
position of his cock in her throat
until she could breathe slowly. She finally got comfortable and squeezed 
Rick's hips in delight.

Cindy lay there for a long time, her eyes closed, hugging Rick's hips as 
he stroked her head and face. Finally
she took a deep breath, slid her lips down to the bottom of his cock and 
started circling her head around,
moving her throat over his cock until she had to breathe, then took it 
out into her mouth and gave him the best
blowjob yet, swallowing his cum as it shot into her mouth. Cindy 
finished sucking his cock clean and
announced "That's it, I'm cured, let's get on with some serious 
fucking," as she bounced up and down on the
bed, her breasts jiggling around on her chest. "I can't." "Why?" "You've 
used up my hard on." "Oh . . . then eat
me," said Cindy as she moved up his chest, straddled his head and 
pressed her pussy down over his face.
"Glad to oblige," mumbled Rick, thrusting his tongue into her cunt. Rick 
ate her pussy slowly and sensuously,
doing all the things she had taught him as she squatted over his face; 
head back, mouth open, massaging her
breasts and stomach, lost in a euphoric dream world as she waited for 
the ecstacy of her climax. The end of
her orgasm brought Cindy back to reality. She slithered down Rick's body 
to lie on him. "Best yet," said
Cindy as she put her lips to his, tasting her juices in his mouth while 
he held her close to him. "I got you wet
didn't I," said Cindy, wiping his face and neck with a towel. "The price 
one has to pay for good sex," replied
Rick, pulling her mouth back to his.

"Cindy . . . pose for me some more in front of the window." Cindy 
grinned, "There must be a touch of
voyeurism in you." "I don't know, I just can't take my eyes off you, the 
sight of your body excites me like no
other woman ever has." "Why don't you take some pictures of me while I'm 
posing, I brought a good camera
with me." "They might get into the wrong hands." "Not if you keep them 
with your important papers, go on,
I'd like to see them too." Cindy brought her camera to Rick and stood in 
front of the window. "The light's not
right, I can't get a good picture." "It's warm out, let's go outside, 
I'll pose for you against a nature background."
Rick laughed, thinking about two naked people running around the yard.

Cindy was starting out the door when she turned back, realizing she was 
going to have her picture taken. "My
hair's a mess and I need a shower, Rick, come flush me out," she said, 
heading for the bathroom. After her
shower she fixed her hair and examined herself in the mirror, smiling as 
she combed the hair on her pussy,
after all, it was going to get its picture taken too. "Ok, I'm ready," 
she said, as she opened the door and ran out
into the yard, twirling around as she went. Rick remembered seeing a 
camcorder with the audio equipment
and brought it outside along with the camera.

They found several good backdrops where the sun was right, one with 
nothing but the distant mountains
behind her, another with some trees, and a large rock she could lean 
against and climb up on. Rick used up
three rolls of film taking still shots of her in every pose they could 
think of. Rick used one roll devoted
entirely to accentuating her breasts. Hanging down as she leaned over, 
the different shapes and positions they
would assume as she moved her arms and filled her lungs with air, 
flattening as she lay on her back with her
arms stretched over her head. Lying on her side with her head propped up 
on her hand. A great one of her
draped backwards over the rock with her torso hanging almost straight 
down, muff showing, her arms
dangling, her nipples now high on her chest. Rick tied a rope from one 
ankle to a tree to keep her from falling
off the rock to get that one. Another great one of her up on the rock, 
looking up at her as she stood on one leg
with her other leg and her body horizontal, her arms held straight out 
from her sides like she was flying. A full
profile with her shoulders back and her chest out. Front from her pussy 
up, her arms crossed below her breasts
and then full front with her feet separated about eighteen inches. 
Another full front with her hands clasped in
front of her muff, her upper arms holding her breasts almost together.

None of the shots were closeups of her pussy or deliberately focused 
attention on it, wanting it to be just
another part of her body, but she always positioned herself so it wasn't 
concealed. If she had a leg forward or a
knee raised, it was the one away from the camera. She didn't shave her 
muff but its fine blond hair revealed
her slit in some shots if you looked for it. One great full view of her 
came close, showing her lying on her
back on the grass, arms and legs stretched out like Da Vinci's sketch of 
a man in a circle, taken from the top
of a step ladder Rick had found and set up about six feet from her feet. 
One of her leaning back against a tree
with both hands behind her, one knee raised, her foot resting on the 
tree behind her. There was one half
profile from her navel up with her head turned away from the camera, 
looking at one breast while she cupped
them in her hands. A profile with her standing straight while her pelvis 
was tilted slightly down, showing the
backward curve of her lower belly, the curve of her thigh and accenting 
her butt. The same pose but with her
pelvis tilted up enough to show the profile of her mons with its hairs 
glistening in the sun. Another profile
showing her breasts and butt sticking out as she leaned slightly 
forward, elbows back, looking at something.
The video got more creative. They spent thirty minutes filming her 
running, jumping, doing calisthenics,
dancing, ballet positions and just walking around. Cindy had gotten into 
the spirit of posing. When they
finished outside, Rick put in a new tape, setting it to record music 
also, turned the "Gipsy" tape on and got her
to do her dance again; this time directed at the camera, using the 
window with its drapes closed as a backdrop.
Cindy was tired after all that exercise and lay down on the bed to rest, 
spooned together with Rick.

Cindy was rested now and still feeling sexy after posing for those 
pictures and doing that dance, "Where's that
Bolero tape?" she asked, "I want to practice some more." Rick put it 
back in the player but didn't start it,
bringing the remote to the bed. "We need to warm each other up some 
first, let's do a little Cindy on top 69,
just enough to get the juices flowing." "Yeah," said Cindy, quickly 
lying down on top of Rick, taking his cock
into her mouth just as his tongue slipped into her cunt. It only took a 
few minutes before Rick was back on
top of Cindy with his cock poised just inside her cunt, holding the 
remote. "Ready?" "Yes." Rick pushed the
button, the music started and his cock went in. They kept pace with the 
beat, varying the intensity of their
thrusts. The melody had a strange hypnotic beat, sort of a THUMP . . . 
thump . . . THUMP . . . thump. Rick
started out bottoming his cock in Cindy on THUMP, pausing, bringing it 
back to the entrance on thump,
pausing, bottoming it on THUMP, pausing, back to the entrance on thump 
for about ten minutes. The beat
stays the same with the intensity of the music continuously increasing 
to the final climatic clash of sound.
Rick's key to enjoying fucking to this music was letting himself become 
caught up in the hypnotic sensuous
beat, matching the intensity of his strokes to the intensity of the 
music. Rick tried to scale the increase in
intensity of his thrusts so he would reach his climax on the last beat. 
Cindy matched her thrusts with his but
scaled the intensity of the way she rubbed her clit against Rick to 
control her climax. Sounded good on paper
and they almost made it, with rick cumming a little too soon and Cindy 
cumming a little too late, get it right
the next time they said.

Rick fixed some more sandwiches, opened a couple of cokes and brought 
them over to Cindy on the sofa. "I
can't wait to develop these pictures, I develop my pictures myself," 
said Rick, "I wouldn't have taken them if I
had had to send them out." "I forgot about that," said Cindy. Rick 
hooked up the camcorder to the TV and
played back Cindy's dance. It was good, So good it embarrassed her at 
first as she watched a closeup of her
leaning back shaking her breasts. She sat there, moving her shoulders 
and rocking her hips to the beat as she
watched herself do a strip dance in full color, starting out naked. One 
segment near the end was a closeup of
her hips as she was really bumping her crotch, you could see the 
protruding inner lips of her pussy and the tip
of her clit sticking out from under its hood. As the zoom faded back, 
you could see her open mouth and her
tongue licking her lips as she bumped and ground her hips.

Cindy looked at Rick's thermometer, saw that it was up and knew hers 
was. She led him to the bed and lay
him on his back with two pillows under his head. Then she turned her 
back to him, squatted down over his
cock and slid down over it to rest on his pelvis. "You can't reach my 
breasts can you." "No." "Put your pillows
up against the headboard then slide back and lean against them, I'll go 
with you. Now grab my breasts, ouuu,
that's fine. Now rub my clit, great." Cindy was on her knees now, 
starting to slid up and down on Ricks cock
while Rick rubbed her clit. It felt good and he was in deep but it just 
wasn't working. Rick lifted Cindy off his
cock, got his jar of lubricant and leaned back against the pillows; 
turned Cindy around, lifted her up and slid
her back down over his cock. Then he put some of the lubricant on his 
pelvis and the upper part of her pussy,
grabbed her butt and slid her back and forth on his pelvis a few times; 
put his arms around her, his tongue in
her mouth and started thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

Cindy pulled her head back, jabbed him in the ribs, said smarty and went 
to work on his cock like she had
before, sliding her pussy back and forth on his pelvis, rubbing her clit 
against him while her motions moved
his cock in and out of her cunt. Cindy did it much slower this time but 
pushing harder against his cock,
sometimes moving her pussy in a circle; sucking on his nipples while he 
played with her breasts, kissing him.
When she felt her orgasm beginning to build, she slowed and shortened 
her movements; keeping herself at the
edge for almost thirty minutes until she couldn't take it any longer and 
brought herself over the top. The
shorter movements had reduced the movement of Rick's cock-head in her 
cunt and kept him from cumming.
As her climax ended, Cindy slid back off of Rick's cock, taking it into 
her mouth and bringing him back up to
one of his better orgasms. "Nice try," said Rick, "Great finish," purred 
Cindy as she put her arms around his
neck, rubbing her breasts over his chest while she kissed him, her pussy 
resting on his soft cock.

"That lubricant did the trick," said Cindy, "no taste either." "It's the 
best for masturbation but not so good in
your cunt. It doesn't rinse out easily with just water, you almost need 
a detergent, it'll work its way out in time.
It won't hurt you, it's just baby oil, some petrolatum and a little 
paraffin, your own juices are fine for fucking,
besides they taste better and feel better in my mouth," said Rick, "I 
didn't put any in your cunt but you
probably got some on my cock when you slid back off me." "Yeah, I got a 
little in my mouth," said Cindy,
"My cunt produces a lot of fluid, lubricant I guess, when I get hot. 
That's why I get so full and get you so wet.
It's not just your cum that builds up in my cunt, it's my own juices 
too. That's why I douche so often. How
much cum comes out of your cock at a time." "About two spoons full, no 
more than a tablespoon." "Three
fucks, that's at least two, maybe three tablespoons full in my cunt, 
that's a lot." "I guess it is at that, I don't care
if it runs out, messy sex is fun sometimes, I'll keep flushing you out 
if you want, I get a kick out of doing it.
Do you think all these douches might irritate your cunt?" "Maybe, let's 
be messy," giggled Cindy. "Ok, it
hasn't bothered me when I eat you. I think it builds up to a point and 
then any more just runs out by its self."
"Want to put me back on the laboratory table and check it." "No, but I 
want to put you back on it and eat you
while I work up another hard and then put another tablespoon of cum in 
your cunt." Cindy grabbed Rick by
the balls and led him over to the table, climbed up on it, put her feet 
on the chairs and spread het legs. She
looked down at her pussy, didn't see any thing running out and told Rick 
to dive in, the liquid was fine. Rick
put the cushion on the floor and let Cindy guide him as he brought her 
to another of those euphoric orgasms.

Rick didn't wait, he had his hard and started lapping his tongue up 
Cindy's belly to her breasts and on to her
mouth, sliding his cock into her cunt as his tongue entered her mouth. 
There was still enough lubricant on it
so he started to gently rub his pelvis slowly over her clit, not letting 
her climax die; letting her pick up the
pace as her clit responded, almost masturbating herself on his cock and 
pelvis as he rolled her over into
another orgasm; starting to thrust his cock in and out now, long steady 
strokes, sliding the head of his cock the
length of her cunt until he pumped that fourth tablespoon of cum into 
her. Cindy wrapped her legs around
Rick's hips and held onto his neck as he held her thighs and carried her 
to the bed like he had done before.
Rick lay down on the bed, putting Cindy's feet over his shoulders; then 
being careful not to let his cock slip
out, spun her around and rolled her over into her spoon position with 
his cock still in her and his hand holding
her breast.

"I called the druggist," said Cindy, "What's wrong?" "I'm messing up the 
furniture." "You called a druggist to
tell him you're messing up the furniture?" "No silly, I called him, her 
to ask her about my douche solution; she
said it wouldn't bother me, use it as often as I needed to, just get my 
juices flowing before we fuck." "I'm
really full this time, see," said Cindy, putting her foot up on the bed 
and showing Rick her pussy. "Yeah, it's
actually dripping out," said Rick, watching some run out as Cindy 
tightened her sphincter muscle. "Flush me
out," smiled Cindy, "I can do it, it's just that's its fun when you do 
it, besides, you put most of it in there." "I
know you can, I think its fun too, mix your solution and I'll hang the 
bottle, I need a shower too, you've been
running all over me as well as the furniture." "Cindy on top 69 really 
gets me wet," smiled Rick, "but I love it,
it adds to the sensuality of eating you."

After their shower, Rick washed off the vinyl covered furniture while 
Cindy changed the bed linen. "There's a
waterproof latex cover over the mattress," said Cindy, "I'll bet that's 
why all the furniture has vinyl upholstery
too, your friend's wife has the same problems I do." "What problem?" 
"Her cunt fills up when she's been
fucked a lot and leaks out on the furniture when she sits down." Rick 
laughed, "They have someone who
comes up here to clean after they use the cabin on weekends, I'm going 
to call them after we leave." "I see I'm
not the only one who has something that hangs down and wiggles when they 
work," said Cindy, smiling as
she watched Rick's cock and balls flopping around as he scrubbed the 
sofa cushions. "At least your breasts
look beautiful as they jiggle." "Have you ever watched a big bull as he 
loped across a pasture, his cock
swaying from side to side in time with his stride, poetry in motion," 
replied Cindy.

"I want to watch you masturbate," said Cindy, sitting cross legged on 
the bed, "I want to watch your orgasm
and see your cum come out of your cock." "I hate to waste a good hard, 
it should be used in you." "It won't be
wasted, you can eat me afterwards." Rick put some lubricant on his cock 
and started to stroke it with his fist.
He stood in front of Cindy, his crotch thrust toward her, eyes focused 
on her face as she licked her lips,
following his every move. "Tell me when you're almost there," said 
Cindy, "I want to watch it shoot." "Get
ready," said Rick. "Let it shoot in my hands," said Cindy, holding her 
two hands cupped together. "There's not
that much," laughed Rick. "I don't want to lose any," said Cindy, "I'm 
going to measure it." Cindy watched,
fascinated by how it came out, four full spurts, followed by some slowly 
running out. "it really does shoot out,
no wonder I can feel it in my cunt." "There'll be one or two more large 
drops spitting out in a minute or two,"
said Rick. "The next time you suck me off, see if you can taste my 
precum as it comes out, it just oozes out
when I start to get hot. It's got a lot of sperm in it too, you can get 
pregnant if a man is the slightest bit worked
up before sticks his cock in you, he doesn't have to cum in you." Cindy 
saw one more drop come out and drip
into her hands.

Cindy went over to the kitchen sink and wiped all of his cum into one 
hand. "Find me a measuring spoon will
you, there should be one in one of these drawers." Rick found one and 
handed it to Cindy. She started with a
tablespoon but couldn't get it to run out of her hand. "I need a third 
hand, get me a table knife and hold this
spoon." Rick held the spoon as she scraped it off her hand into the 
spoon, it filled it up with a little bit left
over. Cindy poured it back into her hand and worked it around with her 
finger, rubbing her thumb and finger
together. "It's slicky, it doesn't smell bad," said Cindy, sniffing it, 
"A strong odor but not really offensive, at
least not to me." "It's starting to taste ok too," she said, sticking 
her tongue in it. "Here, you taste it," Cindy
said as she lapped up some and held her dripping tongue up to Rick. Rick 
took her head in his hands and
closed his mouth over hers, licking it off her tongue with his. Rick 
smiled, "I've gotten used to it too, it goes
with the territory when I eat you after I've fucked you, it tastes 
different when it's mixed with your juices
though, sweeter." "I could douche after we fuck." "Your cunt doesn't 
taste as good then, it's better in the
morning after you douched the night before; it needs to age a little to 
bring it to full flavor before you serve it
to me," said Rick, grinning as he alluded to her act with the serving 

Cindy slowly licked Rick's cum out of her hand and the spoon and swished 
it around in her mouth like she
was tasting wine, savoring its flavor, finally swallowing it. "I said we 
wouldn't waste it, all your cum needs to
go into me, not down the drain. Any time you feel you have to 
masturbate, call me first." "Does it have to age
all night?" "No, an hour will probably do, but you'll have to let me 
warm you up for a while to get your cunt's
fresh juices flowing." Cindy took him by the hand and lead him to the 

Rick sat at the end of the sofa with one leg stretched out on the 
cushions, Cindy sitting between his legs,
leaning back against him, her head on his chest. Rick pulled his cock up 
between them, feeling it hardening
against the small if her back as he caressed her breasts with one hand 
and her pussy with the other. "Do Cindy
on top, I want to hug you while you eat me." Rick slid down on the sofa 
while Cindy turned and pressed her
pussy to his face, waiting for his tongue to enter her. Rick slowly 
aroused her passions, using all the tricks she
had shown him, but not as much attention to her clit at first, just 
enough to keep it hot. Slowly bringing her
close to orgasm, then drifting back to her cunt, fingering her when his 
tongue was not in it. Then back to her
clit before its excitement fell back to arouse it again, lapping the 
crease of her thigh and then back to her clit.
Tongue deep in her cunt, lapping slowly out and up her vestibule to her 
clit, catching its fall and raising it a
little higher each time. Cindy was almost passive, allowing her body to 
respond to what Rick was doing,
letting him hold her on that euphoric plane; pressing her breasts to his 
stomach and moaning when he sucked
her clit into his mouth, rubbing her cheek against his cock. Cindy was 
beginning to grind her pussy against
Rick's mouth, Rick had brought her too high, held her there too long; 
almost an hour now, her orgasm too far
up for either to control as it reached for its climax, sending its waves 
of pleasure throughout her body. Her
body shuddering, legs twitching as she ground her pussy harder against 
his face; rubbing her breasts over his
belly as she took his cock in her mouth and down into her throat, 
holding it there until her orgasm peaked and
her body came back under her control.

Cindy didn't want to say anything, just lie there with Rick's cock in 
her mouth while he gently worked his
tongue around in her cunt; rolling her over toward another orgasm as he 
took her clit into his mouth and
began rhythmically sucking and releasing it. Cindy took his cock back 
deep in her throat again and then out
into her mouth where she practiced all the things Rick had shown her 
until she felt the pulses of his orgasm
shooting his cum into her mouth. She swallowed his cum just as Rick 
drove her over her own climax. Still no
words as they held each other in their mouths.

Cindy let Rick's cock slip from her mouth as she turned around to lie on 
his chest, kissing him, drawing his
tongue into her mouth.

"The gentler the better," said Rick, as he took her head in his hands. 
"Yes," sighed Cindy, flicking her tongue
into his mouth for a moment, "the sex wasn't as hot but the pleasure was 
greater." "Do you like the sex hot?"
asked Rick. "Yes, it thrills me when you thrust your cock into my throat 
hard. I really get caught up in it when
you're fucking me so hard my breasts are shaking more than when I'm 
jogging. But I'm finding out that violent
acts breed more violence and I really want sex to be pleasurable, 
sensuous, not hard, I'll take the hot sex as
dessert, not the main course." "That reminds me, I want you to fuck my 
throat with my head hanging over the
side of the bed, it doesn't have to be violent does it, can't it be 
sensuous." "I'd be glad to try," said Rick.

Rick found some cookies, opened up some drinks and sat back on the sofa 
with Cindy sitting between his
legs, leaning back against his chest. This was becoming a favorite 
position for both. Rick pressed his cold can
between Cindy's breasts making her jump. "Hay, I'm not sweating now," 
giggled Cindy. Rick was caressing
Cindy's breasts again, dropping cookie crumbs on her when he asked, "Do 
you get tired of me fooling with
your breasts?" "Only if it's keeping you from getting on to better sex, 
besides you're not fooling with them,
you're having sex with them and I love having sex with you; remember, I 
showed you how to do it, now just
keep up the good work." "Good," said Rick, as he ate the last of his 
cookie and took one breast in each hand.
Cindy grinned up at him, reaching behind her to squeeze his cock as he 
continued to gently caress her breasts,
almost putting her to sleep.

Cindy finally got up and went to the bedroom while Rick found some more 
cookies. He followed Cindy only
to find her draped across the bed with her head hanging down, mouth 
open. Rick lost interest in the cookies
and settled down to the business at hand, or should it be at cock he 
thought. Rick sat on the floor beside
Cindy's head and discussed what he was going to do. "I'm going to stroke 
the head of my cock from your teeth
to the bottom of your throat, up and down deep in your throat, in and 
out of your throat and back and forth in
your mouth. What we have to do is time my strokes with your breathing. I 
can probably tell when you're
inhaling and exhaling by watching your chest, but I can't tell when you 
need to take a breath. You'll have to
guide me with your hands on my hips." "Ready?" Cindy opened her mouth 
wide, put his cock in it, grabbed
his hips, took a deep breath and pulled him all the way into her. Rick 
started to stroke his cock back and forth,
keeping it deep in her throat; bringing his crotch up to her lips with 
his balls bouncing on her nose on each
stroke until she pushed back on his hips, signaling him that she needed 
to breathe. Then he quickly pulled his
cock out of her throat into her mouth, gave her time to exhale and 
inhale then pushed it back down in her
throat and resumed stroking, repeating this cycle several times. Then he 
pulled his cock back into her mouth
until it was just inside her teeth, let her exhale and inhale, then 
stroked it back to the bottom of her throat;
brought it right back out to her teeth and started it right back in, 
giving her just enough time to exhale and
inhale before it started into her throat.

"Don't take deep breaths now, just breathe normally through your nose," 
he said, continuing to stroke it in and
out, from her teeth to the bottom of her throat. "I'm going to speed it 
up now, just exhale when I bring it out
and don't inhale until I stroke it in and bring it back out again"; he 
said, gradually speeding up his strokes as
she got into the rhythm. Cindy started setting the pace, pulling him 
back in as fast as she could until it really
was just like fucking. She let go of his hips and let him keep fucking 
her. Then he stopped with his cock out
in her mouth and told her to take a deep breath. When she had, he 
started stroking his cock in and out of the
entrance to her throat in quick short strokes without pausing. Cindy 
pushed back on his hips, took another
deep breath and pulled him back in, continuing this for about a minute 
until Rick pushed it back down to the
bottom of her throat again and started stroking it up and down there, 
keeping its head deep in her throat.
Cindy pushed back on his hips, Rick pulled back into her mouth, she 
breathed, he went back to the bottom
and then up and down again until Cindy pushed him back; repeating the 
cycle for another minute. One more
minute of stroking back and forth in her mouth with her breathing 
normally. Rick watched Cindy's breathing,
waiting until she had just inhaled and then bottomed his cock in her 
throat and started the fast full length
strokes again. Cindy moved right into the new cycle without missing a 
stroke. Cindy soon found out she didn't
have to actually push him out, just push or pull on his hips to signal 
what she wanted him to do.

Rick began to randomly change his strokes without telling Cindy, 
teaching her to adapt to his strokes as she
felt them change. "You can make me do what you want, just guide my cock 
using your hands on my hips. Put
your arms around my butt now, pull me up tight against your face and 
hold me there; rub your nose around in
my bush in a sideways figure eight, make my cock move around in your 
throat; good, now let go of me and I'll
take over." Rick told Cindy he was getting close and asked her where she 
wanted him to cum. Her signal was
clear as she pulled him all the way in and held him there for a moment. 
Rick was making short deep strokes
deep in her throat when he said "I'm ready," pulled his cock out of her 
throat, paused for a moment to give
Cindy time to take an extra deep breath, then bottomed his cock in her; 
resuming those short intense strokes
deep in her throat while his orgasm shot his cum into her stomach. He 
held his cock in her mouth until she
had sucked the last of his cum out of it and licked it clean and then 
bent down to give her another of those
upside down kisses that let them slip their tongues all the way into 
each others mouth at the same time; a sexy
feeling, having the tops of their tongues together, sliding around over 
each other; their noses got in the way of
their chins a little though.

"I liked that," said Cindy, moving back on the bed, "it's almost like 
deep throating you except I never know
what you're going to do with your cock; there's a sexy thrill to it, 
wondering when you're going to thrust your
cock down into my throat," "one of those desserts," said Rick, "A very 
special one," said Cindy, as Rick
spooned in behind her.

"I want to fuck you after supper, just a plain old standard fuck on the 
bed with me on top, and I want to keep
doing it until we cum together if it takes all night." "Yeah," said 
Cindy, do we have to wait until after
supper?" "It'll take me that long to build up my strength." "I need you 
to do something to my cunt, that throat
fuck got me hot all over, see, feel how extended and hard my nipples 
are." Cindy had rolled over to face Rick
and thrust her breast up to his face so he could see her nipple. Rick 
put his mouth over it and sucked on it,
"tastes hot too." Cindy poked him in the ribs again. Cindy turned around 
so the afternoon sun shone on her
pussy and pulled its outer lips apart. "Look at the inside of my pussy, 
see the color." "Yeah, what's wrong with
it, looks pretty to me," another poke in the ribs. "Nothing dummy, it's 
just that it's gotten redder, it's normally
sort of pink, like the inside of my other lips. When I get hot it starts 
to turn red, my cunt lips sometimes get a
deep red when I'm almost ready to cum; see, pull my pussy lips back and 
look at them, get down close so you
can see." Big mistake, Cindy grabbed Rick's head and pulled his face up 
tight to her pussy, telling him she
wasn't going to let go until he put out her fire. "Don't do anything 
fancy, just finger me and suck on my clit
until I cum . . . that feels good, try three fingers . . . that's it, 
move them around in me . . . deeper . . . rub
behind my mons . . . great, don't stop." Cindy put one hand on Ricks 
head, running her fingers through his hair
while she rubbed and squeezed her breasts with the other. Rick rested 
his head on her thigh, sucking gently on
her clit for about thirty minutes while he gradually brought her to her 
climax and then spooned in behind her,
holding her as she came down, watching the sunset together.

Supper was more TV dinners, wine and the rest of the pie. The dinners 
were different but still the same good
brand. They ate at the table this time, sitting across from each other. 
Rick still had the same problem, he
couldn't keep his eyes off Cindy's breasts. Cindy knew it and made his 
life miserable. She did everything she
could to make them shake and get Rick's attention. She dropped her 
napkin and let them rest on the table as
she reached down to pick it up. Leaning back between bites, putting her 
arm over the back of her chair as she
took a drink. Really giving them a workout as she sawed her knife back 
and forth cutting her meat, one small
bite at a time. Leaning back with her hands clasped behind her head as 
she talked to him. Every movement
was a quick one, making them jiggle. Rick caught on to what she was 
doing and started licking his lips in
response. When she made a good move he pursed his lips, making sucking 

After supper they moved to their favorite position on the sofa, watching 
the video of Cindy out in the yard
while Rick caressed her breasts, holding one hand cupped over her pussy. 
The video was good, with some
parts pretty sexy, especially her doing jumping jacks. Rick rewound the 
tape while Cindy lay on the bed,
waiting for him. Rick stood in the doorway, leaning against the jamb, 
looking at her as she lay there. Cindy
was lying on her side, her legs together, her knees slightly drawn up, 
her upper arm resting on her thigh while
she cradled her head in the other, her forearm raised upright; the 
smooth curve of her hip and thigh so obvious
now. Rick noticed the width of her hips, her pelvis wider than he had 
realized, sexy, would make childbearing
easier he thought; her blond muff, a soft triangle nestled between the 
tops of her thighs and the crease below
the gentle bulge of her belly, drawing Rick's eyes to it. Rick moved to 
her as she held out her hand to him,
lying on his side facing her as he reached over, gently rolling her 
nipple between his fingers. Cindy rolled
onto her back, stretching her arms above her head as she spread her legs 
for him. Rick lifted her hips, slipping
two pillows beneath them and lowered himself between her legs. He 
hovered over her body, holding himself
up with his arms; gazing into her eyes as he pressed his cock to the 
lips of her cunt, gradually sliding it into
her as he lowered his chest to her breasts; slipping his tongue between 
her teeth and into her mouth as his
cock went fully in. They lay joined together, their sexes slowly 
undulating in and over each other; tongues
caressing, gradually beginning the sliding motions of cock and cunt; 
pausing with each coupling to excite the
center of her orgasm, starting to fuck now as their passions rose; each 
stroke and pause driving them upward
to their climax before falling back to stillness, the euphoric climax of 
their union fading into memory.

Rick moved back to his side, holding Cindy to him, not knowing what to 
say, finding no need for words.

"Thank you," said Cindy, rolling over onto her back, smiling at Rick, 
"oral sex is great but nothing beats a
good fuck, and that was a good fuck!" "Best ever," said Rick, "I said 
that I wanted to fuck until we came
together, does this mean we have to quit now?" "I came before you did 
and you can't prove I didn't," said
Cindy, "you've got to keep doing it until we get it right," "Ok, watch 
my thermometer and let me know when
it's up," said Rick as he rolled over on his back and closed his eyes. 
"Will this help?" asked Cindy, as she
straddled his face, brushing her muff over his lips while she massaged 
her breasts. "No fair, I said nothing
fancy," said Rick, "This isn't anything fancy, it's just foreplay," said 
Cindy, settling her pussy down over his
mouth, feeling his tongue enter her cunt. "I think your cock needs more 
attention," said Cindy, trying to keep
Rick's tongue in her cunt as she carefully turned around to her Cindy on 
top position and slid her mouth down
over his cock.

It wasn't long before Rick was back on top of Cindy, her body slowly 
swallowing his cock as she drew his
tongue into her mouth. They began the movements of cock and cunt again, 
his cock-head caressed as it slid
through the inner folds of her body; his cock drawing her cunt lips 
inward as its length slid through them,
causing those movements of her pussy that awoke her clit; her clit 
rising to be caressed by his pelvis as he
pressed it against her pussy, sliding it over her clit before resuming 
his rhythmic stroke; each stroke driving
their orgasms higher toward their climax, their intensity increasing as 
their passions rose; Cindy's cunt rising
to meet Rick's thrust. His chest pressed against her breasts; their 
tongues intertwining in their mouths,
responding to the approaching climax of their orgasms, finally the peak 
and slowly down to earth. It was just
as good this time but Rick said the timing was still off and scheduled 
another try.

Cindy was getting frisky. She had been thinking about positions again 
and had one she wanted to try. She
moved the sofa out from the wall and lay down on the seat, putting her 
legs up over the back. She squirmed
around until she had her butt all the way to the top, not very 
comfortable. Cindy put one of the cushions under
each shoulder and called Rick.
"I've got something for you, go behind the sofa and look," she said. 
"What are you doing?" asked Rick.
"Waiting for you to go behind the sofa." "Now look down and see if you 
can find anything that interests you."
"I see a nice upside down pussy." "Well." "It tastes nice," said Rick, 
sticking his tongue in it. "Is it easy to
reach?" "Yes" "Well" Rick got too close, Cindy put her legs around his 
neck, pulling him down to where she
could reach his head with her hands, and pulled his face against her 
pussy. Rick gave up, thrusting his tongue
in her cunt, lapping it up to her clit and sucking it to its climax. It 
was fun, and felt really sexy to Cindy in that
position. It gave Rick the best access to her pussy he had had except 
maybe the table. After the novelty wore
off it wasn't all that good though, not enough ability for touching and 
hard on Cindy's neck and shoulders.

Rick put the cushions back on the sofa and held Cindy as she came down, 
planing a new position for her,
strange they hadn't tried it already. Rick's cock was still hard from 
eating her as he stood up, put one of the
cushions on the floor in front of him and looked at Cindy. She got it 
immediately, taking Rick's cock in her
mouth as she knelt down on the cushion. "You can suck it any way you 
want in this position," said Rick.
Cindy leaned forward, wetting her lips as she braced herself with her 
hands on his hips and closed her mouth
over his cock. She moved a little closer to him, tilted her head way 
back and swallowed the full length of his
cock, almost no resistance as it went into her throat. Cindy loved the 
feel of Rick's cock in her throat, her
passions rising as she slid her mouth back and forth over its full 
length. Cindy let her lips slip off Rick's cock,
"Hold my head with your hands and fuck me," her last words muffled as 
her mouth closed back over it, her
eyes closing as she felt Rick's hands pulling her head toward his 
thrusting cock, feeling it fill her mouth and
then her throat, then the emptiness as he pulled it back, impatient for 
him to fill her again and again. Cindy
pulled his hips toward her, pulling him in faster and faster, taking 
half breaths, until he was fucking her throat
like it had been her cunt on the table. It didn't take long for Rick. 
Cindy felt his cock starting to pulse just as
Rick said "I'm cumming." She slowed him just enough to take a deep 
breath and held his final thrusts deep in
her throat as his cock shot his cum into her stomach. "Wow," said Cindy, 
"now I've really been fucked, in
both ends."

Rick slid the sofa back and lay on the bed with Cindy. "That was a good 
position to deep-throat you," said
Cindy, "your cock felt good in my throat, I didn't have any trouble 
taking it in." "It felt good to me to, but it
was a little awkward thrusting it down like that." "Cindy, I don't want 
to fuck your throat anymore, not like
that, I don't want to do that to you, I love you too much for that." 
"Maybe I'm feeling some of that loneliness
you feel when I eat you but I don't want to stand there with my cock in 
your mouth like that. I need to be lying
on the bed with you, touching and holding you when we make love, I don't 
want to just fuck you, I want to
make love to you." "Does that make any sense to you?"

There were tears in Cindy's eyes as she answered him. "I didn't really 
like it either after we'd done it; I was
excited and it felt good, I asked you to hold my head and fuck my 
throat, but somehow I felt used the way we
did it, not loved. It must have been the atmosphere, me kneeling on the 
floor in the middle of a room with you
standing over me shoving your cock into my mouth. I didn't feel this way 
when you fucked my throat with my
head hanging over the edge of the bed." "I know we came here for sex 
this weekend, I wanted that, wanted to
be fucked, but deep inside I think what I really wanted was for you to 
make love to me, not just fuck me."
"You talked about gentleness earlier, I think now that what you were 
saying was that you should not just fuck
the woman you love, I know you said "care for" but I think you meant 
love, you should join with her body and
make love to her, not just fuck her." "There's a difference, without 
love you're just fucking a woman, using
her." "I like sex, I know now I love for you to fuck me and now that 
I've experienced it I love having your
cock in my throat too. If I could breathe, and you could keep it hard, I 
would lay there with it deep in me for
hours, slowly working it around in my throat." "It excites me when you 
take charge of my body while we're
having sex. There's a thrill associated with having you hold my head and 
thrust your cock into my throat, it
excites me, gets my adrenalin flowing when you do it faster and harder. 
It feels great when you slowly slide
your cock in and out of my cunt, pressing your crotch up tight against 
me at the end of each stroke. But there
are times when I'm so caught up in the passions of sex that I want you 
to slam your cock into me as hard and
fast as you can."

Rick pulled Cindy to him and held her tight, caressing her body, kissing 
her, loving her until she smiled and
whispered "Cindy on top," as she turned around, pressing her pussy down 
over his face while she swallowed
his cock. They made love off and on all night, eating, sucking, Cindy on 
top and just plain old standard
fucking, never agreeing that they had cum together. They called in to 
the office the next morning, took a day's
vacation and made love all day.

A month later, when they were spending their honeymoon at the cabin, two 
weeks this time, they even made
love on the table; and every now and then, when Cindy was really feeling 
horny, she got Rick to make love to
her throat with his cock while her head hung off the bed. By the way, 
Rick added a hook in the shower for
Cindy's water bottle since they were using it more now. Cindy had 
decided that the friction between Rick's
cock and her cunt felt better when it was clean, just her natural 
lubricant from their foreplay. Rick agreed and
besides, her juices really didn't have to age, they tasted just fine 

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